Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Great latex fashion designs

Hi everyone.
 What? two updates in 2 days!, no it is not a mirage. I meant to put this up yesterday.
   When i was in Paris i met a lady who had on the most adoreable and simple latex dress, I meant to ask her where it came from but, did not have the nerve. Anyway i came across it on a site the other day and thought it was worth a mention.

                       This is the dress the lady wore.

This is the dress i would like

And this i think for Gi

Take a look they have some wonderful stuff.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Dinner and tight pants

Hi everyone,
   Has it really been 5 days since i last posted. That deserves a spanking (i hope).
Anyway, i must first wish a friend of ours well. She and her husband had invited Gi, P and i, Amanda that is, was..... is.....what ever.to a party last saturday night but sadly fell ill. This was such a shame because they had been kind enough to invite me, not in my usual role as maid, but as Amanda Louboutin. Yes  it is complicated but anyway in meant a lot to me because it means i am no longer thought of as the "new boy/girl" of our little group. Not that i mind being one of the maids,it is usually good fun to be on show in our little uniforms, hwever it would have been lovely to go to the party on Ps arm along with my beloved Gi. Never mind i am sure it will happen again.
 Anyway get well C and thank you for thinking of me.

So instead we were invited to an inforal dinner with some other friends, who i may have mentioned before. not a big dressy event, but a casual afair. Still i chose to wear latex. because i like to wear it and was mirrored by our hosts wife, who looked gorgeous.
 I wore my latex pants and a simple pink T shirt, nothing wild but wearing those pants led me on sunday to dig out my old PVC pants and try then on.
  I don't see where i have put on weight since i bought them 5 years ago, (from a little shop in the north lanes of my home town brighton, England), but it say they were a perfect fit would not be a lie, they were in fact to good a fit and one wrong move and i don't now what would have split first the pants or me.

Perhaps a few usefull zips like on this pair would have come in handy.

Anyway, i hope you are all well and thank you for reading.

Un-connected erotica

Hi everyone,
I guess the title says it all, these pics have no connection to each other, apat from the fact that i find them all highly erotic. No sleezy, or cheap, but genuinely erotic. What do you think?

Shrink-wrapped in rubber?

 Reminds me of Paris

                                          How to present a perfect bottom.

Oh yes and we are back to the chocolate again.
But canyou blame me?

Hope you agree with me.

Something to play with

Hi everyone,
I came across this in my travels and thought i might share it with you all.

Hang on a moment, look again. Did.......did you see her move?
Oh my God!...shes real!!!!!


Thursday, 25 August 2011

Coming soon

Hi everyone.
  Here is a single peice i created for Asudem over at Dollsrealm .
 I had wanted to try and paint a dolls face for a while, however  once i had i could not get my head around the rest of the cover. The story would not come to me and so i sent it the Asudem, who came up with all the wonderful dialog and story, which i hope very soon will appear over on her site.
  Until then and as a teaser trailer. here is the cover.

Hope you like this and if you do why not pop over to dollsrealm and let Asudem know too.

Monday, 22 August 2011

View from my window

Hi everyone,
  Sorry i have not put much up for a while, i will try to do better. At the moment i am editting the next part of my Andy and Aunt Jane story, so hopefully that will be with you soon.
  View from my window. My office, oh yes i have an office, small it may be, very small it may be, but it has a window and from it, right now i can see a wedding party over the road, but what has prompted this entery is that one of the bridesmaids is absoulutly gorgeous.
 Well maybe gorgeous is the wrong word because she can be no more that 16, but she is utterly adoreable, yes that is a better word, really sweet and stunningly pretty. Her dark hair is pulled away from her face and she has a smile that could stop traffic. Her dress is very simple, floating on petticoats to just below her knees, a darkish red, can't think of the colour, but it is lovely and she is wearing matching heels.
  Perhaps it is wrong to gaze at her and maybe wrong to blog about her but. Miss in the red dress, you have made my day.

Some captions

Hi Everyone,
 Here are a few of my caption pics, again with that oddly familiar face. though this time we add a little bondage to the latex sissy mix.

I would love to try a bodybag like this.
Please Gi

Second or first class?

Now that really is skintight.

Hope you liked these, Please let me know if you did.
Hugs and kisses.

Paint me pretty

Hi everyone,
  One of my favourite things is playing with make up, but the most avourite thing is having someone else play make up on me, One of the earliest things i can remember was going through our local BOOTS chemists store and seeing all the women on the make up counters, they were so beautiful and glamourous and i dreamed of being called over and placed in one of those make up chairs and being painted up all pretty in front of the entire shop.
 Anyway, now i am licky enough to have someone whos great pleasure is playing with make up and now i get to sit for hours as Gi and the week before last Annet, try out shading and colours and styles n me. I love not to look in the mirror, unless it is a proper lesson i am being given, then i get a surprise when i see myself. Sometimes i might be pretty and other times i might be really glaourous. You can usually tell by the time it takes each make up to be  applied,
So here are afew pics i have had for a while all of very glamourous make up.

Some sissyboys just have it

Cheryl Cole, very pretty girl.

Cheryl cole again

Jean Bardot, utterly gorgeous and a mistress of glamourously sexy make up

I just love these colours. Lips and nails should always match.

Hope you like these
Kiss Kiss

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Sorry about that

Sorry about not posting much this week but i have had a few distractions and a but of catching up to do with work.
So i have declared a no Amanda weekend to get something done.
I will, i hope, be back new week to full steam, i just need a little time to get my groove back.
Thank you all for your comments and emails Especially you Melissa for your last comment.
Now I will take G and P breakfast and then get on with some work.
Kisses to you all

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Catsuits, Keira and boobs

Hi everyone,
 Sorry i did not get on yesterday, but things got a little busy in the afternoon. To put it bluntly, P came home and a good maid must do her duties. (Mmmmmmm)
  Any way i just wanted to say a little abut my trip, but apart from all the little sightseeing trips and shopping, (God i love shopping in Paris, just wish i had the nerve and money to buy some of those top end fashions). the oddest thing i tried for the first time there were Breast forms. I know it is not very exciting and i am sure some of you have tried them before, but i never had. As you may have guest my sissy icon is the gorgeous Keira Knightley, so elegant and slim and not of cause  blessed with the biggest of breasts. The perfectly beautiful sissyboy shape.

Anyway our host offered me the chance to try some of her clothes, she is though lets say a little better equiped up top. I think a good comparison between my Keira shape and hers would be Kelly brook

Right so no contest there. However she had some realy lovely clothes, Latex clothes and in particular she had a catsuit. Now i have never ever worn a catsuit, but his one was by Annets addmission a little small for her, But of cause it was cut for a feminine figure and so, thanks to the shoping in Paris i bought a pair of very life like silicone breastforms, which could either sit in a bra or tape to my skin.
 I'm going on a bit now aren't i ,sorry. Anyway with the aid of these rather large boobs i was able to fill out the catsuit quite well, but then it hit me, i felt really odd, the boobs really made me feel off balance and i found myself standing really upright in my heels, even walking was different, every movement felt new, right down to a movement of an arm or even sitting and standing. It really was an eye opener.
  It is a silly thing i know to write about but, it had such a impact on me, to really feel as a woman might feel.
 Also there was the catsuit, as i said,never worn one before. I have worn many outfits and have even been enclosed in a vacbed, but never worn a catsuit and to say it was hot, was not being to blunt, godness after an hour i could feel the sweat running down my back, but strangley enough, though maybe not to any of us who love latex, it felt so sexy and the hotter it got he more it squeaked and popped as i moved and it gripped.
 Catsuits i say yes please, but breasts?, it is odd i know, but i think i will remain a devotee of Keiras.

I mean, come on, she is gorgeous.

Anyway, thanks you so much for reading my blog, i do hope i did not bore you,
Love and kisses

Monday, 15 August 2011

Hi honey i'm home

Hi everyone.
  ow that was a very special week and i must start by saying thank you frstly to all of you who sent me such lovely wishes, so thank you , Jennifer, Colleen, Asudem, Gromet, R'slave 87, Nicole, S, Emily, Melissa and of cause Silvia. If i have left anyone out do please forgive me, but my head is still very much in Paris and my body very much in Amanda, But thank you all it was very sweet of you. Secondly i must thank our hosts, who i will call An and D. An you are one of the kindest and prettiest ladies i have ever met and thank you for the present, i shall think of you whenever i paint my nails and D you are a sweet and welcoming person and if i may say rather sexy, but don't tell P. Finally (golly you would think i was getting the nobel prize}, finally i must thank G and P. Firstly P Yes i was a little funny when you arrived,but you knew why. It is because i have ever felt so close to a man in such a way before, you are sweet, gentle , lovely, very very naughty and so sexy. XXXXXX
 And G, Aunt Gi spending time with you is the most wonderful experience, you are so kind, fun and loving and more importantly you make me feel so safe. I don't think i would have the nerve to go out as Amanda if i did not have my hand in yours, you are so beautiful in every way and i still say that guy was trying to put his hand on your bottom and not mine.
 So thank you all for everything, i hope i repayed your kindness and generousity. XXXXX

I will tell you all a little bit about my trip over the next few days, but i need to stretch out and relax for a day first. However the desire to remain as Amanda, as who i am now, with polished pink nails and creamy lips is greater than ever. Each time i return from a long trip as Amanda the idea of staying gets greater. I would love to be able to just say, this is now me. but there is a real world out there and i have put my head above the parapits before nad nearly had it knocked off, so i will just relax and think a while.
 Sorry if that went a bit deep then.
 Anyway, i am back so lets see what happens next.
lots of kisses

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Safe and sound

Hi everyone.
Just trying out blogging on my mobile as don't have my computer.
Here without problem Paris beautiful and sexy as ever, if a little sticky.
Excited about trip to salon, friend of a friend so i will be welcomed without worry.
Mystery of locked case solved. It has none of my clothes, male that is, in it, so willing or not i am in frills from now on. And willing i very much am.
I wish all of you a happy time what ever you are doing and big kisses.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Some brilliant art from another artist.

Hi everyone,
  As i am going to be away for a week i thought i would take the oppotunity to post some brilliant art by an unknown artist i came across on my travels (if anyone knows who did these please let me know),Anyway i am posting these now so that hopefully by the time i get back you will have forgotten just how amazing these are and be willing to look at my lesser works instead.
  It appears many people have taken the drawings and re-captioned them to their own desires. I hope you like them and i have many more if you would like to see them.


Just in case i do not get back on before i leave i would like to thank you allvfor your lovely comments and best wishes. I have enjoyed this blog and will be back very soon.
Kisses to you all,

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Personal stuff

  Hi everyone,
  Than you somuch for reading my little blog, it is nice to know you are out there. I returned home from visiting Mum and Dad but in the old country, late monday night to find, much to my shock, my suitcase already packed. This surprised me as Gi and I are not leaving for Paris until Friday, However what really surprised me was the neat little padlock which held the zipper shut. Gi had packed my case, but what is in it i have no idea.
 The last time we went to Paris we took a bag each of our everyday clothes and one for our latex and fetish outfits,We do not go around all day in latex and stuff, that would be like shoutng out "Look at us, Look at us",  Anyway, it would appear my bag of everyday clothes is already taken care of and has nothing to do with me, so that is all a mystery.
  The next thing is my hair. As usual, although we will be driving, (Well Gi will be, i am not that crazy!) i will be travelling as myself, well as Andy, so i will wait until we get to Paris to have the full treatment, but as far as the style is concerned Gi and P are very much up for a new look But Gi wants to leave the final decision until later, which is fine by me. Especially when you think she will be paying for it.....I offered, i offered, but was told it was a treat, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU my beautiful Gi.
  Can't wait to see all the friends i made last time we were there, this week is going s slowly.
Anyway enough of my chatter.
  Thank you for bothering to read, this, XXXXX

Some of my caption pics, plus a little thank you.

Hi everyone
   I had a very short but very sweet thank you Email the other day complimenting my little caption pics. I was delighted as it was the first direct compliment regarding my captioned pics. So as thanks i would like to dedicate these to that sweet commentor.

Hope you like these.

A piece of my art

Hi everyone,
 Here is one more piece of my original art. This one is one of the oldest and you may note the slight difference in style. Anyway i do hope you like this.


Monday, 1 August 2011

personal stuff

Hi everyone
 Sorry if i was a little behind with posting new stuff last week, but i had a very large job on and it pushed me right to the very time limit, however it has been completed and accepted so i a now quite a bit better off. Which is great news for next weeks trip to Paris. New outfits and styles here we come.
  I hope to put a few more bits and bobs on this week, but i start with the next part of The Guiding hand which to my delight lots of you  seem to enjoy.
 Sadly though you may all have to wait for a week or two for the next part as, myself and Gi are going to Paris for a week, where with any hope we will meet up with P for a little fun, shopping and .....well you know....stuff.
  I have been to Paris a couple of times with my Gi and P and it is a wonderful chance to remain feminised for an entire week. Back home there is always that risk of running into someone you know, so i keep a low profile there, but in Paris i will be free to relax in one of the most beautiful and sexy cities in the world.
 So at some point this week probabley later i will have my hair done, the last few times i have had long extentions in, because it give me more options regarding styles, Tight jeans, white blouse and a high pony tail, dead chic, But maybe this time i may have a really feminine shorter style. I would really like to try this style, worn by Keira Knightley below. It is chic, elegant, stylish and sophistcated perfect for Paris and i think it has an 'older' look. A pony tail is cute and girly, but i think this is very much the style of a young woman. and with that smokey and tonal make up. I think it would be the perfect new look for  Miss Amanda Louboutin

Anyway i went on a bit there, so i will keep you updated on this weeks progress, that is whe i get back home. I have been away fro a few days, but that really is to be kept to myself.

The Guiding hand ....Part 2

Hi everyone
  Sorry it took a while but here is part 2. Hope you enjoy.

I hope you liked this, sorry if it is a little teasing at the end, but more will follow as soon as i can.

Part 2

A second opinion.

....Time had passed him in his dream. She was home and he was still!….desperately he fiddled with the panties but, with trembling terrified fingers, the rubber which had earlier seduced him, now became a prison, enclosing him trapping him, sweat broke out on his body, his heart pounded, No No
He looked about, terror struck, there is no way out, no way, then , grabbing his clothes he rushed to his room,
"J..Just ch..changing Auntie", he stammered. There is nothing else to do, so with fumbling fingers, he threw his clothes on over the panties and rushed to meet her before she could reach the top of the stairs. "H..Hello Lady…Auntie Jane".
"Oh darling you are all red, I do hope he are not coming down with anything", she placed a soft hand on his cheek,.
"No I’m fine really", he stammered.
She looked him up and down, he felt himself tremble under her cool gaze, then she smiled, "Oh darling, he are too sweet". She smiled and stroked his cheek, then, turning, she chilled his blood, "I’ve just got time to try my treat, is the bag in my room?". There was a pause, an eternal pause, maybe even longer….. "Andy?"
"Ye….yes it is, bu….."
‘RING, RING’….."Oh blast that phone", Jane snapped, " do excuse me dear".
Andrews heart must have stopped, he was not breathing, all he had was a head fuzzy with confusion and fear and a body which, heated to boiling by shear terror, seamed to tremble with an almost uncontrollable shiver. He fumbled for a moment with his jeans, pulling them down to see if he could peel the panties away …..quickly, quickly, his fingers fumbled and slipped on the slick rubber, he could not even slide a finger under there hem, no he remain trapped and. "Oh No!".
He heard her coming back up, this time the click of her heels went toward her room, he held his breath, again eternity passed then, she returned.
"Curse that office, I’m sorry darling but after our trip I will have to pop back to the office for an hour. Still that’s later. I saw the bag darling, thank you, I do hope he did not peak". He smile weakly, shaking his head, "still it will be a treat for me later". she took his hand. "Oh my that is hot, are you sure you are OK?".
"Ye….yes fine, thank you", the young man floundered, "Just….just excited to be with you I guess".
"Oh you are sweet". Janes glossed lips curled into a smile of delight. "Come on everything is ready, we have so much to do". And with that she took his hand and led him downstairs.
Driving back into town Andrew struggled to relax, telling himself there is no way she could find out about his secret, without actually taking his clothes of, he just had to be cool and wait until he got home, The hour she would spend at her office would be all he needed to escape his rubber prison and return then to the bag. He just had to be calm. Oh god just be calm……
The first place on Lady Janes trip was to the huge IMAX cinema, where he sat enthralled in an exciting film shown in 3D. This was followed by a trip on the famous London eye. A delightful afternoon tea at one of her favourite restaurants and finally a slow evening cruise down the river past all the famous sights of London. All the time she kept him close, held his hand and patted his trembling knees. Her voice soft and warm, loving almost and each gesture brought home to him his shame and guilt.
Then as the sun began to soften they sat by the riverbank sipping cold lemonade. All the time as she had done all afternoon, Lady Jane is holding his hand, like a real loving Aunt.
"It is so nice to have the company of such a sweet young thing as you Andrew, I admit I have grown very fond of he in our short time together". She said ,her dazzling smile turning his heart to liquid,
"I like you very much to Lady F….",
She squeezed his hand, "No Darling"
"Sorry Auntie Jane, I think you are very kind, and beautiful", the last word just seemed to slip out, but It brought a truly stunning smile to his older companions face.
"Oh what a sweet thing to say. Thank you darling".
But it is true. She is such a beautiful lovely lady and he could not help but feel so retched about how he had behaved. He wanted desperately to turn the clock back, but the only way to do that was to admit his crimes admit how he had worn her pants and night-dress and how at that very moment he was in the tightening embrace of her new rubber underwear….. There was no other way to clear his soul…..but he was a coward, he did not need to tell her. He just had to wait a little bit longer and no one need know.
The river and time drifted on and for the first time he truly felt he might escape.
."Thank you Auntie Jane", he said, as they stood beside the river, for one last photo. "I’ve had such a fun time",
"I’m so glad. However there is still one last surprise I have left in my box dear".
For a moment Andy froze, he could not face anymore time in his tight latex panties, the heat of the day having filled them with a creamy lubrication of sweat. "but don’t you need to return to he office". He said, adding a hint of sadness to his tone.
"No darling no..that can wait, but I can’t" , She shifted in her seat, looking about the area before turning to face him. She smiled. "I want you to do something for my Andrew".
The young mans heart raced in his chest, "S….sure".
Again Janes eyes danced about the nearly deserted stretch of riverbank, before gazing into his. She took a breath. "I want you to unzip your trousers".
Andys heart now rushed to his throat and tried to burst free, his body consumed by an instant tremble of terror and disbelief, "Wha…….sorry?".
Jane smiled, almost enjoying her young companions’ shock. " I want you to unzip your trousers".
Andy floundered, "Wh …why?"
"Because I say so, young man".
For a moment Andy thought about refusal, but Janes tone, though not harsh or fierce, did have a edge he had never heard before. It was a tone which made it perfectly clear he had little choice and so with his white teeth nervously nibbling his lip, his trembling fingers moved to his jeans and slowly drew the tiny gold zipper down.
"Good boy", Jane purred, her tone once more soft, "Good boy, now….."
With the sound of his blood pounding in his ears, Andy nearly jumped out of his skin when, with a smooth and elegant movement, Janes right hand glided up his denimed thigh and settled at the now opened zipper. He held his breath and gazed helplessly into the older womans sparkling eyes. Nothing was said, nothing needed to be.
Then slowly as her eager fingers slipped into the parted denim, Janes eyes widened in delight, "Oh my god!", she half gasped half ,whispered, "Their latex!"
Andy felt the world fall away from him, he felt his head spin, his stomach knot and his body melt into a pool of mortified goo. "I’m sorry, I’m sorry,", he whispered, "I did not mean to, I don’t know why".
For a long moment Jane was lost in the sensations of warm latex beneath her eager fingers, but sensing the young mans genuine dismay, she gently let them rest.
"Oh it’s OK darling", she purred in her soft, well mannered tone, "Really It is. In fact I was secretly hoping you would choose those".
But with his pounding heart in his ears, Andy barely heard her words, "I have never, done anything like this….never, I don’t know why".
"Andy,Andy darling", purred, "really it is fine".
The young mans head was still spinning and Janes words barely filtered through, "No, no, I am so, so sorry".
Jane sighed and looked into the young mans eyes, then after briefly allowing herself the pleasure of one last stroke, she slipped her fingers from their smooth nest. Drawing the zipper closed behind them. "Listen to me Andrew, Andrew?.". The young mans shame reddened face rose to hers. "It is all right darling, really I do not mind. I think it is wonderful".
Andy gazed back, his mind struggling to come to terms with Janes tone, which was, to his disbelief, not scolding or harsh, but soft and truly caring. "I’m…I’m sorry". He repeated
Jane smiled braudly, "No no darling no more apologise, I except and I forgive".
Andys eyes widened and he felt his stomach lighten. "Sor….Th….thank you"
"That is perfectly alright darling, now….", she took his trembling hand and helped him to his feet, "we need to get a move on".
"Where are we going?"
"You will see darling".
"It is somewhere along here", Jane said, looking up at the street sign. "Nearly there darling".
Despite the time, the street was still quite busy with market traders packing away their stalls and the last of the evening shoppers awaiting their buses. Most of the shops down Lower Market street had lowered their shutters for the evening and a lone road sweeper went about his business.
No one really took any notice of Jane and her silent young friend, but if they had they might have found the way, this older beauty was cradling the young mans hand in hers a little odd. Not that there is anything wrong in such a act, but….there was just something about it.
Suddenly Jane stopped and Andy felt her fingers squeeze his as if in delight.
"This is it", she sighed, a hint of excitement in her smooth voice.
"I don’t understand", Andy said, "Where……". The young mans voice sharply caught in his throat as he saw the direction of Jane’s gaze.
Across the road, between the two rapidly shrinking Market stalls was a tiny black painted shop baring the name HONOUR in clear white lettering. But it was not this minor detail or the slightness of the shop that made his stomach knot, but the window display. A window display that contained three, slim feminine manniquins each clothed in a different uniform. A sailor in pale blue, a soldier in deep green and a police officer in black and white, but again it was not these details that made him tremble, but the fact that each outfit, each tiny sexy outfit, was clearly made of glossy latex rubber. He felt his panties tighten about him.
For moment he just stared, but then felt Janes hand squeezing his. He looked into her sparkling green eyes, she smiled "Don’t worry darling", she purred, "everything will be fine" and without another word she led him across the road, between the two market stalls and up to the tiny shops door.
Again Jane squeezed his hand and smiled. "Actually you wearing those lovely latex panties is a bit of luck", she purred, reaching out to press the button below the PRESS TO ENTER sign.
"H…..how?", Andys head was spinning it had all taken place so swiftly he could not take it all in what was happening.
"Simple….", Jane said, as he buzzer sounded the doors opening, "…If you had chosen the silk ones we would have had to have gone across town to buy the rest of your outfit.".
And with those words flooding into his head like a tsunami, Jane pushed the door and guided Andy inside.
Instantly the pair were bathed in the rich aroma of latex and rubber it was as if the air were richer, thicker and warmer. However, as Jane breathed in the sensual atmosphere Andy had forgotten to breathe all together. Hardly surprising for a young man who had suddenly come face to face with a life sized, whip wheedling mannequin , sheathed from throat to toe in a mirror smooth, black latex catsuit.
The voice from the counter broke his momentary trance.
"Hi, are you OK?". The owner of the voice was a woman in her late 20s, very pretty, with blonde hair tied in a high ponytail. She wore a simple white cotton T shirt, above a pair of tight faded blue denim jeans.
"Oh hello,", Jane replied, as if she were in the local supermarket, "May we look around".
The young women, glance for a brief second between the two and smiled, "Sure, You will find most of our club and day wear down here, whilst our uniforms and things are on the next floor…", she gestured to the hidden stair way at the rear of the shop.
"Wonderful, thank you", Jane smiled
"We also have a bondage area downstairs and if you would like to see it, just let me know and I will buzz you down".
"What fun, thank you. Come on Darling". Jane once more squeezed Andys hand but this time he did not move, she turned and followed is gaze. It was not directed this time to the silent and still mannequin, but to the very real woman who had just emerged from the back of the shop.
Her outfit, could have been described as conservative had it not been for the fact it was fashioned from, shiny smooth latex. Her figure embracing Jacket/blouse, from which her breast struggled to escape, led down to an almost impossibly tight pencil skirt which reached to just below her knees. From then on her legs also sheathed in latex drifted down to feet clad in shatteringly high heels.
Jane felt Andy tremble. She knew he had never seen anything like it, indeed nor had she until she had visited the other fetish shop in convent garden to purchase those irresistible panties.
"What do you think Lilly? ,The new stuff is superb". The second woman said addressing the young woman at the counter., before noticing the slightly stunned looking customers stopped, "Oh Hi", she said, placing one hand on her hip, in a practised pose. "Are you OK?. All our…"
"To late Jemma, I’ve done that".
"Oh, well never mind. Please take a look around".
"Thank you. May I say that is a wonderful outfit" Jane said, her admiring eyes flowing over the woman seek latex out fit.
"Thank you", The woman smiled and did a slow turn, allowing the lights to dance across the wet smooth latex surface. "It is from the new range, more relaxed and everyday styles. They will be on sale very shortly".
Now Jane gave a soft laugh, "I think I may be a little old for Latex, But I must say it is very nice, thank you anyway".
"You are very welcome, Are you looking for anything in particular?".
For a moment the question hung in the air, then with a faint squeeze of Andys hand said. "Yes, in fact I am. I wonder do you have any Maids uniforms?"
The woman in latex smiled, "We do indeed, please do come with me".
Andy felt his heart leapt to his throat and looked desperately into Jane’s dancing green eyes, for mercy. The very idea that she was about to purchase for him, in front of these women, a dress, a Maids dress made his stomach knot and his knees weaken.
"Please Aunt jane". He whispered, "Please".
"Don’t worry Andy", she replied in a clear matter of fact voice, "We won’t be long, I am sure these ladies have homes to go to as well".
For a moment he thought about pleading some more, but then as he was led by the hand, through the downstairs display, towards the stairway, he bit his lips and preyed it was all a rouse, a trick just to punish him. He preyed it was all a nightmare.

The stairway leading up to the second showroom, was quite narrow and steep, and gave away the true age of the shop itself. However Andy was not interested in such things. For, at Janes instruction, he climbed the stairs a number of steps behind the woman in latex and in doing so had placed his eyes on the same level as her smoothly encased bottom. Oh he tried to look away, of cause but there was something about those twin globes, slowly sliding across each other with every stair, that made looking away impossible. They seemed to flow and roll, beneath the tight shiny latex, which stretched and creased like nothing he had ever imagined before. He felt his mouth dry.
"We have a number of styles from, classic, to Full French and all the way to full length Victorian dresses", The assistant said as the came into the well lit upper rooms, "All are in either latex or PVC. Do you have a preference?".
"Actually I was looking for something in Latex".
"Not a problem", The assistant moved atop her high heels to the far wall, where, at either end, stood silent mannequins, dressed in perfect latex reproductions of full length Victorian maids dresses. "And style?".
Now Jane paused, Andy’s heart raced, she smiled, "I was thinking French?"
Again the woman smiled, "Oh wonderful, we have some lovely pieces, down here", she pardoned herself and moved to the end of the rail. As she did Jane squeezed Andys hand and gave him a naughty smile.
"Ins’t this wonderful, don’t they have such lovely things, did you see that gown downstairs, the black one with the high neck, imagine wearing that?"
Andy offered no such enthusiasm in his reply, "Please Aunt Jane, I am sorry, please can we go?"
"No darling", she half whispered, "No, am not having you wandering around in only Latex panties. No mater how cute i bet you look in them.".
"But Aunt….".
Andy fell silent as the assistant turned back towards them, "This is our standard maids dress, very cute, very short and sweet, easy to wear and comes with the apron and cap".
Andys stomach knotted as the tiny dress was turned before them. Jane ‘Hmmm’ed’, "It is very sweet", she said stepping forward to touch the rippling black latex, "Very cute indeed. What do you think Andy?……Do you think my maid would look nice in that?".
Desperately the young man fought to find a calm and removed tone to his strangled voice, "Um", he started, "Er…….N…no Aunt Jane i….i don’t think so".
There was a pause, Jane stared at the red faced boy, who stood nervously shuffling beside her. She smiled, "You are so right Andy darling. So right. No I need something special".
The assistant nodded and returned to the rail.
"I am so glad I brought you along Andy, it is always best to have a second opinion", Jane said in a rather to clear voice, as her young companion blushed beside her.
"This….", the assistant said turning once more, "….is a more fuller, dress, still very practical, but also still very cute and sexy. The skirt is a little longer as are the sleeves. Whilst the neck line can be worn both over and off the shoulder". She offered the glistening black latex dress out and turned it on its hanger. Again Andy sensed his tormentors delight.
"Oh that is sweet…" She said, holding up the skirts. "…it has a fifties air about it, you can imagine the wearer with a high ponytail tied in a ribbon. I like it very much", she again turned Andy, who could feel his face glowing.
"It….it is a little old fashioned", he ventured, "Don’t you think….for….for your maid".
The pause this time was longer and Andy could feel his heart pounding in his chest. Jane one more stroked the fine smooth latex.
"No…you are right again Andy, Quite right . It is a little old, for my maid and…..", she paused, her lips curling into a smile. "…as you said, Very practical, you see I don’t really need practicality, I want….." again she paused, "……I want Something, ultra feminine, dripping with lace and frills, masses of petticoating, you know, something……spectacular".
Andys blood froze and the assistants face lit up.
"I have just the thing, one moment".
As the woman moved passed them into an adjoining alcove, Andy looked up at Jane and whispered for forgiveness. But Jane Fullerton-Jones just smiled.
"Darling I have told you there is nothing to forgive".
"But Aunt Jane…Lady Jane. I don’t…".
"No Darling, no more….i", Jane’s voice died in her throat as the assistant returned.
In her hand she held what could only be described as a fantasy of French finery. A teeny tiny, shimmery shiny, black latex dress, with a deep neckline, puffed cap sleeves and a short short skirt. All trimmed with lashings of fine white latex lace.
Andy froze and he felt Janes hand tremble in his.
"This is our most exquisite dress, the perfect cut and style", the assistant said, turning the flimsy latex garment back and forth, "It is also one of our more expensive dresses at, £140 But I am sure you agree it is very much worth every penny".
Jane stepped forward, her eyes wide as if hypnotised by the dresses sheer beauty. She reached out one hands and slid it up under the frilled hem. The latex flowed and rippled across her fingers as if it had been poured from a jar, shimmering and shining, as it trickled between her fingers. She swallowed, her heart raced, this was it.
"It is so light, so very fine", Jane said as much to herself as to the smiling assistant, "I think this will be perfect. Don’t you agree Andy".
The young man on the other hand could not find a voice, the dress was far to …..well….feminine for him to contemplate and all he could do was breath a soft, "No, not that one", of despair.
Jane smiled and turned to the red faced young man, who stood framed between two rails of shimmering latex. "No Andy dear, I think this is just right. Perhaps you need to see it from a different angle", Jane reached out a hand, beckoning Andy to join her. At first the reluctant young man stayed rooted to the spot, but then, as the elegantly painted fingertips continued to summon him, he realised there really was little point in protest and nervously he took the offered hand.
Accepting the dress on its hanger from the assistant, Jane now led Andy over to the well-lit circle of mirrors in the corner far of the latex scented showroom.
Once there she drew the flushed face youth in front of her before, with a glance to ensure the assistant was watching in the reflection, drawing the dress up before him in a gesture which made its future ownership perfectly clear.
The look on the assistants’ face said it all, shock, astonishment, surprise and yes delight. Jane could see them all in her wide eyes and smiling lips. But it was the sweetly embarrassed glow of Andys cheeks which delighted her more.
"I think this will be perfect for you Andy, Don’t you agree darling", she purred loud enough for the assistant to hear, "Or would you like to try it on. Just to make sure?".
Andy tensed, and noticed the assistant gazing at him with delight. "N…no please. No".
"Shall I buy it for you then?"
Andy gazed into the mirror, the aroma of warm latex filling his head as the dress Jane held before him rippled and fluttered in the faint breeze of the cooling fan. The lights of the show room dancing on it’s slick wet surface, like sunlight on the ripples of a lake. He sighed, he knew there would now be no reprieve, his eyes wide and slightly reddened looked back at Jane in the mirror and with a faint movement he nodded his agreement.
Jane drew him close, in a soft loving cuddle. "Good boy", she whispered, "And don’t worry darling, you are going to look gorgeous in latex".

To be continued……