Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

New Art, "Cucumber Sandwiches"

Hi Everyone
  Before I take a Christmas break I wanted to thank you all for the fun and support you have shown me and my blog over the last few months, creating art and finding fun things to share with you all has been a pleasure and delight. Thank you  XXX
  So before I curl up for a few week rest I wanted post one more piece of art, I have a few finished now and was not sure which to choose, but having woken up to the dark, windy reality of winter weather this morning I thought we would go back to the warmth of the summer and to that most wonderfully embarrassing experience for our poor Hero/Heroine, the summer tea party.
  Everything is ready, Jane has prepared her nephew in her usual perfect fashion, immaculate glossy make up and super cute uniform and heels, this time in a feather weight, ultra fine, Pink Latex uniform, dripping with frill and lace. In return Andy has been a devoted Maid and prepared afternoon tea for his Aunts guests, however Jane has one last delightfully naughty surprise up her shiny Latex sleeve.
  Take care all, Love and best wishes to you all

  Sorry Everyone, what a silly sissy head, I forgot to include this very short fantasy which I wrote at the same time. It would be silly not to post it.
 Hope you like it

                                                   Dessert is served

 She looked out from the top terrace of the garden, the house behind her with its beautiful rose trellising filling the summer air with perfume and its wide bay patio doors open. She looked down to the second terrace, to the pool, deep and blue big enough for a good swim, but still now, the faint ripples o its surface highlighted but the sunlight which had warmed it all morning. She smiled and looked down to the tiny bee which had settled on the arm of her a near transparent bronze latex blouse. It looked like one of hers, one from her hives which lay beyond the curtain of trees at the bottom of the long secluded garden. It fluttered and flew away.
“Off you go little friend and thank you”
  Again her eyes rose and now to the wide and open bottom garden, to the lawn immaculate and green, testament to her gardeners expert touch and to the delicate garden seats and furniture, to the table laid for tea and to grouping of beautiful ladies who sat there. She breathed  in the warm radiant summer air and smiled. It was a perfect day.
  A foot step clicked on the stone terrace floor behind her and she turned. The garden with its roses and pools and fountains was beautiful, but the vision before her now put all to shade.
  Tall atop needle thin heels, Juliet’s beautiful Maid Mandy was a vision of slick rose pink, her Latex uniform frilled and petticoated dainty and feminine. Yet this afternoon even her beauty was matched, for beside her was Jane Nephew Andrew, naked, but for his own elegantly high heels, a pair of tiny latex panties and a coating of glistening coconut oil which bronzed and protected his smooth flawless skin. The young man, his face as ever a painted and glossed vision of innocent feminine beauty trembled slightly his hand resting for support in mandys. Juliet let her lips curl into a genuine smile. He was perfect.
  Mandy knowing her next movement, without signal offered the young mans hand to her mistress and as it slipped into her control stepped back.
  “Are you ready Andrew?”, The woman asked her tone warm and friendly, yet still almost teasing him to rebel.
He nodded
  Again she asked “No….are you ready Andrew?”
  This time his voice came, soft and nervous and deeply feminine. “Yes Madame”
  “Very well. Mandy follow us”
With his hand in her for support the young man was led down the first few stone steps and on to the pool terrace, then across to the steps which led them down onto the lawn. Though he walked with ease atop the dagger thin heels, Juliet could feel her charge trembling in her hand, nerves or excitement, she knew not which but guessed both. The click of heels died as the stepped on to the grass , soft, like a lush carpet it cushioned their steps as they approached the group ofd ladies and as they neared they turned and as they turned Andrews eyes met those of his Aunt Janes. Suddenly, for no reason he felt embarrassed, ashamed, nervous and shy, but why? This was the woman who had led him from young man into this image of feminine beauty, who knew his every secret and emotion, yet now in the warm glow of that summer sun, naked before her he felt so nervous or shy. He lowered his deep brown eyes and under the gaze of the seated ladies allowed Juliet to help him step up and lay face down on the long ornate table beside them.
He felt Juliet moving around him, her shadow briefly blocking the warm sun as her fingertips slipped beneath the hem of his tiny pink Latex panties. “Bottom up” came the soft instruction and he obeyed, allowing her to ease the fine material down over his pert buttocks and down and off his long toned legs. Now he was naked, naked before the ladies and naked under the summer sun.
 Again Juliet moved round him, this time she bent close to his head, her touch on his cutely cropped chestnut hair directing him to turn his left cheek down and his face  toward the group. “Open your eyes darling”, she whispered, stroking his cheek and once again his sparking brown eyes, in their ornate rich make up, fluttered open and fell deeply into those of his Aunts. He sighed, slowly parted his wetly glossed pink lips and settled.
  As he lay, the warm sun now caressing the length of his naked body, Andy saw every body and face turn toward him, to gaze at him. He wanted to close his eyes, to block at least some of the embarrassment he felt, but he obeyed Juliets words and gazed back at them. Holding eye contact with each in turn.
  Time passed, a minute or two, before he heard and sensed movement beside him again, behind his turned face . A finger momentarily brushed his shoulder as a bee settle on his left buttock, its tiny legs tickling his sensitive skin before floating away again and then it began.
  Andy, sweetly feminised, briefly closed his eyes and let a soft sigh pass his liquid pink lips as the first rich tentrils honey perfumed syrup settled on his neck and begin to flow. He could feel the slick slow liquid cling to his skin and flow in a smooth rivulets around his neck, coating it before pooling on the polished table top beneath.
  Now, as mandy the maid allowed the silver serving jug to turn and pour, the deep golden glaze began to spread across his shoulders and down his arms to cover his hands, before returning up to coat his back  and sealing glazing him in mirror slick syrup down to the base of his elegant spine.
  Now came a pause and Andy saw his Aunt smile and mouth a silent “Okay?” The young man, gazed back, his eyes deep and brown and gave her a slow and contented smile, but it was only a brief smile for a moment later his eyes closed and his lips parted into a silent gasp. For now he could feel his buttocks being gently parted by delicate hands, and fingers playing between  them. He swallowed and tried to calm his breathing again, but the touch, though light was insistent and slowly he felt his most intimate point relax and open. Softly now Juliet stroked Andy’s sun warmed buttock as the first of the deep red cherries slipped into him, his tight button closing round it, holding it safe and warm within his body. She lent down, her face close to his ear. “Five more darling” she whispered, “We do not want anyone disappointed do we”.
  Andy sighed and let is white teeth nibble on his glossed lips as, over the next few minutes, each cherry was gently and ceremoniously eased into him, each stretching him further and each making his breath come in shorter pants, drawn in and blown out through the O of his full glossed lips, as each and every nerve of his naked body, struggled to come to terms with this newest and most erotic of sensations.
  Slowly his heart calmed and his breathing softened, he shifted ever so slightly on the table, feeling the treasure nestled within him, as his mind recalled Juliet’s earlier words of how the ladies seated before him would reclaimed their each and every piece.
Andys heart pounded, when he had agreed it had just been her fantasy, but now it was Oh so real. And now it was minutes away from happening
 However Juliet and her maid had not finished and as Andy nestled his cheek back into the silken pillow at his head, he heard instruction whispered and once more felt the slow warmth of the thick, clinging honey syrup. This time it flowed in a copious rivulets between and over his buttocks, smothering and sealing his tight button in a deep honey gold glaze and transforming his buttocks themselves into two eroticly glossed and ripely fleshed berries, before pooling in a deep sticky puddle on the table between his slightly parted thighs.
   “Nearly there” Came Juliet’s whispered comfort as now the glistening coating began to enclose his thighs and long feminine legs, streaming thickly around them to form an even seal before spreading onto the table and them. Finally he felt the glaze caress the backs of his calves and the sound of slow poring syrup stop.
   He sensed Juliet’s maids step back and silence ,a long silence Silence, silence but for the distant hum of the bees and the beating of his heart. He swallowed his breath and gazed into his Aunts deep green eyes.

 “Ladies” Juliet said, stepping into view behind the seated group “Dessert is served”

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Art from a friend

Hi everyone
  I get lots of pieces of art and things sent to me, most of which are fun but rather too naughty for this blog, but occasionally a piece really fits in with the feel of the place.
  Below is a pic from Gigi (Not my Gigi) who admits it was half borrowed from another caption with a small change. So I also give credit to whoever might have created the original. However I love the way it might fit into Andys world.
 Thank you Gigi
Big hugs

Monday, 14 December 2015

New Art "One more item"

Hi Everyone
  Hope you are all super well. As i said last week I have been trying to get one very important piece of art finished because it was inspired by my last visit to my friends in Lyon, Not directly as in this did not happen to me, but because it came to me as my friend Gi and I were shopping. Unlike or helpess hero/Heroine I was not wrapped in shiny rubber, but far more conservatively dressed in my best girly jeans ,heels and leather jacket, but still the idea was so hot I had to finish it asap.
  Once more a toy for his Aunts pleasure, we find our poor Andy dispatched to do the weekly shop, he is after all her Maid. However to his delight he was spared the embarrassment of being seen in public in one of his frilly latex uniforms and instead, was dressed in a more conservative, pair of polished Latex leggings, patent knee boots and and a super sexy rubber biker jacket. He knew he was getting looks, glances from guys and girls, Jane had ensured he was still glossily made up and as beautiful as ever, but at least he was not getting stared at, or standing out too much. That was of cause, until his Aunt struck.
 Hope you like this, because to outfit is based on one I wore a few years ago when I stayed in beautiful Paris for one of the best weeks of my life.
 Here is "One More Item"


Thursday, 10 December 2015

Latex KnightleyTrilogy

Hi everyone
  I was messing about doing so me new art last night (Late last night) and realised i had not posted the final picture in my Keira Knightley Latex trilogy. Which in short is just cheap excuse to see her in in our favourite material. Hey It's my blog and i can be a cheap as i want.
  So here are the three, all featuring her gorgeous pixie cropped hair style.

Wearing Latex torture Garden logo'd uniform
Wearing Russian inspired Latex uniform.

Wearing gorgeous Latex Biker jacket

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Commercial break

Hi Everyone
   Well I am back and i hope you are all super well. I will settle down to some creative work as soon as time allows. I have some super new ideas and one inspired by last weekend involving a shopping trip.
 Anyway until I can get that down it is time for a quick commercial break. Heaven knows I am not a commercial person and ads do nothing for me, but for some reason, when this was shown to me I was strangely interested.
  Well done the add men, now all I need is enough money to by that dress for my friend.......What?, you mean it was an ad for a car?......What car?....Oh i see.
 Take Care

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

New Art "Reserved"

Hi everyone
  "Anyone there!".........Would not blame you if there wasn't. So sorry for not posting of late, but anyone out there working in retail will know and understand how crazy busy this time of year can be. Not that I am too bothered about work because from tomorrow evening I am off to visit my friends for a long weekend. All a big surprise to me and I may have to take a small "sickie" to get round it, but heck, if you don't tell neither will I.
  I have also been distracted by the sudden desire and better still ability, to write a longer piece of fiction again. Usually due to strange factors in my head I can no longer write one day and pick it up again the next, but for the last week I seem to have done OK. Super!!!!!
  Anyway, here is a piece of art, that almost got put aside, I was some how not happy with it, but could not figure out why, then revisited it and thought, no that is pretty good, get it posted. So here it is. Don't think it needs over explaining, just hope you like it.
  Take care, big kisses, see you all soon