Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

Friday, 17 April 2015

A favorite picture

Hi Everyone
  This is just a cheap excuse to post a picture of Keira Knightley, but heck it is my blog so as editor in chief I can get away with it. You know when you are feeling a little flat, down and dull and need a little brightening up, we all have favorite thing, a pic or idea, that re boots us. Well this is mine. I just look at this picture of Keira and feel so excited and inspired. I just love , her make up, the bronzed tone. I love her hair, the cut and style and those eyes and lips, 'Sigh'
  Well that is my excuse and I am sticking to it like a sissy dipped in honey.
     Take care All

New Captions for the weekend

Hi Everyone,
   Hope you are all well. Just an update to let you all know that new art is on it's way for early next week. Ironed out the software problem. A right mess, uninstall Paintshop, re-install paintshop, re do all my settings, Blah Blah, But anyway all looks to be working again now, so that's all good.
   Anyway in the meantime, here are a Couple of captioned images for your pleasure. Hope you like them.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Emma Watson shines out East

Hi Everyone,
   Well it has been a while, but it is good to be back .

 So it seems our favorite style icon has been in the news once more.
  This time our on the spot reporter, Amanda Keira, was on hand as Emma Watson made a big impression out East at a special gala showing of Alfonso Cuarons' Oscar winning movie Gravity, in Shanghai.
 Wearing a classic Chinese style inspired mini dress of highly polished latex rubber, the always dazzling beauty turned heads and grabbed headlines and as ever our ace reporter managed to grab a few fleetingly revealing words with the young actress.
  As ever her style and that dress headed the conversation, but this time the question "Latexium?" received a surprising reply. An almost embarrassed smile.
  Emma Watson explains....
  "Um well actually no , this is mine. It was created by a local designer, not specifically a fetish designer, but one who had seen me in other outfits and asked if I would like it.
  I was  a little uncertain at first, for obvious reasons,but personally I have always liked the simple style of classic Chinese dresses and I adored the little flower detailing and just fell in love with it.
  It is funny how the Latexium curse was just that for a long time, a curse,but now having had such kind words written about my "New image",it has almost proved a blessing, allowing me to move on from Hermione. Latex is such an easy material to wear, so sleek and smooth, I love the way it clings and shines. There was a time when I would Bathe for hours to remove the aroma, but now even that is very pleasing to me.".
With that surprising tribute to what was thought of as a curse, the ever delightful Emma Watson bid our reporter a good evening. However, intrigued by Emmas sudden acceptance of the curse, Amanda Keira did what every ace reporter does and dug deeper. Tracking down the designer, to find out more.
  Designer Jing Wai.....
   Yes I offered Miss Watson a dress, she is a very sweet and generous lady, very beautiful and charmingly British. However I never designed that dress in Rubber.
  Amanda Keira....
    So do you believe your dress was affected by the Latexium curse?
  I had heard of this curse, in the press, but to be honest thought it the work of a publicity machine. However I did witness something extraordinary, but I am still not sure of what happened. We had a fitting and Miss Watson did the dress great justice, she has a beautiful figure to dress.but then I could not help but notice a strong smell of rubber in the room. Miss Watson immediately began to apologize, saying she loved the dress and how she had hoped this was not going to happen, but I was just astonished to see  before my eyes what was pure silk, transform into , well, into Latex.
 So you witnessed the actual event, the Latexium curse?
 It was quite bizarre, the silk became very very shiny, almost Liquid like and flowed from the centre of the dress, outward in ripples, until the entire dress was perfectly transformed down to the flower detailing. Quite shocking. Miss Watson was clearly upset at this and to her great honor offered a dozen apologies. Condemning the curse for ruining all my work.
 Did you offer her a replacement?
 Very much so. However the buttoning on the dress had become false, unreal, a mere detail and so with the collar being so fitted, she was unable to remove the dress.
 So Emma was literally trapped  within the dress?
Very much so. A prisoner in a latex dress. But there was one more thing. The dress, when silk, was cut to just above her knee, but with each condemnation of the curse, shortened and tightened about her buttocks and breasts, until it was really almost unwearable without total embarrassment with each movement. I could hear and see, the young Lady, very upset, almost begging the curse for forgiveness and to my amazement the dress responding by lowering the hem by two or three inches. Most bizarre. It truly is a curse. I felt very sorry for such a sweet lady".

  So there we have it, an eye witness account of the curse close up and it's effects and perhaps we can now understand Emma's rather glowing appraisal of Latex as little more than appeasement to what can clearly be a very cruel and humiliating curse.
  We shall keep you all up to date on all things Latexium, but for now, be safe, be happy.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

New Captioned fantasies

Hi Everyone
  Hello anyone out there? Really sorry for being away so long, I do hope you are all well. March Is gone so lets us start a new.
  Here a just a few fun and naughty captions to start the ball rolling.

Having The Nerve

 Aunties new Canvus

 Are you coming out

 The Deal

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

New Art. "A Chance Meeting"

Hi Everyone
  Here is a new piece of art, but i am afraid it might be the last for a little while as some of the files I work from have become screwed up and corrupted, which means I will need to go back and re create them. I have many of them backed up but it will take a bit of messing to get them sorted out. The words "PAIN IN THE ARSE" does not cover it, but hey, lets relax, no one died.
  Anyway here is the new piece and poor Andy finds himself in an outfit inspired by the beautiful shorty Macs worn by the equally beautiful girls from Mamamoo and their video for Piano Man.
Once more it is his Aunts mischievously forgetful mind that leads our hero/Heroines cheeks to take on that wonderfully red glow of embarrassment.
  Enough waffle and without he need of Prologue, here is "A Chance Meeting".
      Hope you like

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Hi Everyone
  Just messing about the other day and I felt the pull of a few quick captions. So in the spirit of sharing here they are.

 I particularly love this one as it refers to my own job.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

New Art. "A Cultural Exchange"

Hi Everyone
  I am happy to say it is new art time. Not just because it is a new piece but also because it is a piece I have been working on for waaaaayyyyy to long, over 2 months and maybe longer. It is a piece which suffered from my constant inability to settle on anything, I had so many ideas I wanted to include in this, that it became crazy and I had to edit lots out and put them away for another time. Then I could not express the story in just speech bubbles and so set about writing the very short prologue. This took over 2 weeks alone, but served as an exercise to prove to myself that I could still write a longer piece. I was always told, "The hardest part of writing, is starting to write" and so now at least I have started.
  Sorry that was loads of whaffle.
Anyway, here at last is.

       "A cultural Exchange"

He closed the laptop lid with a “Crack!” 
“Shit shit shit” 
He could feel his entire body tremble with shock

“It is called hacking and is very illegal”. 
  The young man, in his smart uniform glanced up at the disapproving face of his Head Mistress Ms Lockyer, before lowering his eyes to the floor. Then, without any control, they once more drifted to the staggeringly high heeled shoes, of the mystery woman opposite him, shoes who's gleamingly polished toes seemed to be point accusingly at him.  Andy shifted nervously in his seat. “I…I am sorry, I did not mean to cause trouble”.

   “This stupid act has cost me a weeks down-time and required my database re set.”. The owner of the heels, added. Her southern American accented voice smooth and calm.
  "I am sorry headmistress" The genuinely upset young man added, his face flushed and honest. We were only messing about"
  "I have no doubt you were Andrew" his stern looking headmistress said."but it......"
  "And are you also sorry for the comments you posted regarding my guests" 
Suddenly Ms Lockyer seemed to shrink back in her seat like a startled kitten, her voice lost,as with one elegantly threatening movement, their beautiful visitor rose from her seat, the long, gleaming black Pvc riding coat which had enfolded her perfectly proportioned figure rippled open to reveal the sheen of her plum red satin blouse and pencil tight black leather skirt beneath
  Andrew, the young man remained ashamedly silent,eyes lowered 
    "You were both insulting and disrespectful and I assure you I would have so happily informed the authorities had it not been for two things. Firstly Your headmistresses understandable desire to prevent any scandal being brought upon her,as until now, outstanding academy and......." the woman paused and allowed herself a smile, as she lent in to gaze straight into the young man eyes. Her perfume drifting and enfolding his senses.. "The incalculable pleasure I will get from introducing such a pretty thing as you to all my online guests"
Now the young mans eyes widened as with shock and disbelief they danced between her deep green eyes and full, gloss wet lips.  
  " Aw don,t look so scared young man. I think you will look adorable in Latex and Lipgloss" The woman raised his face to hers on one red talon like fingernail.Her breath warm and moist on his fear dried lips, "Just call it a........Cultural exchange"

Thank you for your constant support everyone