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Thursday, 28 May 2020

Hello!, The final Chapter

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Hi Everyone

 So it is time for the final Chapter in Mandy Sweet Heart's wonderful story Hello and to honour this moment I have created three new pieces of art, one of which, even I have fallen in love with. 
   I can not thank Mandy enough for writing this superb story, I know how much effort and time she has put into this (Not another re-write Lol ) and it was all for love and I am just so touched by that and so if i may take a moment to publicly thank you Mandy, all you have done,it  is so greatly appreciated. Bless you XXXXX
  I would also like to that you all for your continued support of our blog, I love messing about with it and hope I am giving you what you need in these daft times.So bless you all too

  Right no more of my waffle, here we go with.

By Mandy Sweet Heart.

     **A different timeline from my last stories 
   & set several weeks before the delightful art,
              “Hello Again”. 
    Here Jane received a morsel of assistance.**

      With the greatest of thanks  
       to the lovely Andy Latex,
 Just for being so sweet
 & sharing his art. xxx. 

Chapter Fourteen.

  On the afternoon of Andys’ eighteenth birthday the doorbells’ melody first rang out just before four
thirty, nonetheless Jane was already garbed for an enjoyable evening. Her recherch√© legs were dressed to kill with a pair of fabulous skin tight burgundy leather slacks that almost glowed as beautifully as her nephews many latex outfits and Janes’ stunning chest was veiled in a ravishing semi see-through, golden silk top that combined so well with her six inch red louboutins.
Having guessed who the first to arrive might be she checked her appearance in the mirror, her face was just perfect but she lightly touched her inverted bob to make sure nothing was out of place before opening the door.
Janes’ fingers went to her diamond necklace when she felt herself nearly stammer while welcoming Kitty in, more than transfixed by the stunning transformation of the sales girl slowly entering she barely noticed how the light summer rain was tinkly against the porch window or took little interest in how Kitty kept Andys’ dress from being dragged across the floor.
Kitty had not squandered the chance to use Janes’ account and was certainly awaiting Jane to say that she liked it. When it was on the rail the classy black leather thigh length skirt and jacket looked almost homely, even the electric blue stitching barely bought it to life but with Kittys’ beauty it became animated with her sensuous delight. Jane was so taken by her transformation
that even as Kitty displayed the needle fine heels of her seductive five inch open toed sandals she hardly noticed how the sales girl had shot up several inches and only just heard. “I hope you like it Auntie Jane?”
When Jane did not reply Kitty dry swallowed and could not believe what she was about to say. “I really would like you to help me take it off later.”
Watching Kitty’s’ face flush snapped Jane out of her trance and without needing to think, she assured her. “I’m sure it will be an absolute pleasure for us both, Kitty.
“But first would you mind helping Andy dress? I’ll call you when everyone else is here.” Jane went on to explain her plans and then pointed out his room.
Her eyes’ followed Kitty as she crossed the hallway, and she kindly added. “If William is up there, please tell him he can play with my nephew later, and ask him to help me down here.” Jane sensed one of her rare encounters of total weakness as she eyed Kittys’ svelte legs, and could only utter.“Thank you Kitty, I can hardly wait until I find out what else you’re hiding under that gorgeous outfit.”
Still inflamed by Janes’ alluring words Kitty knocked on Andys’ door and heard what sounded like two boys giggling along with various unspecified flutterings, nervously she edged the door open and slid her head though the gap.
Barely able to hold the giggle back she eagerly watched the two boys, as Kitty gazed she knew it was Andy wearing the short pink satin wrap and it appeared that he was tickling the other boys face. It finally dawned on her what was happening and the held in titter slipped past her fingers when she acknowledged that Andy was gently applying a light covering of cosmetics to his boyfriend. “Sorry guys,” Kitty finally said when they both turned in the direction of the noise outside of his room, “Lady Jane asked me to help Andy get ready, and for Will, I guess that’s you? Lady Jane asked if you would assist her.”
Admiring Wills’ cute face softened Kittys’ smile and she advised him. “Best remove all that lipstick and blusher though.
“Oh, and Lady Jane has told me that she wants Andy to make a grand entrance later, so absolutely no peeking William.”
While doing her best to keep the dress from their view she watched as Andy quickly removed all the makeup, and after giving him a quick kiss he regarded the smartly dressed boy, wearing a dark grey suit and white T-shirt, with loving eyes,.
As Will went he kept turning back to take modest glances of the smaller boy, Kitty felt sorry for them both but still pushed the door open for him, but William scarcely noticed her as she told him to hurry up and see Jane and quickly entered the room herself.
Kitty faced Andy whilst dropping the dress on his bed and declared. “I’m even more sorry for breaking you two up than when Lady Jane made me stop...err, um.”
Kitty blushed as she tried to think of a genteel expression, mercifully Andy swiftly stepped in to help her. “Teasing me in the shop? And you know my Auntie likes you to call her Aunt Jane, too. Not that William will ever stop calling her Lady Jane.”
Kitty thanked him, but discovered she still wished to enlighten Andy. “You two looked so beautiful together, I was extremely sorry to send your friend downstairs.” It was Andys’ turn to thank her and was curious as to why she was in his room. “I was asked if I could bring your dress up, and Auntie Jane asked me to help you get ready, I honestly think she's a bit nervous about tonight.”
He almost appeared to ring out an asphyxiated gasp at the thought of Jane being anxious about anything but it was all covered up when he asked where she wished to begin.
After her experience at Slicks’ she was unsure of exactly what she might be requested to do, Kitty cautiously inquired.  “Have you bathed yet?”
There was no reply at first, Andy just picked up a small tub of eyebrow gel and swiped a line over his brows to insure he had delicate fine arches all evening, giving his brows a closer inspection Andy plucked a couple of new hairs and told her how he had just taken a long shower with Will. Pleased with the results after his second examination he selected the small dispenser of Sante Soft Cream Foundation and gently caressed a minuscule coating across his skin. He was feeling proud of his swift advancement following his humble attempts only a few weeks previously and quickly dashed a partially arrowlike dusting of lustrous rose-tinted blusher over his cheekbones.
Just like Jane, Kitty was exceedingly impressed at how naturally Andy afixed a set of lashes into place without even appearing to watch what he was doing, she just loved watching how seamless he administered a dreamy blue eyeshadow over his lids, followed by a coating of sparkling pale gold blusher to sit cleanly above.
Kitty almost spoke out when she watched him pick up the eyeliner pen, she wanted to tell him that it would have been easier to do that first but her mouth closed with a snap when she could see how confidently Andy ran the tip over his flesh and how he scarcely flinched when waved the mascara wand to cover his lashes. He accomplished the transformation by fleshing out his already full lips when he introduced the glistening pink. Even after seeing how ravishingly feminine Andy had made himself she felt slightly dazzled as he applied four layers of extra gloss to give them an increased depth.
Finally Andy turned to face Kitty again, he enabled a small pout to form on his lips and teasingly fluttered his long lashes at her. She could not stop the broad smile from rising to her eyes as she expressed. “Auntie Jane never told me how solid you were at doing your makeup Andy, those so called experts could learn a thing or two from you.”
In response, Andy fluttered his lashes again, then asked. “Is that the dress Auntie wishes me to wear tonight?”
She quickly glanced at the dress resting on the pallid pink satin sheet, then as Kitty turned back to the boy she informed him. “Yes, but I have to find some honey scented emollient to apply first.”
Kitty watched as Andy suddenly slumped his head, she understood what might be going through his mind and quickly added. “Don't worry Andy, I’m under very strict instructions, I’m not to tease you today.”
It took several seconds, but at last Andy lifted his head and stared into her eyes, as he gazed he thought that she was telling the truth and felt it was confirmed when her smile caused them to look soulful.
Andy returned her charming smile and expressed. “Thank you Kitty. Maybe Auntie Jane hasn’t told you how I’m really looking forward to being with Will tonight.”
Her brow rumpled for just a second, but she instantly fitted her professional face into place and inquired. “Aunt Jane said I was to find the tube of body cream on her dresser, but I don’t know which is her room, would you mind?”
Thanks to Janes’ bedchambers being directly opposite his, plus the way Andy had quickly located the tube of body lotion resting at the front of her vanity table, he was soon returning to find Kitty admiring the decor. Hearing his return she remarked. “You’re so lucky Andy, I was thinking of doing my room like this once, but mum wouldn’t let me.”
With only a somewhat embarrassed tone Andy explained. “It was Aunt Janes’ idea, she thought it would help me embrace my new life.”
She took the tube that he was handing over and stated. “I really like your Aunt Jane, I think she’s really nice. Well, if you’re ready, remove your wrap so we can begin?”
She warmed the tube between her hands whilst admiring how handsomely his breast forms looked upon him, and wondered about his comment. “What do you mean, she wished to help you in your new life?”
Kitty knelt so she could start massaging the lube along his lithesome legs, and he gave her the highlights of his life with Jane. Andy explained how he became captivated by their game when she dressed him up as her niece for tea parties from a young age and although he often felt confused about his feelings he soon enjoyed going shopping with her too. By the time she was slowly soothing the gel across his upper body, and the room was fully perfumed with sweet the aroma of honey, Andy enlightened her how he stumbled into the kitchen a few weeks ago and found William quietly talking to his aunt, but he only felt truly uneasy when it came to explaining how Will appeared to have the same feelings towards him, whereas he comfortably told her. “I’m kind of glad that Auntie made us promise not to have full sex yet.” Kitty stopped stroking his arm and gazed at him, even though she sincerely wished he would go on there was no way she was going to stop his train of thought.
At last Andy added. “It allowed us to discover more about each other and concentrate on having fun like any normal person.”
At long last Kitty finished applying the gel and glanced at the tube. “Hope that wasn’t very expensive, I’ve used nearly all of it.”
“Aunt Jane won’t mind, Kitty.”
“You’re lucky to have two lovely people that care for you, Andy.” Kitty grumbled, then swiftly cheered up and gave him a tender kiss on the cheek. “I forgot to wish you happy birthday, Andy.”
Andy tried to hide his amazement by claiming. “I think Auntie Jane really likes you too, Kitty. Just tell her about yourself.”
Hearing how obvious her feelings were to this boy caused her to lightly blush but she concealed it by turning to pick up his dress. “I really, really hope this fits you alright Andy, Aunt Jane has gone to so much effort these past few weeks, it feels as if she’s been in the store almost everyday.”
Andy giggled as he admired the latex shrouded and asked. “Are you sure that all of her visits were only to do with the dress, Kitty?”
A deep warmth spread over her body, causing more than just her face to blush when she recalled how clearly Jane always stood so much closer than any other client, and the manner in which Jane would discreetly stand so her fingers could seductively fondle her arm or neck while concealing herself from those around them. Somewhat disoriented she licked her lips and concentrating on her shop floor routines, it just about helped to overshadow her sidetracked imaginations’ as she expertly shook the dress out to make it easy for Andy to step into.
Angling his foot downwards Andy wriggled the first of his freshly shaven legs dutifully into the restrictive confines of the beautifully cool latex, it was only when he weaved in his second leg that Andy discovered just how prohibiting the walls of the smooth dress seemed.
The dress felt so tight that he became distressed at having to stand elegantly on a single leg and attempted to focus on how disappointed his aunt would be if this dress was ruined, but Andy found that if he formed a picture of William in his mind that it helped him to relax, and even though his one leg cavorted with the other he contentedly finished easing his foot to the ground.
Feeling so much safer with both feet securely on the floor he was glad of all those days Jane had made him wear the shorter restraining skirts while helping her do a few chores around her small office, Andy was even able to modestly gyrate when Kitty lifted the rigorous latex over his slim hips and breathed in deeply as she drew the snapping rubber further upward.
Unexpectedly they found that all their efforts so far had not been so challenging after all. She had to tussle the restrictive latex while lifting it over his falsies, and Kitty began to wish she had at least worn a cami, just so she could remove her warm jacket.
But Andy found it hard not giggle as he fought against being pulled to the floor while he frustratingly curled his arms through the armholes and they were able to slip the narrow straps over his shoulders, he tittered until Kitty finally gasped as the material popped flat across his skin, asking. “Do you like wearing boobs?”
Smiling he replied. “Will really doesn’t like to see me flat chested.”
“Boys!” She huffed. “What is their fascination with ladies' breasts?”
Andy twisted so he could look at her to seriously ask. “Have you forgotten that I’m a boy, Kitty?”
Thanks to all her toil the rising blush did not show upon her cheeks when she admitted. “Err..sorry Andy, kinda slipped my mind for a minute.”
“I guess it’s something I will have to learn to accept, I guess I don’t really mind.”
Before working at Slicks’ Kitty had only heard playground stories about such life styles, but following all the different clients she had assisted she had realised how some people enjoyed unusual lives compared to her upbringing and just gave him a teasing smile. “Need to buff up now Andy, where’s the lube?”
He pointed to his closet; Kitty returned instantaneously with the can, and suggested. “Want me to thrill you again?” Her smile playfully dropped as she clarified. “Best not huh, don’t think Aunt Jane will be very happy with me?”
She was virtually humming to herself as she expertly swished the lube over the delicate latex and as it began to suggestively glisten her tune appeared to pick up a familiar tempo, but Andy was noticing how warm and moist he was already feeling as the clenching dress harmoniously hugged his skin.
He glanced down once or twice to see how showy the sleek golden dress looked on him, however the boy was unable to tell as Kittys’ arms kept getting in his way and he soon found himself just gazing out of a window. As he gazed at the falling rain Andy found he felt somewhat hypnotised by the gently sweeping of her fingers and jumped slightly when Kitty announced. “All done, Andy. Find some shoes.”
Despite her mental picture of the boy Kitty was impressed at how elegantly he held himself in the intoxicatingly close fitting dress. Taking tiny steps Andy was grateful that kitty had been so generous in applying the body lotion, or maybe it was the light perspiration that aided the glittering latex to delightful float over his skin like silken satin when he instantly recalled that he had to flawlessly gyrate his hips.
As he deeply inhaled the honey sweetened scent of latex he elegantly stepped towards his closet and before long he selected a pair of sparkling gold strappy sandals.
Kitty groaned a silent curse as she had more than hoped to watch him falter while stepping into them, instead Andy just bent at waist to hook the rear strap behind his heel and without any missteps he sauntered towards the long mirror.
Peering Into the mirror Andy simply adored how the long lustrous golden bondage dress glowed while it warmly clasped so tightly against his slim body, he adored how the lighter gold neck trim provided a touch of elegance.The uncomplicated cut of the fabric would merely be a silicone tube without his boyish contours to enable the hazy light to shimmer off of his modest flattering curves.
His fingers slithered so gracefully over the unwrinkled luster that they left no marks whilst he passionately felt the smooth latex. Profoundly marveling at how captivating the dress looked he hardly noticed that Kitty had crept up beside him and his heart skipped a beat when she spoke. “I wish I had the body for this dress Andy, you look perfectly ravishing for a boy.”
He barely glanced at her when he gave her his acknowledgments.
Kitty gave him a further few seconds to witness how lovely the gleaming latex looked on him, then informed Andy thus. “Can you finish the rest yourself Andy? I’ll go downstairs to see if they are ready for you.”
Having flicked his short red hair into its standard indifferent pixie style Andy was sat before his vanity mirror whilst fitting his new glinting diamond earrings when Kitty returned with mildly rosy cheeks. “Your aunt can be so naughty, Andy.” She tittered, then glanced back down the corridor to see if she was followed, if only she had waited a few more seconds she might have glimpsed Jane entering the hallway but as it happened Andys’ undramatic question distracted her and she closed the door closed when he queried. “But you still like her.”
Her blush deepened and it spread down her neck when she admitted. “When I first arrived I found myself unable to resist a little joke as she admired my outfit, I said I would love to have her help me undress later. When I went down just now she came so close to me, and with her lips almost touching my ear that it sounded like a dreamy whisper when Auntie Jane asked if I wanted to skip the party and have some real fun?
“I almost found myself wanting to take her hand...I’ve never been with another woman before Andy, but I wanted her to do whatever she wished right there.”
Andy used the mirror to give her a friendly smile and remarked. “Auntie Jane has always been like that, I’m sure she means you no harm and maybe you would enjoy yourself. I know I love how she has shown me to be myself.” He waved his fingers over his upper body, then asked. “By the way, did Auntie say if she was ready for us to go down yet?”
“Oh yea, the caterers have just started to arrive.” Then Kitty considered what he had said about her and his flirtatious aunt and softly repeated. “Oh yeah!”
He was about to ease the chair away from the dresser when a tiny movement in the mirror attracted his eye, Andy gazed for a diminutive moment in time prior to turning to watch the door open.
Andys’ dress whispered with a squeal and smothered the ‘ooh’ released by Kitty as he turned to behold the sight of his aunt entering, and gasped himself at how breathtaking she could make any outfit. He silently watched Jane drift towards him, only quickly turning to give a wink to Kitty before swiftly returning her gaze upon her nephew and in her most graceful voice chanted. “I can’t believe it, You look simply divine darling.”
A jolt of apprehension sparked inside of Andy, he feft speechless when Jane appeared by his side and smoothly lowered the flute of champagne he had scarcely noticed onto his dresser.
“Is something wrong Auntie Jane?” He finally asked in a dismayed tone.
“Nothing to worry about Andy,” Jane took a step behind him and marveled at his beauty being reflected back at  her. “It’s nothing for you to concern your pretty self with.” Jane rested her hands on his shoulders and with a second gasp Andys’ fingers beaded his neck as he wondered if Lady Jane would ever allow him to wear her scintillating diamonds. “A little birthday surprise I’ve arranged has taken a tiny bit longer to set up than we thought, and I need you to stay here for a few more minutes.”
Andy remembered Jane teasing him, imagining all her friends around him he cautiously whispered. “No.”
He felt as if he was about to cry with relief when she tenderly started to inform him. “Honestly Andy, it’s just something I’m setting up with Will, and you know that he would absolutely never allow any harm to come to you?” Jane would always cherish how his pout revealed a loving smile and kindly advised him. “Drink a little champagne, it will help you relax and I’m sure you will love it as much as my extra gift.”
Turning to leave, and acting as if the idea had just come to mind Jane returned to Andys’ side and placed a photo next to his glass, resting her hands upon him again softly cooed. “I thought you might want to give William a little gift later, just to remind him of who you were.” As Andy cringed at the picture he wondered how it would affect Williams’ opinion of him.
Jane carefully tracked his reaction, seeing mere puzzlement she elegantly turned and asked Kitty to come down in a few minutes while vacating the room.
Kitty stared at Andy as he took his first nervously sip of bubbly, as the cool liquid enthusiastically danced over his tongue he heard her say. “Truly Andy, I’ve seen what Jane has organised and I can promise you that in no way at all is she taunting you today.” Following a second sip he blindly replaced the flute and could see the crystal clear honesty flourishing in her eyes and gave a little smile.
Having given him time to relax she gently asked. “Are you ready to go down Andy?”
He reached for the glass again and gave her a timid grin. “Probably shouldn’t drink too much of this, but it is really charming how it wafts over my tongue.” And bashfully took another sip.
Leaving the beverage on the side, he glanced in the mirror and instantly gave his lips a deeper luster. With his mind now pleasantly buzzing and brimming with confidence he stood and  slowly swiveled his hips before leading the way.
Kitty could not believe how the imprisoning dress gleamed insanely with every restrictive step he took. As he swayed one leg would cross in front of the other and a flash of light would glimmer along his body like lightning, bit by bit he was successively walking slightly faster down the open corridor.
He pouted at the waiting stairs, but just caught a glimpse of Lady Jane and William standing near the dining room door and watched as their faces light up at the sight of him lowering himself to the first step.
Shorelines of iridescence golden light reverberated off his dress with every flirtatious movement, overwhelmingly the speckles from his swaying hips titillated Will as his grin broadened with the profound excitement he felt for the younger boy just then.
A supernatural smile glittered Janes’ facial features and in an amazed voice whispered. “My perfect cover-boy.”
When he was several steps from the lower floor Andy felt as if Kitty was closing in behind him, but he did not turn around as he witnessed Jane wielding her hand for someone inside of the room to come out.
Andys’ felt his confidence drop like a gemstone when his mother, followed instantly by his father wearing his clergy garb, entered the hallway. Even as he watched a happy, if slightly confused smile appear on both of his parents lips. He sensed how close Kitty was standing and knew there was no retreat as two more people stepped out of the room.
Seeing his distress, William rushed forward and swiftly took his hand as if to help him take the last few steps, in a hushed voice Will tried to quickly explain. “Lady Jane has been a bit naughty,” Andy tried to listen as he saw his mother lift her clutch her fingers to her lips in that apprehensive gesture she had, but William spoke on when Andy finally gazed back at him, “Lady Jane has told both of our parents everything about us. It appears as if she told them not long after we started dating.” Will let a deep sigh and groaned. “My blinking parents have known for weeks and not said a word to me.” Andy discovered he could not drag his eyes away from Wills’ un-moving face as he continued in a less stressful tone. “From what I can find out, Lady Jane has only told our parents and no one else and unbelievably my sweet Andy, everything is really cool…” Will could still see incomprehension in Andy's face and joked. “Well I think my dad has been replaced by some alien plant life, but he’s really OK with us.”
Andy blinked at the remark, then fluttering his lashes at his boyfriend he asked. “You joshing, Will?”
“Well,” William murmured, “maybe you’re not sweet, just kind of tasty!”
Wills’ words did not have much meaning to Andy, nevertheless he understood the strong hug that he was receiving from his very close friend. “Mm, that’s nice Will.”
It was almost intolerable for either to release the other, but hearing the inarticulate sounds from their families they decidedly parted, and as they did Will placed a hand in one of his jacket pockets and uttered. “Err, umm!”
“I think you’re supposed to say, happy birthday my sweet boyfriend. Then you place a kiss on my cheek!” Andy giggled.
It was Williams’ turn to blush and attempted to hide his fluster. “Something like that.” He handed the small gift over and said. “But you’re still not very sweet, maybe I can make you even more honey scented later?”
Even in his confused state Andy could make out the lust behind Wills’ eyes.
Carefully unwrapping the gift Andy heard Will say. “It’s not much I’m afraid, you know us college kids, we don’t have a lot of money.”
Andy peeked inside of the small box and gazed at the black ornamented watch, he could instantly tell it was an imitation version of the one Jane always wore but that did not matter, as Andy marveled at the gift he was just able to utter. “Gosh Will! It’s lovely.” And he reached out to wrap his arms snuggly around Wills’ neck to pull him forward, finding Wills’ lips Andy caressed them laboriously with his soft lips.
Their tingling clasp only began to waver when Will found he needed to breath again, and sadly they parted.
As Will steady gasped for air, he asked. “You like it then?”
Fluttering his lashes again, Andy told Will how wonderful it was and insisted that it was almost as fantastic as him. While he spoke Andy noticed that Jane had silently crept close to them and as Will eventually fastened the watch his wrist she softly spoke up. “Andy, darling. Are you going to say hello to your parents?”
Despite having Jane explaining so much to them, even viewing the few photos many times, Andys’ parents were still disoriented when they watched their youngest son tenderly take his aunts’ hand so she could accompany him while he took the few steps across the hall.
Seeing Andys’ parents staring in silence William simply assumed this was going to be just as hard for Andy as it was for him, and he expediently fell into step with them to support his friend.
The rooms’ muteness was only disturbed by the glistening latex dress snapping with every tiny step from his willingness to place one of his slim six inch heels further than the toe of its mate, and the sharp snatch was quickly followed by the gentle tapping of his footwear.
Andy released the hands he was holding and looked closely at his nervous parents staring back at him. Finding himself hopelessly incapable of taking the stillness he uttered. “Hi mum, dad. It’s me, Andrew. Your son, the one that would quietly do his homework, sometimes I’d read a book or just sit in the corner playing with my toys.” Once he had started Andy was unable to stop his yapping. “It’s still me you know, I’m just dressing a little differently that’s all, do you like it?” He wanted to spin on one heel but with such fearfulness he found it impossible to move.
As Marie gazed lovingly at her son she could not find any words, alternately she mirrored her sons’ earlier moves and wrapped her arms around him. Their embrace went on in silence until Marie gently asked. “Are you still my son, just like Jane said?”
Andy eased his grip so he could look into her eyes and tell her. “Yes mum, I’ll always be your little boy, it’s just that well, thanks to Auntie Jane she has shown me a different life and I’m really happy mum, but you don’t have to worry because I will always be your little boy.”
Almost as if to check if he was truly standing before her, her hands snaked across his latex coated body and she smiled before giving him another hug. “You wear whatever you like my lovely boy.” Freeing her arms she smirked and resumed. “But I don’t think your brothers will be very happy.”
Marie turned to her husband and asked for something, when he handed his wife a small wrapped parcel she continued. “The twins had to go back up to Leeds so they could arrange their college lodgings, but they asked if I would give you this, and they asked me to wish you a happy birthday Andy.”
With a confused expression the birthday boy read the message on the white paper.
‘Happy birthday little sis, we always knew you were a bit slow but we’ve heard that you have found yourself at long last, sorry this is a bit late.
The terrible twosome, xx’
Andy found that he could still casually giggle at the way his brothers always referred to themselves, and began to unseal the tape. His tittering turned to confusion once he could partially see what was inside, nonetheless as he removed more of the paper Andy thought he understood. He vaguely remembered that when he was around ten years of age one of his brothers’ had broken his action figure for no reason.
Although Andy was squinting at a Barbie doll he could feel Will was within inches of him and guessed he was gazing at the gift too, but Andy did not want to face Will just then as he could feel hot tears forming from unexpectedly revisiting his childhood memories.
As his vision was becoming clouded Andy was glad that his mother appeared not to have moved away, he blindly reached forward and enthusiastically clasped his arms around her. “Thanks mum,” he whispered against her neck, “but can you tell the terrible twosome it wasn’t the beach Barbie I wanted, it was meant to the bridal barbie, so they can buy me that one for Christmas.” He slowly slipped his arms away from her and began to giggle as he stepped back.
As if from nowhere Jane appeared and passed him a box of tissues. “Dab your eyes, Andy.”
She watched his slow movements with deep concern, and once he tucked the tissue away she asked. “Are you going to be alright, darling?”
Andy nodded and looked up at his aunt to give her a smile. “Thank you Auntie Jane, this really is a wonderful gift you planned,” he stood on the tips of his toes and placing his deeply glossed pink lips close to her ear he mischievously whispered, “I think Kitty has this big thing for you, if you’re very sweet to her you never know you might get lucky tonight, Auntie Jane.”
Jane was so overwhelmed at how he was tormenting her now that she let out a gasp and gazed at her nephew as he stood back, but Andy simply grinned and smoothly asked. “Can we all go into the dining room? I’m sure everyone has lots to say.”

The end….Well, not for Andy!

Monday, 25 May 2020

New art. Sooner or Later

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Hi Everyone
  Monday morning and it is time for a new piece of my own art.
    Now, as I have been busy creating a special new piece of art to accompany the final chapter of Mandy Sweet Heart's lovely story Hello, today I have chosen to post a simple piece, it has no big story behind, it is just a nice and simple moment in time. However it is a very important moment, providing Andy has the nerve to follow it through.
  I hope you like this, I created it a while ago but it just did not feel special enough to me, this is a sweet and important moment and I wanted it to feel that and so this is version 3.
But enough waffle from me.
Here we have "Sooner or Later".

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Time for Christeen

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Hi Everyone
  Hope you are all well, because it is time to slip off those heels and put your feet up and spend a little hard earned time with the wonderful  art of Christeen.

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Hello!. Chapter 13

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  First four unfinished items and ideas from my store room and then couple of lovely translations of my work into French by one of our friends.

Hello Everyone.
  So it is time for Chapter 13 of Hello! by  Mandy Sweet heart and this is the penultimate installment, but there is so much to love in this one.

By Mandy Sweet Heart.

     **A different timeline from my last stories 
   & set several weeks before the delightful art,
              “Hello Again”. 
    Here Jane received a morsel of assistance.**

      With the greatest of thanks  
       to the lovely Andy Latex,
 Just for being so sweet
 & sharing his art. xxx. 

Chapter Thirteen.

   Yet again they left the parking lot hand in hand, only this time Andy emerged into the blazing sunlight with a stronger smile than before. The boys’ smile unexpectedly dropped into an enchanting pout as they joined the throng of people and he politely asked. “Aunt Jane, you won’t be doing anything very silly for my birthday?”
Jane let loose a little chuckle before making known. “I was going to invite several of my friends
around, I was going to allow them to sugarcoat you in rich dark, creamy chocolate, probably a sprinkling of cherries for excitement and have them take plenty of pictures for the internet and then just see where it went from there.” Jane heard him gasp and looked at the horror on his face. Andy just knew that if she wished his aunt could somehow talk him into it, but she smoothly added. “But you’ve sort of spoilt that fun Andy. But honestly with the way you have been so charming for most of the summer I thought maybe a small dinner party with Will and a few others. I just need to go into Slicks’ to check on a few things I’ve ordered, and I just hope Kitty is there so I can check everything with her.”
Once they had arrived at the outlet it only took several minutes to locate the cheerful assistant, and as soon as Jane spotted the girl she instructed her nephew to wait for her, and called out. “Hi there, Kitty.”
Having quickly made her way across the floor Jane pulled Kitty to one side and asked. “Has the dress arrived?”
The younger girl took in how curvaceous Janes’ latex covered body appeared to her, and with a gleam in her eyes Kitty announced. “Gosh! You look simply delectable in that outfit Auntie Jane, it obviously demands someone as beautiful as yourself to show it to the full.” Keeping her voice just as low Kitty resumed. “And just as we promised Andys’ lovely dress has arrived. I can bring it out if you have decided to collect it today, or do you still wish us to deliver the dress for you?”
“Oh no, no.” Jane gasped and casually rested her hand on Kittys’ arm. “Andy and I are just off for a coffee. What I truly needed to ask you, would you be so very kind as to deliver the dress in person,? On Saturday evening of course,” Jane swallowed hard as she added, “I would be more than exceedingly grateful if you would do this for me Kitty, and if you’re available I would be even more delighted if you would do me the honor and stay for the little dinner party too.”
Trying not to upset Lady Jane, Kitty began to explain that she would have nothing to wear to such an event when the harsh cry of the floor manager called out. “Kitty, Lady Vorderman has been waiting for three minutes, why...Oh no, it’s Lady Jane again, I’m so very sorry but I just didn’t see you, please forgive me your ladyship?”
Even though Jane just hated the way this woman always grovelled in front of her, she forced a fixed smile to sit on her ruby red lips and cheerfully explained. “Ah, you're just the person I wish to see,” Jane could not think of the managers name and did not bother to ask either, “Kitty here will be delivering the dress you are holding for me, she will also need a new outfit. Make sure it’s added to my account.” Without pausing her speech Jane began to look in the direction the manager had come from and said. “You said Lady Vorderman? I simply must see her.” Jane quickly glanced at Kitty asking. “Please find Andy for me, I left him over there.” She pointed towards the leather trousers. “And please escort him to where you left Carol.”
The floor manager was left stunned as Jane went off in one direction and Kitty the other, but Jane was only glad to be away from the tiresome manager. Once Kitty, along with a confused and mesmerised Andy, arrived she introduced Andy to Carol Vorderman and urged Carol. “You must call me soon and we can do coffee sometime.” Swiftly Jane turned to Kitty. “Thank you for all your help hon. I hope you look after my very good friend, Carol.
“And please arrive before five on Saturday.”
It was not exclusively down to the captivating heat being created by their skin tight glistening latex outfits that either of them were so appreciative to be standing outside of the store again.
“That’s it, I need a blinking coffee.” Jane stressed and steered Andy in the direction she wished to go.
As she had wished to flaunt how unbelievably magnificent she looked whilst out with Andy, it was just as if Jane had planned it. They slipped into the Mews and Lady Jane noticed her friend Charlotte
and Enrique once again leaving the small distinctive coffeehouse. Andy recognised the tall, blonde lady and gentleman too and admired the Tiffany Blue skirt and top she was wearing, appreciating how sophisticated she looked while wearing it. He was still admiring Charlotte when her companions’ Spanish dialect filled the air. “Hello there, my what a pretty thing you are.”
Andy naturally thought the man was talking to Jane and spontaneously stood in front of her, however as his heels clipped sharply on the stone slabs he missed Charlotte congratulating Jane. “My goodness Jane, you actually did it?” Andy only started to concentrate on her when he felt a finger or two drifting slowly down his chest and she uttered. “Hello again, Andy.”
Janes’ nephew believed he understood what was going on and puffed out his chest when he heard Charlotte complain to her boyfriend. “Calm down Enqurie, this is Andy as in Andrew, this is Janes’ nephew or should I say niece!” Jane felt a need to protect Andy and wrapped her arms around his
upper chest as Charlotte asked. “How long?”
Relatively annoyed at her friends’ remarks Jane squeezed Andy tighter and reminded Charlotte.
“Don’t tease Charlotte, you know very well that Andy will always be my nephew.” As if to tantalise him herself Jane wriggled her fingers over his bare chest and informed her friend. “We had one or two false starts, haven’t we darling, with you being all pouty,” Jane lent in closer to discreetly say, “but it’s been just over seven weeks now.”
Andy was starting to feel a little lightheaded from all the attention he was receiving, and to make matters worse a dark headed young man passed them, he tilted his head to watch the stranger continue to walk past the maisonettes.
Jane had felt the minor shift in his body and darted one of her long red nails just deep enough into his skin to make Andy behave himself, as the boy righted his body he rested his hands on hips as if to say, ‘make fun of me if you wish Charlotte, I’m still beautiful’.
Seeing his somewhat cocky attitude confused Charlotte and before she finished her comments on how wonderful they looked in their matching attire she rushed to say her, ‘adios’ to Jane.
“Phew!” Andy sounded as he almost collapsed into the nearest chair the second Charlotte and Enquire had rounded the corner, Jane giggled as he picked up a serviette and dabbed his brow. “I’m glad that’s over, I just can’t stop shaking.”
Jane let out another giggle, saying. “I thought you were going to chase after that boy just now?”
At last Andy blushed, he could hardly look Jane in the eye as he confessed. “Maybe, but my Will is much better looking...you won’t be telling him how I was looking at someone else, will you Auntie Jane?”
Giving him a questionable frown she stated. “So many little secrets you keep expecting your silly old aunt to keep, young man. I do hope you really behave while working for me.” Andy could feel his face turning crimson, but Jane just smiled as said. “Don’t worry darling, you will fit in just perfectly and all the girls simply can’t wait to see you again on Monday morning.”
Jane glanced up at a passing waiter, then glancing back at Andy she inquired. “What would you like?”


Monday, 18 May 2020

New Art. Edge of Extinction

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Hi Everyone
   Hope everyone is okay. Time for a new and exciting piece of art, but first I need to do a little bit of fun catch-up work.

Now you might remember this piece I posted a few weeks ago called The Debutantes of Devonshire.      
Well I said at the time that the outfit Andy was wearing was inspired by a favourite picture I had on one of my discs, as ever though that picture had become well lost.
Thank you to our friend  Selina Quinn for the information
'Faithful unto death' by Bob Carlos Clark (1984)

Not anymore though, because here it is in all it's emotive splendor. 
What the young ladies story is, is up to you to imagine. However, maybe and just perhaps, like those grainy pictures of UFO's and the big foot, is this image really the final proof that Andy really does exist?

Okay so on with the new stuff.
   Over the past few weeks we have visited Andy at home with Aunt Jane and tuned into the Lady Jane Adventures, so now it is once more time to strap on that rocket pack and venture in to the 25th Century. However........
    This time I am proud to bring you a special edition featuring a very very special guest star. Those of you of a certain age, might well remember our guest star, I know she had a serious effect on my Dad. 
 So here we are, blasting off into the 25th century joining Andy in an adventure called. Edge Of Extinction
I'll be back later

Hello Again
  So there we have it, Andy finally meeting up with the legendary Colonel Wilma Deering and the first thing we might notice is Andy's smooth Latex style has spread back to the Earth Defense Directorate uniform department, washing away those, spandex uniforms in favour of something smoother, sleeker and far more practical.I mean in the slightly gooey world of our hero/Heroine ,something wipe clean is very important. 
  The other thing you might notice is Andy's power to cross sexuality, not until this moment had anyone thought that Wilma might just be attracted to the feminine side, "Share my Hydro-shower?" now there is a come on. However, having watched a lot of DVD's of the show recently I got the impression Wilma was not envious of all the women who fell for Buck, but instead envious of Buck himself and that she wished, just once, to be kidnapped by Princess Ardala.
  It took me some time to get Wilma's likeness just as I wanted, but I hope you all think it was worth it.
  For those of you who have not yet met Colonel Deering, here are a few pics and clips as introduction.

She did like her lipgloss

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Saturday morning with Christeen

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weekend with some real

Hi Everyone
  It's time again to welcome the wonderful Christeen back to our blog with 4 new pieces of beautiful feminisation and helpless sissification.
 These are just so good.
Hope you like

Thursday, 14 May 2020

Hello, Chapter 12.

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Hi Everyone
  Time for the next wonderful chapter in Mandy Sweet Hearts beautiful story Hello.

By Mandy Sweet Heart.

     **A different timeline from my last stories 
   & set several weeks before the delightful art,
                   “Hello Again”. 
    Here Jane received a morsel of assistance.**

      With the greatest of thanks  
       to the lovely Andy Latex,
 Just for being so sweet
 & sharing his art. xxx. 

Chapter Twelve.

Astonishingly six weeks had smoothly passed since that first shopping trip and essentially everything had been going exactly as Lady Jane intended, in fact if you were to ask her I’m sure the enchanting lady would find it hard to disagree with the pronouncement.
Strictly speaking Jane did not have any arrangements with Will but after discovering Andys’ charming secret he was always around on a Saturday morning and begging Jane for her permission to stay all weekend, and although the first day of college had yet to arrive he was off by eight on a Monday morning, only to return most evenings.
During those times that Andy was alone he would go to find Jane; at first Andy just went to see her for a chat but it was not long before Jane was passing him little tasks to do, after the first week and while they were having a lunchtime snack Jane decided to move things forward slightly. “Andy, I know we said that you were to start when college begins, but as you’re at such a loss most days I figure that you can start working for me now. Just let me know if you wish to spend a day with Will.”
To Janes’ spectacular astonishment, and while almost forgetting his table manners Andy partially lifted off his stool and only just placed a servett over his lips as he announced. “Oh, that would just be fantastic Auntie Jane, thank you.”
Downright mystified she gasped and pushing her plate to one side asked why. “I was a bit unsure if I was truly allowed to skip college just to go into work for you, and especially now dressed like I am, plus along with these boobs I sort of feel good about life and I kinda came to the conclusion just yesterday that I really did want to work for you. And I guess this is the big one, but with Will helping out in the hospital...I know it’s important for him wanting to go into medicine and everything, but I’m kinda lonely some days.” Then simply adding in an unruffled voice. “But what really makes it so nifty auntie, is that I can always see the two people who mean the most to me.”
Jane had been taken spectacularly by surprise by so much news and it took several stunned minutes of thanking Andy and telling him how extraordinary he was, quickly hinting. “Of course it won’t all be fun and games darling, some days I will need you to come shopping with me or just us two will be going out for an evening meal, maybe the odd soiree with both you and Will as my escorts would be divine too.”
Smiling brightly Andy pointed out. “I wouldn’t let Kitty hear you saying that Auntie Jane, from the inconspicuous way she kept looking in your direction the other day, I think she might have a girly crush on you.”
Jane thought it might be best to instantly change the subject, unfortunately in her befuddled state the incorrect words came out. “Well, we will be going to kiss Slick tomorrow, so make yourself available.” Andy was sure he could see a blush forming on her cheeks but Jane began to stand as she added in an insecure tone. “You still need several evening gowns and we only bought a few pairs of shoes so far.”
It may appear as if Jane was spending the entire six weeks in preparation for her nephews’ sensational career at Boy, however she had not forgotten that it was very nearly Andys’ eighteenth birthday, and of course Jane had been intending to make a celebration of it since Andy asked if he could stay for the summer.
With Janes’ excitement growing she entered Andys’ bedroom, not the same rooms that he had at the beginning of the summer, but as his aunt had promised his private space had been decked out in soft pinks, pastel blues and a sprinkling of lace draped over his bed.
Jane sat on the corner of his wider bed, a bed she had permitted the two boys to share provided they kept to her strictest rule. She gazed at her nephew obviously unwinding after helping her in the primary office all day and with his eyes transfixed on the photo of his boyfriend she indiscriminately asked. “Guess the two of you are eager for your birthday party to be over.”
At first Andy blankly stared at his aunt, seeing how she was just gazing around the room he leaned back against the scatter cushions and gently closed his eyes, admitting. “We don’t know yet, Auntie Jane.” Andy completely missed the tiny gasp escaping from between her glossy red lips as his eyes returned to the picture of Will. “It sounds much too mechanical, the party ends at midnight and they have sex until… gosh it sounds like a manual and neither of us want it that way, so we thought that if something comes up we would go with the flow.”
It was not exactly his off the cuff pun that caused Jane to smile and she tapped the left heel of his black Louboutin. “Well, I know you’re all alone for the rest of the day, so I want you to start getting ready.”
Thoroughly realising what she was saying this time Andy sighed. “Not to see Alessandro again, is it!?” He expected an indifferent reply but instead Jane just stared at him with a dubious gaze, and before she could say anything Andy remarked. “Frankly, he really creeps me out Auntie, I would do anything to go somewhere else to have my hair trimmed.”
Unsure if she would ever use that little tidbit against him, Jane told him they were just going for a coffee, and elaborated. “I’ll need your help before we go out. If you freshen up, then just come into my room before you dress.”
The request was nothing new to Andy, over the years they had invariably cared for each other, and following a quick shower he brilliantly dressed his features with a light petting of cosmetics, along with a comfortable pair of soft latex panties under his glimmering wrap he entered Janes’ bedchambers’.
It was not the particle state of undress that made Andy voice a gasp out loud, Jane had been telling her nephew since he was around seven years old that she was not ashamed of her body, the puff of air had come from beholding the sight of his aunts’ long legs already wrapped in skin tight red latex whilst she fastened the buttons of the gleaming white latex blouse, and for just a few tiny seconds the boy wondered if he really adored Will enough.
With an undesirable croak in his voice he uttered. “You look beyond great in rubber, Auntie Jane.”
Flashing a most beautiful smile in his direction she quipped. “Why, thank you Andy, darling. I’ll need
you to make it all glisten for me.” Even while Jane was simply handing Andy the bottle of lube he was imagining his entire body was spontaneously glowing with profound trepidation.
He knelt at her feet, and squirted a small amount into the palm of his hand, at first he happily began to spread the clear gel tenderly up her shapely leg until he reached somewhere between her knee and hip then quickly switched to her other fabulously sculptured extremity.
Attempting to bewilder her nephew Jane frostily pointed out. “Come on Andy, I’ve burnished all of your clothes.” She regarded his distraught eyes with a loving smile, urging. “You don’t want your favorite aunt looking anything less than absolutely perfect, do you?”
More out of a lack of desire to visit that salon again he silently returned to the first leg; and although he knew how envious all his friends, maybe including William, would claim to be Andy felt his discomfort level rising to another tier.
Andy tried to close his mind away from the position of his hands as they gracefully sailed over this ladies delectable body, and he tried to block out how this one lady could constantly influence his desires while steadily slithering his hands between her legs. As his mind retreated from how he invariably considered himself closer to her than his own family Andy made his hands slide slowly over her tush without making it feel as if he was groping her, he continued to burnish the delectable latex until it appeared to be glistening like liquid mercury.
Janes’ cheeks were nearly as flushed as Andys when his talented hands left her perky derriere and if
it was not for the devotion she knew he had for his boyfriend she might have asked him to persist. Needing a quick breather Jane was thankful that he started massaging her back at first, with his caressing hands swiftly easing a gleam to surface on blouse she quickly sensed her gratifying blush subsiding.
Not that of her appreciation lasted very long; while still standing behind her Andy reached his arms around her body so he could cup Janes generous breast, blindly forcing his hands to tantalise her mind as he hugged her with the soothing lube, miraculously massaging it evenly over the smooth latex to allow it to shimmer and sparkle to the full.
Now that he had finished what one side of his brain found to be the most embarrassing chore of his life, Andys’ agitation began to settle and he delicately walked to her side so he could completely polish the blouse, it was not just shame of touching her in the way that he had that was making him bow his head, he coquettishly looked from under his lashes to see what he was doing whilst pretending that he was making sure how evenly he was spreading the gel to create a gorgeous shine for his aunt. As he carried out the small but breathless chore Andy soon discovered that the main reason for feeling so humiliated was how he found himself having such lustful feelings for her and William at the same time.
It was only when his fingers finally drifted away from her second arm that Andy felt some relief, nonetheless he held his breath when Jane embarked on inspecting her luxuriously sleek body in the tall mirrors. Somewhat disappointed about finding no areas that did not purely glisten Jane cooed at the red faced boy as she slid her feet into a pair of seven inch, open toed sling backs. “Lovely job darling, now you know how I feel when I’m doing your clothes.” For just a moment Andy wondered if his aunt really meant it but was saved from asking when she resumed. “Your turn to get dressed now, let’s go.”
“These pants are truly wonderful, Andy.” Jane repeated as they entered his room. “I think you deserve an early birthday gift.”
With his mind already in a whirl from having to bring an outstandingly elegant sheen to his flirtatious aunts’ new latex clothes, and from what she had just said to him Andy felt a massive amount of relief when she instructed him to find the red trousers similar to the ones she was wearing.
Easily laying his hands on the latex leggings, a pair that looked so much tighter than he remembered, Andy sat on the edge of the bed and had to scrunch each trouser leg up while very slowly easing them along his slender limb, as he strived to make the look perfect Jane asked. “Did you really find Alessandro so alarming?”
Concentrating on dressing his second leg he replied. “Kind of Auntie, my hair looks really nice and Will just loves how girly it makes me look, but that Alessandro just has something about him that creeps me out.”
“Well,” Jane grinned, “as you’ve been so lovely all summer I’ll find you a different salon. But today we will be calling into Slicks’ for a few minutes, I just want to check on something Kitty is doing for me, then we will just go for a coffee.”
Although Andy was not fully listening to the second part of what Jane had been saying he eventually
pulled the hipsters as high as they would go and clearly gazed at her. His thoughts had been trapped and he was actually hoping that what she had said about Alessandro was true, as she finished explaining he gasped. “Do you mean it Auntie Jane?” She was confused at his sudden excitement until he added. “For some reason I really thought we were going to that salon today. I'm certainly glad I can go somewhere else next time.”
Jane merely flashed Andy one of her charming smiles while telling him to quickly find a white blouse. Flowing a couple of steps toward his closet Andy turned back to face her with a puzzled expression, asking. “Won’t we look exactly the same?”
With a playful twinkle in her eyes, Janes smile expanded even further wider as she admitted. “I loved it when we went out in similar outfits a few weeks ago, and I really want to do it again, it will be so much fun Andy.”
Needing no more encouragement from her, he was quickly returning to retrieve the top, alongside declaring. “You can be so silly sometimes Auntie Jane, but I do love you just the same.”
Andy did not think he had been in the closet for a prolonged amount of time, he only lingered to slip his feet into a pair of sandals that matched his aunts’ and possibly he was not walking very fast while buttoning up his blouse but when he stepped back into the room Jane was nowhere to be seen. This bedroom may have been much larger than the one he used at his parents home still it could not be called massive, and Andy found himself slightly confused as he fastened the last button and glanced around the empty room once again.
Trying to debate with himself whether he should try to burnish his own attire he glanced in the mirror and picked up a wand of gloss to enhance his already glowing lips.
“Sorry about that.” Jane nonchalantly exclaimed as she reentered his room and placed a small box on the bedside unit before taking in how Andy was dressed, noticing something different she asked. “Did you forget breast forms?”
With a slightly nervous tremor he queried. “I was hoping that you wouldn’t mind auntie, Will likes me to wear them all the time but I thought I would give my skin a rest, I hoped you wouldn’t mind.”
“It’s okay, you still look simply divine darling, and I just know this is going to be so much fun.”
Without any warning she let out a giggle and added. “Over here, so I can polish you!”
After enjoying the way Andy had titillated her, Jane had perceived the concept of teasing Andy in the way she had made Kitty charm him, but with her nephew standing before her Jane was actually thinking how beautifully she had transformed him this summer and absolutely appreciated his new attitude. Besides Jane was thinking of enjoying their little outing and began her task.
Lightly gasping as she finished the back of his blouse, she playfully moaned. “Wow, dressed in this latex is so warm Andy, I almost feel sorry for making you wear it.”
To her surprise Andy spun to face her and implored. “You’ll still let me wear latex though Auntie Jane, now I’m used to wearing I really kinda like it, and was looking forward to being your brightest office girl!”
Taking a small step backwards and with her eyes growing wide Jane stated. “You will be my glistening office boy.”

“Of course Auntie, that’s what I meant.” There was a long silence as Andy hesitatingly looked at his aunt, blinking his eyes appeared to wake him up and he begged. “Please don’t tell Will I referred to myself as a girl, I guess I’m just a bit confused today.”
“Don’t worry darling, your secret is safe with me.”
Although Andy had to stand on his toes to reach up to place a small kiss on her lips, regardless of her surprise Jane clearly heard him say. “Thank you Auntie Jane, sometimes Will gets a bit worried about how things are between us.”
Knowing that Andy would come to her if he had a real problem Jane lowered herself and began to steadily cavort her lube covered hands progressively up and down his latex clad legs and wondering if she should change any of her plans, finally announcing. “You can always talk to me if you need any help, darling.”
Becoming used to be modest warmth she finished smoothing the gel over all the now glistening latex.
Standing up she nudged Andy towards the mirror, and making sure there was enough room for the glass to reflect both of them she crept an arm around his waist and asked. “Well what do you think?”
At first he just gazed at the two of them, even with the thick black belt that Jane had fastened around her jeans and the fact that he was wearing hipsters, Andy was totally amazed at how perfect their getup was and he loved how the glistening light reflected off their latex in equal measures. It took almost a minute for him to reply and at last he said. “You’re so right Auntie, we do look great. Want to go and stun everyone around town?”
Jane suddenly noticed something was amiss and told Andy to wait where he was, before dancing across to his bed and retrieved the tiny box.
When Jane swung around she chirped. “I know it’s a few days yet, but happy birthday Andy, darling.”
An almost silent ‘wow’ escaped Andys’ lips when he opened the box, he immediately noticed the beautiful earrings perfectly matched the stunning pair of platinum and diamond worn by his aunt was wearing, at last he uttered. “Thank you so much Auntie Jane, they’re just so beautiful. Thank you.”
His aunt proudly watched as he carefully removed the gold studs he was wearing and replaced them with the new ones, her heart swelled when she eased him to the mirror again, seeing how lovely they stood together she informed him. “Just perfect my darling?” Then directed him towards the door.
Whereas Jane only wished to be seen around town, Andy chirped. “And thanks for not being pushy about Will and me, it’s probably just something all couples go through.”
Stunned at how grown up he sounded Jane assured him. “Don’t worry Andy, I won’t let anyone come between you two.”