Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

Sunday, 30 September 2018

6,000,000 Thank yous

Hi Everyone
    Back in March 2011 I sat at my computer and thought OK, what sums up how I feel about Latex, what phrase fits.....a few floated about but then it came to me. What is Latex if not Smooth,Slick and Shiny. That's It. I'll call my blog Smoothslicknshiny, it did not really matter because I would only be running it for a few months just to see what happened.
  Well 7 and a half years later I seems to have just passed 6,000,000 page views. Now I know compared to many blogs that is a tiny amount but to me it is quite amazing and to be honest I am quite proud of that and reading it through it charts my ups and downs. 
  I had just met my beloved Gi and her husband and it was they who help me create my feminine persona in Miss Amanda Keira Louboutin, they for whom I spend many wonderful hours as a fully uniformed Maid, happily skipping about doing the house work and attending to their needs.If It were not for Gi I would never have mastered heels. It was they who introduced me to so many thrillingly naughty experiences and people and they who grew my confidence from nothing to openly strolling through Paris, Amanda Keira blending in and standing out all at the same time as any young lady would.
  It then charts the moment I finally got the guts to ask my semi boss out on a date, twice my age but so gorgeous she was like an office fantasy in her heels and there was no way a soft little thing like me would have a chance. However after a lot of encouragement and gentle pushing by my friend S (thank you my Skinnie Stallion) and a very near miss, I asked her out and we have been together ever since, This is despite a pretty serious mental breakdown in 2012, which saw me moving back home to England and she remaining in France, not a problem she is only a few hours away these days. (and there is news to add to that soon too).
  What was I talking about?.......Oh yes, the blog 6,000,000 views and still going. I just wanted to thank all of you for your support and fun and ideas. This is a nice place to be, I like creating my silly art and stories and sharing others brilliant creativity and hope to do so for another 6,000,000 visits.
   So all that was, was me just wanting to say 
                                                                  THANK YOU 

So lets go back to the start.
 This Is the first introduction to Andy, thanks in no small way to the inspiration of our wonderful Christeen.


Here is the first story I ever posted. The final words very appropriate.


I ran my fingers about every detail of the foot before me. Smoothing the glistening oil across the rubber in which it was enveloped leaving It with a deep liquid shine. Only when I was perfectly satisfied did I reach for the shoe. For a moment I admired its sensual lines . Its elegant arch, delicate straps and long, dagger like heel. Then gently I slipped it over the offered toes, I heard a soft Oh of surprise as it molded the tiny foot into the sexy curve only a good 5-inch heel could, Before carefully closing the straps. I drew each together a closed them with a tiny golden lock. For a moment I gazed at the perfect image of femininity, then carefully repeated the act on the other foot. My heart raced as that second lock clicked shut, It was the finishing touch. 
  I paused, now for a moment, letting the moment hang, then slowly I drew my fingers and eyes up the length of those long legs, glad in skin tight transparent rubber they shone like glass and drifted on for ever as perfect columns of feminine beauty. Finally my eyes came to the white frilled hem of that tiny black rubber skirt, then up across its rippling shimmering surface to that slim waist, encircled now by the ribbons of that shimmering white apron. I swallowed, trying to still my heart, as I traveled on up to the soft blossoming swell of that young bosom , The nipples hard peaked clearly visible beneath the glossy material. Again I swallowed, I trembled as the creamy perfumed skin led me to that neck and finally onto that face the face I had dreamt of a 1000 time, yet framed now by a dark, feather cut, pageboy bob, was a million times more beautiful , from the pale blue eyes soft with innocent tears, that peaked shyly from behind long fluttering lashes, to the soft young rouged cheeks it was a million times more beautiful, yet as gorgeous as it was it was the twin petals of those full moist lips that broke my heart, they hung, rich in there succulent coating of cherry gloss, like dew ripe fruits, wet and heavy with juice. They parted slowly, there liquid velum peeling apart to reveal white teeth and softly a voice more loving and sweet than a morning of bird song, reached my ears.
"Thank you…so very much".
Drawn by that soft tone, like a bee to its nectar I rose until I stood tall above the trembling beauty. Once more now I paused, drinking in the vision before me, the feminine perfection, Then slowly I drew the beauty towards me, until my breath fell on those cherry fruits. We had kissed a hundred times before, our special kiss, our secret kiss on the corner of those lips a place where an eager tongue could slip out to taste my lip gloss. But this kiss would be like no other. I felt the beauty tremble in my arms as slowly I smoothed my glossed lips over those full petals. I felt breath drawn as I controlled them, allowing the glossies of our lips to mingle whilst gently easing them open to allow me to taste the nectar within. I watched those eyes flutter, the long lashes closing down in ecstasy as I luxuriated in the texture of our kiss. Then slowly we parted. I felt panted breath on my lips. On my cheek I heard that soft voice. Tender and dripping with desire.
"I love you Aunty"
"And I love you Andrew….my beautiful Maid".

   I looked up from my desk as Andrew entered my office. Today he looks every bit a beautiful as he did , that first time, not so long ago. Only now his body had truly blossomed into that of a very sexy girl and like the most beautiful girls he is never without immaculate make up nor a stunning outfit. Unusually it is fashioned from gleaming rubber or sometimes PVC, but what ever it is it is nearly always very tight and very short. Quite rightly so when you have a body and legs like his. Infact one day a client of mine commented that my Maid was the most beautiful young lady she had ever seen and asked if she had ever thought of modeling. Well I said she had not, but it did lead me to take some photographs of Andrew for myself, wearing some very kinky outfits my favourite being a stunning pale blue airhostess uniform in gleaming rubber.
" Do you like your gift?", I say stroking Andrews botttom beneath the skirt of his maids dress as he bends over to serve
"Yes thank you misstress". He breathed in that kitten soft purr I adore.
"Do you like the way it feels?".
"Oh yes Mistress, so very much"
"would you like it turned on again?". 
There is a pause a long one. Then softly "Yes please"
"Good girl". I beckon Andrew to turn round before me. Gently I raise his skirt and ease those tight rubber panties aside. There before me glinting between those soft cheeks, buried in his most secret place is the tip of the plug which 6 hour earlier I had eased up into him. I had surprised him, pressed him over the sink as he was about his chores and slowly worked its wide bulb inside drawing ,sweet girlish gasps and squeals until every inch of it was swallowed. My finger touched the tip, softly I hear it hum and a moment later Andrew lets out a soft gasp and slowly wiggles his hips. Keeping him still I draw the panties up and lower the skirt. Motioning him to turn back to me. He dose, his legs crossed as if dying for the toilet, but with a look on his face like ecstasy itself. For a moment I just watch, and listen to his sharp hungry breaths, then leaning forward I say, "I want you to do something for me"
"Anything Mistress", he half sobs, still all a wriggle.
"Play with yourself, before me".
   For a moment he hesitates, it is an instruction he has never heard before, but Andrew needed no second instruction and softly he raised his skirt with one hand and slipped the other into the already bulging panties. 
   It did not take long, the duel effect of his soft touch and the insistent humming vibration deep inside quickly turn his breath to a passionate panting. I adore this moment, I shift In my seat and as his blue eyes fill with tears of joy and that panting turns to sobs of pleasure, his back arches and with a gasp my beautiful nephew cums and as he dose I here him whisper his love for me. 
Elegantly I rise and knowing the sensations rushing through him,hold him until the tears stop, then with great love and tenderness I ease his fingers from their heated place of duty. They are warm and wet. Gently now I draw them to my lips, my tongue drawing in the liquid pleasure. He tastes as sweet as ever. I gaze at him now, so beautiful, so helpless. I guide his fingers from my lips to his, softly running them across, their cherry red surface, coating them richly in his cream. 
Andrews eyes widened at the clear implication of my gesture, But I did not need to offer instruction. Slowly, his eyes fixed on mine, his lips part and tentatively his tongue rimmed his lips. Oh I have never seen a face melt in to ecstasy so quickly. His eyes rolled back beneath hooded lids and with a purr he released a deep moan, then to my astonishment for the second time in but a few minutes his back arched and with an even more excited squeal came. His climax rushed on for some time and I felt my darling nephew would pass out with joy, but slowly his breathing rested and I draw him into my arms, tasting his come on his lips with my own.
"I am so sorry mistress", he whispers .his face deep in my breast.
"For what", I purr, "Pleasure is nothing to be sorry for". Gently I ease my fingers once more into those smooth latex panties and I feel his breath deepen. "And this is just the beginning"


And this, to my shock, is one of the first 4 pieces of my art I ever posted, Bit naughty isn't it , Makes me blush.

Once again 6,000,000 thanks

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

New from William Wilde.

 Hi Everyone
    Last Friday saw the launch of a new and very much welcome collection from one of my favorite designers William Wilde. To me the highlight of the new collection of hand crafted Latex fashions is this gorgeous jacket. The detail of the trim and zip is so luxurious, but sadly beyond my budget.
  Here are but a few of the delights to be found at https://www.williamwilde.com/collections/born-wilde.
  Big hugs XXX

 How cute is that little bow, Its gorgeous

Monday, 24 September 2018

New Art : "First Reports"

Hi Everyone
  With the final part of RH's brilliant story still on the newsstands
and his version of Aunt Jane taking centre stage (no spoilers) I felt I needed to strike back with  something special.
  So I thought we should take a trip right back to the start, or at least one of the starts, because lets face it there have been so many versions. In fact there have been so many tales and legends told of how Andy's story began, back in the mists of time that no one really knows fact from fiction, however one thing is true, "When Legend becomes fact, print the Legend" (What can I say, I like old movies).
  So we now return to a point mere months, after Jane had taken Andy to Paris, Indeed we may still be there. But what is clear, is that Andy is very much at the start of his journey and that we do not know, all there is to know about Aunt Jane.

  I hope this one isn't a little to out there for you, but I created it very quickly, just needing to get both the images and story done before I lost them. I hope it reads ok, as I tried to avoid to much editing.So you may need a few moments to get the feel of the story.
  Just to help, anything written in bold text, are quotes from the report and text written in Italics, are words spoken by Aunt Jane.

I am now working on something very special, some art involving Andy, but Andy in a place we have never visited before. Ooooo mystery.

 Thanks for your support and I am so grateful

Later that evening, up in their bedroom.....Their Bedroom?

“Have you had enough warm milk Darling? Good, now then lets see what is in your report. Goodness me I am excited. Are you comfortable, cuddle a little closer ,that’s it, there we are. Now I am going to read it all ready? Ok.
   Name, Andrew Watson,
That’s you isn’t it darling, yes it is.
    Age 18,
Well we had to say that didn’t we, anyway you will only be a few months now.
    Eyes blue,
    Hair Auburn,
Auburn? Oh how lovely, yes it is isn’t it.
    Height, 5 feet 7 Inches.
     General description. 
 Andrew has a sweet oval face, with clear completion. Has full lips, matching both in upper and lower, with clean blue eyes, which are easy to moisten. He has excellent white teeth and possesses a small mole on lower jaw, which presents a possible feminine accentuation point. 
  Andrew has very good legs, both in exceptional length and shape, with lower than size average feet, whilst his hands are small, with clean and unbroken nails. 
  He has a clean, slim, well-shaped body, which might only require a slight reshaping training and possesses a tight, well shaped bottom with a well formed and clean Intergluteal cleft. His male organ is of average size, with youthful, uncontrolled ease of erection.
  Overall initial appraisal of Andrew is good to excellent, with extreme feminine potential
Well that tells me nothing I didn’t already know about you darling. But let me just check…….oh yes that is a lot of uncontrolled youthfulness darling.
Now page 3.
 Initial Feminisation Report.
      Initial results are excellent. Andrew possesses a natural feminine physicality, posture and demeanour perfect for advanced feminisation to levels 4 or higher.
   Told you darling, you are too girly for football boots and stuff
      Despite natural and initial negative responses to heels Andrew displayed a natural poise and grace. Progressing swiftly from 2” block heels, through upward grading to 4.5” needle stiletto. It was observed Andrew could upgrade further to 5” stiletto but it is advised only after regular 4.5 training. (Feminisation team suggest Andrew wear 4.5 on locked day and night routine for initial training period) .
  So no more flat shoes for you sweetheart and I need to check this, but I also believe that means heels night and day, all day, everyday, 24/7. Which is fair, because they really do amazing things for your legs Andy.
    Andrew showed full tolerance of Satins, Silks, Cottons and lace, plus a partial tolerance of Leather. However it was observed Andrew exhibited a clear dislike for Latex and Vinyl wear. Notes on his reasons include.
Quote “It is too hot”.
Quote “It is too tight”.
Quote “It smells funny”
Quote “It’s just yuk”.
  Such intolerance was unfortunate, as it was decided Andrews exceptional physical femininity makes Latex his perfect primary styling note.
  It is therefore advised, after tests confirmed zero physical intolerances such as allergy, that Andrew be immersed in a purely Latex fashion and styling regime, and a NIL BUT LATEX tag, has been applied to his file.  (See notes 34 for  NIL BUT tagging details)
    Latex? Oh my goodness. I never thought….I know on the application I ticked Latex, but that was just because I thought it might be fun, but I just assumed…..I never ever thought….well that is a thing. Lets just see Notes 34?…..12…25…33…. Ah here note 34 Nil But.
  A NIL BUT tag is applied to enforce strict single material styling to a candidate. These commonly include Silks, Satins, Lace, Leathers and more uncommonly Latex. Resulting in the candidate wearing only one and no other material, on a permanent basis.
  A NIL BUT tag can only be applied to a file following strict physical Allergy tests. Only once it is proven that there is no physical reaction to the requested material by the candidate , may a tag be fixed. 
 A NIL BUT tag will result in the strict following of dress code by candidate and the strict enforcement of said code by candidates sponsor. Any deviation or failure to comply at anytime, both on or off institute premises will result in action against named sponsor
 A NIL BUT tag can only to be removed via official application to the institute council.
   Nil But Latex?…..Nothing but Latex. That means you will be wearing nothing but Latex…..ever again, Oh darling….oh don’t look at me like that…  I know it’s a shock, believe me I am surprised too, I didn’t realise, I never thought ever again. Gosh, I guess we are in for a big shopping trip, It’s a good thing you have the financial backing of the institute.….but…..but  still….you did look so sweet and sexy in that uniform.
  Now where were we. Initial Feminisation Report.

Initial Feminisation Report.
  Andrew’s Initial physical feminisation proved excellent. Andrew’s minimal body hair was removed and cleansing and moisturising oils applied. However it was clear Andrews body was lacking in essential oils and moisture and so a full body oil massage was advised. This was undertaken with excellent results, however the candidate did experience involuntary arousal and release.
   Oh dear, did you get a little sticky darling, well what do they expect. Did you make those cute little gasps?
  Standard cosmetic assessment was carried out over a 24 hour period. A total of 10 variants of style, look and emotion were developed and it was noted Andrew has an exceptional skin-tone and bone structure and that cosmetic application was easy and extremely successful, resulting in a clear and naturally feminine beauty.
   It is advised that, although Andrew exhibits a natural feminine beauty requiring minimal cosmetic application, a full and detailed make up regime be adopted as default. Reasons for such an advisory are as follows.
A)    Generation of clear and extreme male sexual attraction
B)    The control created by Andrews clear and obvious embarrassment.
C)    The resulting shift in male/female personality attributes
It was noted that although a full and detailed make up can sometimes result in the “Masking” of features, this does not manifest in Andrew and it was observed full and detailed make up only reinforces the femininity of his natural features creating a clearly recognisable but truly feminine version of himself.
  Good heavens, why can they not use one word instead of 10, but I think they mean you are gorgeous sweetheart, which I knew you would be.

Closing Observations.
   Andrew shows excellent response to the following stimuli. Electro, Aural, Tactile, plus extreme sensitivity to Laval Oil. 
Laval oil? That sounds nice and Aural, that means you go all gooey when people whisper in your ear, just like I do my darling, when I tell you all the things I will do with you.
Andrew has been fitted with a RSCD (Remote Stimuli Control Device) to increase compliance. On fitting it was observed this was the first such anal penetration of the candidate and care was taken to ensure the guidelines for tolerable levels of comfort and distress were met. Further observations clearly showed Andrew displayed signs of pleasure from RSCD resulting in 9.5 emissions within first 2 hours, culminating in minor exhaustion leading to bed confinement for 24 hours. On further examination the RSCD was modulated to constant 3 providing high level stimulus without sufficient for release, whilst creating a marked and exceptional .10% increase on primary Feminine Pheromone release.
  Further test on 4 selected male subjects of corresponding age to Andrew, revealed the increase in PFP created an equally extreme increase in classic signs of male attraction, including eye contact, visual appraisal, deliberately instigated accidental body contact, facial flushing, nervousness and flirtation. It is also noted that Andrews responses to the test subjects was restrained, however there was a clear increase in return responses to test subject 2.
 (See section 8 for details on cross sexuality attraction)
   My goodness that is a lot. So you like your little friend humming away do you?. Oh I wish I had been there to see you all tired and sweaty. You always look so naughty and embarrassed when you cum for me and did you look at them the way I like you to look at me when you cum? That means you must have cum every 15 minutes. Oh my goodness no wonder you took to your bed darling. Do you remember that sticky hot night in Egypt and I made you cum for me 3 times. We were so tired the next day we nearly missed the boat up river didn’t we and all that day everyone was wondering where the aroma of honey was coming from.
   Investigation into potential Bimbofication proved negative. It was decided that Andrews high intelligence and embarrassment levels are direct contributors to his femininity and sexuality and the control of his intelligence via any form of Bimbofication above level 1 would decrease PFP levels creating a lesser desirability.
  That’s good, I don’t want you becoming some brainless obedient bimbo. I like your occasional sulky petulance. That’s what make you so much fun darling.
   As noted earlier Andrew possesses a slight but clear mole on his lower jaw. This has been emphasised and along with his distinctive blue eyes, forms an important pre/post feminisation recognition marker. This was deemed important to retain Andrews embarrassment levels, as a faint but clear marker to his previous identity will always increase in the candidates a fear of recognition and in return an increase in the candidates sponsors level of control.
   I don’t need to control you darling do I you are already so obedient. Now we are nearly done so, settle down. No darling I don’t want you to touch yourself tonight I want to play with your hummingbird. I’ll just turn you up a little…..there. Is that nice….by the look in your eyes I think it is.
Now last section
Quick notes and observations for Lady Jane Emma Fullerton–Jones (Candidates Sponsor)
    Andrew possesses the potential to become extremely desirable to many. This may develop ego issues over time and so it is advised he assumes the roll of Maid to reinforce his submissive position in your household.
 A Maid?, oh how delightful, what a sweet idea. That would be super. I’ll be able to buy you lots of different uniforms for all occasions and I can have tea parties for….oh are you ok darling.. are you….I am sorry darling I think that was a little high for you right now….. Oh yes, yes it is I know that look in your eyes. Here let me put this silly report away and just concentrate one you. It’s been a busy time hasn’t it. I have missed you darling. Really I have.
 I know you are not my real nephew and I am Aunt purely in name, but you must know I love you so much and that I would never ever hurt or humiliate you, but I want this to happen to you Andrew and it will happen, all of it. In time you…..Oh, oh darling is that nice inside you…is it? Oh that’s it, no darling look at me…look at me, that’s it good boy, oh you look so beautiful, just relax…just relax Andrew. It’s Ok no more talking .I just want to sit here and watch you..

Friday, 21 September 2018

Kylie Minogue, never lets us down

Hi Everyone
  Quick early morning update.
      Though there was no Latex this time, the ever amazing Kylie Minogue never let us fans down at the start of her Massive "Golden" Tour in Newcastle this week. Treating fans to superb music and usual dazzle of amazing costume changes. The most notable of which was this stunning Biker outfit complete with skintight skintight leather pants.                                                                However I can't help thinking, that maybe Kylie has been paying more attention to my blog than I first thought. After all Aunt Jane and Andy had embraced the biker chic look earlier in the year. 

But that's OK Kylie you wear it pretty good too. 

Can it really be 4 years since Kylie did this to us.

(editors note)
Hey! That's just a cheap excuse to show Kylie in latex again.


Thursday, 20 September 2018

The New Spring Line – Part 12

Hi Everyone
   Here it is, the final part of our friend RubberH's brilliant story, actually it is quite a sad thing, because you never want the best stuff to end really. However if it must end, then best it end on a high like this.
  RH's take on my world has been a cleverly mastered sideways step, looking through the famous cracked mirror into an alternate reality and it has been a pleasure to read and share and I hope I can share more of your work in the future my friend.

The New Spring Line – Part 12
Copyright 2018 by RubberH

Blackness! Horrible, horrible blackness!. The white noise. Unrelenting. Never stopping. Can’t move a muscle. Can’t even speak! It has gone on for how long? Days? Weeks?
The vibrators switching on and off. Bringing so close to climax…then shutting down when it was just about to occur! Over and over again!
What is that? Someone’s fingers. Taking hold of the mask. Releasing the catches…Freedom…Sweet Freedom!
It was then that Lady Jane felt the mask being pulled off her face. The light hurt her eyes. The two-foot long penis gag was slowly pulled out of her throat. Two smaller tubes were attached to the end. One for breathing and one for food.  Her eyes adjusted to the light and she saw the face of her tormentor.
“Ah, Jane. You are now returned to the land of the living.”, said the woman. She looked familiar to Jane, but it was difficult to even think straight. Her imprisonment in the vacuum bed had affected her mind. The total sensory deprevation mixed with the subliminal auditory stimulus had nearly driven her mad.
“Where…where am I? Who.. are ..you?”, asked Lady Jane.
“I am so disappointed you don’t remember me.”, said the woman. “I thought we were such good friends.”
“I must know her.” Lady Jane thought. Then slowly she realized that it was Lady Flogger! Yes, no she remembered. She was just getting into her new Jaguar when she was seized and shocked several times with a stun gun. She collapsed and the next thing she knew she was in the vacuum bed. The mask was being forced onto her face. She couldn’t fight it as everything went dark.
“Ahhh!” said Lady Flogger. “It’s all coming back now. Poor Jane! You have missed quite a lot this past year.”
Lady Jane’s eyes opened wide. “A…cough…cough…year?” she sputtered. She was shocked and yet regained enough of her senses to start shouting. “Release me you little bitch! Do you know just who I am?”
“Oh, my goodness!.” Mocked Lady Flogger. “Such language! Obviously we should have kept you in here much, much longer. Maybe five years. I could put this mask back on…”
“No, please Jessica!” cried Lady Jane in horror. “I’m sorry…I’m sorry……..I’m sorry…please.”
“Yes, this vacuum bed does have quite an effect on people. The sensory depravation and the constant sexual stimulus usually drives the victim insane when we combine it with hallucinogens and hypnotic drugs. However, I recommended that you be fully aware of your state, and they agreed.”
“Who…who agreed?” asked Lady Jane.
“Oh, Jane…you really went much too far this time. You didn’t just anger Lady Quirt. Or just WORLD, the Sissy Guild or the Disciplinary Committee. You managed to piss off the Domina herself.”
“Why…how?” Lady Jane was puzzled.
“Well, let’s see. You continued to flaunt Andrew around, despite being told to keep a low profile. Your little trip to the United States and your appearance on that talk show was certainly not low profile. The disaster at Club Gummi was your doing. By the way, the partygoers insisted on a full refund and they refused to return. The club is secretly owned by a very senior member of the Sisterhood. Speaking of the Sisterhood, you continued to flaunt their name at every opportunity. Do you remember the movie ‘Fight Club’ with Brad Pitt? There is a line that he says: ‘The first rule about ‘Fight Club’ is you don’t talk about ‘Fight Club’.” Secret societies survive because they stay secret. Oh Jane, you stepped in shit and sank up to your chin.”
“I…I demand an appeal!” Lady Jane shouted.
“Much too late Jane. While you were spending a not-so-pleasant time here, all of your loans were called-in. Your homes, your car and every possession of value were taken. As for your gambling debts, well there are a number of people from the casinos and private gaming parties who still have your worthless paper pledges. Your debtors, especially WORLD, have even claimed your contacts with Andrew and William.”
“Surely I must still have something of value. “ Lady Jane said.
“If there was a way we could sell your title, it would have already been done.”
“Wait! Andrew! What happened to him? Where is my nephew? Is he …”
“Quite safe I believe. You know, I have been so busy I haven’t really looked in on him.”
Lady Jane was beside herself. “Please let me out of this.” She cried.
“That is why I am here Jane. To free you from the bed.”
Lady Flogger nodded to two sissies who proceeded to free Lady Jane from the vacuum bed. Lady Jane was weak from being encapsulated in the thick latex. As she took a few careful steps she saw another sissy carrying something on a hanger. As the sissy drew closer, Lady Jane recognized what it was…
A FULL RUBBER SUIT! On the forehead of the hood there was a name…’GIMP’!
Lady Jane struggled as best she could, but she was far too weak to do anything to escape the grip of the two sissies. It took very little effort to apply the lubricant/contact adhesive and seal her inside.
Lady Jane cried “Please don’t do this. I’ll do whatever you want!”
“You are going to do whatever we want anyway. With or without your cooperation. I would suggest that compliance is much easier than the alternative.” laughed Lady Flogger.
In minutes Lady Jane was inside the gimp suit and the adhesive began to bind itself to her body. As she realized that she would not be freed, she began to cry, tears streaming down her face.
“Now Jane, don’t cry. This is only temporary.” Lady Flogger cooed. Then she held up a gas mask. With very little effort she pulled it onto Lady Jane’s head and pulled on the straps. The gas mask glued itself  to her face. A small clear window allowed her to see the outside world.
“Now Jane, if you ever have any thoughts about escaping…See his remote?” Lady Flogger pointed the remote at her and pressed a button. Lady Jane soon head a loud ‘CLICK’ and in moments the air valve to the mask had closed. Her air had been cut off!
Lady Flogger stood passively in front of Lady Jane, as seconds passed. Soon Lady Jane could only breathe in her expired air. She grabbed the mask and attempted to pull it off without success. She began to panic as she knew that soon there would be no viable air in the mask and she would suffocate. She looked at Lady Flogger who leisurely looked at her watch and began humming ‘God Save the Queen’.
Lady Jane dropped to the floor and placed her hands together, begging Lady Flogger to give her air. Just as she was about to black out, Lady Jane heard another ‘CLICK’ and fresh air entered the gas mask.
“You see Jane. Any attempt to escape or defy us will result in our turning off your air supply. But we won’t do it too long, just enough to incapacitate you. You are going to be a good little rubber gimp this day. So, stand up and follow me.”
Lady Flogger proceeded to leave the room. Lady Jane quickly followed. She still tried to pull on the rubber suit, but it was stuck too fast. Soon she realized that she was walking down one of the corridors at WORLD headquarters.
“Yes Jane. You have been here since we seized you a year ago. It’s our new facility for the conditioning of sissies and rubberslaves. A lot has changed since then.” Lady Flogger said. “WORLD’s fortunes have grown considerably and the Sisterhood has also benefited from that growth. Rubberwear has become quite fashionable thanks to Andrew and William. You’ll learn more about them later.”
They took the lift down to the garage and Lady Jane was pushed into the back of a delivery vehicle. Lady Flogger drove off in what used to be Lady Jane’s Jaguar.
They drove through the London streets and then out towards the countryside. After an hour Lady Jane was tempted to try to escape through the rear door, but as she approached the back, the air valve slowly began to close. Quickly she went back to her seat.
“You should know by now Jane that we take nothing for granted.” came the voice of Lady Flogger.
Lady Jane looked up at the ceiling and noticed a camera looking down at her. There was no escape! She sat down and waited for who knows what was in store for her.
Another hour had passed, and the vehicle slowed down and stopped. After several minutes the door opened and there stood Lady Quirt. She was in a very formal rubber dress as if there was a special event.
“Well Jane, I am so glad that you have been able to make it. Bind her arms and shackle her ankles!” she said to two muscular women. In seconds Lady Jane was once again helpless.
“Just take her to the back and make sure she doesn’t make a fuss.” Said Lady Quirt.
The two women forced Lady Jane to walk into a …churchyard? They then brought her into the chapel and seated her in the back pew. They sat on either side of her to make sure she stayed still and quiet.
After several minutes there was the sound of an organ. Lady Jane was forced to stand up. Then she realized she was at a wedding. The music changed and the bride entered. Lady Jane looked and saw a beautiful figure dressed in the thinnest and whitest latex wedding gown. Then to her horror she saw that it was….ANDREW!
She tried to cry out to Andrew hoping for rescue, but the air valve clicked shut robbing her of air. Rendering her nearly unconscious. After she stopped struggling the air was restored.
“Andrew looks so beautiful doesn’t he?” Lady Quirt said to Jane. “You were right, A perfect sissy in every way. Of course, William looks quite handsome as well.”
Lady Jane looked at her nephew. He was beautiful but it was unfair that he was getting married. Andrew was hers! She would decide when, where and to who he would marry..if at all!
Lady Quirt could see barely through the window of the gas mask, but she could tell that Jane was weeping. “Yes. Crying at weddings is quite traditional. Don’t think of it as losing a nephew. Think of it as losing…oh wait…you are losing a nephew, and a prized sissy at that!” she taunted.
The ceremony concluded with William passionately kissing Andy, his bride. They left the church and headed towards the reception. Once they were no longer in sight, Lady Quirt looked at her captive.
“We are not quite through yet Jane.” She sneered. “In about six hours there is another little ceremony you are going to attend.”
Lady Jane was placed back in the vehicle and held here until nightfall. Once enough time had passed she was removed and taken to another building. The inside was dimly lit except for a large room at the end. Lady Jane was taken inside the room and bound to a pillar with chains. Inside were numerous people dressed in rubber. A party? No, it was some sort of ceremony.
Suddenly from the back of the room walked Lady Quirt. She was practically naked except for a black latex cape, gloves and thigh-high boots. She approached the front of the room and motioned to the back of the room. Lady Jane watch as both Andrew and William, clad in tight fitting white latex catsuits with the word “SLAVE” approached Lady Quirt.
“Good view isn’t it?” said Lady Flogger who had just stood next to Lady Jane. “We wanted you to get a really good look.”

“Why are they tormenting me so much?” asked Lady Jane to herself. “I’ve lost Andrew. What more can they do to me?”
“Oh, poor, poor Jane. Why are they so mean?”. Lady Flogger asked  “We knew that whatever we did to you physically, you would never learn your lesson. You would always revert back to your arrogant self. Your arrogant, and dangerous self. What could we ever do to you that would put you in your place? Then you supplied the answer yourself.”
“William!” Lady Jane realized.
“That is correct. Andrew was too tied to you emotionally. If you suffered he would be there to comfort you. We had to break that bond. William, the boy Andrew secretly loved, was the answer. We threw them together at every opportunity. Your greed and desire to show off your sissy to the world blinded you to the fact you were being manipulated. You are too dangerous to the Sisterhood, Jane. Bulldyke, well she wasn’t in on our plot, but she became a key to keeping William in line. Look carefully Jane.”
Jane watched as Bulldyke entered the room. She was dressed in a black latex catsuit, similar to Andrew and William’s, except it had the word “MASTER” written on it. As she looked closer she noticed something different…she looked closer..closer…
Bulldyke was sporting a bump…a baby bump!
“Yes, Jane. We were all surprised. The doctors initially told Bulldyke that her years of steroid abuse had made her incapable of having children. However, the doctors were wrong and now Bulldyke is bearing William’s child.”
Lady Jane couldn’t believe it! But why marry Andrew?
“When Bulldyke realized she was pregnant she immediately told William. Do you know what he did? He proposed marriage to her. Do you believe that?!  I mean it’s old fashioned, but I was rather touched that he would do such a thing. However, when she told Lady Quirt, she was reminded that as a relatively new domme she was by Sisterhood law forbidden to marry her submissive. Lady Quirt then brought all three into her office and asked them flat out if they loved each other. All three, Andrew, William and Bulldyke confessed that their relationship was more than just submissives and dominant. Then Lady Quirt offered a solution: Andrew and William would marry. Andrew would accept William’s collar, and William would accept Bulldyke’s collar. And so, here we are.”
Andrew knelt down in front of William. In William’s hand he held a special Sisterhood Collar – a “Forever Collar” the two pieces would go together, and two titanium locking pins would engage, preventing the collar from ever being removed except by a plasma cutter. It would be easier to cut off the wearer’s head and reattach it than to cut through it without damage to the submissive.
“Do you Andrew accept William’s collar for the rest of your natural life?” asked Lady Quirt. “To recognize him as your owner and in this case, joint lover?”
“I do accept my Owner’s collar.” replied Andrew.
William placed the collar around Andrew’s neck and snapped it shut. It was done. Now William turned and faced Bulldyke. He kneeled in front of her.
“Do you William accept Master Bulldyke’s collar for the rest of your natural life? To recognize her as your owner and in this case,  joint lover?”
“I do accept my Owner’s collar.” Replied William .
Bulldyke placed the collar around William’s neck. A click was heard and it was done.
Lady Quirt then gave two gold leashes to Bulldyke. “In accordance with the laws of the Sisterhood, the Rules of WORLD, BARE and all other authorities vested in me, I pronounce you Slaves and Master”
The crowd erupted in applause as Bulldyke clipped the leashes to William and Andrew’s collars. She directed them through the guests and into a reception hall
Lady Quirt approached Lady Jane. “Brings a tear to one’s eye doesn’t it …slave?”
Lady Jane looked at her captor. A chill ran down her spine.
“No more vacuum bed for you. Tomorrow you start your new life as a rubberslave. Oh, you won’t be a gimp all the time. Just for the first two years. Then you’ll be a rubber pony for Lady Tawse for another two years, a rubber doggy, a rubber maid, a rubber doll and who knows what else. You’ll serve each member of WORLD for two years’ time. When you are through… then the real torment begins.”
The new rubberslave screamed into the gasmask. In moments the air valve closed and unconsciousness took over.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Mid-week Christeen

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  My word what a busy time, but never fear here we are again with some super new Christeen art.

Friday, 14 September 2018

The New Spring Line – Part 11

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   Here we are with, and in the correct order, part 11 of our friend RHs brilliant take on the world of Andy and Aunt Jane.
  Hope you enjoy
I did

The New Spring Line – Part 11
Copyright 2018 by RubberH

Lady Quirt wiped her rubber gloved hand across the shelf of the display case and looked at her fingers. There was only a tiny amount of dust. The owner obviously had some pride in the condition of his office. As she looked at the various awards in the case, she noticed that some of these were from well-respected advertising organizations and trade associations, although some years old.
The door of the office opened, and the owner of GB Productions entered.
“I apologize for keeping you waiting.” The man said.
“That is quite alright.” Replied Lady Quirt. “I was examining your accomplishments.”
“Well, I wouldn’t say they were anything major, but in my business any accolade is appreciated.
Lady Quirt read off some of the engravings. “’Best Adult Film 2014, 2015 and 2016’, ‘Best Threesome’, ‘Most Intense S&M’ and then this one: ‘Top Commercial Production 2008’. That’s somewhat out of place with the others.”
The man looked at Lady Quirt. “Things change over time. Yeah, I made lots of mainstream television and radio ads. I was pretty good for a small shop. But other agencies hired away my best people and I lost business. Then I got into this to pay the bills.”
“Yes, some call you the best Porn Producer in the country.”
 “A complement is a complement. It’s gotten me into a few awkward situations. Well, you don’t tell your kids you make porn for a living. I had a teacher and parent conference one time…I’m not boring you, am I?”
“No, go ahead. It must have been difficult.”
“Well, I try to say I’m a film producer and the teacher starts asking what films I’ve done. I give an example of the last mainstream job I did, but the teacher asks what else I did. I try to rush it off by saying it was of no importance, but she is insistent. So, I tell her my most recent film was ‘Lesbian Rubber Vixens’. “
“And what was her response?” asked Lady Quirt.
“She couldn’t say anything at first, then blurted out that it was her and her girlfriend’s favorite.”
Lady Quirt laughed for a few seconds. The man smiled and they both knew that the ice had been broken.
“I also forgot to introduce myself, Geoffrey Banner. President of GB Productions.”  He held out his hand.
“I am Lady Quirt. President and CEO of WORLD. Owner of ‘Boy?!’ and ‘Impact!’.” She replied and they shook hands.
“Oh yes, I’ve been in a ‘Boy?!’ store and I’m anxious to check out ‘Impact!’, Some of the previews look exceptional. What would bring you to my business? “
Lady Quirt made no delay in what she wanted. “I hear you are starting a new film.”
“Yes. It’s called ‘1000 Days of a Rubber Prisoner’” Geoffrey replied. “Top grade fetish film with a heavy gay theme.”
“And you just hired someone to play the…’lead’?”
“Yes, a new face, among other things. I made a deal with a friend of yours, a Lady Jane…”
“Not exactly a friend.” Said Lady Quirt. “In fact, she is improperly using one of ‘Impact!’s’ prized assets.”
“Hey, my deal was 100 percent aboveboard. She showed me her contact to act as William’s agent, which gave her the right to negotiate for his services. If you want to take legal action, take it up with her.”
“I have no intention of taking you to court. You were duped, just like the others she defrauded. I’m here to correct an awkward situation. You see, if William becomes part of your film, then it will damage the carefully constructed image of him we have been creating these past two months.”
Geoffrey looked at Lady Quirt. “Well, I can’t say I’m not sympathetic to your situation. But I will lose out on the advance sales of this new film. He is perfect for the part and recasting may take time.”
“I was thinking about your scrapping the entire film.” Said Lady Quirt.
“And just what could convince me to give up a sizable profit?”
“I was looking at your mainstream awards. Very impressive. I remember that baby food commercial you did back in 2007. You have talent. Talent that WORLD could use.”
“Keep talking.”, said Geoffrey. “I think I know what you want, but I’ll let you finish your offer.”
“’Boy?!’ and ‘Impact!’ will roll out their joint print campaign for the new spring line in a couple of months. But print media isn’t enough. We will have an internet campaign, but we need something else. Something more mainstream.”
“Like television and radio commercials?” he asked.
“Yes. For the most part it will take a lot of creativity to produce commercials which will be allowed for prime-time broadcast and cable/satellite distribution.”
Geoffrey paused for a few moments. Lady Quirt was wondering if it was a good pause or a bad one.
“That’s an interesting offer.” He replied. “But I think I’m going to need more than just an occasional ad every few months or so.”
Lady Quirt looked at Geoffrey. “True, so here is a little something else: We will allow your existing film library to be stocked at all ‘Impact!’ stores, and we will have you produce some special videos.”
“Special?” he asked. Lady Quirt took a piece of paper and handed it to him.
“Special ‘instructional’ videos for ‘Impact!’s clients. These are the subjects.”
Geoffrey looked at the list. He gave a low whistle as he read each item.
“Whew!” he finally exclaimed. I’m familiar with almost everything on your list. A couple of these…well it would be interesting to try.”
Lady Quirt could tell he was interested. “Then, we have a deal?” she asked.
“You know, if that Lady Jane had presented this offer to me, I’d probably tell her to stick it. She was an arrogant bitch, pardon me, and treated me like I was scum. My business may not be as high-end as yours Lady Quirt, but it is my business.”
“I’m sorry to hear you were so badly treated. Yes, she has an attitude.” Replied Lady Quirt. “Something that will need to be addressed.”
“This is a very reasonable offer and I would be happy to accept.”
 “Thank you. In the meantime, let me collect William and we will meet on Thursday to go over details.”
“Please follow me to the set.” Said Geoffrey.
The both of them made their way through a couple of corridors filled with used furniture, papers, costumes and other equipment. Finally they reached the set.
Hanging from the ceiling of the set was a sling made of heavy duty rubber. In the sling, a young man was bound, floating above the floor. Lady Quirt guessed that it was William.
He was nude and a heavy-duty rubber gasmask was fitted over his head. Around his balls a steel cable was wrapped and padlocked. A heavy lead weight dangled from the end of the cable. Several other weights lay on the floor, to be added later. His arms were bound and a second cable wrapped and padlocked around his wrists. The end of the cable was pushed through a pulley fastened to the floor. The cable went to a second pulley a couple of feet away and other end went up and was secured to the back of the gasmask. As the sling rose, the bound wrists also rose and the cable forced his head farther back. Lady Quirt could hear William’s muffled cries for mercy. Out of the corner of her eye she saw two large men dressed in nothing but rubber harnesses and boots.
“OK boys. We’re going to wrap this up. Ian, Peter please unbind William and clean him up.”
“We were just ready to start. It took about a half hour to get him set up, and we haven’t recorded anything.”, said one of the men.
“Change of plans” said Geoffrey, “And yes, you’ll get paid for today.”
Then men took William down from the ceiling and removed the restraints. He was checked for any injuries and except for some minor abrasions, he was in good shape.
“Lady Quirt!”, said William . “Thank…”
“Display!”, commanded Lady Quirt. William immediately complied.
“Now, William. Explain just how you ended up in a porn film.”
William told her how he had left WORLD’s offices and was going to take the bus home, when he was intercepted by Lady Jane. She threatened to give the ‘Display’ command right there in the street unless he did as she ordered. She took him to this studio and told him he was contracted to make a half dozen films. All Gay S&M films. He would have refused, but she was still a member of the Sisterhood and he was taught to obey. Lady Jane had told him that Andrew was hers and once he saw William in these films, Andrew would see just how pitiful and low he was.
 Lady Quirt was livid! This was the last straw! Months of work and expense ruined because of Jane’s arrogance and her unseemly obsession with her sissy nephew!
Her anger subsided enough to give the ‘Release’ order. She allowed William to dress and she took him home to Bulldyke and Andy.
Several weeks later, in the boardroom of WORLD, the members watched as the screen lit up. Soon they saw Andy’s image appear. He was lying on a bed, looking up at the camera. Two red latex bows were wrapped loosely around his body.
“ Heelloo.”, he purred. “This holiday season unwrap something really special.” He reached up with both hands and brought over two objects. “With every ten inch and larger anal toy you buy from ‘Impact!’ or ‘Boy?!’, you get a free tube of ‘Dr. Schneider’s Butt Butter’. The same lube that Will and I always use.”. He then placed the two objects in front of the camera. They were two tubes of lubricant. “’Dr Schneider’s’ comes in regular unscented and the new ‘Moonlight Passion’. Oh, and for those who are bold enough, a free copy of our new instructional video ‘Will and Andy’s.. Best… Anal… Ever!’” when you buy….” There was a pause and Andy said in a more passionate sound voice, “BIG RED!”.
The ‘Boy?!’ and ‘Impact’ logos appeared on the screen and went to back. The Board members sat looking very amused.
“And this has already been approved by the networks?” asked Lady Flogger.
“Andrew is covered enough to pass the censors. He only suggests and does not perform any sexual acts. Now this advertisement will be played on late night television. However, we have less suggestive ads which will be seen in prime time and on certain niche networks.” Said Lady Quirt.
“I can’t argue with success.”, said Lady Tawse. “Since the opening of ‘Impact!’ WORLD’s profits have increased by 400%. The new spring line was sold out and I mean sold out before the paint had dried on the Tokyo store.  I’m optimistic and you know when it come to finance, I take a more cautious approach.”
Lady Quirt was beaming with pride. “I thought you might also like to see something else that will delight all of you.” She had one of her sissies hand a copy of a magazine to each member.
“Oh, my….”, exclaimed Mistress Priya. “Is this real?”
Lady Quirt held up a copy of an American weekly magazine. “Yes, my friends. This is a mainstream magazine. Seen in supermarkets, doctors’ offices, libraries and other places throughout not just the United States, but in Canada, Australia…I mean worldwide.”
On the cover of the magazine was a picture of William and Andrew. They were at a Hollywood party. The caption read: ‘Will and Andy - This Year’s and this Decade’s Hottest Couple’.

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New Art, "A steadying Hand"

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  Time for new art and a chance to step back in time, to a moment before America,  before The Sisterhood and just months after that fateful visit to Paris where a loving Aunt explained to her besotted nephew that his life was about to change forever.
  Yes we are back to a time when Andy still possessed  football boots and a wardrobe that actually contained more than just rail after rail of glistening, aromatic Latex and needle thin heels and to a time when he still had hope it was all a dream, but where he also knew the threat of his secret life being revealed would keep him safely in line.
  So once more Jane's clever manipulations have placed her beloved nephew in a totally embarrassing situation, but one where, if he goes along and plays the game, his friends will never suspect the unbelievable truth. So play along he will.

Hope you like this simple addition Andy and and Aunt Jane's story.
Thank you all for your support

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Weekend Christeen

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 I love posting Art from Christeen, because I don't have to explain anything, I can just sit back and enjoy it with you.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

The New Spring Line – Part 10

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 I am really really happy to bring you part 10 of our friends RubberH's superb story.
As ever I must say this is his version of events, set in a different universe from mine, but that does not invalidate it's position in Andy's story.
  Thank you RH

The New Spring Line – Part 10
Copyright 2018 by RubberH

Will was holding Andy in his arms as he slowly woke. Andy, his oh, so sweet and gentle Andy. Despite that Andy was a sissy, William had never felt someone so feminine and responsive before. Andy wanted to please Will as much as possible and shared himself without hesitation or guilt. His soft moans as William thrust inside him. His lips gently travelling up and down Will’s shaft; providing hours of pleasure. Where DID Andy learn this?
Then William felt Bulldyke’s arms wrapped gently around his waist and chest. She was strong, powerful and yet someone who had a vulnerability when it came down to intimacy. After her first couple of orgasms her aggressiveness subsided, and a softer side had appeared. She reacted to Will’s touch and was insatiable in her need for pleasure. He and Andy made love to her as ardently as they made love with each other.
It had been quite a night! But now it was time to get ready for work. Reluctantly, he whispered in Andy’s ear that it was time to get up. Andy turned over and began to kiss Will’s chest, then worked down to his nipples and started to gently lick them with the tip of his tongue. Will began to get hard again.
“We don’t have time…” Will started to say.
“Just for a few minutes; please.” Andy mewed softly.
“We can’t.”, said Bulldyke as she ran her hands over Will’s rear. “As much as I’d like to stay here with the both of you; Will needs to keep on his schedule. As for you Andy, you have your new duties here at home.”
Andy kissed William again. This time much longer and deeper. William returned it with just as much intensity. He was no longer hesitant. Bulldyke firmly but gently separated them, and then kissed William as well. William also returned it without hesitation.
All three showered together and helped each other dress for the day. Bulldyke dressed in her custom-tailored three-piece rubber business suit. Andy was in a very skimpy French Maid’s uniform and William...he only wore a pair of black latex leggings and sandals.
“Bull…Master Bulldyke, is this all I am to wear? It’s chilly this morning.” Said William.
“You are scheduled to be with Mistress Priya. I doubt if you’ll even have those on very long. You are very fortunate that she has agreed to train you. Well, maybe I’m the one who is fortunate.”
“What is she to train me in?”
“Don’t you recall what Lady Quirt said?”
“It all went so fast, she said something about erotic arts.”
“That Lover, is saying it mildly. Mistress Priya just happens to be the High Priestess of a long believed extinct Indian cult. This cult knows more about sexual pleasure…well you heard of the ‘Kama Sutra’?”
“Yes.” Said William “I’ve never read it, but it’s supposed to be the ultimate guide in sex.”
“Well, my dear, what Mistress Priya and her followers know makes the ‘Kama Sutra’ look like a child’s Nursery Rhyme book. ”, Bulldyke laughed. “And both Andy and I will benefit the most from your training. Of course you’ll be in great demand by the Board Members and Executives of WORLD.”
William gulped. Was Bulldyke joking? No, he had seen too much now to realize that he was to become the sexual plaything of Lady Quirt and the others.
Bulldyke looked at William and held him gently. “Oh, I’ve scared you. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. You must have had some inkling…”
“I figured that this was my fate. Is that what you think of me?” Will asked and wondered if he should have remained silent.
Bulldyke looked at William. ”At first in the massage room, I thought so. But then as I learned more about you from Andrew and Lady Quirt I realized that…you were different than the other submissives. I…”
There was the sound of a car horn in front of the house. Bulldyke released William. “We’ll talk about this when you come home.” She then gave him a gentle kiss and watched as he opened the door and entered the waiting car.
 Bulldyke noticed that Andy also watching William leave for Mistress Priya’s.
“Did you want to kiss him goodbye as well?” she asked Andy.
Andy looked and blushed.
“Then go out and give him one.”
Andy paused a second, then hurried down the steps and tapped on the car’s window. William lowered the window and gave Andy a kiss. As the car drove off, Andy realized that he was in his latex French maid’s uniform in full view of the neighbors. But Andy simply smiled and hurried back inside so he could start his morning chores, and he hoped that Will would come home soon.
 Mistress Priya’s home was in a very old and elegant part of the city. These were homes that had housed the rich, famous and near famous. From Generals to Physicians to even Prime Ministers. Andy exited the car in front of a large Victorian-era house. He walked up to the door and rang the bell.
William felt embarrassed at being so skimpily dressed in broad daylight.  Yet no one seemed to notice. He rang the bell again and the door was opened by a girl dressed in a traditional Sari. No wait! It wasn’t a girl, it was one of the Sisterhood’s sissies!
“You are William? “ asked the sissy.  William nodded his head ‘Yes’.
“I am Saffron, Mistress Priya’s maid. You will remove all your clothing and leave it on the floor. All submissives are to remain naked during their stay here. The only exceptions are sissies and they are to be appropriately dressed.”
William peeled off the leggings and slipped off his sandals. As he followed Saffron into the house, William noticed another sissy quickly picking up and putting away his clothes.
They entered a large parlor which was decorated in various Indian fabrics and artwork; primarily erotic artwork. William was lead to a large sofa.
“That will be all Saffron.” Came a voice from behind William. “DISPLAY!”
William instantly assumed the Display position. It was all automatic now.
“Nice…very, very nice.” Said the voice. William knew he had to keep his head perfectly straight. He felt a hand caressing his rear. A finger went up his spine and neck. Another finger came around and began to play with his left nipple. He had just a bit of an erection starting.
Then the person behind the voice walked around him and he stood face to face with an incredibly beautiful Indian woman.  Her eyes matched her black hair and he felt a bit frightened. She looked down and took his cock in her hand.
“Good length and girth when flacid. How big are you when fully erect?” she asked
“I…I really don’t know, Mistress.” , William replied. “I never bothered to measure. I mean, does it really matter.?”
Mistress Priya looked at him for several seconds, then burst out laughing. “Oh, my!  I’m not sure how to respond. Most of the subs who come here either believe they are bigger than they think, or they are smaller than what they believe they are. You are one of the few who has answered without the usual male bullshit. We may get along very well.”
“Thank you?” William answered. Although he wasn’t sure if what she said was a good thing or not.
“The use of the male member is only part of the secret to obtaining the ultimate in sexual pleasure. A big cock is nice, but it’s just a piece of man meat. Without knowing how to use it and when, you might as well cut it off and replace it with a dildo. Also, the penis is only one tool to use when it comes to pleasing others. You my dear, will be taught how to use all of yourself. Not just your body but your mind. How long can you maintain an erection without touching your cock?”
“I don’t know.. A couple of minutes, But I’ve been given a drug which…”
“That is the easy way’ Said Mistress Priya. “What if I said you could be taught to maintain an erection for not just hours, but days and even weeks. Without any erectile disfunction drugs. Would you be interested?”
William slightly smiled. “Well I know someone who would really like that.”
Mistress Priya returned the smile. “Again, you gave a far more fitting answer. The object is not to be selfish and provide pleasure for yourself, but it is to give the ultimate in sexual pleasure to your partners. I intend to teach you how to not only to maintain an erection almost indefinitely, but for you to be able to do so on command. You will learn much and your value will increase greatly.”
Mistress Priya laid down on the sofa and parted her sari. William could see that she had become wet and aroused.
“Release and come here William. “she commanded. William stood by the sofa and looked at her glistening mound. He began to get hard.
“Very nice William, but for your first lesson you will learn the art of oral servitude first. Kneel and pleasure me.”
William did as he was told and began to pleasure Mistress Priya as best as he could.
It was 12:00 when the car containing William entered the parking garage of WORLD. He sat back in the seat of the car, totally exhausted. THAT was to be an introductory lesson? How was he going to survive four times a week for the next couple of months?
In Lady Tawse’s office, William began his orientation in the various IMPACT! Products. There not only were bondage products, but vibrators, dildos, clamps, creams, sounds, enema equipment…you name the fetish, they sold whatever was needed for the practitioner. Leather, latex, PVC, steel and any other material that provided for sexual stimulation.
William also experience using these products and them being used on him. He was gagged with four dozen types of gags. Hoods from supple latex to quarter inch thick steel helmets. Handcuffs, straightjackets, even a head to toe mummy suit. For the next several weeks he dutifully memorized their construction, use and prices. He was going to be their top sales representative, so he had to know their entire inventory, and even some still on the drawing boards.
Andrew and Bulldyke anxiously awaited William to return home every night, to find out what he had learned. Often, he would bring samples of IMPACT! Products and they would spend lots and lots of time using them.
In the meantime, Aunt Jane sat in her house awaiting news as to when Andrew would be released from WORLD and allowed to come home. She sat partly worried and partly angry. What were they doing with him? She should never have allowed him to stay at WORLD for that new photo shoot. The “Boy?!” campaign was taking too much of his time that he could be with her. Could William be responsible? Yes, of course it’s him! Something will have to be done to let William know that Andy is her sissy! Her property!
But what? She looked over her papers and noticed a contract for GB Productions. Yes, this will be perfect. She picked up the phone and closed the deal, authorizing the owner of GB Productions to use William in his next project.