Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

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Wednesday, 7 December 2022

Wednesday with Amanda and Mistress Leather Beth

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Hi Everyone
   Apologies if this is a little rushed but I am running out of time to get a post up today.
   However we do have a new story from our friend Mistress Leather Beth.
   But before that, Blog Legend Amanda Holden hits the red carpet in all her shiny glory, wearing a Latex/PVC gown of high gloss vermilion red,by Lebonese designer Nicolas Jebran. 

  Best wishes and big hugs


And now the beginning of a new story from Mistress Leather Beth

Mother and Daughter: A Prologue
Chapter One
By Mistress Leather Beth

“Mum! You there?”
“In here, Liam.”
Steph Turner was curled up on the sofa with her laptop as her son strolled through from the kitchen.
“Yes, dear?”
“Erm, Mum.”
“Still here.”
“Erm, there’s something I’ve decided I ought to say.”
Steph twitched the corner of her mouth in a slight smile. “OK, kiddo. Spill.”
“Thing is,” he said, “I think it’s time for me to come out.”
“Come out?”
“As gay?”
A pause, then Steph said, “Liam, just remind me. How old are you? I know I was there at the time, so I should remember. But humour me.”
“Seventeen next birthday. A few weeks.” replied Liam.
“Mmm, so, this being gay. Anyone I know? Who? When? Where? How?”
“Mum, stop teasing,” said Liam, though he was smiling as he did so. Steph was one of those big sister- type mothers, and their relationship was very easy going. “I haven’t actually, y’know, done anything with a guy yet. I’m just pretty sure it’s only a matter of time. A few months, maybe less.”
Steph studied her son closely. Physically there was no denying that they were related. He had her pale fair hair, clear complexion, slim frame (aside from Steph’s impressive rack), blue-grey eyes and, it must be said, adorable features. Steph had never been able to work out, nor even care, as to the identity of Liam’s father but, whoever he had been, he seemed to have been responsible mainly for the boy’s academic ability and his even-tempered, likeable demeanour and personality.
Steph was, she would be happy to admit, aggressively bi, with FwBs on both sides. As a result, she was unfazed by Liam’s news, though, of course, she worried a little about his youth. “Come here,” she said, holding wide her arms. “Let me give my sweet twink a big hug.”  “Mum, stop it!” insisted Liam, though he didn’t struggle when Steph wrapped her arms around him, and he hovered for several seconds with his face buried in her cleavage.
When she finally released him she held his shoulders at arm’s length, and said, “So, this coming out. I take it that means I can tell people?”
“What? O, sure. No worries.” But he did sound just a little worried, as though he’d thought through the theory, but not the practicalities.
“Cool,” said Steph. “I’ll tell Aunt Charlotte this afternoon. I was going round to hers anyway. I’m sure she’ll be delighted. You know how fond she is of you.”
“Yeah, great,” said Liam, forcing a smile.

Charlotte was Steph’s sister-in-law, and best friend, but they also enjoyed a casual sexual relationship, and so, when Charlie had mentioned a few days earlier that she had a new strap on, Steph had immediately volunteered to give it its first run-out. Consequently, it was a couple of hours and several mutual orgasms later before they got round to chatting, naked, over a bottle of Chardonnay.
“So, what’s the latest?” asked Charlie. “Any hot goss?”
“Well, there Liam’s news,” replied Steph.
“What’s that?” asked Charlie. “My favourite nephew got himself a girlfriend?”
“Hardly,” replied Steph. “He’s come out.”
“Come out?” frowned Charlie. “What? You don’t mean he’s gay, do you?”
“That’s what he’s said,” replied Steph.
“Do we have a name?”
“O, no,” Steph continued. “This seems to be a pre-emptive coming out. He says that nothing’s happened yet, but he’s sure it will, in the not too distant.”
“He’s only just legal, though. Doesn’t that worry you?”
“We’re a fine pair to talk,” laughed Steph.
“Yeah,” replied Charlie, “but it’s always been different for girls, hasn’t it?”

A few days later, and with Steph meeting up with a guy called Dan in a town centre hotel, Liam answered the front doorbell, to be confronted by his cousin Chris, Charlie’s son, his elder by a couple of years.
“I heard that you’d be one your own for a few hours,” Chris said, “so I thought I’d pop round.”
“Sure, come on in,” said Liam. “How’s Kelly?”
“Ah, Kelly. Yes. Kelly, she was great, but we’re not together anymore.”
Liam was disappointed. He’d rather liked Kelly.
“Any particular problem?” he asked.
“It’s complicated,” said Chris.
“So, something to do with sex? Or the lack of it?”
“You always were the smart one,” replied Chris. “Yeah, how can I put it, she had odd ideas.”
“You mean she said ‘no’? Nothing to do with her being older than you”
“Only a year or so. No big deal. No, not exactly, but she certainly couldn’t be persuaded to give a blow job, and I love being blown.”
Then, to Liam’s amazement, Chris dropped everything and stood there, exhibiting his semi-erection.
“I mean, who would turn this fella down?”
Liam, wide-eyed, just muttered “Holy Fuck!”
Now, don’t get me wrong, but Chris was quite well hung, and for a boy like Liam, it was enough to bring on thoughts of ‘gotta have me some of that.’
“Looks like you wouldn’t,” said Chris. “Mum told me your news about you being a sweet innocent gay. Maybe we can do each other a favour?”
Liam was overtaken by lust. He smiled, then, in a matter of seconds he had pushed Chris into the nearest armchair, and knelt in front of him before letting his imagination take over, letting his fingers, and tongue, and throat take control. Now, this is a serious work of literature, not porn, so I’ll just say that it was some twenty minutes later that Chris gathered his senses and groaned, “Fuckin’ Hell. For a little innocent you were fuckin’ amazing. That was the best I’ve ever had. You barely gagged at all, just milked me straight down. Don’t take this wrong, but, on the strength of that, you’re better than any girl I’ve ever had.”
“Really?” grinned Liam, removing a drip from his chin with his finger, which he then licked clean. “I’ll definitely take that as a compliment. Now I know how good it feels and tastes, I just wish I could get more practise.”
“That’s no problem,” said Chris. “Message me with Aunt Steph’s timetable, and we can arrange to meet up. That’s if you don’t mind.”
“Mind? Why should I mind?” Then he thought to himself, ‘As good as a girl? Me?’

Chris and Liam’s ‘arrangement’ generally worked well over the next few weeks, whether Steph was seeing Charlie, Dan, Bianca, Ronan, the di Angelo twins, or whoever. But there were those dates that they couldn’t get together, and this Saturday was one.
Kelly was coming towards the end of her shift at her part-time job on the cosmetics counter at Boots, when she saw Liam as he came through the front door of the store and stood to one side, looking round. She went over to him and said, ‘Hi.’
“O, hi, Kelly. I’d forgotten you had a job here.”
“Yeah, Mum thinks that lounging around, living off my trust fund, like someone from Made in Chelsea, isn’t a good idea. Anyway, I finish my shift in a few minutes. What brings you here? Heard about our 50%-off deal on nail polish?”
“What? Er, O no. I’m meeting Mum. She’s seeing one of her boyfriends this afternoon, and then she wants me to help carry some stuff home after a bit of shopping.”
“She puts herself about a bit, your Mum, from what I hear,” said Kelly, then immediately apologised. “I’m sorry, that came out wrong. I meant she has a wide circle of friends.”
“No, don’t apologise. You’re right.  She has fun. But she and I are OK with it.” After a pause, Liam said, “Sorry to hear about you and Chris.”
“Let me guess. He told you he’d finished with me because I wouldn’t put out?”
“Erm, well, yes. Something along those lines,” said Liam, avoiding eye contact with Kelly.
“Then he told you a pile of shit. Chris seems to think that because he’s quite well endowed (O, sorry. I know you guys don’t like discussing cock size), that he’s a super lover. That’s crap. He’s just covering himself because I told him that he did nothing for me, whichever.”
“Ah. OK. Right,” said Liam, pinkening slightly at the idea that Chris’ “fella” did nothing for a hot girl like Kelly.
“Anyway, my shift’s over, so I’ll see you around, maybe.”
“Yeah, ‘bye,” said Liam.
Kelly gazed thoughtfully at Liam as he strolled around aimlessly, awaiting Steph’s arrival. Then she took the door to the staff exit. She went to the staff room to pick up her bag, but didn’t bother changing as she was in a hurry. She needed a word with her Mother, and she headed straight to the car park. But she didn’t drive in the direction of home.

The Mansion stood a few miles outside town, in the middle of extensive grounds. The locals in the nearby village weren’t at all sure what went on there. Some sort of corporate headquarters, maybe? Or a training establishment of some kind? And actually, the latter was a very good guess.
Jessica was on reception. She’d only been promoted from ‘Domestic’ a couple of weeks earlier, and, after more than two years as a maid, she was still getting used to her new situation. She had been amazed at being selected, though she needn’t have been. From her first day in the building, she had taken to the feminisation programme with enthusiasm and flair. Where other boys had pouted, protested even, she had quickly realised that she couldn’t deny that she wanted to be Jessica, and she had been determined to give exceptional maid service.
She heard a car coming down the long drive, and checked to make sure that she was presentable. Her receptionist’s uniform consisted of a low cut, tight little black latex dress, coming almost halfway down her thighs, barely hiding her new plug, a good two or three sizes bigger than her previous maid’s insert. The dress just about covered the red marks across her bottom, from where she had been caned the previous day. Not as a punishment, you understand, but rather for mutual pleasure. Over the dress she wore a serious corset. Her waist was now at least 3 centimetres less than when she’d been a maid, and her promotion had increased her heels from ten to thirteen centimetres. Not only that, but with the corset her lovely C cup breasts were forced up. She was so proud of them. And the great thing was that the treatments had had no real effect on her penis. It had always been tiny, so it had never been any impediment to her feminisation.
A quick tug on her hemline and a glance in a mirror to ensure that her make up was good, and she was ready to greet the new arrival. A squeal of brakes, a car door slammed, and the main entrance door swung open to admit Kelly.
“Good Afternoon, Mistress Kelly,” said Jessica.
“Now, now,” said Kelly, “you know the Rules. I won’t qualify as a Mistress until I’ve acquired and trained my own sissy. And the Sisterhood is nothing if it doesn’t stick to the rules, is it? Or so my Mother keeps reminding me. Is she around? I really need to speak to her.”
“Madam Cropper is in an emergency meeting of the Central Council, in the large conference room.”
“Oh? What’s the emergency? Do you know?”
“That’s not for me to say, Miss,” said Jessica.
“Come on. I know you sissies like a gossip as much as anyone. One of you must have heard something.”
“Well, Miss, I do believe it’s to do with the ongoing problems being caused by Lady Jane Fullerton-Jones, and her sissy.”
“Ah, Jane. How can one woman cause so much disruption?” said Kelly, “although, I must say that, whenever I’ve met her, I’ve always found her immensely entertaining. I know I shouldn’t say it, but I really like Lady Jane.”
“Yes,” said Jessica, “she was always very kind to the maids when she visited. I can’t say that I approve of her sissy keeping a male name, though. That’s not right, surely?”
“But you have to admit that Andy is absolutely Drop Dead Gorgeous.”
“Yes, Miss. But even so.”
“Do we know where they might be at the moment?”
“No one seems to be certain. It’s commonly believed that they’ve gone to ground somewhere. America has been mentioned.”
“OK. Well, if the Central Council is discussing Jane and Andy they could be here all night. I’ll pass on my news to Mother tomorrow.”
Miss Kelly made her way towards the Front Door, then a thought seemed to occur to her. She didn’t believe that the undeserved honorific had been a simple slip of the tongue. She turned round and said, “Jessica. Am I right in thinking that you’re maso?”
“Why, yes, Miss. I have that good fortune. Why do you ask?”
“I was just thinking that when I’m set up with my own sissy maid, and I’m a qualified Mistress, I might dip into my trust fund and see if I can’t lease you from the Sisterhood for a year or two.”
“Oh, Miss. That would be wonderful.”

To Be Continued

Monday, 5 December 2022

Art, Stories and an Apology

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A piece by our
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which I hope I
have not posted

Hi Everyone
   Heck I just realised that the other day, I posted the same Christeen art two weeks in a row, Gosh I am so sorry, sometimes I get so much on my plate that errors can be made. I will try to avoid that mistake in the future.
   Talking of errors, I was daft enough to over look the second part of our dear friend Skinnies S's super vignette in regards to the In Paris duo, published a few weeks ago. 
   Sorry S XXXX
   So today I am correcting that error and also posting a couple of classic pages from the past years Calendar.
Hope you enjoy this collection

And now that terribly overlooked conclusion of S's story

Part One is here

In Paris.

Part 2    

2.     15:30am

The shift was dragging.   At least all the morning check-outs had gone smoothly.   Now it was just arrivals, check-ins and questions, and the usual parade of problems.   She got the Head Porter to handle enquiries about directions, or taxis, or girls.  She’d discreetly code a second key behind the desk for those discerning gentlemen who took the porter’s advice and knew how to tip generously.   It was all part of the service at the Hotel de Ville.

As she checked in another bored looking businessman, she looked up from her screen.  There was a small commotion at the entrance.   The doorman had swept open the double doors rather than guide the guests through the revolving door.   It was the blonde Balmain lady from the morning back from her shopping expedition, except she’d lost her young gentleman and was now holding hands with a new partner. She looked even more confident and assured than she had earlier, like a big game hunter returning with her prize.   And what a prize!  Heads turned as they walked across the lobby towards the lifts, their heels clicking in unison on the polished black marble.   While the lady had been out she’d found a girlfriend.   An exquisitely pretty girlfriend.  A young girlfriend shimmering in black vinyl pants, Chanel belt and Louboutin boots like her older partner.   A girlfriend wearing a cream latex blouse, more like a shirt than the frilly confection of the lady.  A girlfriend, delicately made-up to complement her rich reddish chestnut hair.  A girlfriend with little diamond pendant earrings, like a junior version of the lady’s.   A nervous looking girlfriend wearing black latex gloves like partner, and tightly gripping the lady’s hand.   Or was the lady gripping her?   For reassurance, or to hold the girl and stop her running away.   The girl seemed nervous and was desperately trying to avoid eye contact with guests who were now staring at the attractive couple. 

The girl held a Balmain shopping bag.   Well, she’d got her pants from there but what else might be inside.

And then the realisation struck as she distractedly handed the latest guest his room key.   The girlfriend was shorter than the lady.   Not quite as short as the boy this morning, but then she was wearing heels.  The girlfriend’s hair was chestnut like the boy’s although now it had been carefully styled in pixie, pageboy cut.  The girlfriend was skittishly nervous.   It couldn’t be?   Could it?   It had to be.   It could only be.   

She watched the lift and noted the lady select the douzième étage.   Douzième étage.  There weren’t many guests checked in on that level.   There were only luxury suites, and a couple of those were long standing residents.  She looked on the system.   There was only one possibility: Lady Fullerton-Jones and a Mr. Andrew Watson.  Mais oui!   She had to be right.


A group of people in clothing

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

She called René to fetch her a bottle of Krug and to take over the desk so she could take her break.   If Lady Fullerton-Jones was going to be in one of the luxury suites for a week, it was only reasonable that the Hotel de Ville should welcome her with a complimentary bottle of champagne.   And, for such an honoured guest, it was entirely appropriate that a member of management should deliver it to check that everything was satisfactory.   

She just hoped that Mr. Andrew Watson was going to be answering the door when she called.


Friday, 2 December 2022

Blog updates and Friday with Christeen

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The latest in
the Lady Jane 
Adventures hits the
shelves in a few
weeks and here
 is the preview

Hi Everyone
 A quick note on Wednesdays post. It has just been updated to include the expected video clip of the lovely Sally Nugent in those tight leather pants .

  So here we go, Friday is here and that means we can all sit back and relax with the latest imaginings of the ever brilliant Christeen

Wednesday, 30 November 2022

Wednesday round up, live!!!!!!

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Hi Everyone
   Hope you are all well.
Sorry for the late posting today, but I have been distracted by the beautiful BBC Breakfast TV presenter Sally Nugent in her leather pants and she looks stunning today. So stay tuned because once a clip becomes available I will share.
   So welcome to a Wednesday round up, featuring some of my favourites.
We start with a welcome re-post and update . One of my favourite bands Steps has re-released and remastered one of there best videos, not just best because of the brilliant song, but because it was the video where all 5 gorgeous guys and girls wore Latex.
 The video is now in full 4K Hd and they look amazing. Plus there is a behinds the scene video with a commentary by the band which features the gorgeous Claire Richards revealing a little secret, but more of that later. Here is the video in all it's shiny glory.

Here is the behinds the scene Commentary video

Here The gorgeous Claire Richards lets us into a secret. How she was very nearly coated in Corn oil OMG what a thought , Claire Richards in a bath of Oobleck , now I know Oobleck is thicker and gooier, but heck we can all dream.

 And now a very hot update, The new official all Latex Dance break video, in super Hi Def

 And now if you will forgive me a little self indulgence

Now another little fantasy moment, Tv Weather beauty Laura Tobin wore a cute little booted outfit the other day and the moment I saw her I just could not help but think of her in one of Sebastian Cauchos amazing workday outfits.
I mean his styles were featured in the main British press the other week so why not.

It's not tricky to imagine.

and here we see the elegant and beautiful Anna Bellement showing us how easy it is to style into everyday life.

Now Carol Vorderman,61 stepped back onto our radar with a vengeance , slipping her amazing curves into a selection of lovely leather over the last month, including this figure hugging leather blouse which caused a twitter sensation after she wore it on BBC's Strictly it takes two.

Here are a couple of pics of the beautiful 51 year old Sally Nugent,  hot...very hot!!!!!!, from the presses this very morning.

Phew!!!! After all that beauty I gotta go lay down for a bit.
Big hugs

Coming next week a new story from our dear Mistress Leather Beth
Stay tuned 

Monday, 28 November 2022

New Art. The One True Way

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On Patreon today
we have something
new from the
ever wonderful
world of Christeen

Hi Everyone
 Wow it is nice to be back with a solid connection again, which means we can press on with some fun.
  As previewed over on Patreon this is one of the lost images in the Welcome to the Sisterhood strand of images, which saw our beloved Hero/Heroine staying at Knightley Manor, under the care and instruction of the Sisterhood.
  I have and am working on other ideas in this series, but right now poor Andy, his young body squeezed into a clear Latex catsuit, is feeling the first whoosh of those corset strings, under the gaze of one Madame Dark.
  Thank you all for your support and patience 


Friday, 25 November 2022

We're Back!!!!!

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On Patreon today
The December page
of our Patreon
exclusive Andy
Calendar and we
are ending the year
on a high with
something a bit

Hi Everyone
HOOOORAYYYYYYYY We are back on line , but lets not dwell on it or it might jinx it and we will be back to nothing again,      So lets just cross our fingers and get on with enjoying the latest delights from our dear and wonderful friend Christeen.

Monday, 21 November 2022


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On Patreon Today
A new and beautiful
piece from our
dear Christeen.
I adore this one

Hi everyone
OMG what a pain in the bum this is, we have Supper fast lightening fibre being dug into our roads all around this town and I can't get enough to post an image.
  So please forgive me again, for not posting on the blog, but to those of you who are on Patreon, I have used some of my own mobile data to upload a new image from Christeen .
 Keep the faith I hope to be back on the blog ASAP.