Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Hi Everyone
    A very Merry Christmas everyone and a huge thank you for visiting my blog over the year.
  Sadly due to work load I have not been able to complete my Christmas posting and so instead and in the spirit of British Television I bring you......repeats or should that be "Classic favourites"?.
  Anyway so we have Art.
A favourite caption
And as it is Christmas a last minute commercial.

So whatever you are up to, wherever you are. I wish you all peace love and happiness.
  God bless (if appropriate)

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Me Art. "Mandy"

Hi Everyone
Ah I seem to have gone all romantic and let poor Andy have a rest from all that strict Aunt business.
  Still it looks as our hero is still slightly embarrassed even if he is a touch excited too.
It is the first time I have used the name Mandy in my art as it has a very special place in ny heart.
It also kind of connects with my story The Guiding Hand which some  of you may have read here
  Anyway I think this is a warm and gentle piece, but never fear I am in no doubt Andy will be back to his old problems before Christmas.
  I hope you like this piece.
Best wishes and warm kisses

Friday, 6 December 2013

New Art. "The Mix-Up"

Hi Everyone.
   Via the power of the Blogger App I can still post a New piece.
    Like much  of my art it does not follow on from another piece. As ever though it still features poor Andy falling into the hands of some very kinky ladies. It also features a less frilly uniform i have been trying to perfect for a long time.
Hope you like it. "The Mix-Up"

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Guiding Hand. Original version part 4.

Hi Everyone
  Really really sorry this has taken so long, but all my files and things are really messed up. However I have extracted this next chapter. As before it is only roughly edited but hope it all make some sense.
 I hope you like it.

The Guiding Hand. Original Version Part 4....continued from


   Your eyes are filled with tears of fear and panic, As you near the red glow of the mummification chamber , But to your surprise and mild relief  you are lead through a concealed door to the right. This room is pure white, white walls, white ceiling ,white floor, a medical style trolley sits against one wall, it bed appearing to be coated in a glistening  honey coloured substance. You are placed on a small raised circle, like the one back in the dressing room and the4 nurses , then PVC uniforms glistening in the intense light step back.
 “It is called a vacuum bed, But no one ever seams to get much sleep in one”. The Countessa steps into the light, she is dressed in a gleaming black rubber uniform. A skin-tight knee length pencil skirt, military style lapelled jacket, gloves , a shining peaked cap and in her hand a crop. She looks stunning.
   “What’s going on”, you cry, “what are you doing? To those ladies, to Lady Vanessa”,
 . “I will explain in good time my dear, the all will become clear”, she says, coolly flicking her crop onto her gloved palm “ I have such rubbery plans for you my beautiful boy, But first I think we’ll have you in something a little more appropriate”.
 Before you can resist 2 of the nurses have pulled your film latex night dress away, your panties follow with a little bit of a struggle and you are left naked in the centre of the circle. From the trolley you watch in shock as one of the nurses takes up a limp creamy envelope. It unfolds into a prefect replica of a human figure only much smaller and It is totally transparent, constructed of rubber so thin it was impossible to imagine it will not tear {or at least you hope it will}. Matching accessories of the same material are also taken up. a heavy corset, a pair of thin high heeled boots and to your absolute terror a hood!.
 Under the Countessa watchful eye, your entire body is misted in a warm fine oil which sits on your skin like a glaze, and then despite you lack of co-oparation,  the nurses begin to dress you. You beg and plead , but the velvet material slides with ease up your lubricated thigh. They smooth the legs of the garment into position in easy stages. The nurses working its gently up until it settles tightly between your trembling buttocks and  smoothly about your entrapped boyhood flattening it away and as you look down at its progression you shake your head with disbelief ,for it is clear the suit is moulding your body into a very feminine figure . Each nurse helps now as the flaccid rubber is stretched over your shoulders, tensioning your arms. Wrinkles dissolve, as the rubber is carefully needed into contact with the skin of your wrists and palms. 2 nurses continue with this for some time until the fit is perfect whilst the remainder work to draw the short rear zipper from your coccyx, up to the nape of your neck. The suit encloses your torso in a feathery touch, the latex sliding around your ribs as the zipper is drawn upwards.
 You look down at the ever tightening tide of latex and as is being sealed within rubber is not bad enough you are greated by the sight of your chest, moulded and shaped into 2 rather prominent breast, tipped by spiked nipples. Oh god you had the body of a young girl!.Your mouth goes dry, But your dressing goes on.
  You are supported and each leg is eased into what appears to be a long tube of filmy latex. 3 nurses gradually work the hobble skirt into place, teasing it into position until your legs are enclosed in a taut column of tensioned rubber and the hem rustles across your toes. Next came the high heeled boots. A murrmer of panic passed your lips, for these are higher and thinner than anything you have ever worn before and just standing in them would be a struggle let alone walking. The nurses roll your skirt up and slip the boots on and once the laces are tied you find it impossible to flex your feet no matter how hard you try. “Try to walk” one said and a hush of giggles fill the air as you stumble forward, your leg movement virtually non-existent because of the hobble skirt. This is clearly the desired effect and the skirt is rolled back down. Now fully unrolled, the hem clears the floor by less than a centimetre, enclosing but not concealing the boots with. You are next arranged with your hands on your head so as to allow the deep corset to be wrapped around your body. Slowly and surely the laces begin to tighten puling in both sides of the rubber corset until it squeezed your breath from your lungs and moulded your waist into a near perfect hour glass figure. You lower your arms and for a moment allow your fingers to trace across your new feminised body, before they are drawn round behind you.
 “No more please”, you beg, your breath short, “Please Countessa, you can’t do this, you must stop”.
 “Darling the night is  still young. But as you are getting a little excited. One more item and then I will explain”. A single arm mitten quickly encloses both your arm up to the shoulder, you clench your fists experimentally, but find movement clogged by a taut pouch which restricted your hand movements.Laces are tighten at its rear, drawing your arms together at the elbow and drawing a gasp of panic from your lips. You are totally helpless ,bound like never before. “Very well”, She waves the nurses away and sits, her eyes, cool and sparkling, intent on your helpless form, “Let me explain. The moment I saw you in that gorgeous uniform, I knew I had to have you. You looked so lost, so helpless I could tell you were , shall we say a little unwilling. I recognised the uniform as coming from ‘Honour’ and so I made enquires. Imagine my delight when the owner explained about this boy, this gorgeous boy who was being employed, though Again unwillingly, as a maid to a Lady Fullerton- Silk. Well I must admit I did not believe it, you were, or rather are, to beautiful to possibly be a boy, Your figure, your stance, your….aura  was perfectly feminine, Which is why I made a rather bolder statement than I intended when I first approached you. Only behind the eyes could i glimpse there was a boy within. Well that convinced me even more that you would be perfect and that I had to have you at all costs.”.
  “You are making no sense”, you say, wriggling in your latex prison, “Perfect for what?”
“Why for the starring roll in my new film of cause. The story of a young man who falls into the clutches of a beautiful  and mysterious lady, who with the help of her kinky companions, sets about totally feminising and transforming him into a beautiful living rubber doll, totally obedient and utterly submissive”. She lets her words hang in the air, allowing you time to fully absorb there meaning. But you can not, the idea is to wild.
  “you mean you make …I thought you made proper films.”, you say, summoning up what was left of your will, “your crazy if you think you can make me act in your silly film”.
She laughs, “darling I promise you, you will no need to act and besides you have already completed two scenes. I knew you would make your way down to my first chamber, why do you think I left the light on and the scene  with your ‘Auntie’ was well played. You know I think she is going to be a bit of a star as well, the look in her eyes as she was forced into that bed was just divine.”.
“No No I won’t”, you say wriggling harder until the Countess nurses have to restrain you from falling over.
 “Now Andrew”, she says standing and coming closer, “It is all to late to start struggling, I don’t want you to hurt yourself and besides there really is nothing you can do but submit, I mean, look at your position, completely helpless, all most entirely sealed in latex rubber and at my total mercy. Darling understand, from now on i can do any thing I wish to you and no one knows you and your Lady Vanessa are here”.
 “No I bet Fiona from honour, her and her assistant know you were looking for me, when we are reported missing they will tell”. You feel your nerve returning, only to have it shattered moments later.
 “Ah yes Fiona and her sexy little friend, I am surprised you did not recognise her when you bumped into them in my rubberising chamber”. She smiles as your eyes widen in shock, “Oh yes I promise you Andrew no one knows the two of you  are here”.
 ““Will she be alright?”.You ask with a sigh, the try gravity of your position now crystal clear.“Lady Vanessa, you won’t hurt her?”
“Don’t be silly child of cause she will alright, but I must say what roll she takes really depends on you. If you are a good boy, she might star in one of my Maid training films, but if you are going to be difficult, well, lets say she has not  seen anything of my domain yet”.
  Your stomach knots, although it is her fault you are both in this position and after all she has put you through, you can not help but care deeply for your Lady Vanessa, or rather for the ‘Auntie Vanessa’, you had fallen in love with months before. You could not bare the idea of such a beautiful lady being hurt. You slump in your latex cocoon. “OK”, is all you can say..
 “Good boy”, the Countess purrs with a smile, “ Now,I imagine you have never worn a hood before, the sensation is difficult to describe, but as you can see you will be able to breath with some ease through the tubes. The internal gag is rather large though, but not brutally so and despite the rubber covering your eyes you will be able to distinguish most object around you”.
 “What?,” You gasp in horror as the countess holds up the hood before you, Moulded in one piece it looks the a deflated bag with two stubby tubes protruding from the nostrils. “No wait I said yes”.
  “I know, dear and I thank you, but I still want you completely enclosed in rubber”. She says with a triumphant smile, “but don’t worry Andrew, we are just getting to the best bits .Now shall we continue?.”.
  Struggling as best you can you are helped to sit on a low stall and despite your pitiful pleas the hood is quickly being stretched over your head. You glance up to see the countess dilating the neck and then the rubber slithers downwards, smothering your face in a whispered touch. Something blunt presses against your lips , But as you open your mouth to protest the tensioned latex presses the gag in. for a second you are paralysed with shock, the strive to protest but your muted pleas are totally muffled. You feel the soft tubes inside your nostrils and inhale deeply, you are relieved to be able to breath freely. Dimmed by the yellowish fog of the thin rubber you see the nurses move about you, kneading the rubber gently to ensure its perfect contact with every detail of your face. The countess nods her approval and eases your long ponytail out through a hole in the hood crown, which, the nurses quickly begin to plait into a single braid before binding its length in a latex ribbon, thus sealing every part of your body in a crackling skin of glistening transparent latex.
  You are overwhelmed by the complexity of your ‘costume’. You can no longer feel the touch of the air on your skin, leaving you lost in a new world. The nurses aproach once more and place a deep posture collar about your neck and tighten the rear lacing, to draw it snuggly into your throat. The collar matches the corset in design and broad one at the front to raise your chin so you stare straight into the countess’s face through the tenuous latex film.
  As the final item is lifted from the trolly, you whimper softly into your gag, It seams impossible that you can be subject to any further restriction, but behind that film mask your eyes widen in shock.
  Shaped like a huge condom, the armless body sheath is lowered over your head and pulled down until the moulded hood slips into position, leaving your face surrounded by a small oval opening. The 4 nurse now proceed to stretch the tight sheath over your shoulders before unrolling it down your body, falttening your ‘new’ breasts and crushing your bound arms into your back. The sheath has to be worked and stretched quite considerably to clear your hips before tapering down to grip your thighs, knees and calves, before enclosing the high heels and pointed toes of your boots, Fully covering the hobble skirt beneath.
  Twisting from side to side, flexing your muscles, you reel in the horribly cloying sensation, but although the rubber sheath expands and stretches to absorb your efforts, it immediately contracts again the moment your relax.
  Despite the multiple layers of transparent latex, the countess can still make out the shadowy naked form beneath and as her finger light and teasing traces lines across your mummified body she places her lips to your ear and sigh “Perfect”, she sighs. Then, with the silence broken only by the sounds of your laboured breathing, you feel her hands encircle your body and draw you close. Her lips caress your forehead, kissing each eye and roaming softly along the line of your jaw.
 Submerged in the unbelievable sensations you feel yourself flounder, panting for air and mesmerised by the countess’s glorious touch. The superb woman cups your cheeks with both hands and covers the nostril tubes with her lips, sealing the open ends. Suddenly you find you can’t inhale, tissue thin latex clamps down onto your face, sucking in and adhering to every contour of your face as you try to breath, only to then balloon out with your desperate exhalation.. You try to twist away but the collar is to unforgiving, then moistened air floods in, supplied and controlled by the countess as she inflates and deflates your lungs with her own breath. You topple without warning , braking the seal and crying incoherently into the gag .The countess and her nurses catch your slump, hold you tight as you wriggle and writhe. Your panic, fear and exertions all combining to mist the latex transforming  it into a deliciously slippery humid prison.
 Finally your thumping heart calms and, supported by the  nurses you are led in tiny steps  from the white room and into a darker and to your shock much hotter room. In its centre you make out the shape of a bed and with the pulling of the boots on your legs almost becoming pain, you are happy to allow yourself to be helped down upon its red latex mattress.
  The countess sits beside you, for a moment she allows her eyes and fingers to wander over your packaged body. “I could look at your all night Andrew”, she purrs “but I know you need some sleep and  so I have one last gift for you and then you are complete”. From a pouch on her belt you see her take out a strange bladder, inflates it and before you can react slip its shorter rubber pipes over the ends of your nostril tubes. Immediately the  bladder begins to expand and contract as you breath in your own exhalations  and with a stab of shock you realise you are now utterly isolated from the outside world.

To be continued....I hope......soon.....with any luck

Monday, 2 December 2013

Emma watson. Latexium update

                                   Has the curse been tamed? 
Has Emma Watson finally found the cure for the mysterious  Latexium curse?

  Hi, Once again this is Amanda Keira Louboutin reporting for SmoothSlick'n'Shiny on the Latexium curse which has been affecting British actress Emma Watson for the past year and on what looks like a possible breakthrough thanks to her old friends at fashion giants Burberry.
  Miss Watson has in the past proved to be a devotee of Burberry's stylish range of trench coats, continuing to wear them long after her modeling contract ended with them.So it was no big surprise to see the young style icon arrive at the Bafta awards dinner in London this weekend, wearing a Burberry Trench to protect her from the early winter chill. However the gathered crowds were in for a stunning surprise.
  High collared, fully belted and reaching just above the knee, the blood red trench had all of Burberry's style cues, but with one unique edge. This Trench coat (right) was made.......of Rubber! and as the flashes caught every angle and shine of the supple ultra high gloss material, we here a S.S.S wondered if this was the whispered plan intended to counter the curse. Because if it was, then it worked.
  Unable to grab a few words with Emma until her second photo call I was thrilled to she her looking more dazzling than ever in resent months, for as she posed, with sleek hair and vibrant lips that finally wiped memories of Hermione Granger away, there was not a hint of Latex to be seen. Leaving her stunning brilliant red lace dress,(seen below) to display her perfect figure.
  Once the ever huge desire for new images of the young beauty died down I was thrilled to be able to grab a quick word.

    S.S.S.....Hi Emma, May I say you look stunning and add that your smile says it all. Has the curse been defeated?
    E.W.......Thank you, that is very kind of you. I was so hoping this dress would not be affected.
   S.S.S......Was there a plan with the coat?
    E.W.......Yes very much so. My friends at Burberry asked if they could help. They had read your blog and noted that my......voluntarily wearing latex in some form seemed to placated the curse and so offered to create a Trench for me which I could wear without the uncertainty of what the curse would do to it.
  S.S.S......I must say, it is a stunning coat and quite a show stopper. May we have a few details?
   E.W.......Well there is little to say, the style is classic, I adore the collar and the only real drawback is that it is unlinned. We did  a few experiments and with a silk lining the dress beneath semi rubberised, which although a great improvement was not the cure I had hoped for and so we made this one without a lining, totally in rubber. Which, although very warm, does still leave me with the unpleasant feeling of Latex against my skin.
  S.S.S.....So you still dislike, the sensation of Latex?
  E.W......Maybe not dislike.....I would rather if I were to wear Latex it was of my own choosing. I had a pair of Latex legging before the curse came on me, so I am not LatexPhobic, if that is a word. 
  S.S.S....Well if I may say, we at SmoothSlick'n'nShiny hope you find the cure to your problems soon, but in the meantime, hope to see this stunning Trench a few more times.
 E.W.......That is very kind, thank you so much.

      Sadly that was all we had time for, but as ever, Emma did not fail to melt my heart with her genuine feminine grace and charm.

 So until the next time,
  This is Amanda Keira Louboutin, for Smooth slick 'n shiny.

Dedicated with thanks to Jennifer Wilson XXX