Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

Monday, 24 June 2013

An old story. Published for the first time..."The Five Cards"

Hi everyone,
 Here is the start of a new story.

The Five Cards
Part 1
Invitations and Donations

   On a school trip to Europe, you are staying at a very plush hotel in the centre of Paris, it is early in the evening when the knock on your door came, you open it to find your group leader Ms Upton and her assistant Ms Fullerton, both are clearly dressed for an evening out, with there hair up and faces fully made up, yet what really struck you as odd were the matching long black shiny PVC mackintoshes they wore, after all it was a warm summers evening, with no sign if rain. “Good evening Ms”, you say, they smile back.
 “Polite as ever Andrew, are you ready?, good, now come along the evening is young”.
 Your teachers had explained about the invitation to the party about a week ago, it was to be a charity event designed to raise money for a variety of private schools across Europe and each attending school was offered the chance to bring a pupil to participate, you had excepted the invitation with pride but felt Ms Uptons comment about finally not having to go to the event empty handed  a little odd.
Still in no time you are all in the back of an elegant black Mercedes heading out of the city. You talk about everyday things, about the trip and school,  they talk to you as an attentive Aunt might talk to a favourite nephew, asking you what music you like and what films, you should feel relaxed, yet, despite the cars air conditioning, ,you feel yourself begin to perspire. The closeness of these two beautiful ladies making you nervous, especially as Ms Uptons red polished fingertips are resting gently on your leg, whilst Ms Fullerton, sitting on your other side, plays with one of your hands on her plastic coated lap, her movements allowing the shiny vinyl to slip open to reveal a her long legs tightly bound in gleaming black leather . You swallow and take deep breath. This was too awesome.
   In time the conversion dries, but by then you are waiting outside the ornate red door, of the tree shaded chateau, Ms Upton and Ms Fullerton holding your hands as if you were a child. After a moment the wide door swings open an you are greeted by a tall stunningly beautiful blonde, she leaves you speechless , she is no older than you, with big blue eyes and full pink lips, she is simply stunning and dressed in the most amazing of outfits, a pure white silk French Maids uniform, everything is white from the delicate lace cap on her head to the gleaming high heels of her shoes, a stunning angel , you lower your eyes shyly. The three exchange words in fluent French, and you are welcomed inside. Whilst you are looking about the maid takes your teachers coats and when you turn back to their voices you catch your breath, they are dressed identically as before, but this time in skin tight black shiny patent leather pants and well tailored red silk blouses. The look is simple yet stunning, after a moment when they try to engage you in small talk, however, you can not help but notice the way your teachers stare at the maid as she moves away, their faces are filled with astonishment and excitement.
  Ms Upton squeezes your hand,. “Isn’t she beautiful Andrew?”, she whispers, “A real French Maid, don’t you think her uniform is gorgeous, all the frills and lace”. You remain silent taking the question as rhetorical, but she wants and answer, “Andrew?, don’t you think”.
 “Y..yes Miss”, you stammer, “yes she is very beautiful”.
 Their eyes never leaving the maid until the fall of high heeled steps make them turn. You are greeted again, this time by a maturer woman. About 40, but no less stunning, she wears a serve white silk blouse, trimmed with lace frills at cuffs and high collar, an ankle length skirt of black satin so figure hugging she looked to have been poured into it and on her feet she wears THE highest stiletto heeled court shoes in glossy black patent. Her beautiful face is heavily made up with dark lashed eyes and deep red lips. You had thought your teachers were beautiful, but they simply vanished next to this vision. “Bonjour”, she extends a gloved hand. Ms Fullerton excepts and once more you stand silent as words are exchanged.
        “Your maid is quite stunning”. Ms Fullerton says, a slight nervous tightness in her voice.
       “Thank you, a beautiful addition to our staff”,
       “Is…”, Ms Upton adds, before stumbling on her words, “….Sorry, was h…she from….”
       “ Yes Ms Upton, Christina came to us this time last year”. The woman smiles at your teachers clear uncertainty.
       “She is a real credit to you”. Ms Upton adds, clearly taking a deep breath. “Very beautiful”.
        “Again, thank you”. As the woman’s eyes narrow , she pauses, looks slowly from woman to woman  and then down to you. You feel yourself tremble. She drops her head to one side, looks you up and down and smiles. “Mmmmm”, she sighs “ pretty….I do hope you are playing tonight ladies?”
        “Yes”. Both women rely as one. “Yes we are”.

  To be continued

Friday, 21 June 2013

Keira Knightley in red latex...Video!

Hi everyone
  I don't know what the heck this is all about, but the idea of Keira Knightley in red Latex was just too good to miss and it ain't a fake either!!!!!

To Deviant for DeviantArt

Hi Everyone
  Well it would seem I have been a naughty sissy and appear to be too deviant for deviantart. Four of my pieces have been removed for violating there code. I think i just posted them wrongly, but they say i should not re post them. 
  However this is my blog and i shall post and be damned. That sounded pompous enough. Anyway here are the offending pieces, but the way they are going there may be more to come.

Friday, 7 June 2013

WARNING!... Latexium spreads

     Hi Everyone,
           Our ace reporter in the field has gained proof that the Latxeium curse which has been affecting British Actress Emma Watson has spread!
     Following last weeks video evidence which suggested Actress Gemma Aterterton had fallen under its control, reports which she denies having issued a statement claiming she chose to wear the skirt because, quote "she likes PVC"., Our reporter Capricious Amber http://capriciousamber.deviantart.com/ was on hand personally to capture this image of Actress and friend of this blog Keira Knightley, suffering a minor but clear out break of the Latexium curse.

It is with great thanks to Amber that we can show this image as, by being in such close proximity to an affected person, she has run the risk of infection herself. Thank you Amber.

Hot off the wires....  Latest information has come to light that the shocking image below, is in fact the first captured image of the Latexium curse.
  We at SmoothSlick'n'Shiny believe this photograph of Emma Watson attending the final Harry Potter première was taken just minutes after the first affects were experienced. 

It was reported at the time that Miss Watsons choice of outfit was a deliberate attempt to step away from the clean cut image of Hermione Granger, the character she had played in the hugely successful series since an very young age and present a more cutting edge and adult image. However we can now exclusively reveal this was in fact the Garmentia Latexium curse in action. 
   The outbreak was reported to have caused Miss Watson great shock and distress as it was said it took 10 to 15 minutes for the black silk Jacket and Skirt she was wearing to turn into tight shiny latex rubber and it was only her professional composure, and desire not to disappoint fans who had waited hours to glimpse their heroine, that prevented her withdrawing from the event .

    Reports are now coming in from all around the world and so we ask, if anyone out there has any other proof that this curse has spread and is affecting others please let us know. But please be careful, do not approach too close, because you could be next.................... YOU COULD BE NEXT!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hair cutting

  Hi everyone
Just a quick post of a personal note. I shall be away all next week (Who said hooray at the back?)  and as a result will not be posting for that time.
  I am going to stay wth my very very good friends and lovers back in France for a little naughty fun and a hopeful return of my alta-ego Amanda or rather that should be Emma and not Amanda (it's s long story)
  Anyway there should be one more post as there is a Latexium outbreak to report.
  Now, in 2 hours I am going to get my hair cut and a few other things done. (If you have the legs you have got to show them at their best). My hair had grown a bit scrappy of late and i am under strict instruction to get it "properly Pixied" and so armed with a few pictures that is where i shall be.

Take care everyone

What is Happening here?

Hi Everyone
  This is just a quick one. Below is an image I came across by the awesome Rubbermatt, a total genius of fetish art. However apart from the image itself, it makes you think...What is happening here?
  And that is what i am asking you, What is Happening?
   Are these real girls or rubber dolls, who is holding them captive, is is for their control or our safety?
In my mind I have them as helpless abductees of an Alien race. Prepared and encased in protective Latex, the time for their collection by the Mothership and transportation to an exotic and distant world draws near.
  Any other ideas?