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Thursday, 6 June 2013

What is Happening here?

Hi Everyone
  This is just a quick one. Below is an image I came across by the awesome Rubbermatt, a total genius of fetish art. However apart from the image itself, it makes you think...What is happening here?
  And that is what i am asking you, What is Happening?
   Are these real girls or rubber dolls, who is holding them captive, is is for their control or our safety?
In my mind I have them as helpless abductees of an Alien race. Prepared and encased in protective Latex, the time for their collection by the Mothership and transportation to an exotic and distant world draws near.
  Any other ideas?



  1. Not sure. Maybe they're really bad "boy-girls " being punished by their mistresses ? Maybe they're part of an advanced invasion force of fembots designed to replace the wives of certain nation's leaders?
    Oh my goodness, has anybody checked up on Andy's whereabouts and his friend ? I hope they haven't been sold along with others and they're awaiting helicopter pickup !

    1. Hi FT,
      Thank you for your concern, but both myself and Sheila have escaped any Latex abbuction. However Sheila did find herself Vacbedded for an hour or so. :-)
      Wow what a naughty imagination you have. FemBots invasion! I love that.
      Thank you for commenting i do so appritiate it. I have another thought on the picture which i shall add as soon as i can.
      I am writting this on mobile whilst on Train home.
      Thanks again

  2. I think you know the answer quite well, honey. Our Stable Girl has been grooming the fillies and colts, and then tormenting them. Together now in the field, their flesh so sleek and shiny, so close they can hear their muffled pants, but bound so that they stay unfulfilled and pure: ready for their Stable Girl's whim and pleasure.

  3. Mmmmm lovely thoughts honey, they do look well groomed and polished. A real credit to Madames stables.