Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Kate Beckinsale in Hot Vinyl

Hi Everyone
   A quick post, just to show we here at the S.S.n.S News desk have our fingers on the pulse of glamorous life and style.
 Having look amazing on the Oscars red carpet this weekend,one of our favourite beauties, the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale (45), looks to have completed her recovery after her resent painful hospital stay to once again step into the lens of our keenly trained fetishscope.
    Ed Note. When did we get a NewsDesk? and what is a FetishScope? who is paying for all this? and where the heck is it? receipts people, we need receipts.
  Now I don't know you but, if I was going to grab something from my wardrobe, just to fling on for a casual lunch with friends, Skintight Vinyl leggings teamed with towering suede boots would not be the first placed I'd go, that is unless I simply loved to  wear them, loved to wear fashion with a fetish edge, which is what Kate is displaying here, because you only wear those with an total confidence in your look and you know what? I am loving it.
 If any further updates come in from our LA reporters we will bring it to you here on the S.S.n.S News desk.

Monday, 25 February 2019

New Story by AndyLatex. The Gift

Hi Everyone
  Hope you are all very well. Today I am very happy to present the first part of a two part short story (the second part will be up on Friday) I am always happy and relieved to finish a piece of fiction because, as I have probably bored you all with before, due to this head thing of mine I find my attention span is next to zero and so a piece needs to totally consume me or it will be forgotten like so many others.
  This is made up of two older pieces. One of which, totally unconnected to Andy and Jane, I found on an old disc and one piece which I had started earlier. So with a few new bits and bobs and re-edits and re-writes I managed to place it (shoehorn it more like) into Andy and Aunts Jane's world.
  Now there are a few bits that place it in context and it is less of a full story and more of a chapter? from a bigger story, the bigger story we all enjoy from my art. 
  I do ask that you forgive any plot holes which might span between all my various strands, but there is enough to make it sit comfortably I hope.
 Any way I hope you like this and I must also thank our dear friend Skinnie Stallion, My S, for giving it a read through and check up for me. Everyone needs an editor, because you get so fed up writing and re-writing a piece, you never  re-read properly again.
 So thank you S


The Gift

“What you doing honey?”
   Andy turned to the voice and smiled. “Hi Annie, I’m just looking through Amazon for something for Auntie’s birthday”
   The woman, elegant and immaculate in her business suit placed her briefcase to one side and slipped into the vacant seat beside him. 
    Where most young men of Andy’s age might have instinctively blushed and nervously eased away, Andy Watson did neither, instead he barely moved as she eased close, her hand resting on his knee. It wasn’t as if he was immune to her ageless beauty and charm: not that turning 40 was any real age, far from it, she was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen in real life or in the movies, it was simply that Andy would have been more likely to have shied away from his own sex rather than from the close attentions of a lady, especially an older lady, for it was with a woman of Annie’s age he somehow felt so much more at ease.
“Don’t worry about that Honey”, Annie said turning him to face her, a gentle fingertip brushing the long fringe of hair from his eyes. “I think we all know what Jane really wants. Don’t you?”
    Nervously the beautiful young man nibbled at his glossed lips. He knew what she meant and despite the embarrassment he knew it would produce in him, it was a gift he would willingly give to the woman who had changed his life, his beloved Aunt Jane.
      Ever since he was a child, his mother’s oldest friend Lady Jane Fullerton-Jones had had a hypnotic power over him. She was like something from the movies or off the cover of glossy magazine: tall and elegant, a woman of killer heels, tight leather pants and crisp white blouses. Never anything less than immaculate in dress, make-up or hair she was classically beautiful and moved in a delicate yet distinctive cloud of perfume that made the young man giddy with delight whenever it surrounded him. Her tone was always calm and controlled, haughty and assured. She could gain her way with a look, control a person with a glance. Her eyes were a weapon, cool and green and once fixed within their gaze you were hers to command.
    Yet beyond all that beauty, perfume and command there was another side to her, a warm, loving, funny, tender side, one which she reserved almost exclusively for her best friend’s youngest son, the gentle young man whom she could clearly see was swiftly becoming lost within the maelstrom of his 4 older brothers. Her beloved Andy.
   Indeed whenever “Aunt Jane”, visited, she made an instant beeline for him. Wrapping him in a hug of delight, she would sit and take notice of whatever he was doing. It was she who eagerly took him out, gave him the space and extra time his hard working and loving parents could not. It was she who understood him more than anyone, she who knew his thoughts and feelings, especially those even he himself did not fully understand. Indeed on that fateful evening, the day of his 15th birthday, the night she stayed over, her insight and suspicions were made clear. The night Andy’s life changed forever
  The boy did not jump nor flinch when she sat beside him, in fact it was as if he had known she was there all along and when her voice soft and calm broke the silence of the room he replied as calmly as if he were talking about his boats or drawings.
 “They are amazing”, he said, his fingers ever so gently running over the smooth patent pants, which lay across his knees. “They are so shiny and smooth”.
  “And expensive too.”
   “Oh I am sorry”, he exclaimed with honest dismay, raising his fingers from the materials gloss surface.
   “No, no darling, I don’t mind”, she whispered, taking his nervously hovering hand and returning his fingers to the garment which she had strategically discarded on her bed just hours before. “That only means they are quality. These are by a company in France called Balmain and I think they were about £2,500 pounds or somewhere around there. Do they feel nice?”
   “Yes, they are so soft, so slick, almost like…. wet and warm. Are they plastic?”
  “Yes kind of. They are PVC Vinyl”
   “Vinyl”, he repeated softly to himself as if rolling the idea about in his young head.  “Vinyl. I have seen them about a lot on tele and stuff and….,” he paused, contemplating, daring himself to say what was clearly on his mind, “…..and I think you look really great in them.”
    Jane glowed.  Oh it was not the first time her young man had complimented her on her dress or appearance, he was always noticing a change of look or hair, even a different shade of polish on her nails, but somehow this little comment, in the quiet of the room felt so much sweeter and more personal.
  “Thank you sweetheart, that is very kind of you, thank you.” She said, stroking his arm softly. “Though I did suspect you liked them when you touched my bottom.”
  The young man gave a gasp “Oh I am sorry, I did not mean to, it was an accident. I…..”
  “No, no darling”, Jane whispered with a soft calming pat of his hand. “It is ok, I don’t mind. I take it as a compliment and you have accidentally touched my bottom so many times I do kind of look forward to it now.”
   The young man gave a soft and embarrassed giggle as the moment passed. “What? ….what are they like to wear?”
   Jane took up the pants and turned them before him. “Well darling as I said they are by Balmain so they are really very comfortable and very tight, plus they are unlined so they are very clingy, but that’s the way they should be, I mean you can wear loose PVC but I think it looks odd don’t you? And they do make a funny stretchy sound when you move in them.”
   Andy giggled and nodded “Yes I heard it when you crossed your legs: like all sticky.”
   Jane turned her body to him, her smile warm and loving. A moment passed, a long silence the only sound the distant hum of the birthday party downstairs. Then, catching his eye she smiled, “Why don’t you try them on? I mean they are only trousers really.”
   “Oh no Aunt Jane. I …I couldn’t they are yours….ladies. That would be…I….no. No thank you. I really don’t want to”,
   With his all too swift reply clearly betraying his true feelings, Jane sensed the importance of the moment and so, with a calming breath, changed her tone, her voice lowering, her words crisper: “No Andrew. I want to see you in them.”
    Jane felt him jump ever so slightly, his fingers becoming still and after a moment his eyes turned to hers and in their cool green gaze they remained, questioning her words with an innocent sparkle.
   Once more Jane shifted, this time a straightening of her back so that, even sat as they were on the edge of her bed, she rose above him. Her eyes  narrowed she spoke clearly and slowly:  “Put them on.”
   Andy did not flinch, nor tremble, his face was still open and warm, but there was something in her tone, something in the way her eyes shone, that gave him a tingle like nothing before. He swallowed.  “Yes Aunt Jane,” he submitted.
    Her practised cool exterior masking the thrill now flowing through her, Jane watched as her beloved young man obediently stripped to his striped underpants. For a second or two she thought of demanding the removal of his underwear, but this was not the moment. Yes it would come, but not today.
    Watching as he drew the glossy vinyl up and about his waist and bottom Jane struggled to suppress a smile and helping hand, his innocent confusion over the reversed feminine style buttons and zip delightfully clear to see. But soon he was within their smooth embrace and standing, beautifully red faced, before her.
   Now of course they did not fit, she was 5’10” in bare feet and he only a teenager but even so, as Jane guided him to turn before her, the smooth vinyl pants instantly looked right on him, their deep liquid shine highlighting the blossoming shape of his legs and bottom to perfection. She looked up at him, her eyes as cool as she could pretend, her head tilted. “Yes Child, they look nice. I knew they would”.
   “Thank you”.
  “And what do they feel like on?”
   “Soft and warm and smooth and sticky”
   “Do you like them?”
  A moments pause, not in uncertainty, far from it he loved them, but in contemplation of what he was about to admit. He nodded. “Yes Aunty, I like them very much.”
   “Good.” She rose elegantly and stood before him. Her heels drawing her up to dominate his slight teenage stature, he was instantly bathed in her perfume, bewitched and transfixed. Gently she stroked a finger down his red blushed cheek and under his chin, tinting his face up to hers. She smiled. “Because in two years, you will come to me in Paris and I shall buy you a pair of your very own……….. and your first pair of Louboutins to match.”
   The restaurant was abuzz, the Saturday atmosphere warm and happy, groups chatting and engaging with laughter and banter, happy in their own company, their own worlds.
  However each group in turn silenced for a moment as the young beauty in the rose pink dress passed them. Not that she looked out of place, far from it, her beauty would have graced any high town event, indeed as she passed some even whispered of her possible fame. A model?  No, an actress? Indeed the only thing that caused a slight murmur beyond simple admiration was her dress.
  Sophisticated and elegant, glistening and smooth, the rose pink Latex dress appeared melted on to the mystery beauties perfect, yet boyish figure. Its classic and modest style left the flawless skin of her shoulders bare whilst tightly sheathing her down to just below the knee. Her only jewellery the two gold necklaces around her slim neck and the twin outsized rose gold hoops in her ears. Hoops which along with her sweetly cropped, copper tinted hair, were cleverly and a clearly designed to frame and highlight her sweetly beautiful face. 
  Indeed if the shimmering Latex dress had been a statement, the beauties face was the masterpiece. Flawlessly beautiful, she was immaculately made up, with her clear blue eyes darkly shaded and emphasised by long jet lashes , her cheeks warmly blushed and lips painted and glossed  to match the colour and shine of her dress. She was richly made up, yet every colour, every brush stroke, every intricate detail had been selected and employed, not the mask but the reveal.
  As the couple moved through the restaurant, led towards her by the maître d’, Jane rose from her seat in greeting and as she did the young beauty raised her lowered eyes and confidently arching her back, broke into a heart meltingly excited smile.
    For a moment Jane just stared, drinking in every detail of the shimmering young lady before her. The style of her heels, the crease of her dress, the shine of her necklace, even the smooth deep gloss of her nails, every detail was perfection.  However it was in those eyes she found true beauty, for beyond the confident jet black lashes glistened familiar blue eyes, shy and nervous but filled with love.
    “Hello”, she whispered and gently taking the beauty’s hand, with their perfectly polished rose pink finger tips, she drew her guest closer and after kissing him softly on both cheeks paused, gazed into his eyes and gently, ever so gently, placed her lips to his.
    For a brief moment Andy thought he would swoon, Aunt Jane had kissed him before and when he was younger they had what they called their special kiss, just on the corner of his lips, a kiss which to all who might have seen it would have looked like an innocent and slightly clumsy kiss, yet to the two of them was deliberate and thrilling. However this was no special kiss, this was a real kiss; a kiss Jane proudly wanted everyone to see.
  “It looks beautiful. Thank you my darling. Do you like it?”
  The young man, instinctively drew his polished fingertips through the fine fringe of his freshly cropped and copper tinted hair and took a deep breath. He nodded. “Feels funny, being short again”
  “Oh I know darling and you did look so sweet hiding behind that fringe. Maybe I will let you grow it again later Andy. But I like you with short hair. You are such a beautiful boy and I just want everyone to see you”
   His Aunt’s words were simple yet utterly honest and they filled him with a love and pride that overcame any embarrassment he could ever have felt.
 Because, despite his confidence and beauty, he was still embarrassed, after all it had only been 18 months since he had arrived in Paris, 18 months since, as promised, Jane had taken him first to the gleaming Balmain boutique and then on to the Louboutin emporium, where, immediately falling in love with the myriad of shiny red soles on display, he had oh so willingly slipped his feet into the sensual cradle in his first pair of ultra feminine heels. Yes he was embarrassed, very, but in the loving company of his favourite Aunt, it did not matter.

  The evening was simple and needed nothing more. Jane ever complimentary to her nephew’s beauty and attentive to his natural embarrassment at being the restaurant’s centre of attention, lovingly nurtured and bolstered his confidence with soft words of admiration and love. Indeed so much so that when a young girl, no more than six years of age, appeared beside him and politely told him he was very pretty and that her mummy wondered what his dress was made of, Andy was so unfazed that he slipped from his seat and, with perfect balance on his heels, bent before her, taking time to talk with and explain to her that it was Latex, before then laughing and smiling with joy when the little girl replied, “like balloons”.
   However as the evening went on Jane could not help but notice a flicker between Andy and Annie, looks and glances. Then, finally sensing her nephew’s growing unease, she placed her hand softly on his. “Darling, if you wish to leave, if this is all too much, I understand.”
 The beautifully made up boy, shook his head, his eyes still lowered, glancing to the other woman to his right, who smiled back knowingly, a faint nod confirming her understanding.
  “No Aunty I…I don’t want to leave, I have never felt so happy.”
  “Oh my darling and thank you again for my gift”. She said raising his fingertips to her lips. “I know you loved your hair and it means so much to me that you did his for me.”
   There was a moment’s pause, Jane could see her nephew suddenly in thought. He glanced to Annie. “I….I have another gift for you.”

.................To be continued
Don't you just love a cliffhanger?

Friday, 22 February 2019

New Art. Jane

Hi Everyone
   This came out of nowhere and for the first time I think, it is a piece that does not feature Andy himself. This is Jane going solo.
   It is set at some point soon after Jane and Andy have returned from the USA and perhaps our favourite Aunt has been a little to arrogant and full of herself for her own good.
 I don't think it needs must explaining, it pretty much speaks for itself and as ever I am sure you all will be able to fill in any gaps.
Big Hugs

Now we have seen Aunt Jane, being punished before, but I don't think she has ever been so bowed, her hair is sweaty and messy, she is sweaty and sticky and she is, apart from those heels, completely naked and vulnerable.Dare we feel sympathy for Jane? XXX

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Carols little secret?

Hi Everyone
  I need a little help with final clarification over something I noticed late last year and briefly reported in my Trailer video.
  The question is simple. Am I seeing things. not unusual for me I grant you, but today I am talking about Carols Vorderman's bottom, or rather the 58 year olds leather pants.
  Is this a seam? or is this a rear zipper? Now bearing in mind there is no zipper or button on the front I am edging towards the Rear Zipper option. In which case that could open up a whole new set of even naughtier questions.
 Take a look yourselves only try not to stare to long, it can be very bad for ones eyesite.

Seam or zipper?

Monday, 18 February 2019

Start the week with Christeen

Hi Everyone
   This week might be a little disjointed, a few odd posts here and there, whilst I get some new things under way. The new store is up and running by the way so my real work load should decrease slightly. (I've heard that one before "Could you just pop to Southampton and sort this out", Pop Pop? it's only 70 odd miles, yeah sure why not.
  ED NOTE, Eh when you have finished, could we get on please.
Sorry yes, anyway. I have been reconstructing part of an old story I came across on an old disc, once coupled with a few other ideas and pieces it is forming into quite a nice little snippet of Andy and Jane life. So hopefully that will be very soon, plus a little bit of art and things to follow.
  Any how lets start the week with some real quality. Christeen is in the house.

Yes it is a mess, but you sure do look cute

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

New Art. First Love

Hi Everyone
   Time for new art and I was intending to wait until the day to post this but simply could not wait any longer and besides love should not wait for one day to be celebrated, love is for everyday.It is one of my favourite pieces because it captures emotions and feelings I have felt, hence the title.
   I think this is a very significant moment for our pair and I had always edged away from showing it because I did not want you all to think this is the end, because I have many other tales to tell building up to this and there will be more (fingers crossed) to follow this moment. 
   This is set following Andy and Aunt Jane's return from America and once again features Wills Mother Fiona, with her soft Irish accent (details people, details, all important to character), whilst  Andy is still in full-on California beach babe mode, tanned and blonde, his cut glass English accent maybe now tinged with a slight touch of  Valley Girl. Jane would described it a few years later in their shared autobiography "As if the California sun had melted the last of Andrews boyishness away, leaving nothing but pure, helpless femininity radiating from his every pour".
Ok no more chit chat, I will let you all immerse yourselves in this and find your own way into the story. Talk soon
Big love

Friday, 8 February 2019

Friday night with Christeen

Hi Everyone
   Christeen is rather busy at the moment , so I thank her for still finding the time to create two super new pieces for us.
Hope you like, I do, especially the first

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Something shiny

Hi Everyone
   Just a little treat, you know how I like a nice shiny bottom, well here are a few of my faves.

The first is from my and your friend Skinnie Stallion and should be used to encourage certain BBC sports reporters (no names no pack-drill Sally Nugent) to up their game. I mean sports can be pretty dry without a little something to bring a sparkle to the eye 

This came my way via a friend on Instagram.I'll say no more.

and this from another friend, is the stunning Xuxa Meneghel caught off camera whilst presenting Dance Brasil in...er Brazil .
Mbop indeed.

Big Hugs

Monday, 4 February 2019

New Art. The First Touch

Hi Everyone
   Thank you all so much for your appreciation of our fiends art and stories last week, it really does make our little playhouse a nice place to visit. I do so love sharing art from people who might not have the time or space to display themselves. I have a few more bits and bobs to share this week i hope, so please stick around.
 Anyways, there is always my drab old art to fall back on 😁. and as it is very drab and wet ourside today I thought I would take us back to the warmth and sun of California and Andy and Aunt Jane's trip to America.
  This is kind of the sequel to Modesty  from a few weeks back, however this was created first and does not feature the Bikini Uniform (That is still on the design board....along side piles of real work that i must get down to..yes I have a real job, shock!!!!) 
  However it does very much feature Andys encounter with the mentioned pool Guy and kind of expresses Andys growing confusion over his emerging sexuality. I think the feeling it is very real, because I remember having that self same feeling whenever I  touched my first boyfriend. Like, hang on he's a guy? but, I kind of like it?
  Still whatever the motives and emotions, I think we can all appreciate Andy in a teeny tiny Pink Latex uniform, bathed in the warm Californian sun.
 Hope you like
Big Love and kisses