Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Coming soon

Hi Everyone
  A quick Hello and Happy Christmas to you all. Plus a big BIG thank you for all your fun comments ideas, support and general loveliness over the past year. At times it has been a very hard year for me, but retreating to my blog and creating art and stories and reading your words and things really helped me so much.
  But that was then, now heres to the future. 

Monday, 17 December 2018

New Art: "Night of the Living Planet"

Hi Everyone.
   Needed to update this, completely forgot to add a lovely add-on story by our friend Sweet Stevie. It is beneath the art work and although some of the names are different  and it does not folow on from my own imaginings (which is because they were created apart from each other) it very much feels part of this world and this adventure.
 Please take time to read it.
 Big hugs and big BIG  hugs to Stevie too

Ho Everyone
   Did I just write Ho?.I did I did, Ho! Ho! Ho! It's Christmas, believe me I know, nothing can prepare you for retail at Christmas, Madness MADNESS MADNESS!!!
  (Ed note. Ok ok calm it down, people will think you gone nuts)
Sorry boss, I'm cool. Just tired and a little punchy
  (Ok Kid, just get on with it before they all turn over to another channel)
Sure thing

Hi Everyone
   Time for new art and we have once again been whisked hundreds of years into the future to follow the daring adventures of Andy and his crew.
   This time, from a filing cabinet in the basement of S.S.S Towers, I have uncovered three pages from a classic serial entitled "Night of the Living Planet". This adventure, once thought lost, featured our Hero/Heroine as he searches for friends and crew members from an away team sent to investigate overwhelming and bizarre life readings from the surface of an unexplored planet.
 What he finds chills his hot blood to his kinky core.
Hope you enjoy and hope it tickles your collective imaginations.

Andy and the Sissy-Eating Plants
Sweet Stevie

Andy had to do something quickly. These revolting plants were eating his friends; Stevie and Robin who had passed out from the Academy at the same time as him, and that sweet new guy, Rupert, a very pretty newly-commissioned 2nd Lieutenant with luscious dark-blonde hair and a figure to die for and who looked particularly good in his ceremonial thigh boots! Andy would have joined them on the recce to this revolting planet  had he not been involved with testing the new tropical uniform.

The boffins were very proud of this new venture which consisted of a skimpy bikini, long gloves and thigh-high boots, or at least that is what it looked like.  It was, in fact, a one=piece like all the LUPs but appeared to be separate parts. The transparent areas between the pants and top could be adjusted so the sissy wearing the uniform was enabled to top up his tan if he wanted to, or he could block off the sun’s rays while still appearing to be clad in only a skimpy bikini. The boots were also integral and did not require a pair of field boots to be worn on top, the boots being made of a new latex/leather development so they could be incorporated in the LUP.

The testing had taken rather longer than expected but Andy had been pleased with the results, although he was a bit disappointed with the fact that the boots had only a 5 inch heel, the same as regulation field boots but he loved the long gloves. He was assured that another version for formal occasions was in the pipeline with ballet heels!

Yes, he had to do something quickly, but what? He had radioed the ship for a botanist, but he really did not know whether there was anyone with botany knowledge, much less whether they could do anything with these revolting green plants. Rupert had almost disappeared inside one and Stevie and Robin were quickly going the same way. What to do? At that point he looked down and realized that another of the plants was moving tendrils towards his pink boots. “Ugh!” he thought, it’s heading for me. However, he then realized that, although the tendrils were reaching out, as soon as one touched his boot it seemed to back off. Something about his boots? Then, he remembered the boffins had mentioned there were new additives in these latest LUPs, something to do with the adjustment for letting in the sun’s rays. Andy had not taken much notice of this, but now he realized he might have a way out and be able to rescue his friends. If the wretched plants could not stand his boots or the rest of his new uniform he might be able to fight them off.

He picked his dagger out of the pocket in the top of his boot and started cutting at the plant now wrapping itself about pretty Rupert, the new guy. Sure enough, as soon as Andy’s glove made contact the plant seemed to back off and he soon managed to cut away everything enveloping Rupert. Rupert emerged shaking, his uniform, boots and gloves covered in a thin layer of green slime; his make-up ruined! Andy realized that Rupert would not be happy about that, ever since he had joined Andy’s unit he had been punctilious about never appearing other than immaculately and heavily made-up.

“Keep away, Rupert”, Andy called “the horrible things seem to be frightened off by something in this new uniform, but I will soon have the others cut out and then we will get you all back up to the ship to be checked out by the medics” Within a few minutes the other plants had been sliced down and the other two guys released. “Thank you, sir” said a clearly shaken Stevie “you saved our lives”. “Less of the “sir”, let’s get you back up to the ship and cleaned up” cried Andy as he reached for his radio to call up the shuttle. With a short time all three shaken sissies were aboard and, as soon as they were comfortable, Andy ordered the shuttle back up to the ship away from the ghastly island which seemed to be infested with this sissy eating plant.


The guys had been checked over by the medics. who found no permanent damage (apart from ruined uniforms and make-up) but the boys were checked into the sick bay for a few days as a precaution. Meanwhile, Andy had made his report to the boffins who had been very interested in what he had to say. They had been well impressed, this was the same Captain Watson who had seen off the Space Squids and the tyrannical Queen Bee, where would he go next? As for Andy, he had only recently received a beautiful set of Captain’s spurs inlaid with diamonds from his beloved Aunt Jane; would he be asking her for some Major’s spurs?

After a few days the guys had become bored with hanging around the medical facility clad in their tiny,  pretty pink, lace trimmed  satin baby-doll nighties and tiny matching panties along with fluffy pink bedroom slippers with 6 inch heels. Also, they were very soon spending a lot of time on their make-ups so that they would be immaculate for any visitors, Once, when Andy visited, after hugs and kisses, Rupert had disappeared and seemed to be in deep conversation with one of the boffins. “What was that about?” Andy wondered, but the turned back to his friend Stevie to discuss the new tropical uniform and its unexpected effects on the sissy-eating plants.

They were now all out of the medical facility, declared fully fit and they had an evening out planned in the new colonial town being built on this hot, tropical planet (on the mainland, not the island which appeared to be infested with the sissy-eating plants). Rupert had declared that there were a lot of hot hunks there employed in building and labouring who were always “up for it”. How Rupert knew this Andy did not know but clearly 2nd Lt. Rupert de Villiers Smith Graham was one to watch, Andy remembered that Rupert was a scion of a noble family with Earls and Dukes among his relations (of course Stevie himself was Earl of Delavan). The Royal Regiment of Sissies seemed to attract nobility.

That afternoon they had all showered and bathed together, differences in rank forgetten, then carefully did their make-up and now, pink, pretty and perfumed they stood on the boxes containing their new tropical uniforms, updated with the ballet boots which had been promised. As usual, a button was pressed and each boy stood, legs apart and arms out, to be dressed. As usual, the magic latex moved up the shapely legs, reached the groin areas, pressed their peenies into place and then gently penetrated each pretty bottom with the usual squeals from each boy! The latex continued on its inexorable, covering the pretty breasts and then the arms and hands in pink opera length gloves. Andy noticed that the gloves and boots each had rank insignia on them above the crown, his with the three pips of a Captain. Finally, each boy was suddenly raised up about 8 inches as the dagger like heels of the boots suddenly appeared and, all at once, they were standing on just the tips of pointed toes and the narrow stiletto heel.

At this point Andy noticed something rather odd. He had worn a tropical uniform before when he had rescued his friends from the sissy-eating plants, and the bikini part of the uniform, whilst tiny, had covered his shapely bottom and pretty breasts quite adequately. However, this uniform was almost indecent! The panties were nothing more than a thong almost fully exposing four very pretty bottoms (and the anal insertion seemed rather larger!). The tops barely covered their breasts and were really more of a bandeau than a bikini top; as for the breast stroking mechanism that seemed rather more active than usual and Andy felt himself aroused already!

 Seeing, Andy’s reaction Rupert said “I hope you don’t mind, sir, I had a word with one of the boffins who is an old friend of mine (we went to school together) and got him to do a few tweaks on a set of uniforms. The normal pants and bikini tops are O.K. for patrols but I thought for town something a bit more revealing might be better, what do you think?” “Well, Rupert” replied Andy, “I don’t seem to have much choice, do I? The others seem to quite like them”, he said, looking at the cheesy grins on Stevie’s and Robin’s faces.. “Come on, let’s get our spurs and capes on and we had better take our ceremonial daggers and whips, you never know what these hunky builders might try”. So saying, the four gorgeous friends went off to their waiting shuttle to see what their evening might bring, giggling excitedly, heels and toes ringing on the metal floor of the ship’s corridor, their splendid pink latex capes flowing behind them.

An Evening With Andy Latex: Chapter 3

Hi Everyone
   Here is part 3 of  Mandy's lovely tale of An Evening With Andy Latex.

Chapter three.

As the days turned into weeks Tracey became downhearted because Andy had not called and over a month had passed by and it was almost time that the beginnings of campaign proceeded.
As I had still not received a phone call from Andy I was going to start looking for another artist when the phone rang. A courteous, friendly man sounding almost contralto in tone voiced true concern and such remorselessness as he apologised about taking such a long time in calling me.
“I’m sorry, do I know you?” I inquired.
“Please forgive me, ma’am, I believed it was your unbelievably cute maid that handed me your card…..”
Once it had all clicked into place I almost squealed with delight at the man calling me. “Andy? Your the brilliant artist from Paris, aren’t you?”
In a shocked voice, he gasped. “Well, I guess, yes, ma’am.”
In excitement of hearing Andy phone me at last I slipped completely out of persona when on the phone to strangers and blurted out. “Please. Please call me Mandy. Are you interested in doing the project? I would be so grateful and I completely adore the way you use the colours to bring the characters to life.” Immediately telling me that he was and would be in London next week, I asked. “I have a small function next weekend, would you be able to escort me while you are here? We can discuss the project then and I would be happy for you to use a spare room and I am so sure Tracey would love to see you again, Andy.” Thanking me, Andy eagerly told me he would be delighted to go to the party so I quickly told him where I lived as we made arrangements for when he would be in England.
With all the assignments I had to do the days waiting really rushed by so much I had to leave Andys’ surprise souvenir for Tracey to sort out for me and when the doorbell chimed the normally ladylike Tracey let out a squeal that filled the house, not to mention her stilettos echoing off the hardwood floor as she rapped them steadily towards the door.
Entering my small office in a discomposed, well she was practically in a confused state, Tracey announced. “Please, Mistress Mandy. Andy has arrived.” Looking at them standing so close I could see how flustered my maid appeared to be in her silky soft yellow satin outfit with its bright green plait trim around the edges of small apron, even her six inch kitten shoes continued the effect of her being a shimmery yellow flower.
“Thank you, Tracey.” Unlike her accustomed manner Tracey stayed in the office with us, I glanced at her but she somehow just moved even closer to Andy almost hiding the small briefcase he was carrying; as Andy did not act as if he was uncomfortable I allowed her to stay this time. “Hello, Andy. Thank you for taking time to help me. Please be seated.” As Andy took one of the chairs to my absolute dismay he indicated to Tracey to be positioned next to him; as Tracey appeared nervous I allowed the unsatisfactory behavior without saying anything just yet and after a brief chat began showing Andy the new collection of rubber, satin, PVC and letherette clothing I would promoting in my outlets.
Even as I was bringing up the images on my desktop Andy had started sketching, within a short time he showed the outline of his first picture. “Having purchased from some of your outlets, I was thinking maybe something like this, Mandy?”
Taking a hold of the pad I began to lightly giggle. “I adore it, Andy. I really do.” The scene I was looking at was of one of my new rubber catsuits worn by a young androgynous character floating in space. “It’s so sixties, almost like that cartoon ‘The Jetsons’. Andy, it’s wonderful. Can you do a selection of the collection? I’ll need them all in three weeks.” I felt myself almost begging Andy to agree to the assignment.
Even though we had been been drinking cups of tea while Andy sketched away all afternoon it felt as if we had only been chatting for ten minutes when Tracey suddenly reminded us that she was in the room too. “Please, Mistress. I am sorry to disturb you both but I feel I should remind you that you have to be at the function at eight and it will take me almost an hour to drive there.”
Seeing the clock behind her I gasped, it was five O’ clock already, Andy was such a charming individual that six hours had disappeared. “Crap! Oh sorry, Andy. I didn’t mean to be so long over this and apart from a piece of cake I haven’t even offered you anything to eat. Please can you forgive me?” Andy just smiled graciously. “Tracey has a new outfit for you and if you like it, please wear it tonight?”
I had been hoping that I would have the opportunity of a very long relaxing fragrant bath but as time was getting late it had been a quick shower.
Fluttering around my bedroom, nails and face finished, cursing myself for not having the time to inspect the item Andy was being shown I pondered the colour and style of outfit Tracey had selected also if Andy would even wear it, maybe I was just being silly it was bound to just be a gentleman’s suit so I decided that I would adorn my body with the new full length white satin lined, black PVC dress I had my chief stemstress create for the evening, Maria was the only one I would fully trust to cut carefully enough so the dress would hug my body tightly and show my chest abundantly. Stepping into to the creation was such a lascivious pleasure for me. Playful it was taunting my erogenous zones as I glided my legs downwards into the smooth silky texture listening to it whisper seductively against my skin, the satin teased my body more as the dress drifted up my body covering my naked flesh, its lustrous luxurious softness hugged my skin. Zipping myself tightly into enchanting glossy gown, the low sun glistening off the rich sheen that was stretching intimately over my upper body, allowing the hobble skirt to carefully control the movement of legs as I had undertaken to wear my six inch white leather slingbacks with such sharp stilettos they came essentially to a point.
Pulling myself away from the full length mirrors that were reflecting my hand slithering over the slippery PVC, allowing the soft satin lining to entice my delicate skin as they were inching their way over the luxurious smooth glossy cloth layering my body, to go and meet my companion for the evening.
I had only just made myself comfortable on the chaises longue in the open hallway, sipping on a glass of tonic water, having an advantageous view of the stairs I soon glimpsed Andys’ fingers, with their lavender polished nails, very elegantly rest his hand against the rail before he descended to the hallway. Transfixed by the reality that his svelte silken smooth legs were naked leaving only his feet, with their intensely glossed lavender painted toenails, had any covering diamante jewelled rose-tinted five inch slingback sandals. As he gradually stepped delicately into view, giving no sign of apprehension as he displayed more of his enchanting transformation, the sleeveless mini dress created from slick, shiny pink pearlescent latex coated his slim body; showing how constricting the dress fitted his body there was only the fine line of  his miniscule and must have been incredibly tight latex panties spoilt any impression that his skin was not made of rubber. The reflective lighting resulting in giving the highly polished latex dress an illusion of shifting from pink to lilac with ever step, Tracey must have allowed Andy to use her obsolete, genuine appearing, pseudo breast as disproportionately his bosom varied from when I seen him last, now his feminised chest was causing the peak of the dress to become almost purple, the fine latex only ending as it reached his slim feminine neck. Finally I took account of his face, Andy appeared to match his illustrations even more than before. With his unstressed wavy blond hair, which had been tied back earlier, now it had been fluffed up into a full feminine style causing it to sway slightly as he took each delicate step, over his flawless skin sat perfectly applied foundation, with checks there had been administered blusher so tenderly to give him an excited, timid expression, his eyes appearing wary wide from the use of fuchsia eyeshadow and black liner on his thick lengthy lashes under his fabulously arched brows finally Andys’ seductive kissable highly glossed lavender pouting lips that kept sending enticing smiles towards Tracey as she followed smoothly behind Andy while still in her yellow satin maids dress.
Wow!” I gasped loudly watching them gently holding hands as they proceeded so harmoniously across the hall towards me, strangely keeping their body angled towards each other as they beautifully wafted across the highly polished wooden floor. “You girls look so incredibly dreamy together. Do you like the dress Andy?” My squeal of delight was severed short when I noticed how their hips swayed in unison causing the latex dress Andy had so closely enveloping his sensuous body to flow like a lubricate floating on water, even up close as the two smiled seamlessly together they cascaded nothing but femininity in their looks and charm while the scent of honeysuckle and jasmine oil, which was radiating from their bodies, filled the hallway.
Tracey began giggling in an unembarrassed manner as her face deeply reddened slowly allowed her hand to slither slowly around Andys’ back, Andy flirtatiously told me. “It’s just gorgeous, thank you Mandy. I just adore the feel of the such slippery, silken latex caressing my body almost as much as when this ravishing one was glossing the beautiful dress.” Then he quickly added. “I really adore your dress too, Mandy, it accommodates you beautifully, you look so majestic in it.” As he spoke Andys’ soft gaze remained on me, allowing me to discover how is eyelids had been peppered with glitter over the violet powder giving him a mythological appearance.
Traceys’ face managed to redden even further, the blush now reaching her slim neck, in concern for the way Tracey was effected around Andy, I enquired. “Would you like the evening off, Tracey? I can drive if your not feeling well.”

To be continued

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Christeen weekend selection

Hi Everyone
   Heavens above I wish I had time to play more, I do apologise to all of you for not being to chatty of late but retail, retail, RETAIL!!!!! at Christmas is insane.
 Anyway, we can still find time to settle back with some superb Christeen art.

I am not going to settle back because the powers that be have decided to rearrange the store for the final weekend in prep for sales ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!

Thursday, 6 December 2018

New Art. R.P.L

Hi Everyone
 You may recall a few weeks ago I dropped a teaser about a slightly edgy piece of Andy and Aunt Jane art, well here it is.
 I think the story tells itself, however I hope I was able to express Aunt Janes serious anger, I mean we have seen her angry before, but here she is incandescent with rage, especially punctuated by her final words and by the fact that she does not think twice about walking out onto the busy street with her helpless nephew in tow. However as angry as she is, she also reveals in a simple phrase how much she loves Andy.
  Hope you like this different angle on the story and I am sure you will all look deeper and imagine all the fun possibilities.
 Big Hugs and kisses
from a very very tired Andy
(I love Christmas, but the build up in retail is exhausting)

Monday, 3 December 2018

Start the week with Christeen

Hi Everyone
  Lets start the week at the top of the shop with four new pieces from the superb Christeen.
(Ed Note. You do know you are now sounding like a really bad DJ don't you).
    (Now don't try to put me off my stride Ed. I'm feelin' the groove)
(Feelin' the groove!.......your barely 30,  Daddio)
     (Oh Can it Granddad, these are the platters that matter)
(That's it i'm going for a lay down)
     (Far out...FAARRR OUT!)
And we are back in the room, because these are hot form the source, having landed on my desk this very day. See pull back you eyelids and get a peep and these. Take it away Christeen.....

Ps I ain't going bonkers with all that stuff at the top. It's just that I am writing other stuff for other things and when my my keys are hot, they need to stay hot.

Friday, 30 November 2018

See Me Walking

Hi Everyone
  Just wanted to share a couple of short clips from See Me Walking. A site which specialises in high quality videos focusing on one of my loves, which is super hot heels. (The redder the sole the better).       I have linked these straight from  the you tube page because they are in HD  which really shows them off in all their polished glory.
   Hope you like.
More new art next week, Hope you all a have a lovely weekend

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Story, An Evening With Andy Latex; Chapt' 2

Hi Everyone
  Continuing the Guest contributor theme this week (Oh yes it's a theme). Here is Chapter 2 of 5, telling the story of An Evening With Andy Latex.
Part 1

An Evening With Andy Latex
 By Mandy Sweet Heart

Chapter two.

Just as is customary for me, those times when I am sat up front and Tracey is driving, I’m watching her how she balances her toes on the pedals so not to ruin her heels but mostly I am bemused at how sedately she drove when I remembered what she had between her legs, somehow she still achieves to cover the distance in much the same time it would take a featherbrained ‘boy-racer’.
Before long Tracey allowed the BMW to glide up to the entrance of The Hotel Le Six so I could make a spectacle of myself as I clambered out.
Just as natural when I enter a hushed environment the rustle of my deep purple, full length PVC dress causes heads to turn in our direction, it was only seeing me hobble on a set of crutches that kept the various guests eyes on me for a few seconds longer than is acceptable, nevertheless as soon as they seen Tracey behind me I felt their eyes dart towards her in amazement, I knew without looking a beam was spreading across her sweet face, Tracey loved every second of the attention when she wore her absolutely short satin pink maids dress as she knew the frills of her slick tight satin red panties were on view from behind, even knowing the rear was partly covered with a fanlike bow holding the tiny pinny in place would not shatter the illusion of her charmingly curvaceous grandeur.
Thankfully the concierge acted unflutered, even as the overhead spotlights reflected off the glossy textile I was wearing caught his eyes he appeared unfazed, and we were soon signed in. “Oh! Is the Rue Madame Gallery far from here?” I enquired before going to our suite.
“Yes ma’am. Forgive me, with your leg I am not sure if it will be easy for you, the Rue Madame Gallery is almost two kilometers and the streets are closed to all vehicles at this time of the year as the city festivities are celebrated this  week. You may be able to take a taxi most of the way but you will have to walk at least the last half a kilometer I afraid.”
We just left my cases and taking a taxi as far as we could before going the rest of the way on foot, on the cobbled streets I soon became a total wobbling lurcher as we finally turned into The Rue, grateful that my maid was stronger than she looked as I so needed to her body for support as well as the now hateful crutches. Feeling humbled by her assistance I graciously spotted the café opposite the gallery and asked Tracey to help me towards the closest free table so I could sit outside before instructing her to bring us some drinks...well, Tracey needed a rest too.
I would have loved to have seen the look on the old waiters’ face as Tracey first entered the café in her so sexy pink satin French maids outfit and glistening red glistening spicule five inch heels showing off her sculptured silk stocked legs to the full as she went to order us some hot drinks.
When the old man bought us our hot drink he was admiring my maids’ cleavage so much he almost missed the table with mine, which soon brought him to his senses!
Though I had never actually seen Andy before, or even a picture of him, as we sipped our drinks I realised the young man, approximately Traceys’ age I guessed, near the window was the person I was coming to see from him art. Maybe the person I was watching was slightly taller than I figured, from our position I guessed around five foot eight, close to four inches shorter than myself but his facial features resembled his drawings diligently. Adorable high cheekbones, full lips that just demanded to be coated with lipstick and exquisite rising brows above such aphrodisiac eyes.
As I observed Andy I could hear Tracey whisper. “Wow.” With a smile I glanced at her seeing her almost panting as she stared through squinting eyes at the man greeting those already inside.
Wanting to have some fun, blaming my knee, instantly I asked Tracey if she would speak to Andy for me. A rosiness raced across her cheeks as soon I asked, panting she pleaded. “Oh! Yes please, may I Mistress Mandy. I would love too.”
Even before I managed to finish explaining everything to my maid the girl was standing and the air was filled with the sound of her heels rapidly clipping across the road while I had an eyeful of her frilly tush whenever the tails of her apron lifted.
Poor Andy must have wondered what was going on as Tracey entered the gallery, one second he is politely talking to those invited and the next an individual dressed in what many would call a quirky, unconventional dress smoothly approached him; I loved at how pleasantly Tracey learnt to behave since I first mandated that she would no longer be wearing her silly male clothes and as my maidservant would always be dressed in in short PVC or satin dresses with hair kept in a distinctive feminine bob plus cosmetics on her face and nails, almost overnight she became alive showing off her wonderful female charms.
From where I was sat the bright winter sun was highlighting the folds in the scant skirt while Tracey fiddled with her red apron trim as she embarked on talking to him.
At long last, out of the tiny punk pink apron pocket, with her dinky hands’ detailing the perfect lovely long natural nails Tracey handed Andy my personal card, I could guess what she was saying, asking if he was interested to phone her Mistress, but it was Traceys’ reaction to Andy's’ reply that perplexed me; Tracey leaned towards him and murmured in his diamond studded ear before stepping backwards before swiftly raising her dainty fingers, as if in shock, covering her deep red scintillating lips as Andy verbalised something to her before giving my little maid a quick hug allowing me to see that in her six inch heels the two were the same height, then Tracey was almost skipping back across the closed road.
“So?” I insisted, not even letting her sit.
“Mistress!” Tracey gasped.
Allowing her time to compose herself I requested that she order us both another coffee and it was only after the garcon left that I prodded Tracey to tell me more.
“The kind gentleman. Andy, I mean, Mistress. He said he would be interested but only if  he could see me again.” Letting out a long sob then continued. “I tried to explain how I was different from most girls and how I belonged to you, my delightful Mistress Mandy, but Andy just said he still wanted to see me. I’m sorry Mistress.”
“That’s alright, Tracey. It’s not your fault that you can be so lovable at times, now I’m ready to go back, if you are  OK?”

Monday, 26 November 2018


Hi Everyone
   Very happy to say I have some more pieces from our friend Shadoman to share with you today. These are from an upcoming full comic which is being worked on as well speak, well maybe not right now as we speak because who knows what hours Shadoman keeps, do you? Well whatever.
Let's let Shadoman explain.......

  These are four panels from a new comic I'm working on but I thought I'd share as these images because they have a lovely feminized young man in a maid outfit , governed buy his God Mother who is in charge of home till he turns twenty one.
The story will evolve around three characters Lisa. The God-mother, Rick, her lover who she sees when he is not on assignment for a world news agency, and of course Dana Who's mother recently passed away and it is now Lisa obligation to look after his affairs,
Over the course of several months Dana is subjected to subliminal messages as he sleeps and slowly he evolves from a young man to a feminized Transgender. he undergoes, some operations and plastic surgery and looks more female than male with the exception of his chastised manhood.
It does not take long for Lisa to get Dana to admit to being her submissive, but before Dana commits, he want to try being a submissive for thirty days. Dana is given duties like cleaning the house wearing a very nice latex maid outfit with Lisa acting out the Dom wearing a catsuit.
Eventuially Rick come into the picture and Dana realizes that sometime before his Thirty days are up, he will have to have sexual relations with Lisa's Lover. 

Thank you Shadoman
Hope you all enjoy

Thursday, 22 November 2018

New Art. "Understood"

Hi Everyone
  This weekend I am afraid you are stuck with me and my art and stuck is very much the theme, because once again we find ourselves high in the stratosphere battling evil goo monsters and sensual  space witches, from ....BEYOND THE VOID !!!!!!
      (Ed note: alright flyboy calm down, we ain't all space rangers you know)
Oh ok, What a shame,  I was just getting a head of steam up there.
   Anyway, yes we return to the 25th Century for a page from one of the classic comics, featuring Commander Andy Watson and his faithful sidekick Ensign Stevie in a rather close encounter.
    Captured by the evil Space Pharaoh, Clitopatra, it has been  decided  the safest place for Andy and Stevie is back on her home planet far from rescue.All the Space Pharaoh needs to do, is keep them under restraint until they reach their destination and Clitopatra has just the fiendish device for the job.
  Will they escape or are they doomed? Only time will tell .
   So strap yourselves in and blast off for adventure, as we travel with Commander Andy Watson... BEYOND THE STARS!!!!!
      (Ed Note: What did I tell you?)
Don't you think that should be in some sort of Star Wars crawl
      (Ed Note: What? what?. get out of italic and post the picture)
Ok but whilst I am in Italic, have you thought anymore about my idea for a Space adventure story, full of sensual Aliens and slime monsters, all hell bend on  teaching Andy a good slippery lesson, in bondage, and Latex and slime and .......and......stuff.
     (Ed Note: Oi not in my office, take it outside, I don't know, we'll have to see if the public are interested. Now, out of Italics before I set the dogs on you)
Right O...sorry...... Sorry... Right O.

Hope you like this

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

New story: An evening with Andy Latex

Hi Everyone
    Here is part one of a short story written By our friend Mandy.
  It is a lovely story and just as RubberH's super story, uses the character of Andy in a new and loveky way.
Hope you enjoy

An evening with Andy Latex.
By Mandy Sweet Heart. 

Chapter One.
I guess it all came about because of the stupid accident I had, even discovering and then followed up by the meeting with Andy was nothing but a bored chance event.
So how did it happen? I hear you asking.
I twisted my knee while skiing, I told you it was a totally senseless incident, maybe I should not have been eyeing up the young talent whilst on the piste.
It was just enough of an injury to stop me having a pleasurable time on the slopes. Well it’s not easy to schuss down a mountain with ones’ leg in plaster!
Nonetheless it gave me an excuse to mooch around the resort during the day then just relaxing with a glass of wine in the early evening plus waste a lot time exploring sites like ‘Youtube’, that is where I came across SweetAndyLatex and his wonderful art; as I was remarkably dismayed with the last few sales pitch I burrowed a bit deeper and began wondering if he would be receptive to engaging in a project to help launch my companies new products, then I seen on his latest blog page how he would be opening an art exhibition to display of his wondrous work in Paris and decided I would try to see him there.
Once I had decided to approach Andy I was on the phone to my maid, companion and just about anything I wish her to do to satisfy my desires.
Possibly I should spend a bit of time to enlighten you about my domestic help, Tracey. Actually in truth an enchanting young sissy boy that I just love having around. I encountered her almost five years ago, not long after I moved to the Kensington area of London. The respectfully sized victorian residence and grounds I had purchased, besides requiring a housekeeper or two also needed a gardener and one of the individuals who attended an interview was Tracey, at the time an eighteen year old boy who was known as Simon back then. As we discussed the position I couldn’t tell whether he was gay or anything but there was something about him, like somehow Simon had a certain femininity surrounding him that made me wonder if he really wished to be employed as a handyman and gardener, then without thinking I mentioned. “You know, Simon. I am also looking for a full time maid too?”
His facial expression practically lit up the room, I thought he would start begging me to hire him, then almost as soon as his face shown such eagerness it began to drop but Simon never denied his desire so I pushed it further. “I’ll dress your lovely petite body in gorgeous sissy maids’ dress everyday then you can enthusiastically do all the chores around the house for me, I would even require you wear makeup so you look all pretty all day.”
Simon appeared to think it over before coming out and saying. “I’m not gay you understand, Miss Sweet-Heart?” I explained that I didn’t care either way. “I like woman and just love wearing effeminate clothes also. I never meet a man I would want to sleep with, I think your very attractive with your lovely long wavy red hair, Miss Sweet-Heart, I only applied for the gardeners position because, well I guess it was manly work I should do but I would so love to serve you as a girly maidservant.”
Even being crucially submissive inevitably Tracey, the moniker I soon started insisting she was called, was not happy with everything, in some areas she was considerable abase and it took some training for her to discover her old life meant nothing to me; Tracey so disliked the smooth slithery PVC maids dresses I soon had her wearing, but being so epicene for a male she loved the sexy satin ones, Tracey so enjoyed being referred to a girl and as her duties entailed living in she appeared so relaxed everyday and within a few weeks Tracey transformed into a wonderful happy maid that needed hardly any training as far as chores were concerned; Tracey became so comfortable both indoors and going out a girl that within a month, along with being my housemaid, I was treating her as my companion and sometimes lover in the evenings so I was not surprised when Tracey arrived at the hotel wearing her very short pink maids outfit complete with small apron above the skirt of a dress that had so many layers of sweet lace petticoats that I would never having worn it when I was a five year old.
Though I was unexpectedly resting at the rear of the hotels’ barista, on the same afternoon I had phoned her, I knew Tracey had entered the building without seeing my girl enter in her six inch calla lily stilettos which poured sound across the hushed open areas with a resounding echo that reflected off every surface, I swung around to see to see her gorgeous face with immaculate make up, delightful royal purple nails matching her so glossy tinted red and purple lips, lips that were glistening so deeply it appeared as if the lipstick would soon drip from her full lips, eyes lined profoundly showing all her femininity, with liner so deep even when she blinked Tracey still looked open-eyed and flirtatious. As she sensually approached Tracey frowned down at me in her in such a concerned way that it looked out of place in such a sexy outfit. Mm, those lovely Unisa red shoes shaping her long feminine legs covered in fine black silk stocking that she only wore in chilly weather held in place black and red garters sprinkled with rose buds; from my lower position I could see her frilly red satin panties ruffling with every breath she took, as always I could tell a tight waist cincher sat snuggly under her dress and the C cup implants, that Tracey had unexpectedly asked for, displayed such an adorable covergirl cleavage. What I did find slightly unexpected was that Tracey had worn her pink leather collar around her neck all the way to France, I knew she was so proud of it when I handed it to her a few years ago but still I was impressed to see her wearing it now.
In her non masculine voice, Tracey enquired. “How are you Mistress? I’m so sorry I wasn’t here to serve and provide for you in your time of need.”
Permitting a gentle giggle to escape following her disquiet from not being able to serve me, I explained that I was basically fine apart from me knee and would need her to drive me back.
“Of course Mistress. I am sorry your holiday has been ruined but I will be glad having you at home again, I missed you so much, Mistress Mandy.”
“Good, you can start packing for me. I want to stop off in Paris to see someone about doing a project for me.” Thrusting her arm out Tracey snatched the door key off the table and demanded to know which room I was in. “Manners young Lady.”
Dropping to her knees, urging her hair around her ear so she could show off the cherry red gemstone earring there, Tracey beseeched me. “Sorry, Mistress Mandy. I just haven’t discharged any duties for you for almost two weeks.”
“OK, this time sweetie. It’s room 311, but take your time I want to leave early tomorrow morning, so you can rest first.”

New from Christeen

Hi Everyone
 No messing about, I have been away on a lovely trip and as usual need time to catch up. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some of the super bits and bobs I have been sent. They are all wonderful and original. However speaking of originals here is the brilliant Christeen.

Monday, 12 November 2018

New art: I Really Do

Hi Everyone
  Ok so I have changed my mind. 
  I poured so much into this, in such a short time (3 nights) and I am so happy with it, that there is no way I can restrain myself from publishing this until next week, which was my original plan.
  I could not choose how to present this little tale ,so I went for mini animation and single frame.
  I will leave you to watch it before explaining at the bottom of the video.
PS please watch the video before scrolling to the picture. I uploaded one to youtube and one directly to the blog the first is far better quality.


Hello again.
 Hope you liked it, I was full of romantic emotions and thinking so fondly of a lost love that the story took on a different track to the "usual" embarrassment I had envisaged. 
   It fits in to the story of Andy and Will before the "In The Mall" story i shared earlier. That is because in that, we see Andys thoughts of Will, however this would be the first time he had openly articulated them. 
  It also shows Aunt Jane at her most loving, yes she has once again tricked and persuaded her beloved nephew into femininity, but here she is just a gentle loving Aunt, who understands her nephews emotions and is actually guiding him in the direction he secretly wishes to follow. This however does not diminish his utter embarrassment at his impending unveiling as the Hermione of the group, in what is a rather naughty version of a Hogwarts uniform. 
  Also in this, we get our very first glimpse of Williams Mother and I think you will agree she is very much a match for Andy's Aunt Jane.
   I know it is all a bit silly but I felt so much creating this and the final frame of Andy's smile, it has actually become very special.

Guest Art: Shadoman

Hi Everyone
Its going to be a crazy week so please bear with me.I have finished some very special art and a small accompanying video presentation, which I shall post soon, plus quite a backlog of art too, both Sci-fi Andy and Andy and Aunt Jane. So plenty to come, just maybe not this week. Please forgive me.
   However not crazy enough to stop me sharing a little art from one of our friends. The work of Shadoman has been one of those constant joy to stumble across on the odd surfing spree and so today I bring you just a few samples of Shadoman's super work which he kindly sent to me. Plus a very special and mush appreciated digital rendering of Andy and Aunt Jane.
 If you would like to see and know more

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

New Art. Pretty in Pink

Hi Everyone
  I was in a jam this week, I did not know whether to post my latest piece or a piece i made a few weeks ago. One is a bit edgy and the other classic Aunt Jane and Andy.
 So I decided to go with the classic because we have not seen Andy in Uniform for a while and I quite like this little pink dress and heels and I think It is so simple a story, just a piece of every day life for Andy in the early days of Aunt Janes loving reign. 
 I think there is very little to explain. Jane is in her commanding element, whilst Andy is nervously tugging at his tiny skirt and contemplating yet another embarrassing encounter, all the sexy usuals.
  I hope you like this little slice of daily life in Latex.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Sunday night with Christeen

Hi Everyone
   So I'm sitting here watching Doctor Who, with a small glass of wine, having finished a new piece of art and if i ain't careful I'm going to have an early night.
  That all leads me to apologise for not being about this week, but anyone else out there in Retail will know "Hey It's Christmas" and I have been sorting and planning like mad over 2 stores, almost 90 Kilometres apart and quite frankly I'm knackered.
 And we're back in the room.
    I love these new works by Christeen, the very best in a long line of brilliance. I adore the first, it has such a very naughty twinkle and as for the last, that is genius and such fun.
 I am sure you will all enjoy.
Glass finished, time for another....heck people it was only a small one.

Monday, 29 October 2018

New Art: Andy's Happy Halloween

Hi Everyone
   New art time and this time I have actually hit the holiday on the head, or very nearly. I could have waited until the 31st but that would have been silly. Besides it gives my lovely friends a chance to see it before then.
  As promised we return to Andy's normal, everyday and eternally embarrassing life with his loving and beloved Aunt Jane and as Halloween is a time for dressing up and all the local boys and girls are out trick or treating, it gives Aunt Jane the excuse (not that she needs one) to show off her sweetly compliant Nephew to the rest of the neighborhood. Naturally Aunt Jane became the wicked Witch, and what kind of witch would not be accompanied by her loyal black cat.
   I see this fitting in to the bigger story at an early point.Whilst he is permanently feminised at home, she is still teasing Andy out and only revealing him to other people when there is a good excuse such as this, leaving his friends still unsure as to what is going on.
 I must admit to being rather proud of Andy's make up, I really wanted to go to town and paint his pretty face in a sexy feline way as opposed to just applying a mask.I think I got it good.
  Also you might note this is a bit of a crossover, mixing Andy's, life in a quiet Sussex town with the atmosphere of a classic American Trick or Treat evening, but what the heck it all works and for those away from Britain's shores, Sussex is the county on the south coast of England where I live.
  Enough chit chat, hope you like it.
Big Hugs

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Katy Perry In Pink Latex? What's not to like.

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Show some love for Latex in 
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Katy Perry turned up the  heat as she stepped out to celebrate her 34th birthday, looking smoking hot in a pink latex dress by Vex Clothing!

Leather and suede have had their turn in the limelight, but now it's latex that's the hottest material in town!

Celebs certainly can't get enough, especially the Kardashian sisters  who seem to have a particular 
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Editors Note, (That's me folks)
Neither  of which, in true Daily Mail style, are nothing like the Vex Dress

Hi Everyone, 
  Sorry for the slightly back to front opening there, We seemed to go straight into the action with a direct reproduction of how Britain's Daily Mail reported the story of Katy Perry stepping out in Latex.

At least this time is was the correct material, they do love to call Latex PVC, I think it is less terrifyingly Kinky than to admit they know about Latex!!!! shhhhhh .

  Anyway, we at Smoothslicknshiny towers have no such issues and it is here that I, as your editor, will reveal a kinky little personal like. I like to see the normal things of life performed whilst a person is wearing latex, there is something, so real about it. Just to illustrate this here are a couple of pics of Katy, doing the mundane act of putting her seat-belt on, whilst sitting in a car.
 (OOOooooo I know I'm weird, tell me something I don't know) 

I love the fact that Katy has kept her hair short, lot's of ladies immediately re-grow their hair after such a serious cut, but Katy just looks gorgeous as ever.

I know, it was all a cheap excuse to show the gorgeous Katy Perry in Latex,
hell it is my blog.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Christeen at the Weekend

Hi Everyone
It's the weekend and what better way to relax than with some super new art  from Christeen

A short Vignette from a friend.

Hi Everyone
  As you know I am more than happy to share the thoughts and talents of our friends here on my blog and so with that in mind I would like to present a little piece by our friend Stevie. I have not edited or influenced it in any way and in some respects it deviates from the vision I have of Andys universe, but rather like RubberH's stories anything is possible in an infinite universe. This is all Stevie's work.
 Over to you Stevie.

Hello Everyone.
I have composed a short vignette concerning the aftermath to Andy’s 25th century encounter with the Space Squids.

                      After the Battle
                   By Sweet Sissy Stevie

Earthside Leave
        Perfect Make-up
Andy newly promoted
Pampering at the Savoy
Incredible Ceremonial Uniforms
Passing out Parade
Aunt Jane

It was Andy’s first Earthside leave since the “incident” with the Space Squids. Andy had received a lot of publicity when his role in the battle was reported especially his comment that he had been most relieved that his perfect make-up had not been spoiled by his ordeal although his pink uniform and boots had been ruined by the vile liquid that the Space Squids shot out. He had held them off until reinforcements had come up and they had scuttled back into deep space. He had been mentioned in despatches and been promoted to 1st Lieutenant and was quite the hero(ine) of the moment.

So, here he was with his good friends Stevie and Robin, who had joined the Royal Regiment of Sissies (known as the Pretty Pinks) at the same time as Andy, enjoying their stay in the best suite in the old, but much renovated, Savoy Hotel in London, a gift from his proud Aunt, Jane, Lady Fullerton-Jones as a reward for his part in the incident. That evening the three sissy friends were due to attend a soiree at Aunt Jane’s elegant townhouse and she had insisted that they all must go in their dress ceremonial uniforms so that she could show off her pretty nephew and his equally pretty friends. Not only that be she had hired a small army of attendants, make-up artistes, hairdressers and dressers to ensure that the boys were at their beautiful best.

In the early afternoon the ritual had started with perfumed baths, showers, douches from which the pretty boys had emerged pink, delicate and sweetly scented EVERYWHERE!. Then, having been wrapped in silken robes, their hair was elaborately dressed (Andy’s auburn locks, Stevie’s long blonde hair and Robin the brunette) and finished with pink ribbons and diamond clasps; manicures and pedicures done with four maids in attendance on each boy simultaneously; then teams of make-up artistes had stepped in, so after a long session each boy was perfectly and heavily made-up. Several layers of high shine lip-gloss (pink of course) made for luscious kissable lips; eye-shadow cleverly applied so that eyes appeared even prettier and more doe-like even than usual; endless lashes, cheek bones to die for, elaborate diamond pendant ear-rings (only plain studs being permissible while on active duty).

The boys were now ready to be dressed in their ceremonial full-dress uniforms. Naturally the first item was the revolutionary LUP (latex uniform pack), a miracle of 25th century technology.
Each boy stood on top of a pack ( a flat pink box marked “RRS, ceremonial, 1st Lt in the case of Andy and “RRS, ceremonial, 2nd Lt for Stevie and Robin), legs apart, arms held out. After a moment there was a low humming noise and, apparently from nowhere, a pink fluid appeared and, starting with their pretty feet, proceeded to engulf each boy. It rose slowly up their shapely, slender long legs and thighs. On reaching the crotch area their peenies were neatly pushed back between their legs and each boy gave a little whimper as the liquid penetrated his shapely bottom. A pause resulted in the production of a gap between the tops of the legs and production of a sweet mound at the front as genitals were neatly tucked away; at the rear the shapely bottoms were made even more attractive as their arse cheeks were separated and lifted up slightly. Rising up from the waist the liquid appeared to exert a slight corseting effect as the slender waists were narrowed and then the boys’ pretty breasts were augmented as the pink liquid flowed over them and raised the nipples and increased their sensitivity, this effect noticeable as each boy gave a little sigh of satisfaction as his breasts were covered. The liquid then rose to their necks and down their arms finally encompassing their hands. At the neck, the liquid appeared to pause and then produced a collar and a cleavage down to the breasts. On the collar there now appeared the regimental crest (a pair of high-heeled boots surmounted by the crown) and rank badges. The liquid then ceased to be a liquid and solidified into what appeared to be a skin-tight layer of latex, shiny and pink, a final movement being the formation of epaulettes on each shoulder. This is exactly what it was. Less obvious was the fact that it was bullet-proof, very thin but incredibly strong, cool in hot climates, warm in cold climates. This special latex was in fact the product of years of research involving rubber producers, AI and advanced computer and chemical technologies coming together to produce this revolutionary fabric, a true marvel of the 25th century.

The three pretty boys were now enveloped in tight pink latex with the added attractions of slight but continual movement of the penetration in their sweet bottoms as well as continual stroking of their breasts; more than enough to keep them permanently in a state of mild sexual excitement, especially as their peenies were firmly held in place and quite unable to move. The computer enhancements to the LUP’s could be varied according to requirement to produce different results; it had been found that constant mild sexual excitement was the most appropriate for the boys of the Royal Regiment of Sissies.

The rest of their dress uniform owed less to the latest technology but was impressive nevertheless. Opera length pink gloves in the finest leather were drawn up each arm; the gloves being embellished with the regimental crest and rank insignia and fastened at the wrist with a diamond clasp. Although it was probably not in line with regulations, the boys’ fingers were liberally adorned with ruby and diamond rings.

Next came the amazing ceremonial dress uniform boots. The field boots worn by the Royal Regiment of Sissies were pink knee-highs in finest leather with a modest 5” heel. However the ceremonial dress boots were a much more glamorous crotch- high with a silver, stiletto ballet heel. Also in the finest pink leather, the boots were embellished with silver facings and, again, the regimental crest and crown on each thigh and on the cruelly pointed toe. The combination of dagger like heel and pointed toe meant that the area in contact with the ground was very tiny and the boys had undergone long training sessions to enable them to walk in these incredible boots especially as they were required to walk like cat-walk models, arrogantly putting one leg directly in front of the other as they strutted along. An extra embellishment on the boots was ceremonial silver spurs studded with diamonds. It was a regimental tradition that the spurs became more extravagant with increasing rank and Andy noted that his new ones were more elaborate with more diamonds than those fastened on Stevie’s or Robin’s boots. He knew that the spurs on a general’s boots extended to covering almost all of the foot and well up the calf as well as having multiple silver wheels- one day perhaps! Ceremonial silver daggers with diamond studded handles were placed in a special sheath at the top of each right boot. A broad pink leather belt was then fastened low on each waist and a coiled ceremonial pink leather whip with a diamond studded silver handle was fastened to the belt on the left hip. Multiple silver lanyards were fastened through each epaulette and under the arm completed the outfit.

The final addition was the fitting on to each boy of his dress cape. In finest pink latex, the capes were  floor length, very full and fastened at the neck with extravagant diamond clasps. They had very high stiff collars which framed the head and beautiful made-up faces of the boys. Like the boots, the capes had silver embellishments and had rank insignia and regimental crests on the left breast

Andy remembered the first time he had worn this uniform in public; at the passing out parade at the Academy. Rows of newly commissioned officers parading past the Colonel of the regiment; each pretty sissy splendidly turned out, their long latex capes blowing in the wind behind them, each beautifully made-up sissy face turning to the right to give the salute with their gloved right hand; the rhythmic beat of their ballet heels as they marched like cat-walk models one leg in front of the other in turn; their pink latex uniforms and crotch-high pink leather boots gleaming in the bright sunshine. He remembered that Aunt Jane had been in the audience dressed in a quasi-military costume of her own; shiny black latex cat suit, thigh-high ballet boots, opera length black latex gloves, a long shiny black latex cape with silver patterns embossed on it, a long black leather whip with a silver handle coiled and fastened at her right hip, dripping with jewellery; an elegant and proud figure as she watched her pretty nephew and his friends on parade. He remembered how proud she had been after the parade as he had greeted her with his deepest curtsy, before kissing the tip of her boot and then the back of her gloved hand. He loved his Aunt Jane who had brought him through his journey into femininity with such firmness and discipline where necessary but he often found her soirées an ordeal – too many hands (men and women)  brushing “accidently” against his pretty bottom or breasts and making quite scandalous suggestions!

These thoughts were interrupted by Stevie calling “come on, Andy, your Aunt’s air-limo is here, let’s get moving, your Aunt won’t be best pleased if we are late!”. With that the three beautifully arrayed boys strutted off down the corridor to get the lift up to the air-park on the roof for the short hop in her luxurious air-limo across to her Town house in Belgravia. How would the soiree go?