Every '90s Disney fan has a major nostalgia boner for the upcoming live-action release of "Beauty and the Beast." 
With budding feminist icon Emma Watson taking on the role of Belle, a multitude of teasers and trailers, and an all-star cast, we know that our beloved animated film is in good hands.

The only flub thus far? The released Belle Disney doll that bore an alarmingly striking resemblance to Justin Bieber.

However, artist and professional repainter Noel Cruz was determined to right this extreme wrong.

At the request of his loyal fanbase, Cruz used stills from the film to inspire his repaint, and even though I know everyone says this, you absolutely won't believe it.  

After Cruz shared his recreation, fans were also quick to point out the original doll's disproportionate figure. 

Considering Watson's firm stance on realistic body representation, we know she'd approve.