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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Dinner and tight pants

Hi everyone,
   Has it really been 5 days since i last posted. That deserves a spanking (i hope).
Anyway, i must first wish a friend of ours well. She and her husband had invited Gi, P and i, Amanda that is, was..... is.....what ever.to a party last saturday night but sadly fell ill. This was such a shame because they had been kind enough to invite me, not in my usual role as maid, but as Amanda Louboutin. Yes  it is complicated but anyway in meant a lot to me because it means i am no longer thought of as the "new boy/girl" of our little group. Not that i mind being one of the maids,it is usually good fun to be on show in our little uniforms, hwever it would have been lovely to go to the party on Ps arm along with my beloved Gi. Never mind i am sure it will happen again.
 Anyway get well C and thank you for thinking of me.

So instead we were invited to an inforal dinner with some other friends, who i may have mentioned before. not a big dressy event, but a casual afair. Still i chose to wear latex. because i like to wear it and was mirrored by our hosts wife, who looked gorgeous.
 I wore my latex pants and a simple pink T shirt, nothing wild but wearing those pants led me on sunday to dig out my old PVC pants and try then on.
  I don't see where i have put on weight since i bought them 5 years ago, (from a little shop in the north lanes of my home town brighton, England), but it say they were a perfect fit would not be a lie, they were in fact to good a fit and one wrong move and i don't now what would have split first the pants or me.

Perhaps a few usefull zips like on this pair would have come in handy.

Anyway, i hope you are all well and thank you for reading.


  1. Andy,
    With regard to your PVC pants and you thinking just maybe you have put on a tiny bit of weight, let me assure you that is not the usual case. I am convinced that leaving cloths (especially pants) in a darkened wardrobe has the effect of them slightly reducing in size. I am sure I have read somewhere that this is a scientific fact.

  2. Thank you Jenifer i was hoping there would be a simple explanation for the mystery. However i think i will stick with my latex pants for now as they have a little more stretch.

  3. I'm sure its not a weight thing Andy, its probably just the material showing its age. Anyway latex pants are more fun ;)

  4. Another lovely reason. Thank you