Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

Monday, 9 December 2019

New Art: In 3-2-1

Hi Everyone
 Hope you are all well and that you all had a slightly better weekend than I. I was hoping to get to Lyon to see my friends but work and strikes and general rubbish got in my way , so now I will have to wait until Christmas, which lets face it isn't too far away,
 Anyway, it did give me the chance to complete this piece of art. I had it done at one point a while ago but it did not sit right with me and needed a little time and distance to get it right and now I think it is.
  In this,(no spoilers) we are treated to a visit by the ladies of the Sisterhood, remember this is the group who Aunt Jane approached to help feminise Andy and who have invested greatly in him and not the Dark institute splinter group famed for their black latex outfits and blonde hair.
  I think it is all pretty contained in the image and dialog, but please note Janes look, She is framed in a deliberate way, to isolate her and her private thoughts from the action. It that regret, or pride in her eyes, is she now doubting her choices, or is she silently thrilled. 
  Anyway I need say nothing more, I just hope you enjoy it

Thursday, 5 December 2019

All new Christeen

Hi Everyone
   Like the world of retail going mental at Christmas, some things can always be relied on and one of the better ones is Christeen.
  So to help you all ease into Friday, here is a little skip into the world of poor young Chris.
Thank you Christeen

Monday, 2 December 2019

Over the knee, with Vanessa Pur

Hi Everyone
   Monday work is out of the way, but I think we could all do with a little lift and so, with special note to our boot loving friends,we have the very so lovely Vanessa Pur showing us her freshly purchased selection of stunning boots.
  Gotta say I love love love those fitted PVC ones. The sound is enough to melt my mind.
    Big Hugs

Thursday, 28 November 2019

New Art. A Walk In The Park

Hi Everyone

   A new piece of art, created about a week ago. Without giving anything away, this is set in the early days of Andy's new life, His embarrassment is still very clear and the fear of discovery still very much on his mind.
  The image has little plot, but was more a desire to create this kind of outfit and place it in the correct context.
  It also has a slight nod to Christeen's art in the framing of the image.
  Enough for now, I have no doubt you will find the details and that your naughty imaginations will fill in any gaps I might have missed and as ever, more after the  image

Hello again.
 Well as ever i do hope you liked that. As i said it has little plot, just a moment in time. I figure we are at the start of Andy's journey, we glimpse Will from the back, but he only recognises his best friend Andy's Aunt Jane, the girl in the gleaming dress on a sunny summers day is still a delightful mystery to him.
  For ages I have wanted to put Andy into the kind of dress Victorian ladies would have worn to promenade in the park on a Sunday afternoon. They are so wonderfully flamboyant,so elegant,restrictive and properly demure and with their wide Sunday hats and delicate parisoles, I also knew they would be perfectly embarrassing for Andy to be seen in, especially one made entirely of gleaming red Latex.. 
  It took quite a bit of time to get the outfit right, I can become obsessive with details and things (handy for my day job) but the results always make me happy, as I hope they do you.
  Biggest hugs

Monday, 25 November 2019

Christeen on Monday

Hi Everyone
 Well that was Monday and what better way to blow away those Monday blues than to have the wonderful Christeen to brighten the day.

Saturday, 23 November 2019

Guest art

Hi Everyone
A quick weekend treat.
  One of our friends has a gallery over at Deviantart  and in it we see yet another new and wild re-imagining of Andy and Aunt Janes adventures.
Pop on over to  https://www.deviantart.com/nataliesternxxx/gallery/  for more.

Continued here

Friday, 22 November 2019

William Wilde and more

Hi Everyone
   Just thought I would pop in a direct your naughty gaze to the new William Wilde collection. As you know William Wilde is a big favourite of mine, his styles range from the cutting edge to the utterly classic everyday and it is this "everyday" style into which his latest collection fits. 
Called the classics it mixes new twists on older designs whilst adding a few new, sleek future classics.
  Total credit to William Wilde, love your creations

 This Trench is just so simple yet so gorgeous


How simple yet stunning is this. Waht a way to make a statement at the coming party season than in this  the Antoinette dress. Love those sleeves.

See more here https://www.williamwilde.com/

  Following on from that,
One of our dear friends Sabine, recently put me on to the legendary fetish house Polymorphe's amazing Marble effect Latex. It is so amazing and clever especially in the near transparent varieties. So with total respect to Polymorphe I just wanted to share  a few pieces with you.


The texture and lightness of this design is quite brilliant


Tuesday, 19 November 2019

New Art . Not Just Yet

Hi Everyone
   Time I put something into this blog, so here we are with a nice and romantic piece of art. I think I will chat about it after the the art so as not to give anything away, but I will say, there is a little bit of my own personal story in this and I wanted to capture it for a long time now, but could not work out how to do it but I am really happy with how this came out.
As ever I think we can all figure the details out together.
 So a little more after the picture

So there we have it, a glimpse of Andy in a very mundane location, a bus-stop on a busy street, yet looking like the sissified fetish icon of Jane's dreams. I think we are fitting this image in at a time where Will knows about Andy and his Aunts plans for him, but is only beginning to realise he has  "new" feeling for his oldest and best friend.
    Here Will has taken Andy's hand as any galant protector would ,yet in his head he tells himself he did it just because he felt sorry for his friend and nothing more. He tells himself took his hand purely in reassurance and absolutely not because it felt right or nice, or.....or because he just wanted to.
   I have also tried to express their confused emotions in their body language too. Their bodies are very much angled toward each other, showing attraction, whilst there eyes are averted in an embarrassed and forced attempt not to acknowledge the moment which has just occured between them. That moment being the moment Will first took Andy's hand and it is that moment which is my personal addition to this story because it was on a rainy night in  a bus-stop my own Will first took my hand. It felt like warm, so nice and every thought I had that night is expressed by Andy in this piece, I was so safe and I never wanted him ever to let go.
   Right I have now re written that last piece of text a few times, because it got a bit deep into me there and I never realised how personal I had gotten, but heck if I can't let a little light in now and again I am doing myself and my lost "Will" a disservice.

  So I hope you liked it
My biggest hugs

Friday, 15 November 2019

Christeen for the weekend

Hi Everyone.
  Yes Yes Yes, it is time for the superb Christeen to grace our pages again with 4 more classy stories.
 Happy weekend

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

@carolvorders melts Twitter

Hi Everyone
   It seems an age since I posted something about one of my first and still one of my greatest crushes, the brilliant Carol Vorderman. So let me put that to rights.
  With the Rugby world cup just coming to a disappointing end for us English, Ms Vorderman has been flexing her Welsh heritage (born in Bedford England, she was raised by her Welsh mother in Prestatyn, North Wales) by cheering on the Wales team both at home and in Japan.
  But this is Carol Vorderman and she isn't just going to slump down at home and take it in, no, she is  going to don her favourite Wales rugby shirt,spray on a pair of dangerously tight and impossibly sexy red leather pants,before then leaping about her lounge in a gloriously blatant  display of leg flashing and bum wiggling you will ever see, but damn, I ain't complaining, not one bit. Hell, come on, she is 58 years old, wouldn't we all flaunt it if we had it.
  Just such a shame the pics, she posted on twitter are of a poor quality, but maybe it is best we don't get to much clarity, not sure my little mind could take it. The scary thing is, I bet there is a video out there somewhere

@carolvorders on twitter

Add caption

Monday, 11 November 2019

Double feature: New art and a story. They Will Come

Hi Everyone
   Time for what was going to be a kind of scary Halloween post, but it got sidelined and then moved about but now I think I can happily post it.
  We return to the 25th Century for a story and art, which though not directly connected are based on the same concept, which in turn is based on a concept by and Author named simply as Stacy, whose wonderful story 'Wrapped in Time' ,I keep returning to.
   I really need explain nothing of this , because the story before the art has all the details you will need and anything else, well, I am sure we can discuss that as the kinky minded friends that we are.


They will come

   “You think you can come before me in that uniform, all pretty and painted, all hot and sexy and think I would not be angry with you? Hell Ensign you could stand before me naked but for a film of Agreenian mega-slug sneezoslime and I would still be furious”.    
  Ensign Stephanie Beauchamp, Stevie to those who knew the bubbly blonde, trembled in her heels. Never had she seen Commander Andy Watson to angry, never had she felt the cold edge of his tongue, the warm edge yes, the deep warm soft gentle edge yes, but not this
  “You deliberately disobeyed a direct order. Do not interfere; do not interfere with time, it is absolutely forbidden, but clearly not for you Ensign. Explain”.
  For a moment the ultra sissy Ensign paused, lost in the memory of that night in the Agreenian Palace, of the memory of her cool and calm Commander politely and nervously requesting her permission to smooth the warm, slick and tingling, Sneezoslime across her naked skin and of the effect it had on them and the sensual passion it unleashed. 
  “Sorry Commander. I couldn’t just stand by and let it happen, I couldn’t live with myself knowing that in 3 days she would have been taken, knowing what would happen to her, I saw it happen, the cocoon spreading over her, shrinking, tightening, that sound, awake ,conscious, screaming, helpless, being….2 years the time slip data said, hours to us, but  2 years for her lost in time to them, their prisoner, their play thing…I couldn’t, it would have been wrong. I mean she was right beside me, my colleague, my friend and then she was gone….I just couldn’t it would have be wrong”
   “Wrong? Wrong?”. The stunning red head snapped rising from behind his desk, “You are not here to decide right and wrong, you are here to obey orders”.
     Commander Andy Watson the mysterious ultra feminine boy from another century, most decorated member of the Star-corps, style icon, roll model, voted most desirable unobtainable life-form in 3 star sectors 4 years in a row and rumoured to have turned down 6 billion credits to be photographed naked for galactic Play-being magazine, now stood before the trembling junior officer, his freshly polished, ultra tight latex uniform glistening like oil under the white lights, as his stunningly made up eyes narrowed in disappointment.
    “ It happened Ensign, it happened. I am not happy about it either but this thing came aboard our ship, and took Ensign Sweet-touch. It took her. That is why we developed time slip tech, so as to go back to witness these moments, to gain the data we can use to free others. Witness ,observe, gather Data and not.. NOT to tamper with time. What you did created a fixed, repetitive point in time,a time loop, a scar if you like, impossible to repair”.  
     For a second Stevie did not reply, she breathed deeply, both to calm and to drink in her stunning superiors rich perfume. “I am sorry, I never thought. I just couldn’t”
   At that moment the communicator buzzed demanding attention.
 “Watson, what have you got Doc?”
“Commander, you better get down here quick”
  “Is it important doc, got a mutiny on my hands up here”
“She’s back”
“Sweet-touch, she’s back” 
“Sweet-touch? But…..but that isn’t possible, what’s her status?”
“You’d better come see”.
  “On my way Doc. Come on Ensign lets go see what chaos looks like”. Moving swiftly and with purpose the Commander slipped his trusted laser pistol into its thigh holster, before reaching behind to the chair to retrieve his uniform jacket and as the smooth Latex slipped into place the pair hurried to the exit. However, at the door to the turbo lift, the Commander paused, a moment’s look of uncertainty on his stunning features. Then reaching down his polished fingertips hovered over his holster, before with a slick perfected movement drawing a small mirror and lipgloss form its pouch. The choice between slick and ultra gloss was quick and professional and the glistening wand drawn with practised speed across moist kissable lips. Moments later, a new deep gloss, mirroring his liquid like outfit applied, the pair entered the lift.
  Standing side by side now, gazing in silence up at the elevators deck counter as it noted each of the giant starship 700 decks, Andy Watson signed “Damn it Stevie”, he said, “What you did was so stupid”
   “I know and I am truly sorry but you have to understand, It was….I had to…..and I would do it again”.
   “I know why you did it, you did it because you are so kind, but as your superior officer it places me in a difficult position”.
   “I’m really sorry and I understand. You gotta do what you gotta do”.
  “What I gotta do Ensign is punish you”
   “Yes Commander, I understand”
    “Teach you a lesson”
    “Yes Commander”
   “Teach you to obey”
The blonde Ensigns voice suddenly failed as softly, Commander Watsons hand came to rest on her latexed bottom, his agile and gentle fingertips slowly easing the tight material down and over the sensual swell of Stevies bottom, to expose naked flesh.
   “Do you understand Ensign?”
   “Ye….yes” Stevie half stammered, a treble in his voice
   “Do you understand?” 
   “Yes Commander I under…..”.
 Swiftly and before the Junior Officer could finish, she found herself with her back to the elevator wall, her commanding officer pressed tightly to her, his beautiful face, blues eyes, glistening lips inches from her own.
   “Good”, the stunning red head breathed, his breath sweet and warm caressing Stevie’s lips , “Because I am going to spank you, spank you until your bottom glows like a Sunset on Sentiam 2 and then……then I’m going to cover it in smooth buttery kisses until the tingling dies……do you understand?”
  “Oh yes Commander, I understand”.
   “Very well Ensign Beauchamp……over my knee……now!”
  With that and as if by magic, the elevators seat slid from it hiding place.

The doors the elevator opened and commander Andy Watson and a very sheepish Stevie, still red faced and desperately smoothing her skirt, entered. The doc turned and read the shock on their faces.
  “She came back Commander, dead on time, just as before”.
  Barely acknowledging the stunning grey haired chief science officer in her sleek white medical uniform, Andy Watson looked on in shock at the figure laid out on the table before him. 
“What the fuck is that on her?”  Stevie gasped.  “looks like its moving over her, like… like flowing oil”
   “An organic…”
   “Organic?”  The usually cool Commander gasped, “you mean…?”
    “A living cocoon, way more complex than the easement last time. That was purely synthetic, but this?….fuck knows….Early analysis indicates is has been grown over her and contains….”. The eloquent doctor with the soft Scottish accent paused as if calming her nerves, she breathed, “….and contains….. multiple life forms. She isn’t alone in there”
   “What is in there? Do we know yet?”
    “Nurse Chanel is working on it, all we know is Sweet-touch is being penetrated as before, triple entry and as before none violent. Vital signs indicate zero trauma, but greatly increased sexual stimulation”.
   “She’s being fucked like before”. 
   “Constantly and even more so. Whatever is in there is pretty relentless”.
   “So what about the seam”? Stevie added, her voice a tremble of revulsion. “What about the point we opened it from last time”? 
    “There isn’t  one Ensign, there can’t be one, no more than there can be a seam in your skin. This….this isn’t  a prison as before”.
     “Not a Prison?” Andy darted back, “Why use that word?” 
    “It just seems, different.” The elegant and beautiful Doctor said. “Before it was …I don’t know…applied. Look, from our accounts and Stevie’s statement Sweet-touch was wrapped in an organic material, a coating, a web if you like, yes, tight, yes highly restrictive, but still an organic. However when she returned she was encased in a liqui-Latex vinyl hybrid material, shrunken and melted on, but an applied coating and even then with physical seam at the base of the feet, but this….”.
   Commander Watson noted the look in his esteemed colleagues eyes and his stomach fluttered, not just from the data he had been given, but form a memory, a feeling, something in the Doc had always reminded him of someone, someone from a long time go, the eyes, the hair, that body on a woman her age….someone…special.  He cleared him mind. “Go on Doc….we need to know”.
  At that moment the nurse let out a gasp and turned from the table, her data pad dropping to the floor. “Oh God!”
  “Nurse?” both The Commander and Doctor spoke with matching concern.
For a moment it looked as if the woman as going to be physically sick, her hand gripping onto the side of the bed for support.
  “Nurse. Update”.
  “Larvalous Worms……They’re fucking Larvalous worms ” 
   In an instant the temperature in the room dropped, a blanket of fear and disbelief enfolding the group as they all stared in helpless terror and pity at the constantly shifting figure on the table.
    “That is not…..that is not possible…..Oh fuck no”. For a brief moment the fearless commander of the Starcorps quivered, memories flowing back, he had encountered Larvalous worms before, on Trentia 4. Two small specimens had slipped inside his jacket and had begun to excrete their oils onto his skin. When he was finally discovered, he had been in the uncontrolled rapture of ecstasy for several hours, an ecstasy from which it took him days to recover. 
  However, the look on Commander Watsons face was nothing compared to the utter disbelief the group saw on the Doctors.  “I thought it was a myth,” she said stepping back, distancing herself from the group, “A rumour, impossible, unthinkable. Larvalous breeding….When….when I was on a junior on the HMSS Rapture research ship we heard stories of Larvalous farming, not just single eggs but multiple specimen reproduction. They told of how a captive would be placed into the still viable Latex like chrysalis of a fully grown and freshly pupated Larvalous worm. They told how the sedated yet, awake and conscious subject would watch helplessly as over time the membranous cocoon would slowly heal, just as a cut on your hand would seamlessly heal, encasing them with an unbreakable living prison. A prison into which were injected the micro embryos of newly formed Larvalous worms. Then as the worms grew, they expelled oils and fluids which coated the inside of the cocoon to create one single Larvalous egg and at it’s centre the perfect source for all they needed to grow”.
  The commander swallowed hard, forcing the memories back into the deep corners of his mind. “The Larvalous excrete nutrients and fluids which, on one hand, create an uncontrolled sexual stimulation and on the other keep the captive in higher than peak perfect health. Then in return the Larvalous feed of the captives sweat and fluids. A perfect symbiotic circle”
  “So….so Lulu is ok?” Stevie ventured nervously. “I mean she, once we have freed her she will be ok, won’t she?”
  “I’d say Ensign Sweet-touch will be more than ok”. The nurse replied, with almost a touch of envy in her voice. “Larvalous nutrients are highly prized and very rich. Refined, they are used in all major cosmetic creams and rejuvenative treatments. I mean I don’t recall her having such a pert pair of boobs before do you?” 
   Following the nurses eye, the group to look as one at the blossoming breasts, that now stretched the slick cocoon into elegantly sculptured peaks, capped with hardened, aroused nipples.
  For a moment or two the realisation of what was happening within the glistening slick cocoon hang in haunting disbelief in the room, only the muffled and plaintive meowing of Ensign Sweet-touch breaking the fearful silence.
   “Do….do we have time slip data?” Andy Watson asked, deliberately breaking the spell and pushing everyone’s minds back into the room. “Do we have the time slip data?”
   “Coming up Commander”
  “And what about the tubing from last time?”
   “Unnecessary, that was synthetic, this is a totally self-contained organic entity”.
  Andy Watson took a deep breath, his fists balling in controlled anger. “Take a good look Ensign Beauchamp, this is what interfering in history does”. 
  The blonde ensign jumped at her Commanding officer, friend and lovers tone, but inside she knew it was well deserved, the guilt of her actions a sickening knot in her perfectly toned stomach.
  “Date locked”, broke in the nurse, “Time slip confirmed Commander. Registering 74 hours and counting.”
   “So nothing has changed?”  Stevie gasped, “74 hours, but how?”
   Suddenly Commander Watson went pale. Slowly he turned from the monitor. “That entity will return to that point, that location at time line in 74 hours, it is inevitable, a fixed point in time”.
   “But it can’t”. Stevie replied, “I know Sweet-touch will not be there, because I changed her leave rotation, she is on Celeda 2, ultra skiing and will be for a month. I knew there wouldn’t be a problem because the first time we had no requests, no logins, it was quiet, barely enough work for one let alone two us. I could handle all the data coming to that desk on my ….own……..why are you looking at me like that. I know it was wrong, but…….on my own? OH GOD NO!!!!”
     Stevie slumped to her knees, head spinning, heart pound, shaking, shivering, racked with a sudden shock as if shot with a radiator cannon blast.
  The doc looked quizzically to Andy, confusion on her stunning face. 
 “Stevie changed Sweet-touch’s timeline, but not the entities…….. and not his own.So this time when the entity comes, as it surely will, Stevie will be manning that desk alone and this time ……there will be no one to raise the alarm”.
  “My God!” Her face draining of colour, the Doc fumbled for the tables edge in support of her trembling legs. “You mean?
    Stevie raised his tears reddened eyes. His soft feminine voice, catching in gasped acceptance. “That’s not Sweet-touch in there….it’s……..it’s me”.

Hello again, just in case it is not clear, the image of Stevie to the right is the holographic image from the scanner. You probably got that already, but thought I would just clarify.


Thursday, 7 November 2019

Shiny little clips

Hi Everyone
    A quick post. Just a few of my favourite Youtube clips discovered in the last month. I hope all the links work in various countries. I would post them to my own page, but really don't want to incur the wrath of their Copyright lawyers.

This is Maruv and that is all I know apart from that she looks amazing in this clip

Now we have Girls Generation. One of the biggest Kpop girl bands in Korea.  With two tracks, both of which are way to catchy to be legal. Again away from the music and Dance, the girls are just so cute and look stunning in these  vinyl/Latex outfits.

Take care
Big Hugs

Saturday, 2 November 2019

New Art. Andy's Tricky Treat

Hi Everyone
 Yes I know it is  a day late but here is this years Halloween offering. It is Late, (a) because I did not like the original one, It felt to busy and messy so I cleaned it up and boiled it down to it's essence and (b) because I only finished this about 3 hours ago, so it is hot hot hot of the presses.
  So here it is, It fits somewhere in a time before the American escape and Andy's return to Will, though maybe it fits elsewhere, but it  really can stand on its own.
 As ever I will give nothing away before the image, But will be back after for a little extra detail and insight.
  So hope you like this slightly belated entry.

Hello again.
  Well I hope you liked that and as ever it looks as if poor Andy is in for a sticky night.
    One of the reasons i changed it was that originally it was going to be Andy as Morticia Addams and then those pics of Amanda Holden came out and I thought it would be too repetitive and so went back and created this. I love Maleficent, I think it is a stunning outfit/costume and so it became the base of this piece. I spent a lot of time getting the shint right, I have worked a new method which I think creates a deeper liquid shine and gives the outfit a real weight.
 Well that is all techno blah blah, because simply put I think the story speaks for itself and needs nothing but your super input.
Big hugs

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Amanda Holden's shiny Halloween

Hi Everyone
   Well that was Halloween and this year following on from the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale's Latex gown, we find blog favourite Amanda Holden joining in the rubbery frolicks by transforming herself in the ghoulish Morticia Addams, sheathed in a stunning custom dress created by the brilliant William Wilde.
  But not only did Amanda don her super sexy outfit, she also went on to present her entire breakfast radio show in her sticky latex costume. Total dedication I would say, but we would expect nothing more from the lady who, a mere 9 days ago, posted pictures of her leg in plaster following a double break whilst on holiday.
  Not too bothered about Halloween myself, but if our favourite ladies keep this up I could be persuaded to join in myself


The very gown, displayed by William Wilde at his studio, ready for Amanda to wriggle into.

It's Christeen time

Hi Everyone
  Yes it's that wonderful moment, Christeen Time once again. 4 more wonderful adventures for poor Chris on his journey into femininity for us all to enjoy. Including a special one inspired by a recent post.
  Thank you as ever toor friend Christeen

Sunday, 27 October 2019

A Latex Halloween with our Kate

Hi Everyone
  Nearly caught up on my holiday backlog, but there is always time to post an update from our U.S.A correspondent, the ever vidual Amanda Keira. This time she has drawn our attention to the ever gorgeous Kate Beckinsale and her her growing wardrobe of Latex.
    This time Kate has posted pics of her as Holly Golightley ,from Breakfast at Tiffany's. However unlike Audrey Hepburn's character, Kate has reinvented her in a sleek black latex dress, so tight she can barely walk. As ever the pics are done with Kates notorious sense of humour, whilst highlighting her stunning figure and beauty.
Below is a link to Instagram and a short black and white video clip.

If more images arise we shall bring them as soon as we can

Monday, 21 October 2019

New Art: A Small Price To Pay

Hi Everyone
   Well I am back, I still have a few things to sort out but I have had a super break with my friends and caught some sun, but now we must return to business.
As promised I have created a sequel to Welcome Home Jane 
Which saw Jane and Andy returning from America to find their friend Helene paying the price for their upsetting of the mysterious Dark Institute. Jane had stared in shocked disbelief at her friend wrapped in a skin of gleaming Latex, moulded and posed as some bizarre perverted art form and all the time knowing there would be a great price to pay for her freedom. However it was a price she knew she would have to pay, but little did she know just how far she would have to go to repay her debt.
  As ever more after the image, but for now here we go.


     Dedicated to my oldest friends Skinnie Stallion (My S) and Capricious Amber (My Kitty) from your forever Stablegirl xx

Hello again.
 Well I hope you enjoyed that, it took me a very long time to perfect, but I have always wanted to create a pony girl scenario , but lacked the skill to do so, but having developed my art I was ready to do it some justice and I hope the results were worth it. I think so.
  I first had Jane in bridle and bit, but thought it was not restrictive enough and so added the full Latex pony head, which of course includes ear buds through which she can hear commands, whilst totally isolating her from the outside world. I have also imagined the interior of the hood to be inflatable, which will make it totally stable on Janes head, whilst again adding to her isolation.
 The suit itself is smoked transparent Latex and the hoof boots and gloves moulded into it and once the hood is glued into place it is not coming off until it is removed from her, be that in 3 weeks or longer. However judging by the conversation between Madame Dark and her lawyer (Note the lawyer does not wear Latex) I think that question has been answered. But for now, both their fates are in Andy's delicate sissy hands

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Midweek Christeen

Hi Everyone
  One last post as promised before I depart for a week or two and I can't leave you in better company than the wonderful Christeen.
 Take care everyone and see you soon

Monday, 7 October 2019

Walking Fifi. By Mandy Sweet Heart. Chapt 6

Hi Everyone
 Here as promised and only a day late is the 6th and final (for now?) Chapter of Mandy's wonderful story.
 I have certainly enjoyed it and I hope you have too and we prey Mandy will write us a new story soon.
Part 5 below

Walking Fifi.
By Mandy Sweet Heart.
**Continuing on from *All in the Plan*
   & is based on art by SweetAndyLatex.
   Thank you, Sweet, Andy Latex**

Chapter Six.
In an unlikely Andy-like way he had spent much longer in the shower than at any time while fulfilling Janes’ wishes to be her adorable latex clad maid. He did not shower for so long merely because had never fully liked Jeniffers’ pet white poodle, Fifi, very much; as far as he was concerned the dog always acted as if it was better than any person, even before Andy had started doing all the maids’ duties he always found it strange the way Fifi apparently acted as if it had a higher standing than Lady Jane, the real reason Andy was allowing the water to cascade over his body for such a long time was due to his mind wandering to where Will might wish to take them all tonight, and trying to think about what to wear, plus he considering how he might approach his aunt so Will and himself might be allowed to have some midnight fun in the new hot-tub she had in the garden.
Only having a pair of lustrous glossy pinky tiny latex panties to cover his modesty Andy wrapped one of the fluffy jumbo sized, ivory towels over his torso before sitting to apply his cosmetics. Unlike when he was at a photo shoot and people were moaning that his face was not the way they wished, he felt completely relieved Jane had not said anything about his makeup earlier so he was happy to keep the light fresh appearance that he worn that morning. Proceeding with a light foundation he confidently applied the pink lipstick that matched the pink heels he would be wearing and more importantly would match his lovely pink nails before selecting the light pink eyeshadow, long false lashes and just a shade lower than his lipstick Andy blushed his cheeks, then out of the blue he decided on a bit of glamour was needed and used the hair glitter to add just a tiny bit of diamond sparkle to his appearance.
Just as always Andy had already cleaned his latex uniform, leaving it like a silky smooth lake of pink liquid ready to slip into.
With the sun dazzling into his room it was turning out to be a warm afternoon and Andy was beginning to wish someone had helped smooth a slippery layer of lube over his clear flawless skin, the latex slithered so slowly onto his tender body causing it to become sticky almost at once, as he continued to wriggle his slim hips half heartedly wondering if the lovely dress was a size smaller than he had worn that morning. Finally squeezing into the shimmering warm latex the rest of the uniform did not take long for the experienced feminised boy and he was very soon bending at the waist and clicking the tiny padlocks onto his pink six inch glimmering shoes before thinking of leaving the room.
With Andy being so dedicated he was soon securing the long leather pink leash onto Fifis’ diamond studded collar and straightening Fifis’ head bow. Feeling they were almost ready a very regal voice caught his attention. “Going out without informing me, Andy?”
As he had spoken softly to Fifi Andy had not heard Janes’ footsteps as she had been walking over the long rug to reach them. A very startled Andy turned, gasping. “No, no, of course not Ma’am.” Jane smiled at the way Andy kept using a word she thought he would never use again. “I was just making sure Fifi was ready first, Ma’am. Please, will you be home when I return or might it be best if I take a key, Auntie Jane.”
Andy felt his aunt lovingly gaze on him for a second or two before she replied. “It really is wonderful to have you here and doing all this for me, Andy, but remember I have the agency staff in tomorrow so you can leave your rooms in a bit of mess and have a proper rest.” Knowing he had left the damp towels in the hamper Andy smiled at her kindness as Jane added. “You won’t need a key darling, Jenny and I will be in all afternoon, now go and enjoy your walk.”
When he was younger Andy had often stayed with his aunt allowing him to regularly see a few maids in brightly coloured satin or PVC uniforms walking around the area, it was only after Lady Jane bought the luxurious lilac latex maids dress that Andy had any idea that some of the girls he spent time gazing at might not be females. Strolling along with the poodle by his side Andy felt so relaxed with people ignoring him as he enjoyed the sunshine and allowed Fifi to mostly choose the direction they walked.
Trotting along, Fifi kept her head high as if to say to the world, ‘look at me, I’m a good doggie taking the maid for a walk,’ and she often twiched the leash to make Andy go to the places she had been to before, endding up in a nice open space.
It was a wolf whistle from a passing stranger that reached his ears and finally bought Andy back to reality, making him look around to see where they were. He knew the park they were in, in the past he and a few friends used to play football there, Andy peered down at Fifi who gazed up at him with what appeared to be a smile on her doggie face. “Did you bring me here on purpose, Fifi?” The poodle just smirked back and carried on trotting along the path but Andy was now thinking it may be getting a bit late and carefully eased the dog towards the exit.
The loud calls and whistles was beginning to make Andy nervous, he felt the nervous butterflies flutter in his tummy as thoughts of how Shelia and the others at Cover Girl would react to stories of him being out dressed like this, he was supposed to keep a certain image for the magazine and more importantly the designers. Then another thought raced through his worried mind, what would Aunt Jane say. Andys’ fevered mind considered the possibility that she might punish him worse than the staff at the magazine. “I have to get back.” Andy mumbled to himself and walked slightly faster towards the exit as he heard a few more shouts.
Nearing the parks exit Andy felt slightly relieved as thoughts of his Will entered his mind and how he would stand by him no matter what happened.
Feeling as if he was on slightly wobbly legs Andy finally reached the walkway outside of the green space and looked down to see Fifi broadly grinning at him still. “Why did you bring me here, Fifi?” The dog still did not answer him.
Andy took a second to work out the best way to return to Janes’ villa and wondered when they had crossed this busy road. The vehicles going past appeared to be endless as they moved slowly along, but at least most of the drivers only looked at the road ahead. “We must get across, Fifi.” Andy murmured more to himself. “Why won’t the traffic stop and let us cross,” Andy gazed down the street to see if there was any possibility of a crossing anywhere close, the one way just went further out of London and no crossing could be seen and the curve close by stopped him from seeing very far to his left.
Feeling underdressed in such a short maids dress Andy was starting to wish he had worn one of the outfits he had hung in the smaller closet last night, all of them such beautiful dresses that he had been given by grateful designers, three completely designed just for him, Andy knew he would have felt so much more comfortable wearing any one of those creations.
The boys’ panic was starting to make him shake inside and he felt worse than the first time he walked into Christians’ with Jane as he was wondering what to do.
Still standing near the kerb he heard some teenage boys close by but could not make out what they were saying, Andy just hoped that they would cut into the park or turn around before seeing him; suddenly one of the boys called out. “Wow! Would you take a look at her?”
“I wouldn’t mind.” Called a second.
Andy could feel the tears building up as the third voice shouted. “What’s she got on, is that rubber?”
“Not sure.” Giggled the second voice nervously. “John, got your camera phone on you?”
Andy could feel himself squirm but dare not look at them or turn away in case it encouraged the three in any way, keeping his eyes on the traffic he listened as the voices sounded closer. “What do you think, Tom, is that the same girl on the magazine cover, the one your mum reads?”
Andy did not have a chance to hear if there was reply as his blurry eyes were filled with a silver car coming to a stop just as it went pass him.
His mind raced, ‘no one was supposed to stop here, the line said so’.
More panic filled Andys’ mind as he heard the door clicked open.
Andy gasped at what might happen now and clutched the leash tighter. A voice that was partly a grunt but definitely mixed in with a deep purr, nonetheless Andy should have recognised who was speaking at once, as the driver spoke up. “Maid, Lady Jane demands to know why you are still out.”
Andy glanced to see his Will smiling at him, thinking ‘my hero’ and caught sight of the three teenagers running down into the park, Andy sighed in relief and with the sound of horns beeping in frustration he hurried towards Wills’ car as quickly as he was able.
“Thank you, Will.” Andy gasped whilst making sure Fifi was safely inside and closed the door. “I really thought I would be there forever and those boys…..”
“I would never leave you standing on street corners.” Chuckled Will.
Allowing Andy time regained some of his dignified persona they sat in a comfortable silence, Will eased along the street until they stopped at a set of lights where Andy curled an arm around one of Wills’. “I love all my wardrobes, almost as much as I love you Will, but I don’t think I have it in me any more to be outside in these lovely uniforms, I hope Aunt Jane doesn’t mind.”

The End
For now