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Saturday, 20 July 2019

Katy Perry always in fashion

Hi Everyone
   Firstly, Thank you so much for your votes, the polls are still open and now a quick post from Amanda K in LA. 

Hello form LA.
I seems that despite her on going court case, the gorgeous and fun Katy Perry can still shine on a night out. 

This time the shine was provided by this  hot vinyl mac/dress.

In LA for SmoothSlicknShiny. I'm Amanda Keira

Thursday, 18 July 2019

A Question

Hi Everyone
   I need help, No, I need your help. I have new art to post on Monday, but can't decide which of the two finished pieces to post first, I love each the same and so I offer to you a question, a Poll. Please place your answers in the comments box.

Do you want to next see Andy in uniform? 
Do you want to next see Andy in another outfit?

Voting closes Monday morning when I wake up and the winner will be posted soon after.
Fear not though, for the second place will be posted the following week.

Biggest Hugs

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

At last It's Gigi Hadid

Hi Everyone
    Still working on my new flat and to my shame falling behind on my blog posting. However I can at last post this awesome piece of Television history. Gigi Hadid's appearance on LipSync Battle.
  Now I have tried on a few occasions to upload my full length version of this, but every time it goes up it taken down for copyright rules (which is fair, but picky) and so I was really happy to find this one on youtube via MTV France and it is in full HD to boot.
 So hopefully and finally, we an all bask in the utter beauty of Gigi Hadid in that amazing PVC catsuit and those gleaming Louboutin heels.
   Big hugs

Friday, 12 July 2019

New 25th Century Art : Andy's Big Mistake

Hi Everyone
   Well I think it is about time I brought something to this party. Once again we travel into the neon future and to the adventures of Andy In the 25th Century.

Now you might be thinking , that was a little odd, just a close up well fear not the full picture is below, I just wanted to tease a little and give Andy's mean and moody face the close-up it deserves. 
   So as ever Andy is taking control, fully uniformed and looking dazzling in neon Latex. However we have never seen our Hero/Heroine looking so demanding, usually Andy is the epitome  of cool control, so what has got our sexy galactic superstar so edgy? Well as the title suggests, perhaps this is Andy's Big Mistake.
  Fear not though, for as the cool, fearless,two fisted Andy is fighting for the future, the sweetly helpless Andy we know and love will soon return  in a story image that turns his blushing embarrassment level up to 11.
  Right enough tease.
Hope you like this and I am sure we can fill in any details with your super observations and comments.
A Million thanks for sticking around for me.

Andy's Big Mistake

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

The return of Christeen

Hi Everyone
 Desperately trying to get back into the swing of things here. I have just purchased my first flat and things are rather busy, so please forgive the slow re-start.
 Anyway, we always have room for some of our friend Christeens super stories and pics of poor sweet Chris in all his feminised wonder.
  I'll say no more other than welcome back to Christeen

 Love false lashes, they really have an impact

Sunday, 7 July 2019

The one where Rachel wore Latex

Hi Everyone
   With the announcement of her recent marriage in the news, we here at S.S.n.S were reminded of the day that Rachel Riley, the beautiful Maths wizz on Channel 4s Countdown program, caused a national sensation by wearing Latex. 
   Not since the days of her predecessor, Carol Vorderman and
her legendary leather clad bottom, had pause and rewind buttons gone into such a meltdown. This was Rachel Riley, sweet, giggly, bright and brilliant Rachel Riley actually wearing Latex. So to celebrate, we tracked Rachel down for a quick chat, just to fill in the details. 

It is nearly 5 years since Television presenter and mathematician Rachel Riley appeared on the daytime game show Countdown wearing Latex. It was a appearance which sent her millions of fans crazy, however it would be one she was never to repeat.

 We caught up with the beautiful and charming 33 year old presenter to find out the background to the story.

Rachel Riley
Well it was a special occasion we had just be entered into the Guinness book world records as the longest game show in history, so I thought it deserved something a little special and I been searching around for something and there had been a spate of celebrities wearing Latex at red carpet events that year and I thought, oh interesting. But it was meeting Kylie Minogue at the Brit awards that year that really cemented the idea. She was wearing this amazingly stylish, black and white Latex dress and she told me it was by this designer named William Wilde and that he created brilliantly classy Latex dresses and that if I did want to try Latex he was the chap to see.    
    Normally there is not a problem with wardrobe, there are a few things we all tend to shy away from, but I thought I had better run it past the producers first and they did um and ah for a few minutes but, as the dress I showed them was modest and classic they Ok’d it. Like I said, there is normally no problem, they know we all have our styles and they go along, but I can’t help thinking that if I had walked out on set in that dress, unannounced they might have seriously freaked out. 
  So it was William Wilde?
   Yes, And she (Kylie) was right, he was superb and explained all about how the dress would feel and look and even how I might feel wearing it, that in my position, wearing Latex would be a serious thing and that it would not go unnoticed. He was almost a counsellor, totally wonderful, not trying to dissuade me, just warning me. 
   From then on I was really excited to find out for myself. Everything is made to measure, we had four fitting and I was so nervous each time I went back because I like a biscuit and because the measurements were so detailed I was terrified it wasn’t going to fit, but it was perfect. However I did ask him to adjust the original neckline because it was a little too daring for daytime TV, but he was totally cool and understood.  
   So were you confident
  Yes pretty much, The first time I put it on in William Wilde’s studio it was perfect and exactly what I wanted, however then they said it needed polishing. Polishing? It had not dawned on me until that moment that it wouldn’t need anything but a quick wiping over, but they literally slicked me up all shiny with this silicone oil and I suddenly realised I was wearing this incredibly sexy fetish material, suddenly I was wearing latex and the stylish simple and classic dress had become something…way more…..living, alive, every movement was now highlighted and exaggerated and to be totally honest I nearly, nearly changed my mind……nearly. 
Rachel Riley along with Nick Hewer and Lexicographer (look it up) Susie Dent 

    What stopped you
 Well it was just an amazing feeling, transformative. It was kind of like when we started making the spin off show 8 out of 10 cats do countdown, on that I could be more myself, it was a later night comedy version of the show and a lot looser and I was free to wear more my own styles and now I could bring that back for one day to the show it all started from. So I nearly changed my mind…..nearly
  So your confident in the dress. Tell us about the day itself
    When we shoot, we do 5 shows a day, for the week, which means after each show, Susie, Nick and I, we all have to go away and change and restyle as if we were coming back the next day. It’s a common TV thing, anyway I wanted to wear the dress for the first one, the record breaking show and that is usually the one which take most time because it is the first and there are lighting and sound and set checks and such things and we can take maybe  an hour and a half you do the first 30 minute show. Great, not a problem, unless you are silly enough to be wearing latex. I sweated, I sweated buckets, I don’t think I will need the gym to sweat now, all I need is to stand under those studio lights in a latex dress, because they are intense and I could feel it making the dress slide on me.  
  Now with the sweat, there comes the smell, not so much of me but of the hot Latex, which meant that when It came time to change into the outfit for the next show I smelt so strongly of rubber that I actually held up the recording for an hour because I was in the shower so long. 
   But it was not just my problem, the sound guys had a issue too, as your readers will know latex can make some very odd sounds and we have to wear our studio microphones in the top of our outfits, the wire for which usually runs down our tops and round into our mic packs, well that wasn’t going to happen in that dress, I mean I had already sacrificed my underwear because of the lines they made, so a mic wire had no chance. Anyway we used a wireless pip mic, just between my boobs. No wire no problem, however because these things are so sensitive every time I moved the sound guys would pick up this crackling latex squeak or worse
  Susie called it Boobfart, I think she wants to add it to the dictionary with my name on it.  I think she defined it as, the low and distinctive squeak created by moist air escaping from beneath a latex dress. BoobFart
  So what were your thoughts?
  To be honest, it was nice to try but I think the dress will be going back in the wardrobe. I love it ,I really do, it is very special and it was comfortable and strangely pleasant in the way it gripped and hugged, but it was just so hot and such a fuss .Even the business of getting in and out of it was awkward, all the lubing and wriggling took a long time and then it has to be polished. In William Wilde’s studio it was fine, we had time and his assistance, but in real life, tricky. Fortunately Susie and I share a changing room so she was on hand to help on the day.
  With the polishing?
All of it, I’d have been pretty stuffed without her. 
Did she mind?
  No, I don’t think so and I didn’t, she’s always had nice soft hands.
I think on that thought , Rachel Riley… Thank you.
I had never met Rachel before and she is just as you see her on TV, incredibly bright, smart, clever, open sunny and beautiful. But a word of warning. If you are ever gifted one of her widest smiles, prepare to fall in love.

For SmoothSlicknShiny, I’m Amanda Keira Louboutin


Thursday, 4 July 2019

Vignette by Stevie

Hi Everyone
   Our friend Stevie has been busy at the keys creating this super little tale, wrapped round my last piece of 25th century art and as this seems to be fiction week, it is the perfect time to share.
  I love this so much I wanted to share it with the original art embedded in the text.
   Thank you so much Stevie, your naughty imagination is something wonderful and I am honored to share this, I especially love the backstories and details you have added, so much fun

Andy and the Adventure on Luberup 5

Commander Andrew Watson, Royal Regiment of Sissies, hero of the “Space Squid Incident”, destroyer of the Bee Queen, victor over the sissy-eating plants, was feeling very pleased with himself. He had persuaded the Colonel of the Regiment that an additional uniform was needed in addition to the standard field uniform and the splendid ceremonial uniform. This would be a “walking out” uniform with several varieties depending on the occasion and weather. Although his ship, HMSS Survivor, was currently in orbit around the newly discovered planet, Luberup 5, Andy was giving little thought about the reports of strange plants discovered on its surface which apparently oozed mysterious fluids resulting in some sort of sexual stimulation. No, a new uniform was much more interesting, a pretty sissy boy could not have too many of them (especially with an indulgent Aunt happy to pay for them)!

He had spent the whole morning being pampered in the Beauty Salon which was in the ship especially for RRS officers. His ivory skin was flawless and completely smooth everywhere and he was freshly perfumed and smothered in expensive talc. He was now exquisitely made-up, pale blue eye-shadow and lashes, baby pink lipstick (3 layers with gloss), baby pink nails; the baby pink matching his new hair colour and the new uniform which he was now ready to try on. As usual the new uniform would be an L.U.P. (Latex Uniform Pack) which formed a second skin and highlighted the figure. Andy took his place on the box containing the pack and the sweet boy soldier, who had just finished painting Andy’s nails, flicked the switch. Andy noticed, not for the first time, that the boy was wearing extremely brief and tight pink latex shorts to go with his stiletto-heeled thigh-boots as well as a skimpy halter top displaying a slender midriff. “Could they possibly be regulation,” he wondered, “perhaps he wasn’t the only one around here to bend the uniform rules?”

 A low humming sound accompanied the pink latex liquid which started slowly upwards from the box covering Andy’s shapely feet then moving slowly up his long, slender legs. When it reached his smooth crotch there was a slight pause as Andy’s peenie was gently pushed back between his legs, a slight pressure produced a pretty opening between his legs and Andy, as was usual, made a startled noise when a latex plug formed and gently but firmly made its way deep into his anus and started a slight but definite vibration, at the same time giving his pretty bottom some extra emphasis. Rising up his slender torso the liquid exerted a mild corseting effect on his already perfect figure and then, reaching his pretty breasts, it covered his beautiful nipples and immediately started a gentle massaging motion as the breasts were lifted and nicely separated. It then encompassed his beautiful and slender shoulders and moved down to his wrists leaving behind a deep and sexy cleavage. Andy was now encased in a second latex skin in a delightful shade of baby pink which emphasised his perfect figure, would be warm in winter, cool in summer and which constantly provided the mild sexual stimulation considered suitable for a pretty young sissy officer.

This, of course, was not the whole uniform. Boots, gloves, cape, belt would follow and Andy had spent a lot of time designing a wide variety of the items for different occasions. His boots today were a pair of knee-high boots in finest leather, a perfect match in colour for the latex skin; they had 9 inch stiletto dagger heels, a high 3 inch platform and pointed toes. The pretty boy soldier had scarcely fitted Andy’s boots and Andy was admiring himself in the mirror and was about to call for his gloves when his messager sounded. “Oh dear, I had better get that” he thought “it might be important, and just when I am going to have some beautiful leather gloves placed on my arms!”

“Watson here” he said “I hope this is important, I am about to be gloved by the sweetest boy you can imagine.” “Yes, Captain Watson, this is Despatch, I am afraid it is important. Two of your junior officers have taken a shuttle without authorisation and gone down to the planet’s surface and we have now lost contact with them, they are not replying to our messages. Not only that, they were only wearing very skimpy bikinis and high heels when they went although they were beautifully made-up.” “Well,” replied Andy, “it is standing orders that they must never appear in public other than fully made-up, but this sounds serious, I’ll come to Despatch immediately. Get in touch with the medics and ask someone to go down with me”. “Sorry, sweet buns” he told the boy “I will have to go, we’ll continue later” “OK, sir, good luck” the boy replied, saluting smartly and giving a deep curtsy.

Andy rushed across to Dispatch as fast as his heels would allow. “I bet it is Stevie and Sam”, he thought, “It is their sort of caper especially as they have been listening to these stories about these plants with their strange powers”. At Dispatch, the medic was waiting and being filled in with the situation. Andy noticed that the medic was wearing his standard green field uniform and boots with a modest 6 inch heel, although fully made-up and with hair beautifully dressed, and he realized that he looked somewhat out of place in his new baby pink “walking-out” uniform and not even gloved, and as for his boots! However, that could not be helped, he was worried about his friends Stevie and Sam, what were they up to?

A shuttle quickly and quietly took them down to the planet’s surface and they landed next to the empty shuttle used by Stevie and Sam, of whom there was no sign. The atmosphere was humid and there was a smell which was vaguely familiar but which Andy could not quite identify. All around were these strange plants, verdant and indeed dripping with strange fluid. Suddenly, the medic pointed and cried “Over there, I bet they are in there”. Sure enough, Andy could make out a shape which was clearly two intertwined bodies; he could even make out two sets of beautifully pert buttocks. The shape was completely enclosed in an extension of one of the plants and was covered with the slimy fluid. He immediately thought of the sissy-eating plants he had come across months ago on another planet but the writhing of the shape gave no hint of distress. What was going on? He didn’t want to get too close as he certainly did not fancy his beautiful new boots being covered in slime. “What do you think is going on, Doc?” he asked. “Well, my guess is that they are in the middle of a massive orgasm and having the time of their lives. You realize this fluid is cum, don’t you? Lots of it and very thick and sweet”. “Of course,” replied Andy “I thought I recognised the smell but couldn’t quite place it. That explains everything, these two have been going on about these reports and came down to see for themselves, and they came in bikinis to be stripped for action so to speak. They will be in hot water though, taking a shuttle without permission and no orders.”

Slowly the writhing shape stopped moving and the two bodies lay still, intertwined closely with each other. “Well”, said the Doc, “it’s my guess that they are literally shagged out and have fallen asleep in each other’s arms, quite sweet really”. “Yeah”, replied Andy “we had better arrange to have them taken up to the Ship. I’ll call for a couple of stretchers. I don’t want cum all over my uniform” After making the call he asked to be put through to the Beauty Salon and, rather surprisingly, he told the sweet boy soldier that he was having second thoughts about his new pink hair-do. However, the Doc told him not to be silly and that he thought the pink suited him beautifully and went well with the new uniform and the pale blue eye-shadow. “OK, we’ll see” said Andy. “Thanks for your help, Doc. It’s typical of these two sweet guys to get into a caper like this, what the Colonel will say when he finds out I don’t know”.

A third shuttle soon arrived and the two sleeping beauties, still shrouded in the slimy green plant growth, were picked up and taken back up to the Ship. As a precaution they were taken to the Medical Centre where plant growth, now limp and dying was stripped off them. Sure enough, the bikinis had disappeared but, rather surprisingly, their heels were still in place. While still drowsy the two boys were bathed, gently dried, perfumed, talced and dressed in the usual sweet tiny lace-trimmed satin baby-doll nighties and matching knickers and put to bed between silken sheets where they proceeded to sleep round the clock.

The next day, Andy came to see them. He was now fully dressed in his new uniform since he was keen to see what Stevie and Sam thought of it. In place of the knee boots he now had a pair of thigh-high ballet boots in the same matching baby-pink leather, the heels of which were a full 12 inches and he was forced to stand only on their needle-like tips and also similar needle-like tips on the toes. The boots were laced up the front with a diamond clasp at each cross- over point of the deeper pink laces, and also the pointed toes were encrusted with diamonds as were the tops of the boots.

His arms were encased in full length opera gloves with diamond bracelets on each wrist and his hands appeared to glitter with all the diamond rings he was wearing, many of the rings extended beyond the ends of his fingers which now appeared to be diamond studded silver claws. He had a single shoulder floor length cape fastened on his left shoulder, also of the finest pink leather, lined with pink satin and adorned with patterns of diamonds; his other shoulder blazed with diamond-studded epaulettes and lanyards.

 Low on his tiny waist was a broad diamond-studded pink leather belt with a coiled pink leather whip fastened at his right hip, diamonds on the handle and at the tip. Protruding from the top of right boot could be seen the diamond-studded hilt of a ceremonial dagger. He had decided to stick with the pink hair-do which was now dressed in pink ribbons and diamonds and a broad diamond choker adorned his swan-like neck. As the day before, the pale blue eye-shadow and lashes beautifully complemented the pink, and his luscious lips with their several layers of lipstick and gloss were more kissable than ever, he had never been so exquisitely made-up. In his right hand he carried a long pink walking cane with a diamond studded handle and ferrule.

 As he walked he appeared to glide along, so high were the heels, as he placed one foot in front of the other in a catwalk strut. Naturally, he was drenched in expensive perfume so a trail remained everywhere he passed as he progressed from the Beauty Salon to the Medical Centre. Although not visible, the anal intruder was turned up to the maximum as were the breast massagers in the L.U.P. The same sweet boy-soldier had dressed him and had declared, with a deep curtsy, that the Captain looked really good and a credit to the regiment!

As Andy entered the room that the two boys were sharing he found them both busy doing their make-up although still were both in their skimpy baby-dolls and matching knickers; that was a good sign, they must be feeling fine after their ordeal (if that is what it was). They both jumped up when he entered and gave him a deep curtsy. “Hi, Captain, like the new uniform, may I have one like it?” said Stevie with a grin. “You two idiots might not be having a uniform at all. What were you thinking of by taking a shuttle (unauthorised), improperly dressed and going into a potential danger zone?. What do you think the Colonel will say when he finds out?” “Yes, but we did have the orgasmic experience of our lives, that plant down there really packs a punch even if I don’t know how it works”, replied Sam with a broad smile on his pretty, now fully made-up, face. “As for the Colonel, you can ask him yourself, we are expecting him any minute, I thought you would know he is coming, someone tried to contact you.” “The Colonel coming soon?” replied an agitated Andy, “I have been in the Beauty Salon all day and no-one said anything” “Yes, it shows” replied Stevie, “love the hair and make-up and as for those boots, well….”

At that moment the Colonel himself walked in and all three pretty boys saluted, gave him a deep curtsy and then stood to attention. The Colonel was in his full pink ceremonial uniform and Andy immediately noticed his magnificent Colonel’s diamond studded spurs on his steepling boots; “one day….” he thought to himself. In truth the Colonel was not too much older than any of the sweet boys, the RRS was young regiment. The Colonel was accompanied by a beautiful young ADC with a rather haughty expression on his exquisitely made-up face; Andy noticed that he was wearing an extremely short and tight pink latex skirt, an incredibly skimpy latex halter top and thigh high ballet boots (not with quite such a pointed heel as Andy’s own, he was pleased to note).

“Well, what is this all about?” asked the Colonel. “Two of my officers going off on unauthorised missions and a third in a new uniform, also unauthorised at present”. “Sir, we can explain” said Andy. “I doubt that” said the Colonel, “but anyway, I have good news for you all. It seem that those trees down on that planet have inexhaustible supplies of semen in them and can act as wonderful sexual stimulants; the boffins had a theory on those lines but you two have now proved it for them and saved them some work, even if you had to be brought back somewhat the worse for wear. You seem to have got over that by the look of you.” He said, taking in Stevie’s and Sam’s pretty state of undress. “As for you, Captain Watson, I have to congratulate you both on helping these two scamps out and your taste in uniforms. As a reward you can all have some Earth-side leave to enjoy yourselves. Prepare their travel warrants, Justin,” he said, turning to his ADC. “Yes, sir, at once” replied Justin with a deep curtsy. With that the Colonel was off as quickly as he had come.

“That went pretty well”, said Stevie, “why don’t you two come with me and spend some time at Delavon Castle, Mummy will be so pleased to see you and my Nannies will really look after us?” Andy had almost forgotten for the moment that Stevie, pretty scatter-brain that he was, was the Earl of Delavon and his mother the Dowager Countess of Delavon. The thought of exploring Stevie’s endless wardrobe of exotic undies, furs, leathers, latex, silk and satin, not to mention his extensive ranges of boots and jewellery, and constant sissy pampering at hands of his Nannies was very attractive. “Sounds like a plan” said Andy, “what do you think, Sam?” “Count me in” he replied with a broad smile on his pretty face.     

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Fiction from Friends

Hi Everyone
  It is such an honour to be sent findings and contributions and in return it is a pleasure to be able to share  them with you. 

Firstly, unashamed,I must give top billing to my dear friend Skinnie Stallion who has produced a work of utter brilliance and complexity.
I'll let him explain

Pride Before a Fall - Entanglement Perspectives : Prologue, DP and Part 1

This is story based around and inspired by a piece of artwork by SweetAndyLatex, 'Pride Before a Fall' ( https://smoothslicknshiny.blogspot.com/2018/04/new-art-pride-before-fall.html ) .  As I've explained to SweetAndyLatex, what started as a short story has become more of a novella, although at times it resembles in style a play or film script.   It's quite a complex read for reasons that will become apparent.   There are quite of a lot of parts to the story so it's going to require stamina if you're going to get all the way through.

I hope you enjoy,  I would welcome comments.

Pride Before a Fall – Entanglement Perspectives

(Entangled Version)

Now I could have published this myself as I had for Mandy, but S has his own site most of you will be aware of and it is the place to visit and comment. Here is a little taster.

Andy closed the door behind him.  He leaned back against the paneled wood and exhaled slowly.  It had been a long night and he needed sleep but he badly wanted to see Aunt Jane.   When settled and calm, he bent forward and slipped out of his Louboutins.   Even though he loved being in heels and his Loubous were incredibly comfortable, his toes and ankles were screaming after hours of wear. 

Aunt Jane’s house was a necessary refuge.   He needed to wash, get his things and change back into his jeans, t-shirt and trainers that he’d left home in yesterday afternoon.   After all, he could hardly go back to his parents’ home in a revealing red latex dress, flaming red hair extensions and heels.  They might be used to his little ways, but they still didn’t quite know all that his mother’s friend Jane had been doing with him over the last few months.   They just knew that he was very attached to his ‘Auntie’ as he’d called Jane ever since he was a toddler.  

“Ow!” Andy yelled out in pain.   His bare left foot had stood on a set of keys.   Aunt Jane’s keys.    Jane hadn’t answered when he rang the bell and he’d needed to use his key to her house.   Aunt Jane’s white dress was cast down on the floor as if she’d stripped as soon as she’d got inside. Further up the hall, Andy could see an array of shopping bags no doubt containing some of the things Jane had bid for and purchased last night.   He spied his bag of clothes mingled with them. But where was his Aunt?  Her house seemed incredibly quiet. Maybe she’d gone upstairs to her bed to wait for him and had dozed off?

For more,click the link


Occasionally I am sent full pieces of creativity which are available for download and reading via other sites and I am delighted to be able to give Nicole and Angelica a little space to be able to showcase their work.

These first two extracts are by our friend Nicole Winters. Now I must point out I have not read these stories in full, I barely have time to read anything these days, but by the quality of these clippings they look very well written. I will let Nicole explain.

"I have published two books on Amazon, one short story (15,000 words) about a man being feminized by his wife, "A Special Dinner" and the first part of an ongoing series about a man being feminized and trained by The Academy (32,000 words) called "Hunter's Honeys". Both involve latex although I wouldn't say either were latex erotica, more forced fem with some latex."

Extract from A Special Dinner 

You can't send her out in this, listen to the rain,” said Sadie.

“Oh I know,” she gasped excitedly and raced out the room.

Dominique placed his car keys on the tray I was still holding as I looked at the floor.

“Here,” said Sadie reappearing.

“I saw this the other day and it made me laugh, I just knew it would suit little Sissy here,” she smiled as she handed me a girls coat.

It was a clear PVC raincoat. She giggled uncontrollably as she helped me into it. It was short, falling to the tops of my thighs and only just covering the skirt of my PVC uniform. There was a row of buttons running up the centre which she quickly fastened, two large pockets and a hood. The whole thing was completely transparent, showing clearly the red maids dress beneath. The only colour on it was red piping that ran over the joins. She smoothed my hair down and pulled the hood into place before placing the car keys into one of the big clear pockets and snapping the button shut.

“There,” she said stepping back to look at me and burst into laughter.

Dominique joined in when he looked up from his phone.

“God you really are pathetic,” he finally said wiping a tear from his eye, as he and Sadie led me to the front door.

I saw myself in the mirror and was crushed to see he was right. The hood had floppy transparent kitten ears attached to it, making it look like the kind of thing a small child would wear. The clear PVC coat was eye-catching, and the bright red maids dress below was eye-catching, but together they screamed look at me!

The door opened in front of me and I could see sheets of rain coming down on the busy street.

“No, no, please” I begged as I felt hands on my back pushing me forward.

“Get the bag, or stay out,” snapped Dominique.

“If you do decide to run away, the prostitutes hang out down that way. I’m sure you would fit right in,” laughed Sadie as she pointed down the road.

I stood on the step hyperventilating in fear, feeling the cold night air run over my stockinged legs as they laughed slowly closing the door and waving goodbye.

Cars loudly ploughed through the puddles covering the roads and on the footpaths people rushed to get in out of the storm. I watched from the safety of the porch with an overwhelming sense of fear and humiliation as I realised I would have to join the early evening traffic.

Two women were walking down the footpath, they hadn't seen me so I waited for them to pass by before stepping out of the porch. The heavy rain drummed loudly against the PVC mack as I did, it was deafening.  I saw them look around at the sudden noise before giggling as they hurried on. The rain splashed up my stockinged legs as I minced down the drive.  A sudden gust of wind blew rocking the trees and blowing icy air around my legs, lifting the short skirt and petticoats and blowing the hood back, forcing me to try and hold both in place with my hands. Rivers washed over the smooth coat and dribbled off the hem as it sat on the black lace petticoats, as the rain drummed on accompanied by the loud click-clack of my shiny red stiletto heels.

When I got to the footpath I realised that in my panic I didn’t know where Dominique's car was parked and stood awkwardly fiddling with the pop button on the pocket containing his keys. I had to use both hands to undo it and as I struggled another gust of wind sent my short skirt and petticoats billowing up around me. I'm sure that all the cars passing saw the straps of my stockings and panties before I managed to hold them down again. There were a few honks from cars but I refused to look up. Once it passed I returned to the pocket and quickly popped it open, with the fob finally in hand, I pushed the button and saw to my horror lights flash on a car parked on the other side of the road. There was no way I could cross here without risking being run over. I thought about how humiliating it would be to arrive in a hospital dressed in a slutty red PVC maids uniform and turned down the dark footpath to the crossing.

I tried to mince quickly but the path was uneven and covered in puddles. If I stepped in one I couldn't see how deep it was and after almost falling twice I started to avoid them. Cracked paving stones would send icy water splashing up my legs making me shriek. I was forced to keep my head down checking my path. I hopped and minced towards the crossing, one hand holding the hood in place the other holding my skirt down from the wind. The path was so dark I don't think many people saw me, or if they did only saw a strangely dressed girl glowing in the reflection of their headlights as they passed, but the anonymity of the dark path was running out.

and now an extract from Nicoles story Hunters Honey

Extract from Hunter’s Honeys

“These are all standard forms for a modelling course, they can be a legal nightmare if they are not dealt with properly,” she smiled, pointing out the last place for me to sign. 

“Right, that’s good. I will call Mistress Verbeck who will take you to your dorm room and get you settled” she said pushing a button on the intercom.

I looked surprised at her and mouthed “Mistress, dorm room?”

“Yes, I find it best for each group of students to live together while they are studying. It allows them to focus more and to help each other along. Now Mistress Verbeck is your house mistress so she is in charge of you until you finish the course. You must do what she tells you at all times. We don’t want it getting back to Vanessa that you were causing trouble now do we?” she asked looking at me and clearly waiting for me to answer. I shook my head no.

“Good,” she said, standing up and coming around to the front of the desk, picking up the papers I had signed and organizing them into a neat bundle.

Just then the door opened and a woman came in wearing a black latex top which buttoned up at the back. It had puffy sleeves with a white collar and cuffs, a round silver brooch at her neck. Her blonde hair was done up in an ornate hair bun and she wore big dark-rimmed glasses. Blood red lipstick matched her long stiletto nails. She was wearing a long flared ankle-length skirt again in black latex. Around her waist, was a large leather belt from which hung a few leather pouches and in her hand, she was holding a black drill cane with a silver top. This must be Mistress Verbeck I thought. The way she was dressed made me think she had just come from a set, she must have been filming some Victorian themed femdom I thought. Something where she was the strict housekeeper, she certainly looked the part.

“This is your first student Mistress Verbeck, can you take her to the dorm and make sure she is ready for tomorrow. I know it’s a bit of a mess at the moment but I have builders coming tomorrow to make the changes we need”, Said Ms Hunter.

“Of course,” said Mistress Verbeck.

“Here is her paperwork,” said Ms Hunter handing the forms I had signed to her.

Mistress Verbeck looked through them for a second and with a growing smile looked up at me.

“Right, follow me,” she said walking to the door.

I stood there for a second trying to process what was happening.

“Ok let us try this then, hands behind your head, Now!” she barked with an irritated look on her face.

I jumped and did as she said taking a step back. The way she was looking at me was intimidating and I didn’t like the feeling that was growing in my stomach. She took a small remote from her belt and pressed a button. Suddenly my hands locked to the collar and Mistress Verbeck took the leash. I was now helpless again!

After what I had been through today the feeling terrified me. There was no need for this. No one was filming. I was just joining a modelling course, not a….


Her cane shot out and cut me across the bum driving all thought from my head.

“Move!” she screamed.

I minced to the open door as quickly as my skirt and heels would allow silently begging her to stop, but she did not relent. The click-clack of my shoes sounded like a machine gun. When I got through the doorway she barked “left” and still using her cane drove me down the hall and into the main hotel. There were still lots of people around and seeing me near hysterical trying to mince away from Mistress Verbeck, as she easily kept pace with me, raining strokes with her cane brought much laughter from the models and crew watching. 

and here are the links, should you wish to read more.


Goodreads Page

Now we have an extract from the opening of a piece by our friend Angelica Marie Gossett.

Forced to accept it

My initiation into cross dressing was NOT voluntary. I was
eighteen at the time, spending the summer, with my aunt and
her daughter Tina who was eighteen and a senior in high
school. Tina was beautiful and I often fantasized about being
in bed with her, stroking her soft long blonde hair, caressing
her amble breasts and having her wrap her long legs around
my waist as I brought her to multiple orgasms. It turns out she
and my aunt had quite different plans for me.

It began on a Friday evening when Tina was having two of her
friends over for a slumber party. Feeling very mischievous
and horny, I decide to hide under Tina’s bed to see what I
could see. One of her friends Barbara was very athletic and
she had very large breasts which she made no effort to hide.
Her other friend, Lisa fancied herself a model. She wore
flashy clothes and a lot of makeup and I never saw her wear
anything but high heels. I was sure that night, I would get to
see all 3 of these lovelies nude or at the very least in very
skimpy underwear.

I stayed as quite as possible when I heard them coming up the
stairs talking and giggling. They walked into Tina’s room
continuing their conversation. I thought I had been very quite
but obviously not quite enough. After 5 minutes, their
animated talk turned to hush whispers and before I knew it six
hands were grabbing for me under the bed. I was pulled out
in the middle of the floor and found myself looking at 3 very
angry young women.

to read more of Angelica's story and more, plus an exciting teaser for another story featuring a rather familiar face visit below

But for a real work of love check this little story, inspired by my art

Punished by being Maid to dress up as a girl

Story description:

Stephen had just graduated high school. Once again, his behavior was unacceptable. His mother Stacy got angry and resolute.

For years, Stacy had planned a form of punishment written about since the 17th century. It is called "Petticoat Punishment". Stephen was now 18 years old. The age he needed to be before she could petticoat punish him. It was also, the perfect physical age. Why? Since 18-year-old young men are at their sexual peak, the psychological “emasculation” of being dressed as a girl maximized the humiliation and embarrassment.

So was Stacy going to give him the full complete treatment? Yes. The punishment was far overdue. She was going to make him dress from head to toe as a young lady.

For those not as familiar with the term petticoat discipline this is synonymous with a forced feminization approach to cross-dressing. The book focuses on both the physical (whips, bondage, and other forms of BDSM) as well as psychological aspects (emasculation, embarrassment, humiliation, sex slavery, etc.). of female domination(femdom), discipline, and control.

In addition, this book includes Stephen, being dressed in latex, and silicon-based clothing.

Thank you for your time my friends
Big Hugs

All According to Plan. Chapter 7

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   A quick thank you,  thank you, thank you,  thank you for your kind messages and patience with me. My head is on the mend, not on tip top form but much better thank you.
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   Time to face the truth that this is the final chapter in Mandy's wonderful story, 'All According to Plan'. I do hope she writes other tales.

Below is the link to part 6

All According to Plan.
By Mandy Sweet heart.

Chapter Seven.
Lady Jane Fullerton-Jones will always treasure the way Andy had squirmed as they went through the golden state passport control a few days ago, now as they took a cab to the beauty pageant it was the way the taxi driver kept adjusting the mirror to peer along his so sexy excessively long lightly tanned legs, just showing a glimpse of the gloriously glossy black latex panties under a slick shiny metallic purple latex micro skirt that Andy kept trying to lower, similarly the tight blue lush liquid-like latex tummy revealing vest that seemed to sparkle with every diminutive intake of breath. Sitting cooly next to him, naturally resting her hand in his, sat his aunt Jane in a seductive knee length glassy glowing black leather A-line skirt with a pure white silk blouse closed by a black stain ribbon to secure her brimming dignity.
The past two months had been such hard work for Jane. Rather than put up with all of Andys’ diminishing phony whining and claims of being mortified Jane found herself requesting the help from her very special friend, Jennifer who lived next door, for the sole purpose of keeping the troublesome boy in his heels all day!
Courtesy of Jennifers’ advice, within a day Andy found he had been banned from watching any sports on TV and forbidden from attending football practice, in its place the lad had feminine charisma and fashion model deportment lessons until any of his minor masculine mannerisms were drummed out of his mind, resulting in Andy becoming as refined in feminine chic and expert at applying cosmetics as Lady Jane herself. As he developed Jane gloriously rewarded her nephew by expanding the wardrobe in his adorable newly embellished delicately feminine bedroom, purchasing the pink suit he so admired along with several pairs of sandals, all five or six inch heels, and various other outfits that could be mixed in differing styles plus acquiring two more latex maid uniforms for him and two weeks ago and after delicately inquiring she cautiously invited Will around for brunch one Sunday allowing Andy the afternoon off to enjoy some cozy company.
When Andys’ intense training began, apart from when he was attending college, he would always be in a sticky maids outfit but thanks to his natural deportment and the consuming guidance from the two strict ladies, Andy was soon at such a level that even acting in an androgynous manner was becoming difficult for him, allowing his supervisors to lessening their inflexibility and for Jane or Jennifer to routinely permit him to accompany either one of them while shopping in one of his other feminine outfits causing Andy to imagine it was a closely guarded secret just how much he truly loved the slippery slick warm latex uniforms caressing his body, particularly his new deeply elegant luxurious lubriciously smooth glistening pink latex set, nevertheless Jennifer suspected and Jane could plainly see how passionately ablaze he was wearing each one of them.
Three days before they were to leave for America, Andy had to visit Lady Janes’ hair stylist for a fitting of extensions and colouring fulfilling the trip to the studio absolutely unaccompanied for the first time, Janes’ only demands were for him to phone a few times to let her know he was safe along with permitting her to lovingly apply his makeup for his solo day out and Jennifer playfully passing advise that he should wear his silk pink trouser suit.
Andy just loved every second of strolling the thoroughfares, swanning around stores stopping to using the card, containing a small allowance, aunt Jane had just given him and not wanting anything for himself he found Jane and Jennifer a small gift. Only later did Andy discover the most mouthwatering surprise set up by Jane...a lunch date with Will his waiter; who, knowing entirely about Andy being male, was unashamedly excited as he waited outside the hair studio to surprise him.
All the extraordinary day carried out in the freedom of supervision from his ‘aunts’ despite the way he had been trying to whine about the hair appointment, but Jane had plainly seen how her nephew (however, now she was often thinking of Andy as her niece at times) was absolutely looking forward to the visit when she sweetly enlightened him that his ears would also be pierced now that she had decided that Andy would be required to wear hooped rings to complement the dress she had arranged to be ready for him to wear at the finals that Jane was sure he would reach and win.
When the driver stopped the vehicle for the last time Andy apprehensively slid across the seat before standing close to his aunt as she paid the man, although if the taxi driver could he would have said they were exempt from having to pay the fair because he had enjoyed the view of two lovely ladies so much. Waiting for his aunt to sort out the currency Andy shivered in the assaulting heat before, in matching black six inch heels, Jane guided Andy towards the hotel holding the event.
This being the final round Andy disconcertingly found his worries about being discovered had been reborn to those greater than he felt during the first day. Feeling like a trapped bunny, Andy now with his impeccable posture and normally feeling perfectly at ease dressed as he was, followed incredibly closely as he trailed his aunt into the building and past the security guard who stood outside of the changing room before he could quickly attempt to relax and ready himself to compete against the other girls.
As the two entered the room was already mostly full of the other nine competitors along with their supports dashing around helping the girls that had made it this far, calmly Andy waved and said, “hi” to a few he had found likable whilst they made it towards the rear of the room.
Even before Jane could say anything Andy quickly but careful of his expertly made up face began to ease his tight clinging top off. “I have a little something extra for you, Andy.” Jane said as she shown him a silver tube.
It was not long before Andy was stood with his back to the others in just his minuscule lustrously polished latex panties, remembering how he was less than two months ago Jane wanted to needle Andy further by sending him to fetch her a glass water but with time rushing by she eased a small amount of gel onto her fingers and proceeded to tenderly smooth the lube across his silky seamless body.
“That tinglings, auntie.” Andy confided with a quiver of pleasure in his voice.
Continuing to coat his delicate, fine porcelain smooth skin with a light surface of the cool jelly Jane informed him. “That will be the sweet marjoram darling, by the time I have finished all your body is going to sparkle as well as give you the most pleasant mild mint fragrance. Benefiting from the experience of Janes’ flowing hands Andy shivered as she giggled. “You will love this lube, Andy, it will help the latex slid over your dainty body too.”
As Jane finished Andy noticed the lube was clearly leaving a glistering light hue as if too increase his modest suntan and making it appear as if the twinkle was his natural skin.
Jane held the dress ready and as Andy was worrisome that grazing his skin against the latex would dislodge the glitter resulted on him to feel encouraged to carefully lower his first long leg down the full length dress. A beautiful lustrous semi-transparent latex dress that was so flawless it felt silk like as it slid with some effort from Jane over his body regardless that he breathed in as deeply as possible to help her, as it rose Andy finally discovered how the wonderful dress was much longer than any dress he had worn previously and if it was not for the modest peach tinge within the latex it would be literally be transparent. Due to the tautness Jane stringently eased the latex over Andys’ narrow boyish hips, proudly watching him only mouth a squeal with his deep glossy pink lips when Andy found the attire extra tight around the waist and as Jane now comfortably wafted further up his body she allowed his physique to adjust as he flowed into the semi soft gossamer latex thanks to the aromatic lubricate. Andy felt assured as his already slender waist was being constricted with soothing simplicity from the excessively tight latex as it lovingly squeezed his waist.
Obviously pliable, Andy unhurriedly flexed his arms in complete comfort into the sleeve holes and raised the side zipper while Jane ensured the look was flawless.
Andy was marveling at the visual aspect of his glamour in front of the long mirror, overwhelmed at how narrow his waist now looked and flabbergasted at what appeared to be his tiny budding breast, Jane could see just how mesmerising the boy appeared standing in his new peach sandals, so comfortable with their five inch heels, the gorgeously scintillating polished dress with the high hip side split was still receiving a final glistening mist by Jane to further revealing his fabulous effeminate body in all its splendor under the gracefully glowing fluid like latex.
With his flawless skin sparkling under the elegant, sleek, shiny dress highlighting his slim hips and escalating his every curve Jane lowered a modest tiara onto his long blond hair. Knowing just how far her nephew had mentally traveled in such a short time, Jane kindly purred. “How does it feel, Andy?”
Admiring himself as he twirled a ring of his new locks around one finger, thinking how moist his body already had become in the cool dressing room, Andy breathed as deeply as the radiantly gleaming taut latex would permit him. “It’s so different, auntie. I’ve never worn a long dress before it’s very beautiful but so tight I think I will be all gooey by the end, I can barely breath aunt Jane.” Pausing to take a few elfin sips of air before adding in a whisper. “If it wasn’t for my tiny panties everyone would see everything and be aware of my boyhood.”
Jane giggled as Andy found it difficult to hide all of the embarrassment that was causing his cheeks to deliciously glow. As he turned to smile at Jane he heard her say. “I know you’re going to win and I have lost my most lovely wonderful maid Andy, because if you don’t prevail you will be be my dazzlingly young maid for a very long time.” Jane wanted to give him hug but was fearful of spoiling the dress, instead she gave him a loving smile and fluttered her lashes. “Andy, darling, truthfully good luck and either way just remember you always have a home with your loving old aunt.” Her lips barely grazed his.
Poor Andys’ mind had already been all a flutter about the worries of going on stage, now he had the headache of being his aunts’ maid to be concerned about, ‘at least you will have a home’ his mind chuckled so loudly he scarcely heard the stagehand inform the contestants that it was time.
With his aunt Jane waiting backstage, knowing she would be radiating with so much confidence did not help as Andy was the last to the catwalk; he requested that his mind dismiss just how demandingly Lady Jane would be watching his every move from her hiding position behind a curtain, feeling how his currently undependable heart double thumped between a nonexistent beat and then several uncontrollable brisk palpitates amounted to another total distraction as he drifted with ease in the five inch spindly heels down the ten wide open steps. Oddly enough Andy was appreciative of the thigh high split showing off his long leg as he flowed towards the floor to reach Fiona and Sheila Williams, The Heads’ of Cover-Girl, their eyes already well-nigh adrift with the glitter covering his shapely body shimmering like sequins under the hot spotlights while Andy took tiny gasps of air though his pouting glossy lips and silently begging for his heart to beat regularly.
Though it had taken less than ten seconds to reach the stage he was aware that his entire warm dewy body was aglow from perspiration. ‘Oh my, it’s so warm I can scarcely gasp a breath or concentrate.’ Andy thought as mixed feelings began streaming though his mind. Powerless to stop his natural responses Andy discovered his hands descending serenely down the slippery latex to remove any kinks that might ruin his lovely glistening dress as now he had reached this far Andy cherished the idea of winning. As this new concept overwhelmed him he began cautioning himself that he still had to approach Sheila so they would converge at the microphone only a few sways of the hips away.
Despite the innumerable times Sheila had worked with beautiful models when a new, truly ravishing one arrived she still took notice and before Andy had taken the last step Sheila had unexpectedly forgotten her lines and dramatically announced. “That dress looks so amazing on you! I mean you look gorgeous in it.” The exhales from most of the other contestants was practically visible as Andy preformed a lithesome pirouette encouraging Shelia to gasp as she took in how the dress entranced his body.  “Tell me about it.”
To Andy it sounded like an order and he felt strangely encouraged and in turn this motivated his heart to settle. “As you can see it’s made of the finest exquisite latex, created by Kenzie Jones, don’t you just love her style?. I just come alive when I wear such a heavenly dress and simply fell in love with this enchanting creation once I tried it on”
Still keeping out of sight Jane discovered a fresh tenderness towards Andy as he spoke with eagerness and not for the first time she wished she had she introduced her nephew to full feminine attire earlier.
Trying to compose herself Sheila glanced at the camera before returning to Andy. “Latex? I know it becoming all the rage right now but it must be somewhat warm under all these studio lights.”
“It’s a little sultry, Sheila.” Andy informed her as he felt a trickle roll down the centre of his spine. “But I just receive so much pleasure with how exciting such spectacularly scrumptious slithery slick latex feels when its so snugly against my skin”
Realising that she had completely goofed her lines and thankful at how Andy had simply recovered, but now his sixty seconds was almost up and Sheila had to proceed. “Well, I must say you look extraordinary in it. If you can join the other contestants, please.” Sheila pointed towards the rear of the stage before and with deep sorrow she watched him glide elegantly away. “Now while the judges set about with their impossible task here is Vanessa Mae, and after that conversation I assure you ladies and gentlemen this is an absolutely total coincidence, she is performing ‘Warm Air’ for us.”

“Thank you, Vanessa.
“Just unbelievable as always.” Sheila praised as the star bowed to the cameras knowing canned applause and hollering would be going out. “Now the moment we have all been waiting for, which of these amazing girls will be the recipient of the fabulous Cover-Girl prize?”
Knowing there would be a drum roll added sheila waited fifteen seconds looking at the card that had just been handed to her then announced. “In third place it is…..Jane,”
Lady Jane cursed Fiona as her heart slammed in her chest. “Jane Skate, ladies and gentlemen.” Lady Jane took a long deep breath, relieved. “Congratulations Jane.” The girl fought to hide the dispirited reaction as the sash was draped over her shoulder by Fiona who passed on more than a few words of encouragement.
It was the same for the second place winner, Kylie Tracey.
“Now ladies and gentlemen the winner of our grand prize.”
A long, long twenty second pause as Fiona made her way with slow refined elegance to stand next to Sheila, the eight remaining wished sheila or Fiona wound get on with it.
In what felt like slow motion to Andy, Sheila removed a card from the golden envelope, taking a quick look spoke into the microphone. “The winner of the fabulous Cover-Girl prize  is…”
Fiona was handed the card and hardly glanced at it as she read. “...Andrew.” Fiona and Sheila gasped loudly into the microphone before Fiona enquired. “Surely it’s an error and should say Andie?”
‘Oh my!’ Thought Andy.
Sheila looked at her with a bemused expression. “It must be, Fiona. I had a chat with an Andie while we were backstage, before rehearsals yesterday.”
Then Fiona began again. “Apologies about this strange mix up folks. The winner truly is Andie….Andie Watson ladies and gentlemen.”
In outright disbelief now it had been confirmed Andy, on precarious feet swayed towards them, as he made his way from the rear of the stage his salmon pink tipped fingers thoughtlessly waltzed to his coordinated full lips as if to keep something in.
So full of embarrassment the reality of what he dreamed it entailed hit the boy as he shimmied towards the microphone.
Placing the first prize red ribbon over his head Sheila thirstily ending her speculation of just how slick Andys’ heavenly dress felt and quivered with delight as she asked. “So how does it feel to win the two year contract to be the all new delectable face of Cover-Girl, worth twenty four thousand dollars?”
‘Oh heavens, no! I will have to live as girl for the next two years either as a model or longer as aunties’ maid.’ Andy realised the voice complaining belonged not to him but his oldest brother, still the feeling of being trapped filled every corner of his mind and he fully acknowledged just how well snared he was and understanding just how cunning Jane had been to set this up but as Andy accepted his acclamation he forgave her for doing this to him.
While Jane watched from backstage, secretly congratulating him she also envisaged that this would help her silly nephew discover what would happen if he did not learn to fulfill all his responsibilities, particularly to her.
As his emotions stirred deeper Andy embarked on forgetting that his full name was soon going to be broadcast all over America, Europe and beyond; he felt no concern that two days ago he would have been totally humiliated if any of his college friends had so much as found out about this show and now Andy no longer resented the implications of living like a female for the two whole years he would now have to be a fashion model. With the tears of jubilation creating stars in his eyes Andy really did not mind any of that as he kind of enjoyed showing off his undeniable beauty now he had discovered how fabulous he looked. Simply Andy thought of how he so wanted to repay his aunt back for all her kindness and tell her it was not just so they could remain good friends because however much he adored having fun days out with her as Andie it was Lady Jane that had been so good-hearted as to keep encouraging him to reveal his true self.
As Andy finally remembered to breath, in a murmured chorus he slowly uttered into the microphone, “It’s just wonderful, thank you so very much...Sheila, Fiona and of course my precious aunt Jane who encouraged me to enter,” Andy glanced over to where he knew Jane would be standing and concluded, “without her ample love and support I could never have trusted in myself to come this far.”
Hearing his kind hearted words so softly spoken Jane felt her heart draining of her earlier thoughts.
Sipping in badly needed gasps of air Andy comfortably accommodated his sexy pout across his full lips and blew a kiss towards the camera.
“I’m not sure it has truly sunk in yet ladies.” He explained as he considered how his future was going to emphatically change from what he had once planned.

to be continued?

Hello again it's only me. I just have to say I love this story, Mandy so captures the world of Andy and Aunt Jane and her descriptive passages are just gorgeous to read and re-read.Especially the glittery lube and the image of Andy in nothing but a pair of teeny tiny latex panties. Wonderful
    Thank you Mandy

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Holiday with Christeen

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 So as a treat I will leave you with a super 5 picture post from Christeen. Two of which are enlargements from the Chris Portfolio desktop book that he's reading in the second pic.
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Kate is officially the Latex Queen

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    Woke up this morning (in my new flat)  to my S.S.n.S News feed pinging away with images of the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale once again showing us her love of shiny latex. 
    The event was the L.A Pride parade and this time she was in an outfit by L.A based latex fashion house Jane Doe Latex. 
     Made up of an ab displaying Crop top, high choker collar, a super tight, skirt and all topped off with a giant bow holding her hair high in a crisp ponytail, the flesh revealing outfit was perfect for the Californian sunshine,though I can't help but thinking if might have been a little on the sweaty side by the end of the day.
 Not that that would have spoiled Kate's day as once again she stole the show with her infectious love of fun.

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All According to Plan. Chapter 6

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   Here is the super 6th part of Mandy's wonderful story.

All According to Plan.
By Mandy Sweet heart.

Chapter Six.
Willingly accepting more orders last night, this time just how to clean and powder his delightful new maids uniform following Jane helping him undress prior to her breathlessly watching her nephew slither exquisitely into the mesmerizing pale pink luxuriant satin camisole before she affectionately placed him under the shimmering silken satin sheets explaining that she had been very angry and her Andy would always have a home here, adding how they would be having his room redecorated in an elegance more appropriate for a young lady.
Despite rising so early then working hard all day, his toils drifting into early evening, Andy had barely any sleep. His night was fitfully filled with waking dreams of how enjoyable he found their shopping trip and especially seeing that dreamy waiter in the restaurant and how much real pleasure and enjoyment he garnered from wearing both of the outfits and makeup but another voice kept  telling him how wrong it was for him, a male teenager, to dress as his fairy godmother wished him too.
As he woke from the pleasant dream of being sealed in a long clinching dress that was enchantingly scenting the fantasy air with faint drifts of mysterious honeyed rubber he detected the gentle sound of Jane moving around in her rooms, not wanting to cause her any more displeasure he rose at once. Thanks to his restless night Andy had endured he found the to need to untangle the new soft burnished silk like nightie that was wrapped rather tightly around his narrow body before he easily pulled the silky sheets tidy then quickly showering, leaving the bathroom with a deluge of beautiful flowery aroma following him.
Having left his dress near the bathroom, so following his morning shower the boy could easily find his outfit before wiggling into it. Still thinking of how badly he had infuriated his aunt, Andy readily slipped his way calmly into the smooth latex panties and dress, finding that without Jane standing next to him he managed the rear zip with fair amount of ease, captivated by the way the malleable latex fondly embraced his body, especially as it was tightly caressing him around waist.
Expecting to find Andy still in bed Jane was happily impressed to see that he had satisfactorily straightened his bed, dressed and looking endearing as he curtsied while still stepping into his shoes. “Good morning aunt Jane, I wish to apologise for my pitiful conduct yesterday. I would like to try to please you as your maid from today.” Jane was considering his words when Andy, with his head clearer following his dreams, added. “I really want to stay and repay your kindness. Is it at all possible I may stay and if we can still be friends too?”
To Andy his aunt Jane looked so insurmountable just peering at him dressed in a tight sepia polished suave leather hobble skirt, dark red fringed blouse, jacket to twin the skirt and of course her six inch maroon Louboutins, as Jane glared at Andy standing nervously before her, she smiled. “Unless you seriously bollix up like yesterday we can be always be close friends but if you do, then I will punish you again. Understand, Andy?”
In a way of a reply Andy gave another curtsy and requested. “Please can you teach me how to apply makeup so I look pretty for you?”
Jane wanted to tell Andy that he had become an extremely beautiful young person but instead simply instructed him to sit.
“Remember, just a small amount.”  Jane reminded Andy as he embarked on picking up the concealer brush first, slowly building up a small amount of confidence Andy lightly veiled his face with pigments under Janes’ watchful guidance.
Having relished in Andy following her advice so far Jane rested her hand on his just as Andy was about to select a fine brush for his lips. “Not just yet, darling. Let me.” Jane picked up a deep pink pencil and began to outline Andys’ full lips. “Try to watch in the mirror, darling. I will expect you to be doing this tomorrow.” Soon Jane had finished and instructed her nephew to apply the pink lip cream and gloss. “Start from the center and work out.” Andys’ hand had ceased its shaking and he began to smile modestly. “Lovely.” Jane exclaimed as Andy wiped the excess off the brushes.
“Not as superb as yours, auntie.” Andy regretted.
After all her outrage yesterday Jane really wanted to show Andy that she still loved him by giving him one of their special kisses, a sweet tender one with her full lips on the corner of his, as an alternative she flicked a finger lightly over a few imaginary blobs of powder and lightly caressed her fingers along his jawline. “It’s not that bad for you first time, darling.” Andy smiled at her gentle tenderhearted moniker for him. “Are you going to be reluctant like yesterday or will you definitely try incredibly hard to carry through my wishes?” Andy affectionately told her how he truly loved being with his aunt and indicated how he would try to repay Janes’ generosity by doing his very best to please her. “Good boy.” Jane lifted the folded cloth Andy had neatly left next to his new cosmetics brushes. “As you dressed first I need to remove all that mineral powder and finger marks, just to make my beautiful maid look even more adorable.” Jane finally gave Andy a sweet dignified smile as she gestured him to stand so she could slowly shine his latex dress.
As Jane enhanced the radiate smooth latex she attempted to teased him. “If you are really good I might allow you to see Will from the restaurant again.”
Jane had only intended to suggest that if her nephew fulfilled her wishes they would go for a meal at Christians’ restaurant nevertheless this did not stop Andys’ blush reaching his neck as he uttered. “He is, um, kind of, err, handsome. mmm, Ma’am.” If only he could see the frisky grin on his aunts’ face Andys’ rosiness would have gone further and would never of added. “Maybe if I genuinely please you, aunt Jane, I might, umm, be allowed to wear a nice skirt and top as well?” Jane felt as if she was in a the twilight zone and could not believe what she just heard.
When Jane was entirely happy with the glowing fluid like appearance of his lilac dress and neatly fixed his apron and headband she enlighten her nephew. ”Let’s have a drink first and I will apprise you how to act with my guests and maybe you can tell me about how you really feel, darling? I think you might feel better if you share your problem, Andy.”
Completing all the chores early Andy was waiting in the wide hallway for Fiona to arrive while Jane sat contentedly in the sunroom. Mercifully for the young new maid Fiona was only a couple of minutes late, even so he found himself dancing on his slender high heels, straightening his dress several times and checking his headband and makeup in the mirror as he waited for the bell to ring.
Providing Fiona a slender curtsy as he apprehensively opened the door Andy softly purred. “Yes ma’am, may I help you?”
Fiona took in the sight of Andy in such an incredibly luxurious burnished short latex dress with a tiny shiny satin apron apparently floating on its generously fluffed out skirts before replying in a bewildered voice. “Yes Miss, I’m Fiona. I have an appointment with your Mistress.”
Andy gave his finest feminine walk as he accompanied Janes’ guest to the conservatory, Fiona made sure she kept a few steps back so she could watch with wide eyes the smooth latex undulating like pale lavender oil across his back.
“Excuse me, Ma'am.” Andy addressed his aunt. “Miss Fiona is here to see you.”
Andy did not really know what to do as the two ladies greeted each other with their typical embrace pending their taking of a seat and Jane looking up. “Please make us a coffee each, Amanda.”
That was a new name Andy thought as he gracefully curtsied and promptly skipped out with his heels echoing smoothly as he went. Whilst he was in the kitchen Fiona asked. “So where is Andrew, are you just playing games again, Jane?”
Jane smirked at her longtime friend. “Fiona, honey. That was my nephew, Andy.” Fiona was stupefied as she stared, firstly at the empty doorway before gazing back at the lady opposite her. “Honest, I told you he looked gorgeous as a young girl. I’ll bring up the subject of your magazine competition, if you can say something like ‘my maid should enter’.”
Hearing Andy reentering the sunroom Fiona only just managing to collect a few of her thoughts as she peered in astonishment at Andy bending from the waist so he could place the tray on the small doily covered shin high table top, the sight was causing Fiona to squint intensely at his so cute coloured glass like butt and although he had no instructions to permit guest to appreciate his body for as long as they wished Andy gave Fiona an extended period to gawp by ensuring his feet remained unmoving as he placed the fine china in front of each lady and started pouring. “Is there something wrong, Fiona.” Jane chirped.
Forgetting what she had just been told Fiona winced. “I’m sorry, Jane. I was thinking how flawless your new maid looks, she would be so ideal for Cover-Girl, you must let her enter the contest I told you about yesterday, I’m so sure she would love to collect the thirty thousand pounds.” Andys’ mind spun at the thought of winning so much money but politely remained silent plus he guessed he would only be laughed at.
Nodding as she rearranged the story in her mind Jane swiftly said. “Amanda is such a good maid I wouldn’t want to be deprived of her wonderful skills.” Jane turned to Andy who was just straightening himself. “Amanda, can you bring us some cake too.”
Jane only asked for Andy to leave them alone so Fiona could tell her musings on Andy. “As long as you’re sure? I will be entering Andy.”
“Oh yes, Jane he is scrumptious, his legs are to die for, so much more than I imagined and what a delectable feminine arse he has. I can not believe my eyes and how he is so comfortable as your maid.”
Jane just gave Fiona a superior look, without Andy's permission even Lady Jane would never tell anyone just what he told her over breakfast, just expressing. “Andy and I had a little chat to clear the air, so to speak.”
Fiona half watched as Andy started coming back, waiting for him to be able to hear her so she could tease him; with a broad grin Fiona asked. “With such a beautiful girl working here, Jane, she must definitely be having problems with your hopeless nephew chasing her?”
“We had difficulties the first few days but Andy is behaving himself now, or is he sassing again, Amanda?”
Unlike when Fiona was eyeing him up Andy began shuffling on the spot and blushed before replying to Janes’ question. “No, thank you ma’am. After your little talk Andy is trying to be be a very good boy for you.” His voice was so soft and tender both of the girls looked at him in combined disbelief, seeing the two smiling so enthusiastically at his extra effort Andy relaxed, smiled sweetly at his aunt while he excitedly took a tiny step back and respectfully waited for instructions.

to be continued