Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Green Fingers: Part 3

Hi Everyone
  Here we go with the next part of my Comic and I have to thank you all for your acceptance of this and other tangents which my stories have gone off on over the past few months, I know they probably don't float everyone's boat, but I hope there will be more of the everyday adventures to come in the future.
 Meanwhile back at the homestead Andy is getting deeper and deeper into trouble, with time running out, but there is one hope............


Again if you are late to the show please view 1 and 2 first.

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Sunday, 13 January 2019

Green fingers: part 2

Hi Everyone
  Here we go with the next four pages of my comic which sees our helpless Hero/Heroine getting into an even tighter spot.
here is the link to part one, just in case you are coming late to the party.



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Thursday, 10 January 2019

New Comic. Green Fingers Part 1.

Hi Everyone
 Crumbs,deep breath, here we go. Now then, this is a new comic, created a few weeks back, both to satisfy my artistic needs and as a tribute to one of my favourite artists Stvkar whose art i follow over at deviant art. If you know his work you will know where I am coming from, however if you do not not know his work, it does not matter, because you will find out.
 That out of the way, I was not sure how to post this. A page at a time seems mean and slow, whilst all 21 pages at once seems mental and if I may say wasteful and disrespectful to my self and the work I put into it. Plus, I can sit behind this multi page comic for a few weeks and create some new art, whist posting these. 
Lets face it I like a good tease and cliffhanger.
 So I have gone for 5 or 6 parts over the coming week, with each post numbered so hopefully all you kind people can read it in the right order and not have to come in mid point.
  Anyway that load of nonsense out of the way, here it is, An Andy and Aunt Jane adventure with just a hint of the 25th century.
  Hope you enjoy (because I love it)

Ha Hahhh!!!!

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Shiny Kate

Hi Everyone
 Yes that might seem like a random title, but this is a quick little tribute  to Kate Beckinsale and her continuing love for the shiny side of fashion.
  Now we have all seen Kate in The Underworld films, one of which was the first film I ever took my wonderful lover to. I know romantic aren't I 
 "Hey gorgeous older woman whom I have fantasied over ever since I met you in your office. Would you like to come with me to the movies, It's a film about a Latex clad Vampire." 
  Don't laugh, she did and we are still very much together and  very much........  What?...oh yes Kate Beckinsale.
   Anyway the other day Ms Beckinsale   appeared in a sleek black dress, not Latex I think but a polished leather, along side her young lover (Hey who am I to judge)
however she did seem to be in danger of a wardrobe malfunction, for not only did the bodice seem a little loose (first below) but the zip on the skirt seemed to be coming unstitched, leading to the risk of serious embarrassment. (Second below)

Check that bodice Kate

 Zip alert

However she stayed cool and gorgeous and we here at Smooth Slick n Shiny Towers look forward to more of the same.
 Thought I'd add a personal fave

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

An evening with Andy. Chapt 4

Hi Everyone
 Here is the penultimate chapter in Mandy's lovely story, "An evening with Andy".

Chapt 3 https://smoothslicknshiny.blogspot.com/2018/12/an-evening-with-andy-latex-chapter-4.html

Chapter Four.

My deepest appreciation must go to Andy for what I assumed might just have been another monotonous charity fundraising event, all the regular frequenters complaining about the usual tiresome reasons they always do, but Andy transformed the whole soiree, soon becoming the life and soul of party as he allowed me to hold onto his arm. It was as if everyone just loved Andy on sight, somehow he kept each individual entertained with stories and of course the other ladies, as well as some of the gentlemen, there found his dress totally backbreaking most of the invitees letting their fingertips to freely flow over the fine latex.
Tracey refused to take the evening off once Andy insisted he would be sitting up front to keep an eye on her as she chauffeured us to the hall and albeit he entertained each individual as we commingling or approached our table to spend as much time as they wished with him, when we were alone Andy would show such concern for Tracey being outside that I had to explain several times that it was natural for her to wait for me and if necessary Tracey would go to the kitchens to keep warm. I don’t think Andy was very impressed by my seemingly lack of concern because even before the meal he went out to see her. When Andy stood to pop outside for the sixth time, at only ten thirty in the evening, I informed him that I was going to give my best to the host and meet them both by the car in a few minutes.
Now, having woken early I’m down in the kitchen, my makeup flawless as I require it before leaving my rooms, attempting to construct a slogan for the posters and it’s only six in the morning though I asked Tracey not to wake me until ten.
The last I had seen of Andy was as he was leading Tracey up the  stairs to her room, however I heard them both giggling as their pleasure for eachother heightened until well gone two.
Still wrenching my mind to think of a catchphrase I have been staring at the screen of my laptop for the past hour, not really hearing the tapping of shoes behind me I let out a whine as Andy cheerfully greats me.
“Sorry, Mandy. I didn’t mean to scare you.”
Welcoming him as I was rebounding from my surprise by inviting Andy to help himself to coffee, as he poured Andy asked. “Do you mind if appealed to your better nature, would  it be alright if I stayed over for a few days, Mandy? I can complete the art on my laptop plus I can ensure each item is just as you wish.”
Moving around the counter to refill my own cup I took in that Andy was wearing the latex dress he donned last night; in the morning sunrise the pearlescent colouring became a more bluish tint and began to complement his attractive soft blue eyes as the sun rose higher; I considered if he wished to stay longer just so he could delight in covering his body in such risque slick fabric that, to me virtually resembled PVC, maybe it was the exquisite thick rich aroma of luscious latex drifting off his body, just as it disturbed my mind at the dinner party last night or whether it was just so he could have more fun with my Tracey.
“I absolutely love you in that attire, Mandy,” Andy whispered as he eyed my body, “and if you don’t mind me saying the flowery perfume so suits your sweet individuality. The red corset definitely matches your fiery red hair, twilit eyes and glittering lips” Andy quickly commented as his eyes continued to drift over my skin tight black PVC lustrous tight leggings and deep red PVC polished corset which some might say was a size too small for my bosom provoking the front of the black PVC short sleeved ruffle jacket to plunge apart; all of this I could see in a distorted reflection, exhibiting my already slim waist and full bosom indescribable on the mirror like shiny latex dress that Andy was encased in.
At first I thought he just considered the idea or that Andy was just giving me compliments to stay here but the sparkling look in his eyes as he glowered at the hollow between my full breast told me he wasn’t. “Well, thank you, Andy.” From open doorway a new sweet floral fragrance reached me before I could hear the gentle sound of Tracey joining us, beholding the amorous expression she was giving Andy from her heavier than normal smokey eyes was one of such infatuation, the look told me enough; my lovely, petite sissy maid, in her baby blue very tiny PVC dress with such a high French lace neckline, short puffed sleeves and an exquisite tulle petticoats lifting the extremely short skirt to stand out thusly showing the frilly matching taut PVC panties while somehow balancing on the five inch sparkling royal blue heels and nervously playing with her white PVC apron with Satin trim, was almost unable to take her eyes of his body.
“Morning Tracey.” I had spoken loudly to gain her attention, but lowered my tone when she dragged her regard towards me. “When you have made some breakfast for us all could you order some nice outfits for Andy? He wishes to stay a few days and we can’t have him dressed like this all the time. I think in a nice pencil skirt and tight blouse, office style would suit him best I feel, in latex of course, plus underwear too…..Oh! And I think an endearing pair of thigh high boots would look gorgeous on Andy too, please, make sure you use urgent same day delivery, Tracey. Also I expect you to clean this place today, it is become a total shambles.” Albeit it was not really a mess I eyeballed Tracey sternly making her her sexy blue attire quiver as she stood there in a daze . “And maybe a new latex maids dress for you, if you’re going to behave, young lady.”
“Yes, Mistress, I am sorry, Mistress.” Tracey finally winced, her voice trembling as she began preparing eggs benedict for us. “Please don’t make me go back to Miss Dungeon I promise to behave, Mistress Mandy.” Hearing my best friends name uttered by Tracey for the first time in years with such fear impressed me on how fully Miss Dungeons’ training really was.
An unpardonable uncertainty filled the air as Andy made unfathomable sounds, I felt he was wanting to ask what the conversation was about, so as Tracey was carrying the three plates over I began. “When Tracey very first began as my delightful maid she had a little problem learning to respond to her new name or wear her pretty PVC dresses for me, silly girl she wanted to be called Simon still and being such a sissy she attempted to only wear the stain outfits…” I looked over at a grinning Tracey as she mouthed the words, tell him all. “...well, Tracey implored me to let her carrying being my maid, how she would learn to respect my commands. I found it hard to believe her and after about ten days of her foolishness I sent her to a friend of mine, only to teach her that my way is best for the two of us you understand, when Tracey returned after that weekend she was so much more charming towards me.”
In an angelic chorus Tracey told me. “Not that I would ever want to visit her special room again, Mistress, but I am grateful to you and Miss Dungeon for training me so well, Mistress Mandy.”
“You won’t make me inspect Ms Dungeon specialized room?” Andy asked cheerfully.
I pondered the question knowing Andy was marginally more manly than Tracey had been when I first meet her, but did he really mean it as a jest, as I glared at him and in a stern tone I told him. “That is up to you, Andy. I expect your mascara to be perfect for as long as you are here, I really can’t have my office assistant looking anything but immaculate.”
Andys’ face looked perturbed with worry until I softly held his small soft hand and gave him a wide grin with my profoundly glossy lips, then Tracey spoke up. “Mistress means your mascara has marked you skin, don’t fret, Andy, I’ll help you fix it.” As they remained seated Tracey gently took his other hand. “Sweetheart, Mistress Mandy is just dream to live with and I really adore to serve her too, as long as we behave Mistress will be very hospitable, she allowed me to have the so sensual satin sheets when I asked. Please say you will still stay over for a few days.” I was so mesmerised by Tracey fluttering her long eyelashes at Andy that I only just caught him giving her a large smile followed by a swift nod of his head, immediately I seen his head go down they both stood and hurried out of the kitchen, with their shoes clacking in perfect unison Tracey joyfully called out. “I will do all my chores as soon as I have ordered Andys’ new uniform for you, Mistress.”
After seeing them disappear out of kitchen I went to the room I used as an office to do various tasks and seldom seen Tracey all day, I heard her springing footsteps as she was doing as she was told as quickly as possible. The only times I did see Tracey was when I was given refreshments, always she was thanking me for allowing Andy to stay for a few extra days. Whereas Andy, for the extra light, sat in the sunroom working on the projects I had asked him to do, roughly every hour Andy would softly knock on the open door before entering to ask if I was contented with his work so far, it was only rough sketches so far and need to have a full background but I thought they just what I was after, also he would enquire the next apparel I wished to promote.
It was soon six in the evening, several hours since I had last glimpsed either of my underlings when Tracey was deeply curtsying before me, uttering. “Please Mistress Mandy, dinner will ready in thirty minutes, do you wish to eat in the dining room?”
Looking up I noticed that she had changed into a golden coloured maids dress, the style was identical to the blue one with the high frilly neckline and layers of flowing crinoline petticoats she had on all day, nevertheless as always when wearing a high neck dress her cute pink collar sat on top, unlike any other dresses I know she owns this one was a glowing latex outfit! As I examined her closer to me the dress looked like metallic syrup had been dribbled over her.
In indignation I hissed. “Where did that dress come from, Tracey”
“Andy...Andy bought it for me, Mistress Mandy. Do you not like it, Mistress?” The deep apprehension in her voice told me how scared she was for wearing the lustrous dress without asking first.
“Well, I..” I stopped when I realized that the sleek and very deeply polished latex did suit her, the vividness of the smooth glistening latex perfectly duplicated her lovely copper hair, made her look more luscious, the outfit even came with tight corset sitting between the dress and copper coloured apron that pinched her waistline beautifully. “...The dress looks lovely on you, Tracey, just a bit of a surprise. I still prefer you in PVC or satin though. As long as you two were not being disrespectful by spending my money without permission you may wear it for the next few days.” Then adding with a giggle. “Hope it is very warm inside.”
“Yes, Mistress. I’ve only worn it for an hour or so, I’m not sure how Andy wears a latex dress all day. Thank you for allowing me to wear the dress, Andy has been so kind and shown me how effortless latex is to keep clean, so I will look respectable for you at all times, Mistress Mandy.”
Watching the dress move like soft honey with each gasping breath I noticed how her waist looked slimmer than normal and asked if her the corset she had on was not over tight. “A bit Mistress, as it pleases you so much, Mistress Mandy, it’s just a waist cincher, do you like?” Tracey asked running her fingers lightly over the glowing latex.
I informed her I loved and how the whole outfit really suited her bronzed complexion. Tracey curtsed in appreciation of my praise but instead of skillfully holding the edges of her dress in a suggestive manner she experienced her upper body by sliding her hand over the dress again, I watched for a couple of seconds before fully regaining my composure and asking. “You say supper will soon be served?” With another curtsy, undertaken correctly this time, allowing me to see her freshly painted, copper toned, nails, Tracey told me it would be. “Fine, at the table in the kitchen will be pleasant for the three of us, I think.”
Seeing Tracey adorned in latex was a surprise, beholding Andy as I walked into the kitchen completely left me overwhelmed with how amazing he looked in his new slithering outfit that was so glossy it reflected the diminishing sunlight like a mirror. All day long it had been such a warm spring day, as Andy stood in the humid kitchen with moisture overlaying his visible skin, admittedly not just from the heat coming from the stove. Andys’ new clothing appeared to be custom made just for him as they were so unbelievably breathtaking tight against his body; a simple white blouse with dinky ruffles around the puffed long sleeves plus a line of ruffles to hide the buttons down the front panel; an almost modest simple red ice skaters skirt sat around his narrow girly waist but it was the footwear that impressed me the most, lovely long white PVC thigh high lace up boots featuring six inch red heels to match the skirt a red stripe ran along the lace holes; I was unsure if Tracey had helped Andy apply his cosmetics as his lovely face was aglow with extra feminine charm.
“Goodness!” I finally gasped once I recovered the ability to breath, as I stepped closer the scent of latex and honey mixed together to fill the air and I understood that it was not Traceys’ meal that was causing the sweet fragrance to fill the room so delectably, the aroma was from Andys’ feminised body all due to an emollient that had been swathed over his skin, the hesitant smile from Andys’ full glossy pink lips was well worth the surprise as I afforded time to embrace the warm, smooth texture of the latex which slid under my fingers, impressed that the polish used was not even marked. “So lovely, Andy.” I whispered.
A snort of disgust sounded from behind me as Tracey exhaled in disgust just as Andy acknowledged my words by murrming. “You approve then, Mandy?”
Giving us a slow twirl Andy lifted the side of his miniscule skirt to show off the teensy red rubber panties he had on, they were so viselike no bulge could be seen. “Even more so, Andy. You turned yourself into the perfect feminine assistant.” I turned to slowly towards Tracey, purring. “He is lovely but I know how you feel, Tracey, so don’t worry. Could you please serve now?”
The meal as always was impeccable and enjoyed by all before the three of us retired to the lounge to enjoying ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ on DVD.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

New Year Christeen

Hi Everyone
 As it is Monday and back to work tomorrow, lets have a little Christeen to cheer us all up.