Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Mid-week Christeen

Hi Everyone
  My word what a busy time, but never fear here we are again with some super new Christeen art.

Friday, 14 September 2018

The New Spring Line – Part 11

Hi everyone
   Here we are with, and in the correct order, part 11 of our friend RHs brilliant take on the world of Andy and Aunt Jane.
  Hope you enjoy
I did

The New Spring Line – Part 11
Copyright 2018 by RubberH

Lady Quirt wiped her rubber gloved hand across the shelf of the display case and looked at her fingers. There was only a tiny amount of dust. The owner obviously had some pride in the condition of his office. As she looked at the various awards in the case, she noticed that some of these were from well-respected advertising organizations and trade associations, although some years old.
The door of the office opened, and the owner of GB Productions entered.
“I apologize for keeping you waiting.” The man said.
“That is quite alright.” Replied Lady Quirt. “I was examining your accomplishments.”
“Well, I wouldn’t say they were anything major, but in my business any accolade is appreciated.
Lady Quirt read off some of the engravings. “’Best Adult Film 2014, 2015 and 2016’, ‘Best Threesome’, ‘Most Intense S&M’ and then this one: ‘Top Commercial Production 2008’. That’s somewhat out of place with the others.”
The man looked at Lady Quirt. “Things change over time. Yeah, I made lots of mainstream television and radio ads. I was pretty good for a small shop. But other agencies hired away my best people and I lost business. Then I got into this to pay the bills.”
“Yes, some call you the best Porn Producer in the country.”
 “A complement is a complement. It’s gotten me into a few awkward situations. Well, you don’t tell your kids you make porn for a living. I had a teacher and parent conference one time…I’m not boring you, am I?”
“No, go ahead. It must have been difficult.”
“Well, I try to say I’m a film producer and the teacher starts asking what films I’ve done. I give an example of the last mainstream job I did, but the teacher asks what else I did. I try to rush it off by saying it was of no importance, but she is insistent. So, I tell her my most recent film was ‘Lesbian Rubber Vixens’. “
“And what was her response?” asked Lady Quirt.
“She couldn’t say anything at first, then blurted out that it was her and her girlfriend’s favorite.”
Lady Quirt laughed for a few seconds. The man smiled and they both knew that the ice had been broken.
“I also forgot to introduce myself, Geoffrey Banner. President of GB Productions.”  He held out his hand.
“I am Lady Quirt. President and CEO of WORLD. Owner of ‘Boy?!’ and ‘Impact!’.” She replied and they shook hands.
“Oh yes, I’ve been in a ‘Boy?!’ store and I’m anxious to check out ‘Impact!’, Some of the previews look exceptional. What would bring you to my business? “
Lady Quirt made no delay in what she wanted. “I hear you are starting a new film.”
“Yes. It’s called ‘1000 Days of a Rubber Prisoner’” Geoffrey replied. “Top grade fetish film with a heavy gay theme.”
“And you just hired someone to play the…’lead’?”
“Yes, a new face, among other things. I made a deal with a friend of yours, a Lady Jane…”
“Not exactly a friend.” Said Lady Quirt. “In fact, she is improperly using one of ‘Impact!’s’ prized assets.”
“Hey, my deal was 100 percent aboveboard. She showed me her contact to act as William’s agent, which gave her the right to negotiate for his services. If you want to take legal action, take it up with her.”
“I have no intention of taking you to court. You were duped, just like the others she defrauded. I’m here to correct an awkward situation. You see, if William becomes part of your film, then it will damage the carefully constructed image of him we have been creating these past two months.”
Geoffrey looked at Lady Quirt. “Well, I can’t say I’m not sympathetic to your situation. But I will lose out on the advance sales of this new film. He is perfect for the part and recasting may take time.”
“I was thinking about your scrapping the entire film.” Said Lady Quirt.
“And just what could convince me to give up a sizable profit?”
“I was looking at your mainstream awards. Very impressive. I remember that baby food commercial you did back in 2007. You have talent. Talent that WORLD could use.”
“Keep talking.”, said Geoffrey. “I think I know what you want, but I’ll let you finish your offer.”
“’Boy?!’ and ‘Impact!’ will roll out their joint print campaign for the new spring line in a couple of months. But print media isn’t enough. We will have an internet campaign, but we need something else. Something more mainstream.”
“Like television and radio commercials?” he asked.
“Yes. For the most part it will take a lot of creativity to produce commercials which will be allowed for prime-time broadcast and cable/satellite distribution.”
Geoffrey paused for a few moments. Lady Quirt was wondering if it was a good pause or a bad one.
“That’s an interesting offer.” He replied. “But I think I’m going to need more than just an occasional ad every few months or so.”
Lady Quirt looked at Geoffrey. “True, so here is a little something else: We will allow your existing film library to be stocked at all ‘Impact!’ stores, and we will have you produce some special videos.”
“Special?” he asked. Lady Quirt took a piece of paper and handed it to him.
“Special ‘instructional’ videos for ‘Impact!’s clients. These are the subjects.”
Geoffrey looked at the list. He gave a low whistle as he read each item.
“Whew!” he finally exclaimed. I’m familiar with almost everything on your list. A couple of these…well it would be interesting to try.”
Lady Quirt could tell he was interested. “Then, we have a deal?” she asked.
“You know, if that Lady Jane had presented this offer to me, I’d probably tell her to stick it. She was an arrogant bitch, pardon me, and treated me like I was scum. My business may not be as high-end as yours Lady Quirt, but it is my business.”
“I’m sorry to hear you were so badly treated. Yes, she has an attitude.” Replied Lady Quirt. “Something that will need to be addressed.”
“This is a very reasonable offer and I would be happy to accept.”
 “Thank you. In the meantime, let me collect William and we will meet on Thursday to go over details.”
“Please follow me to the set.” Said Geoffrey.
The both of them made their way through a couple of corridors filled with used furniture, papers, costumes and other equipment. Finally they reached the set.
Hanging from the ceiling of the set was a sling made of heavy duty rubber. In the sling, a young man was bound, floating above the floor. Lady Quirt guessed that it was William.
He was nude and a heavy-duty rubber gasmask was fitted over his head. Around his balls a steel cable was wrapped and padlocked. A heavy lead weight dangled from the end of the cable. Several other weights lay on the floor, to be added later. His arms were bound and a second cable wrapped and padlocked around his wrists. The end of the cable was pushed through a pulley fastened to the floor. The cable went to a second pulley a couple of feet away and other end went up and was secured to the back of the gasmask. As the sling rose, the bound wrists also rose and the cable forced his head farther back. Lady Quirt could hear William’s muffled cries for mercy. Out of the corner of her eye she saw two large men dressed in nothing but rubber harnesses and boots.
“OK boys. We’re going to wrap this up. Ian, Peter please unbind William and clean him up.”
“We were just ready to start. It took about a half hour to get him set up, and we haven’t recorded anything.”, said one of the men.
“Change of plans” said Geoffrey, “And yes, you’ll get paid for today.”
Then men took William down from the ceiling and removed the restraints. He was checked for any injuries and except for some minor abrasions, he was in good shape.
“Lady Quirt!”, said William . “Thank…”
“Display!”, commanded Lady Quirt. William immediately complied.
“Now, William. Explain just how you ended up in a porn film.”
William told her how he had left WORLD’s offices and was going to take the bus home, when he was intercepted by Lady Jane. She threatened to give the ‘Display’ command right there in the street unless he did as she ordered. She took him to this studio and told him he was contracted to make a half dozen films. All Gay S&M films. He would have refused, but she was still a member of the Sisterhood and he was taught to obey. Lady Jane had told him that Andrew was hers and once he saw William in these films, Andrew would see just how pitiful and low he was.
 Lady Quirt was livid! This was the last straw! Months of work and expense ruined because of Jane’s arrogance and her unseemly obsession with her sissy nephew!
Her anger subsided enough to give the ‘Release’ order. She allowed William to dress and she took him home to Bulldyke and Andy.
Several weeks later, in the boardroom of WORLD, the members watched as the screen lit up. Soon they saw Andy’s image appear. He was lying on a bed, looking up at the camera. Two red latex bows were wrapped loosely around his body.
“ Heelloo.”, he purred. “This holiday season unwrap something really special.” He reached up with both hands and brought over two objects. “With every ten inch and larger anal toy you buy from ‘Impact!’ or ‘Boy?!’, you get a free tube of ‘Dr. Schneider’s Butt Butter’. The same lube that Will and I always use.”. He then placed the two objects in front of the camera. They were two tubes of lubricant. “’Dr Schneider’s’ comes in regular unscented and the new ‘Moonlight Passion’. Oh, and for those who are bold enough, a free copy of our new instructional video ‘Will and Andy’s.. Best… Anal… Ever!’” when you buy….” There was a pause and Andy said in a more passionate sound voice, “BIG RED!”.
The ‘Boy?!’ and ‘Impact’ logos appeared on the screen and went to back. The Board members sat looking very amused.
“And this has already been approved by the networks?” asked Lady Flogger.
“Andrew is covered enough to pass the censors. He only suggests and does not perform any sexual acts. Now this advertisement will be played on late night television. However, we have less suggestive ads which will be seen in prime time and on certain niche networks.” Said Lady Quirt.
“I can’t argue with success.”, said Lady Tawse. “Since the opening of ‘Impact!’ WORLD’s profits have increased by 400%. The new spring line was sold out and I mean sold out before the paint had dried on the Tokyo store.  I’m optimistic and you know when it come to finance, I take a more cautious approach.”
Lady Quirt was beaming with pride. “I thought you might also like to see something else that will delight all of you.” She had one of her sissies hand a copy of a magazine to each member.
“Oh, my….”, exclaimed Mistress Priya. “Is this real?”
Lady Quirt held up a copy of an American weekly magazine. “Yes, my friends. This is a mainstream magazine. Seen in supermarkets, doctors’ offices, libraries and other places throughout not just the United States, but in Canada, Australia…I mean worldwide.”
On the cover of the magazine was a picture of William and Andrew. They were at a Hollywood party. The caption read: ‘Will and Andy - This Year’s and this Decade’s Hottest Couple’.

Monday, 10 September 2018

New Art, "A steadying Hand"

Hi Everyone
  Time for new art and a chance to step back in time, to a moment before America,  before The Sisterhood and just months after that fateful visit to Paris where a loving Aunt explained to her besotted nephew that his life was about to change forever.
  Yes we are back to a time when Andy still possessed  football boots and a wardrobe that actually contained more than just rail after rail of glistening, aromatic Latex and needle thin heels and to a time when he still had hope it was all a dream, but where he also knew the threat of his secret life being revealed would keep him safely in line.
  So once more Jane's clever manipulations have placed her beloved nephew in a totally embarrassing situation, but one where, if he goes along and plays the game, his friends will never suspect the unbelievable truth. So play along he will.

Hope you like this simple addition Andy and and Aunt Jane's story.
Thank you all for your support

Friday, 7 September 2018

Weekend Christeen

Hi Everyone
 I love posting Art from Christeen, because I don't have to explain anything, I can just sit back and enjoy it with you.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

The New Spring Line – Part 10

Hi everyone
 I am really really happy to bring you part 10 of our friends RubberH's superb story.
As ever I must say this is his version of events, set in a different universe from mine, but that does not invalidate it's position in Andy's story.
  Thank you RH

The New Spring Line – Part 10
Copyright 2018 by RubberH

Will was holding Andy in his arms as he slowly woke. Andy, his oh, so sweet and gentle Andy. Despite that Andy was a sissy, William had never felt someone so feminine and responsive before. Andy wanted to please Will as much as possible and shared himself without hesitation or guilt. His soft moans as William thrust inside him. His lips gently travelling up and down Will’s shaft; providing hours of pleasure. Where DID Andy learn this?
Then William felt Bulldyke’s arms wrapped gently around his waist and chest. She was strong, powerful and yet someone who had a vulnerability when it came down to intimacy. After her first couple of orgasms her aggressiveness subsided, and a softer side had appeared. She reacted to Will’s touch and was insatiable in her need for pleasure. He and Andy made love to her as ardently as they made love with each other.
It had been quite a night! But now it was time to get ready for work. Reluctantly, he whispered in Andy’s ear that it was time to get up. Andy turned over and began to kiss Will’s chest, then worked down to his nipples and started to gently lick them with the tip of his tongue. Will began to get hard again.
“We don’t have time…” Will started to say.
“Just for a few minutes; please.” Andy mewed softly.
“We can’t.”, said Bulldyke as she ran her hands over Will’s rear. “As much as I’d like to stay here with the both of you; Will needs to keep on his schedule. As for you Andy, you have your new duties here at home.”
Andy kissed William again. This time much longer and deeper. William returned it with just as much intensity. He was no longer hesitant. Bulldyke firmly but gently separated them, and then kissed William as well. William also returned it without hesitation.
All three showered together and helped each other dress for the day. Bulldyke dressed in her custom-tailored three-piece rubber business suit. Andy was in a very skimpy French Maid’s uniform and William...he only wore a pair of black latex leggings and sandals.
“Bull…Master Bulldyke, is this all I am to wear? It’s chilly this morning.” Said William.
“You are scheduled to be with Mistress Priya. I doubt if you’ll even have those on very long. You are very fortunate that she has agreed to train you. Well, maybe I’m the one who is fortunate.”
“What is she to train me in?”
“Don’t you recall what Lady Quirt said?”
“It all went so fast, she said something about erotic arts.”
“That Lover, is saying it mildly. Mistress Priya just happens to be the High Priestess of a long believed extinct Indian cult. This cult knows more about sexual pleasure…well you heard of the ‘Kama Sutra’?”
“Yes.” Said William “I’ve never read it, but it’s supposed to be the ultimate guide in sex.”
“Well, my dear, what Mistress Priya and her followers know makes the ‘Kama Sutra’ look like a child’s Nursery Rhyme book. ”, Bulldyke laughed. “And both Andy and I will benefit the most from your training. Of course you’ll be in great demand by the Board Members and Executives of WORLD.”
William gulped. Was Bulldyke joking? No, he had seen too much now to realize that he was to become the sexual plaything of Lady Quirt and the others.
Bulldyke looked at William and held him gently. “Oh, I’ve scared you. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. You must have had some inkling…”
“I figured that this was my fate. Is that what you think of me?” Will asked and wondered if he should have remained silent.
Bulldyke looked at William. ”At first in the massage room, I thought so. But then as I learned more about you from Andrew and Lady Quirt I realized that…you were different than the other submissives. I…”
There was the sound of a car horn in front of the house. Bulldyke released William. “We’ll talk about this when you come home.” She then gave him a gentle kiss and watched as he opened the door and entered the waiting car.
 Bulldyke noticed that Andy also watching William leave for Mistress Priya’s.
“Did you want to kiss him goodbye as well?” she asked Andy.
Andy looked and blushed.
“Then go out and give him one.”
Andy paused a second, then hurried down the steps and tapped on the car’s window. William lowered the window and gave Andy a kiss. As the car drove off, Andy realized that he was in his latex French maid’s uniform in full view of the neighbors. But Andy simply smiled and hurried back inside so he could start his morning chores, and he hoped that Will would come home soon.
 Mistress Priya’s home was in a very old and elegant part of the city. These were homes that had housed the rich, famous and near famous. From Generals to Physicians to even Prime Ministers. Andy exited the car in front of a large Victorian-era house. He walked up to the door and rang the bell.
William felt embarrassed at being so skimpily dressed in broad daylight.  Yet no one seemed to notice. He rang the bell again and the door was opened by a girl dressed in a traditional Sari. No wait! It wasn’t a girl, it was one of the Sisterhood’s sissies!
“You are William? “ asked the sissy.  William nodded his head ‘Yes’.
“I am Saffron, Mistress Priya’s maid. You will remove all your clothing and leave it on the floor. All submissives are to remain naked during their stay here. The only exceptions are sissies and they are to be appropriately dressed.”
William peeled off the leggings and slipped off his sandals. As he followed Saffron into the house, William noticed another sissy quickly picking up and putting away his clothes.
They entered a large parlor which was decorated in various Indian fabrics and artwork; primarily erotic artwork. William was lead to a large sofa.
“That will be all Saffron.” Came a voice from behind William. “DISPLAY!”
William instantly assumed the Display position. It was all automatic now.
“Nice…very, very nice.” Said the voice. William knew he had to keep his head perfectly straight. He felt a hand caressing his rear. A finger went up his spine and neck. Another finger came around and began to play with his left nipple. He had just a bit of an erection starting.
Then the person behind the voice walked around him and he stood face to face with an incredibly beautiful Indian woman.  Her eyes matched her black hair and he felt a bit frightened. She looked down and took his cock in her hand.
“Good length and girth when flacid. How big are you when fully erect?” she asked
“I…I really don’t know, Mistress.” , William replied. “I never bothered to measure. I mean, does it really matter.?”
Mistress Priya looked at him for several seconds, then burst out laughing. “Oh, my!  I’m not sure how to respond. Most of the subs who come here either believe they are bigger than they think, or they are smaller than what they believe they are. You are one of the few who has answered without the usual male bullshit. We may get along very well.”
“Thank you?” William answered. Although he wasn’t sure if what she said was a good thing or not.
“The use of the male member is only part of the secret to obtaining the ultimate in sexual pleasure. A big cock is nice, but it’s just a piece of man meat. Without knowing how to use it and when, you might as well cut it off and replace it with a dildo. Also, the penis is only one tool to use when it comes to pleasing others. You my dear, will be taught how to use all of yourself. Not just your body but your mind. How long can you maintain an erection without touching your cock?”
“I don’t know.. A couple of minutes, But I’ve been given a drug which…”
“That is the easy way’ Said Mistress Priya. “What if I said you could be taught to maintain an erection for not just hours, but days and even weeks. Without any erectile disfunction drugs. Would you be interested?”
William slightly smiled. “Well I know someone who would really like that.”
Mistress Priya returned the smile. “Again, you gave a far more fitting answer. The object is not to be selfish and provide pleasure for yourself, but it is to give the ultimate in sexual pleasure to your partners. I intend to teach you how to not only to maintain an erection almost indefinitely, but for you to be able to do so on command. You will learn much and your value will increase greatly.”
Mistress Priya laid down on the sofa and parted her sari. William could see that she had become wet and aroused.
“Release and come here William. “she commanded. William stood by the sofa and looked at her glistening mound. He began to get hard.
“Very nice William, but for your first lesson you will learn the art of oral servitude first. Kneel and pleasure me.”
William did as he was told and began to pleasure Mistress Priya as best as he could.
It was 12:00 when the car containing William entered the parking garage of WORLD. He sat back in the seat of the car, totally exhausted. THAT was to be an introductory lesson? How was he going to survive four times a week for the next couple of months?
In Lady Tawse’s office, William began his orientation in the various IMPACT! Products. There not only were bondage products, but vibrators, dildos, clamps, creams, sounds, enema equipment…you name the fetish, they sold whatever was needed for the practitioner. Leather, latex, PVC, steel and any other material that provided for sexual stimulation.
William also experience using these products and them being used on him. He was gagged with four dozen types of gags. Hoods from supple latex to quarter inch thick steel helmets. Handcuffs, straightjackets, even a head to toe mummy suit. For the next several weeks he dutifully memorized their construction, use and prices. He was going to be their top sales representative, so he had to know their entire inventory, and even some still on the drawing boards.
Andrew and Bulldyke anxiously awaited William to return home every night, to find out what he had learned. Often, he would bring samples of IMPACT! Products and they would spend lots and lots of time using them.
In the meantime, Aunt Jane sat in her house awaiting news as to when Andrew would be released from WORLD and allowed to come home. She sat partly worried and partly angry. What were they doing with him? She should never have allowed him to stay at WORLD for that new photo shoot. The “Boy?!” campaign was taking too much of his time that he could be with her. Could William be responsible? Yes, of course it’s him! Something will have to be done to let William know that Andy is her sissy! Her property!
But what? She looked over her papers and noticed a contract for GB Productions. Yes, this will be perfect. She picked up the phone and closed the deal, authorizing the owner of GB Productions to use William in his next project.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

New Art, "Don't Turn Around"

Hi Everyone 
    I was struggling to condense this idea into a single image, so I toyed with a short comic but eventually landed on this . It is a partial animation, mostly of the dialog and definitely not of the background. But it tells the story just as I wanted and so I think it works.
  It sits in the bigger story of Andy and Aunt Jane, way way back before the fateful trip to America and reveals Andys emotions and his secret feelings.
 I'll give nothing else away, because I would love to know your reaction to this.
  Also I will in short time post some of  the important artworks for this, so you can look at them at your leisure.
  Thank you for your support, big hugs

Ps I have uploaded it twice.The second to youtube and the first direct to the blog, just to try and increase quality

As promised here are a couple of stills from this piece, just in case you wanted a closer look

Saturday, 25 August 2018

From Christeen

Hi Everyone
  Some super new pieces from the flawless Christeen

Monday, 20 August 2018

New Art; Coast to coast

Hi Everyone
  Well that did not work, I meant to post this over the weekend but got ever so slightly distracted by fun and pleasure, which ain't a bad thing as far as I am concerned.
      My friends, I need your help.
     I want you to help me to bring this piece to life.
    As we see Andy is now becoming quite the celebrity on his American tour and now, much to his heart pounding embarrassment, he finds himself on one of US televisions biggest chat shows. "The Tonight Show with Jonny Flannon" (sic).
     So what do I want your help with? Well I want you to be Jonny Flannon, I want you to ask Andy or Aunt Jane the questions you want answered.
  Now the rules are simple, remember this is a national coast to coast show, reliant on sponsors and viewing figures, so all questions must be polite and of a none explicit sexual nature. You can be playful, naughty and fun, ask about relationships, about likes and dislikes, about the adventures and stories shown in my Andy and Jane art. Anything, but as I say, keep it sweet, keep it polite and keep it fun and Andy or Aunt Jane will answer.
 So ask your question to the comment boxes and we will use them to go back and forth for as long as we can.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Christeen to keep you warm

Hi Everyone
 From tomorrow I shall be away for a week, but I am leaving you  a super little Christeen treat to keep you warm until my  return and on my return I will be asking for your help with a little bit of fun. I won't tell you details because I like to surprise with my art, but I think we could have some fun.I am taking my laptop, so shall post on Tuesday next, (fingers crossed)
 Anyway stay safe until I return
Big Hugs and bigger thank you's
Unless you are thinking of me at the weekend in which case

Monday, 13 August 2018

Designer Fetish Fashion

 Hi Everyone
   I have been meaning to share these with you for a while now. I have been following a shop/Instagram feed by a company called LoveLabels who seem to specialist in designer style at reasonable prices. Now I have no knowledge of there business or anything, so will not offer a recommendation, however what they do is team various items together to create chic, expensive and mega stylish outfits, often using some of our favorite materials, Latex,Pvc and leather is used to stunning effect and you can easily imagine the ultra wealthy in Monte Carlo stepping off their yachts for a mornings shopping or lunch styled in shiny Chanel, or Gucci or YSL. In fact you can see their influence on my art by taking a look at 105 days
  So by combining a pair of $80 leather pants, with a Chanel belt and a classically cut and styled jacket, you can look very much the part at a fraction of the cost, let's face it a new pair of high end lambskin Chanel Leather pants will set you back £2000 + and who of us could stretch to that?
  Any ways I hope my first fashion post for a while has tickled you taste buds.
 Oops nearly forgot the link

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

New art. "Free Download"

Hi Everyone
  Time for new art and as ever we find Andy inches away from another embarrassing moment, In fact a few more inches might be all he can take.
   I'll explain no more as it is pretty clear, except to say Jane in her arrogant desire to become part of the New York scene, has once more under estimated her American counterparts cunning and inventiveness.
  Hope you like this

Friday, 3 August 2018

The New Spring Line – Part 9 , By RubberH

Hi Everyone
  I would like to give RubberH so much respect and thanks for continuing this wonderful story, It is often so easy to just let a project slip, but our friend has come back with another super chapter and a promise of 3 more.
 As ever I feel i must add that this is Rubber H's alternate universe version of my characters, My world is all Romance,Disney and rainbows. However that is a small detail because RH's writing is so strong it can happily stand on its own.
Please enjoy

Continues form here.

The New Spring Line – Part 9
Copyright 2018 by RubberH

Bulldyke sat back in the limo’s back seat. She caressed the rubber upholstery. It was soft and slick for it had recently been cleaned and polished. She looked at William and Andrew kneeling on the floor in front of her. She felt a little strange. Lady Quirt had rarely allowed her to assume the dominant role in all the years she had served her. It was going to take a little time to adjust, but she was looking forward to it.
The driver received a phone call. All Bulldyke could hear was “Yes, M’Lady. As you wish M’Lady”.
“What was the call about?” Bulldyke inquired.
“It was from Lady Fullerton-Jones, Master Bulldyke.” The driver replied. “Andrew and William are required to be at the ‘Club Gummi’ after your dinner. I am to drive them there.”
Bulldyke was surprised and quickly called Lady Jane. “What is this nonsense about Andrew, William and Club Gummi?” she demanded.
“They have been contracted to make an appearance at the club’s VIP lounge.” Replied Lady Jane. “Their contracts with WORLD allows them to be booked by their agent, which is myself, for special appearances, parties and anything which does not divert from their regular duties.”
“That’s ridiculous. It’s been a long day and they need…”

“To honor their contracts…You may check with WORLD’s legal counsel, but at this hour it may be difficult to confirm. Don’t embarrass yourself Bulldyke by challenging me. I’m quite within my rights as Andrew and William’s agent. My positions in both the Sissy Guild and Sisterhood are far superior to that of a former dungeon minion.”
Bulldyke heard the ‘click’ as Lady Jane simply ended the call.
Will could see that Bulldyke was seething, but eventually she composed herself by taking several deep breaths and digging her hands into the seat.
Dinner was held mostly in silence. Neither Will or Andy were comfortable with speaking out of turn. Bulldyke for her part, was unhappy with Lady Jane’s interference with what she had hoped would be a pleasant evening. She had been looking forward to showing off both William and Andrew; dressed in their tight and shiny rubber outfits.
Club Gummi was the newest hot spot in the city. As the name implied, it was for those in the rubber and latex scene, although the general public was unaware of its existence. The club maintained a strict policy of protecting its clientele from curiosity seekers. That is why sports stars, actors and actresses and all other major and minor celebrities could be seen there dressed in all manner of fetishwear. The tabloids would have paid a fortune for even just one photo, but not a single taker came forth.
The VIP lounges were the club’s greatest secret. Amongst the members whatever went on there was a complete mystery. Those who were invited to those rooms maintained a code of silence about the activities.
Bulldyke delivered Andy and Will to the club’s manager. She looked them over and smiled. “Very, very nice. “, she said. “The boys will be excited about having the newest modeling sensation for their party.” She then looked at Will. “And you…well you are just icing on the cake.’ She pointed to a set of stairs which lead to the party rooms.
Andy eyes were wide open in fear. “Please Master Bulldyke. Don’t make me go up there.”, he cried.
“You know I can’t do anything.” Bulldyke replied. “Your Aunt Jane made the deal and you have go through with it.”
Will saw how frightened Andy was. “Bull..er…Master Bulldyke.  I’ll take care of her…him.”
Bulldyke looked at the manager. “William and Andrew are the primary models for “Boy?!” and the new ‘Impact!’ stores and very valuable property. I’ll expect that no harm come to either of them.”
“Of course…but you must stay outside.”
Bulldyke would have refused, but there was no real choice. She looked at Will and nodded her head. Will took Andy’s hand and they went up the stairs and they entered the party room.
Within the room were several men. All of them were very athletic, and somewhat drunk. The minute Andy and Will entered the room they were surrounded by the men.
“Well look at who showed up! The girl on all those posters!” said one of the men, who appeared to be in charge.
“Who’s this?” asked another partygoer.
“Who cares? Nice bum though.”
Another man placed his hand on Andy’s rear. “Can you dance?” he asked.
Andy was frozen in fear. The man sat down in a chair and crooked his finger at him. “Let’s go sweetheart.”
“I can dance. “ Will said.
The men looked at him and laughed. “Well, let’s see just how good you are.”
The manager had escorted Bulldyke to a VIP booth in the main room and ordered her a drink. She sat quietly at the booth sipping her drink and looking frequently at the door to the party room.
The manager returned to the booth and sat down next to Bulldyke. “Boyfriend or Girlfriend? “
“What?” replied Bulldyke.
“Which one is it you’re worried about? Your girlfriend or your boyfriend? Mind you, I’d take either one.”
“Neither one.”, replied Bulldyke. “I’m just their handler.”
“Really? That is too bad, not being able to take a taste. They are spoken for?”
“Yes, they are.” Bulldyke rudely replied.
“How about you?” smiled the manager. Bulldyke looked at her. She took hold of the manager’s hand, looked into her eyes and began squeezing tightly. The manager started looking uncomfortable as Bulldyke tightened her grip. The manager let out a small cry as Bulldyke’s powerful hand increased in pressure.
“Oh yes…you know … how to get a girl’s… attention.”, said the manager and she began to grit her teeth. “OK…Please stop. I won’t bother you anymore.”
Bulldyke tightened her grip more. The manager’s eyes began dripping tears. “I give…I give.”, she cried.
Bulldyke released the hand and the manager gasped and carefully opened and closed it.
“So what kind of party is it?” Bulldyke asked.
“It’s private, I can’t…”
Bulldyke grabbed the manager’s hand again. “You really enjoy this?”
The manager looked for help but the security people were keeping others out of the VIP section, not watching what was going on inside.
“Go ahead, scream.”, said Bulldyke quietly. “By the time someone gets here, every finger will be broken, and this pretty little wrist will be fractured in several places.”
“It’s a celebration for some professional rugby players. I can’t tell you who they are, but you’d recognize them on sight.”
“They won a championship, so they decided to party here….and they have been partying. You just delivered the entertainment.”
Bulldyke sat up. “What kind of entertainment?” she demanded.
“The usual kind here. Don’t worry. The guys will play safe. Plenty of condoms available.”
Bulldyke stood up and ran towards the party room. The manager signaled for her security people to stop Bulldyke from crashing the party, but it was too late. Bulldyke burst through the door.
Both Andy and Will were in a state of undress. Andy was down to his pink latex thong, and William was totally naked. They were giving the partygoers lap dances; although not very good ones. Neither one was sure what to do but the partygoers didn’t care. They were having the time of their lives.
Will looked at Bulldyke with extreme distress. He was being touched in his most intimate places and he could not protest. Andy was close to being penetrated by one of the players.
“I think that is enough!” Bulldyke shouted. “William, Andrew…time to go!”
“Hey! Who are you and what business is it of yours?” said one of the players.
“I’m their Nanny, and it’s their bedtime.”, retorted Bulldyke.
The player walked up to Bulldyke and stared at her. “We’re just starting to have some fun. Maybe you want to join in.”
“I already had an offer tonight, and I’ll give you the same answer.” Bulldyke moved towards Will and Andy but the player grabbed her arm.
“Bad idea.”, said Bulldyke.  In moments the player was on the floor trying to recover from a well-placed knee to his groin. The others stood there as their captain writhed in agony. Drunk as they were, they were aware that this huge woman could probably take them all on…and win.
The manager and her security entered the room. “I’m calling…”
“The police?” asked Bulldyke. “And we can report sexual assault, attempted rape and who knows what else… Not exactly in line with your privacy policy.”
“Just get the fuck out of here.”, said the manager. Her hand was covered in an ice filled towel.
“William, Andrew. Let’s go home.” Said Bulldyke. Andy and Will then dressed and followed her out of the club.
A half an hour later the limo stopped in front of a house located in one of the city’s poshest neighborhood. The limo drove away and the three of them entered. Will looked around. It was decorated very tastefully with modern style furnishings. There was a now very familiar smell. He touched the fabric of a chair and discovered that it was upholstered in rubber. All the furniture was covered in rubber instead of wool or silk. The curtains were rubber. The carpets were rubber. The flooring was rubber. The wallpaper was rubber. Liquid latex was used instead of paint.
“Welcome home William.”, said Bulldyke. “I’m certain you are tired, so let’s go to bed.”
They went up the staircase and entered the master bedroom. Against one wall Will could see a bed, but it was a huge bed. Much larger than anything he had ever seen.
“Yes, it’s for all of us. “, said Bulldyke. “No separate bedrooms here. It’s share and share alike.”
Andy had already undressed and had slipped under the rubber sheets. “I couldn’t find a nightgown.” He said.
“You won’t need one.” Said Bulldyke. “William…Undress and Display!”
Will immediately stripped and assumed the Display position. It had become automatic to him. Bulldyke stood in front of him and began to undress herself. Slowly she slipped off her jacket and then undid her skirt. Both items dropped to the floor, leaving her wearing only her high heels. She walked around Will and he felt her hand against his back.
“Bend over.” She said. Will complied and soon felt Bulldyke’s fingers against his rear. Soon he felt the anal plug being pulled out. He had forgotten it was even in him.
“Clean yourself up and get into bed. I’m going to call Lady Quirt and tell her what happened.”
Will did as he was told. When he was finished he approached the bed. Andy was shaking.
“Are you alright Andy? Did they hurt you?”
“No, Will. I’m not alright. I’ve never been so frightened before. They were just about ready to …..”
Will touched Andy’s shoulder. “Don’t think anymore about it. You’re safe here…with me.”
“Hold me Will.” Said Andy. Will at first hesitated, then wrapped his arms around Andy. It didn’t matter anymore. Boy, Girl or whatever. Andy needed him and he, well he needed Andy. Soft, gentle and oh so feminine Andy. As he held Andy close, Will felt a stirring in his body. The drug had worn off quite some time ago, but now he had developed a pronounced erection. He felt embarrassed.
Then Will felt something else. Andy’s hand had taken hold of his cock and began to stroke it. He looked at Andy who gave a slight smile.
“I…I love you Will.”, Andy said softly.
Will held Andy closer. “I’m not gay.” He said to himself. “I’m not g… Oh what the hell! Andy’s more woman than most of the girls I’ve been with.” He kissed Andy and Andy kissed him back. They caressed each other and began to make love.
Will looked at Andy’s naked body, taking in every inch. He looked at Andy’s face and then lowered his gaze to see the small but perfectly-formed breasts. The narrow waist and then…
Then he saw something that didn’t belong. No, it wasn’t Andy’s genitals…it was a smooth piece of flesh-colored plastic. It covered Andy’s entire groin. Will took another look and saw that the plastic had numerous holes.
“They used surgical glue and sutures.’, said Andy. “They said it was more efficient and secure than a chastity belt. The holes allow water in to keep the area clean and allow me to urinate. I can’t remove it without severe pain and damage. “
“But why?” asked Will.
“To remind me that I’m a sissy. I’m no longer a boy, but I’m not a girl. When you first visited me at the studio they saw that I was attracted as much to you as you were to me. When you realized who I really was they expected you to back away. When you didn’t it was decided to ‘nullify’ me. But since I was too valuable as a sissy, instead of surgery they would simply seal me up.”
Will was bedside himself. “I’m so sorry Andy.”, he said. “If I knew that this would happen to you..”
“That’s alright Will. We can still make love.” Andy then crawled down to the edge of the bed. He took hold of Will’s cock and placed it gently into his mouth.
At that point it all became a blur to Will. Andy’s tongue and lips played with his cock in ways…well there was no describing it. It was pure pleasure. “Where did Andy learn this? “, Will thought. “It’s…OH. MY GOOO….FUCKING FANTAST…!!!”
Will came hard. Harder than he had ever done before.  Andy was not finished. He quickly brought Will to full erection.”
Will looked at Andy, who was still enthusiastically working on his cock.
“No, not fair.”, Will gasped and he pushed Andy away. Next, he climbed down to the foot of the bed. Took hold of Andy’s legs and pulled him to the edge of the bed. Andy was on his stomach and he parted his legs.
“There should be some lube in the nightstand. Aunt Jane says that it’s essential to any boudoir.”
Will pulled opened one the drawers. As Andy said there was not one, not two, but three very large tubes of something called ‘Dr. Schneider’s Butt Butter’. Will took one of the tubes opened it and coated his cock with the contents. He approached Andy, his cock still hard. He was a little worried. He had only done anal once with a girl named Sherry, and that didn’t go very well.
“It’s alright Will.”, Cooed Andy. “I know you’ll be gentle.”. He pulled his cheeks apart, inviting Will to enter.
 Will slowly pushed himself inside of Andy’s rear. He heard Andy groan and thought of backing out, however Andy said, “Oh Will! … Love me!”, and Will began a slow, rhythmic series of strokes. As Andy’s moans became louder and more passionate, Will’s desire became more intense.  Andy felt Will tense up and he knew that it was just a matter of moments.
Will was about ready to cum again…But then felt a presence behind him. Bulldyke’s hands roamed his body, and then kicked apart his legs.
“You used up the entire tube.”, Bulldyke said. Will heard the night stand drawer open and close. After a few moments Bulldyke’s hands were on his rear….and something hard and slippery entered his rear
“Let’s dance, lover.”, said Bulldyke and she began pushing and pulling the large strap on dildo in and out of Will’s rear. “In and out…In and out..Let’s go, lover”.
Soon Will and Bulldyke had synchronized their thrusts. Him into Andy and Bulldyke into Will. In minutes both Will and Andy were moaning in pleasure. A few moments later Will’s semen pumped into Andy’s rear.
Bulldyke played with Will’s nipples for several seconds. “It’s my turn.”, she said and withdrew the dildo from Will’s rear. She took hold of Will’s arm and guided him onto the bed. She turned him onto his back, then taking concealed shackles from each corner of the bed, secured him spread eagled. Then she removed the strap-on and impaled herself on his shaft. Above the bed was a metal bar with two chains on each end; like a trapeze bar. She grabbed the bar and began to pull on it. Raising and lowering herself on his cock.
“Remember lover when we first did this? I couldn’t wait to be with you again. This time, I want you to make me cum over and over until I tell you to stop.”
Over an hour went by as Bulldyke rode Will’s cock. She would cum and then he would cum. Occasionally they would cum together.
Andy watched quietly. Bulldyke noticed his silence and said, “Join us Andrew. Remember, in this bed it’s share and share alike.”
Andy crawled over and the three of them made love until dawn.

To Be Continued

Monday, 30 July 2018

New Art; "Laying Down The Law"

Hi Everyone
   Time for some new art. Here we rejoin Andy and his Aunt Jane on their American odyssey and as ever Andy is at the epicentre of an embarrassing situation. However this time one not deliberately orchestrated by his Aunt Jane, but it is one made greater by her arrogance and confident superior nature.
   I like the dialog both foreground and back (If I my praise my own work) and as ever it was one phrase that drove the image. This time it was the cops line about Downton Abbey that kept going round in my head and I could imagine him trying to calm an irate Aunt Jane. It took a while to figure out why he was acting so bold before this situation came to me. Somehow I do not think he will win.
   Also I was able to finally get  Andy into supermodel mode, with an outfit and look styled in tribute to Bella Hadid.
Enough blah Blah Blah from me, I hope you like this

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Christeen update

Hi Everyone
  Here is a quick but sweet update from Christeen
Hope you like

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Story. "Sail away"

Hi Everyone
  Here is the very short personal fantasy that kind of influenced my last piece of art. It is one I have posted a long time ago, but have just re-edited it a little.
  Also I should add, for those of you who do not know me, I am very happily Bi-sexual and this little fantasy has just a touch of naughtiness that some, (quite fairly, no problem), might find not to their tastes.
  Still I hope you enjoy this.

                                                   Sail Away
                                                     A fantasy
                                                  By Andy Latex

                His boss had invited him to take a trip on her luxury yacht , She said she was to sail down to the med to meet a very important client and needed a hand. It was a bit of a shock after all he really had no idea what type of business she was to conduct and could not imagine what good he might be to her, but why not , I mean what 18 year old, straight out of college would miss the opportunity to impress their boss on a one to one basis, or if he were being totally honest, what randy 18 year old would pass up the chance of being close to the woman who had become a regular feature in his nightly dreams since he had entered her employment. She was a tall stunningly beautiful in her early fifties. Auburn hair, flecked with confident grey, a woman of impeccable style and elegance, a woman always bathed in expensive perfume, a woman of position and control and one who knew what she wanted and she knew how to get it.
        No, how could he refuse.
        The trip was smooth and easy, he never saw the crew and for the first 2 days spent most of the time just sitting on deck talking with Ms Wilde about the business and his college time, That, of cause, was when he wasn’t secretly glancing at her three gorgeous stewardesses.
        They were a few of years older than him, may be 19 or 20, and if  Ms Wilde was the most beautiful woman in the world, then these three stunning girls with their, sleek hair, Slim waists, long legs and full rounded breasts, came a very close second. However it was not just their stunning beauty which continually brought his eyes back to them, it was also the way they were dressed, or rather uniformed. Each wore a classic, if rather sexy, imitation of naval uniform. A tiny tunic dress and cap in navy blue, with white trim and details, the skirt of the dress barely covering the curve of their bottoms. However, as eye-catching as the uniforms were, it was what they were fashioned from that intrigued him most. It was as if they were made of some strange liquid, that caused them to reflect the hot Mediterranean sun with every movement they made. 
      “They really are the most exquisitely precious  things I possess”, Ms Wilde said, catching him  gazing longingly. “I love them so much and I’d do anything to protect them. Do him like their uniforms, they are all made to measure, from Latex rubber. Very expensive. Aren’t they gorgeous?”
        He blushed deeply, quickly looking away from the closest beauties upturned buttocks, “Um…um yes they are very beautiful”.
      “They have been with me for 2 years now, they were about your age when I first I picked them up. Two are the children of friends and one like you worked in the office. I offered them a trip, just as I have you. Promised to let them experience a new life, just as I have you. Shown them exotic things, just as I have you and then I  seduced and transformed them in the most sensual beauties I could imagine…..just as I shall you”.
      There was a long pause before he realised what she had said, “I’m sorry”.
     “You will fit in so well, especially in the sexy uniform of my junior stewardess. Oh  It will be a little clingy and a little tight and sticky at first, Latex always is, but I am sure you will get used to it, as you will the heels”.
     “Me?…you…you  mean, you want me to be ….to dress like them”, he gasped in astonishment ,
      “Of cause Andrew and I promise you will become every bit as feminine, beautiful and sexy as my other boys”. There was a pause, a long pause and as the look of dumbstruck disbelief spread across his face, Ms Wilde allowed herself a smile of delight and triumph. Finally the net she had laid the first day he entered her office, had closed. “Oh I am sorry, did you not realise? That’s right Andrew, my boys, aren’t the beautiful. This is Robin, this is Sebastian and this, sexy red head who you were gazing at with such clear admiration, is Kim. Boys this is Andrew”.
      Slowly he turned to find the 3 beautiful stewardesses standing behind him. Each smiling their greeting
     “Andrew is our new Junior stewardess, please take him below and make him welcome. His first uniform is in my cabin, but I will leave his hair and make up in your hands, but I want him looking perfect so take your time. Oh and boys, remember what I said this morning”
      The young man was stunned, astonished and bewildered at the sudden turn of events and although he meekly begged and pleaded, saying it was crazy and wrong, he knew there really was nowhere for him to run, he was trapped, on a boat, in the middle of the ocean and quite simply he knew his fate was sealed.

      The reception party on the yacht had been huge success, business was completed and every one left the boat in love with Ms Wilde’s 4 beautiful Stewardesses and especially the junior . For immaculately made up, with glistening frost pink lips and dressed in a tiny pink and white latex uniform, Andrew had felt the gaze of every guest on the boat, and sometimes he had felt more than their eyes. Every guest had wanted to kiss him good night and every guest wanted to take him home, but now the boat was empty and quiet and he was once more the sole possession of one person, Ms Victoria Wilde
      “I knew you would fit in” she said holding his well manicure hand, “You are so very beautiful Andrew and in time, as I add to your femininity, you will become even more so”.
     She kissed his cheek and he felt a tremor of excitement like never before. “But you must remember, you belong to me now”.
     Andy nodded his understanding. “Yes Miss Wilde”
    “Ms Wilde”, They both turned to the sexy voice. The other stewardesses stood in the doorway, “Please Miss. Andrew has been making us so horny all night, please can we take him below and play with him. Please Miss, you said we could after the party. We have been ever so good”. They chorused as one.
     “Of cause him may my dears. That is what I promised”. Ms Wilde kissed him once more, But this time on his lips,looking straight into his sparkling eyes, reading the confusion and uncertainty within. “I know this is new to you Andrew, I totally understand and so do my boys, but this is all for you, you need to do nothing but whatever they tell you, do not be afraid, they will guide you and help you. I promise they will not hurt you. They will show you such pleasures and you must never deny yourself pleasure, not in my care. I will see you in the morning, though perhaps I think I may see a different Andrew……Boys”
     Before he could think he was surrounded by perfumed latex femininity. Delicate hands ran over his body, fingers popped buttons, lips brushed his neck and tongues slowly tasted, as without effort he was enveloped in their sensual embrace and gently carried from the lounge.
     Andy’s head span, it said it was wrong , it said these were boys, but they were so feminine, so soft and perfumed, his body did not hear, their touch was too soft, there whispered words to sweet, there breath and kisses too warm and without struggle he surrendered to the sensual assault and by the time he was laid out on the single giant bed below deck, he was naked but for his glossy Panties and a sheen of sweat. Then moments later, all that remained was the sweat.

      Andy did not awake the next morning naked. For as he stirred, the warm sun settling on his body, he was dressed like never before, dressed from head to toe in a film of glistening lip-gloss and as he stirred in his sticky coating, he felt a warm breeze on his buttocks followed by a soft moist caress of lips. With his eyes ,sealed shut by same film of lip-gloss that sealed his entire body, he felt hands about his body, soft tender hands and slowly he was eased up onto his knees. Softly something warm touched his lips and without thought they slowly parted allowing his tongue to snake out. It was round and hard, a warm liquid seeping from the tiny dimple at its tip and it had a taste he had only just discovered hours before, but would relish forever. A hand softly settled on his head, a pressure applied, not hard, not aggressive but guiding and he allowed himself to be so. His lips parting just enough to excepted its width, allowing him to work them about its slippery tip, coating it in his own gloss, before slowly accepting the intruders length deep into his mouth, rolling it on his tongue, swallowing it down. He moaned softly and slowly begin to suckle and as he did he felt his up turned buttocks being parted and as the warm summer sun played across his feminised body, a second hard visitor gently sort entry to  his body and as it did so, smoothly easing up into him he felt a glow, a shimmer, a wave a excitement and a pleasure like never before.


Tuesday, 24 July 2018

New Art. "105 Days"

Hi Everyone
    I have been trying to get our poor helpless Hero/Heroine into this uniform for ages now, but could not find the concept to support it nor could I find the concentration necessary to finish the detail.
However to my delight and satisfaction it is done and so I can say.......
   Friends, here is a new piece of art and as ever we find poor Andy at the gentle mercy of his beautiful Aunt. However this time it is Jane who is beginning to realise that perhaps she too is at the mercy of a much high force. I don't need to explain any more, I think you will learn all you need, plus I have no doubt your naughty imaginations will create the rest.....and more.
 Speaking of which, this picture has inspired me to give one of my old stories a quick wash and brush up and hopefully I can re-blog it later in the week.

Friday, 20 July 2018

A little Christeen weekend

Hi everyone,
Thank heavens that week is over. Here is something to brighten all our days. New Christeen art

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Clip of the week. The Option

Hi Everyone
Here is a the video presentation of The Option. Hope you like it and Thank you so much for your lovely comments

I hope It plays ok, Let me know if there are issues and I might post it on youtube.

Friday, 13 July 2018

New Comic, The Option... Epilogue

Hi Everyone
  Here is the conclusion of my little Comic, well the conclusion for now. Thank you all for your comments and appreciation, I am most grateful.
  However my plan of having a break from creating art whilst I post this story has failed miserably and I have found myself creating more than ever. So fear not, there will only be a short break before more art, in which we see Andy all at sea,Jane laying down the law and a trip back to the very beginning, which includes an odd little piece of Kinky story telling, which to be honest I am a little nervous about, but heck I like it.
  Anyway here we are. The Option.

 Oh and I will put them all together in a video format, very soon.


Wednesday, 11 July 2018

New Comic, The Option part 6

Hi Everyone
   Here is part 6 of my comic. Its starts with a classic double page spread, I was thinking of adding staples to increase the effect but that would have been madness and I have got enough of that already.
  Thank you for your super comments and support.

Monday, 9 July 2018

New comic; The Option part 5

Hi Everyone
  Still there are we? Well here is the next part, Part 5 of 8.....I think. Also I do apologise for some of the rambling dialog, some of the punctuation has been lost owing to the wrapping of the dialog round the pictures.
  Anyway I am glad you like i t and thank you for your comments. They make the long nights well worth it.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

New Comic; The Option Part 4

Hi Everyone
 Here is a late night offering, as promise The Option part 4
Hope you like it