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Monday, 22 August 2011

Paint me pretty

Hi everyone,
  One of my favourite things is playing with make up, but the most avourite thing is having someone else play make up on me, One of the earliest things i can remember was going through our local BOOTS chemists store and seeing all the women on the make up counters, they were so beautiful and glamourous and i dreamed of being called over and placed in one of those make up chairs and being painted up all pretty in front of the entire shop.
 Anyway, now i am licky enough to have someone whos great pleasure is playing with make up and now i get to sit for hours as Gi and the week before last Annet, try out shading and colours and styles n me. I love not to look in the mirror, unless it is a proper lesson i am being given, then i get a surprise when i see myself. Sometimes i might be pretty and other times i might be really glaourous. You can usually tell by the time it takes each make up to be  applied,
So here are afew pics i have had for a while all of very glamourous make up.

Some sissyboys just have it

Cheryl Cole, very pretty girl.

Cheryl cole again

Jean Bardot, utterly gorgeous and a mistress of glamourously sexy make up

I just love these colours. Lips and nails should always match.

Hope you like these
Kiss Kiss

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