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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Catsuits, Keira and boobs

Hi everyone,
 Sorry i did not get on yesterday, but things got a little busy in the afternoon. To put it bluntly, P came home and a good maid must do her duties. (Mmmmmmm)
  Any way i just wanted to say a little abut my trip, but apart from all the little sightseeing trips and shopping, (God i love shopping in Paris, just wish i had the nerve and money to buy some of those top end fashions). the oddest thing i tried for the first time there were Breast forms. I know it is not very exciting and i am sure some of you have tried them before, but i never had. As you may have guest my sissy icon is the gorgeous Keira Knightley, so elegant and slim and not of cause  blessed with the biggest of breasts. The perfectly beautiful sissyboy shape.

Anyway our host offered me the chance to try some of her clothes, she is though lets say a little better equiped up top. I think a good comparison between my Keira shape and hers would be Kelly brook

Right so no contest there. However she had some realy lovely clothes, Latex clothes and in particular she had a catsuit. Now i have never ever worn a catsuit, but his one was by Annets addmission a little small for her, But of cause it was cut for a feminine figure and so, thanks to the shoping in Paris i bought a pair of very life like silicone breastforms, which could either sit in a bra or tape to my skin.
 I'm going on a bit now aren't i ,sorry. Anyway with the aid of these rather large boobs i was able to fill out the catsuit quite well, but then it hit me, i felt really odd, the boobs really made me feel off balance and i found myself standing really upright in my heels, even walking was different, every movement felt new, right down to a movement of an arm or even sitting and standing. It really was an eye opener.
  It is a silly thing i know to write about but, it had such a impact on me, to really feel as a woman might feel.
 Also there was the catsuit, as i said,never worn one before. I have worn many outfits and have even been enclosed in a vacbed, but never worn a catsuit and to say it was hot, was not being to blunt, godness after an hour i could feel the sweat running down my back, but strangley enough, though maybe not to any of us who love latex, it felt so sexy and the hotter it got he more it squeaked and popped as i moved and it gripped.
 Catsuits i say yes please, but breasts?, it is odd i know, but i think i will remain a devotee of Keiras.

I mean, come on, she is gorgeous.

Anyway, thanks you so much for reading my blog, i do hope i did not bore you,
Love and kisses


  1. Hey Amanda,

    Good to hear you liked the catsuit, I must admit breastforms were weird for me at first, have to relearn some body movements and stances, eating with them is also completely different. I still wear mine when going Vanilla, not always in rubber through. But I do have a great appreciation now for what it must be like for a woman day in day out. Sounds like you have some interesting experiences in Paris look forward to reading more about them

  2. Amanda,
    I can well understand how you feel about women with large breasts and the weight balance factor, but "regular sized" breasts are not really a problem at all. Of course we do not suddenly acquire them overnight, we grow them over several years and adjust accordingly. i imagine if men didn't have the 'bag of fruit' hanging between their legs and then they did it would seem very uncomfortable.
    Anyway, I love your thoughts on your lifestyle and look forward to lots more. Power to your arm!

  3. Thank you sweeties for yOur wonderful comments. It is lovely to know you are out there.