Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Coming soon

Hi Everyone
  A quick Hello and Happy Christmas to you all. Plus a big BIG thank you for all your fun comments ideas, support and general loveliness over the past year. At times it has been a very hard year for me, but retreating to my blog and creating art and stories and reading your words and things really helped me so much.
  But that was then, now heres to the future. 

Monday, 17 December 2018

New Art: "Night of the Living Planet"

Hi Everyone.
   Needed to update this, completely forgot to add a lovely add-on story by our friend Sweet Stevie. It is beneath the art work and although some of the names are different  and it does not folow on from my own imaginings (which is because they were created apart from each other) it very much feels part of this world and this adventure.
 Please take time to read it.
 Big hugs and big BIG  hugs to Stevie too

Ho Everyone
   Did I just write Ho?.I did I did, Ho! Ho! Ho! It's Christmas, believe me I know, nothing can prepare you for retail at Christmas, Madness MADNESS MADNESS!!!
  (Ed note. Ok ok calm it down, people will think you gone nuts)
Sorry boss, I'm cool. Just tired and a little punchy
  (Ok Kid, just get on with it before they all turn over to another channel)
Sure thing

Hi Everyone
   Time for new art and we have once again been whisked hundreds of years into the future to follow the daring adventures of Andy and his crew.
   This time, from a filing cabinet in the basement of S.S.S Towers, I have uncovered three pages from a classic serial entitled "Night of the Living Planet". This adventure, once thought lost, featured our Hero/Heroine as he searches for friends and crew members from an away team sent to investigate overwhelming and bizarre life readings from the surface of an unexplored planet.
 What he finds chills his hot blood to his kinky core.
Hope you enjoy and hope it tickles your collective imaginations.

Andy and the Sissy-Eating Plants
Sweet Stevie

Andy had to do something quickly. These revolting plants were eating his friends; Stevie and Robin who had passed out from the Academy at the same time as him, and that sweet new guy, Rupert, a very pretty newly-commissioned 2nd Lieutenant with luscious dark-blonde hair and a figure to die for and who looked particularly good in his ceremonial thigh boots! Andy would have joined them on the recce to this revolting planet  had he not been involved with testing the new tropical uniform.

The boffins were very proud of this new venture which consisted of a skimpy bikini, long gloves and thigh-high boots, or at least that is what it looked like.  It was, in fact, a one=piece like all the LUPs but appeared to be separate parts. The transparent areas between the pants and top could be adjusted so the sissy wearing the uniform was enabled to top up his tan if he wanted to, or he could block off the sun’s rays while still appearing to be clad in only a skimpy bikini. The boots were also integral and did not require a pair of field boots to be worn on top, the boots being made of a new latex/leather development so they could be incorporated in the LUP.

The testing had taken rather longer than expected but Andy had been pleased with the results, although he was a bit disappointed with the fact that the boots had only a 5 inch heel, the same as regulation field boots but he loved the long gloves. He was assured that another version for formal occasions was in the pipeline with ballet heels!

Yes, he had to do something quickly, but what? He had radioed the ship for a botanist, but he really did not know whether there was anyone with botany knowledge, much less whether they could do anything with these revolting green plants. Rupert had almost disappeared inside one and Stevie and Robin were quickly going the same way. What to do? At that point he looked down and realized that another of the plants was moving tendrils towards his pink boots. “Ugh!” he thought, it’s heading for me. However, he then realized that, although the tendrils were reaching out, as soon as one touched his boot it seemed to back off. Something about his boots? Then, he remembered the boffins had mentioned there were new additives in these latest LUPs, something to do with the adjustment for letting in the sun’s rays. Andy had not taken much notice of this, but now he realized he might have a way out and be able to rescue his friends. If the wretched plants could not stand his boots or the rest of his new uniform he might be able to fight them off.

He picked his dagger out of the pocket in the top of his boot and started cutting at the plant now wrapping itself about pretty Rupert, the new guy. Sure enough, as soon as Andy’s glove made contact the plant seemed to back off and he soon managed to cut away everything enveloping Rupert. Rupert emerged shaking, his uniform, boots and gloves covered in a thin layer of green slime; his make-up ruined! Andy realized that Rupert would not be happy about that, ever since he had joined Andy’s unit he had been punctilious about never appearing other than immaculately and heavily made-up.

“Keep away, Rupert”, Andy called “the horrible things seem to be frightened off by something in this new uniform, but I will soon have the others cut out and then we will get you all back up to the ship to be checked out by the medics” Within a few minutes the other plants had been sliced down and the other two guys released. “Thank you, sir” said a clearly shaken Stevie “you saved our lives”. “Less of the “sir”, let’s get you back up to the ship and cleaned up” cried Andy as he reached for his radio to call up the shuttle. With a short time all three shaken sissies were aboard and, as soon as they were comfortable, Andy ordered the shuttle back up to the ship away from the ghastly island which seemed to be infested with this sissy eating plant.


The guys had been checked over by the medics. who found no permanent damage (apart from ruined uniforms and make-up) but the boys were checked into the sick bay for a few days as a precaution. Meanwhile, Andy had made his report to the boffins who had been very interested in what he had to say. They had been well impressed, this was the same Captain Watson who had seen off the Space Squids and the tyrannical Queen Bee, where would he go next? As for Andy, he had only recently received a beautiful set of Captain’s spurs inlaid with diamonds from his beloved Aunt Jane; would he be asking her for some Major’s spurs?

After a few days the guys had become bored with hanging around the medical facility clad in their tiny,  pretty pink, lace trimmed  satin baby-doll nighties and tiny matching panties along with fluffy pink bedroom slippers with 6 inch heels. Also, they were very soon spending a lot of time on their make-ups so that they would be immaculate for any visitors, Once, when Andy visited, after hugs and kisses, Rupert had disappeared and seemed to be in deep conversation with one of the boffins. “What was that about?” Andy wondered, but the turned back to his friend Stevie to discuss the new tropical uniform and its unexpected effects on the sissy-eating plants.

They were now all out of the medical facility, declared fully fit and they had an evening out planned in the new colonial town being built on this hot, tropical planet (on the mainland, not the island which appeared to be infested with the sissy-eating plants). Rupert had declared that there were a lot of hot hunks there employed in building and labouring who were always “up for it”. How Rupert knew this Andy did not know but clearly 2nd Lt. Rupert de Villiers Smith Graham was one to watch, Andy remembered that Rupert was a scion of a noble family with Earls and Dukes among his relations (of course Stevie himself was Earl of Delavan). The Royal Regiment of Sissies seemed to attract nobility.

That afternoon they had all showered and bathed together, differences in rank forgetten, then carefully did their make-up and now, pink, pretty and perfumed they stood on the boxes containing their new tropical uniforms, updated with the ballet boots which had been promised. As usual, a button was pressed and each boy stood, legs apart and arms out, to be dressed. As usual, the magic latex moved up the shapely legs, reached the groin areas, pressed their peenies into place and then gently penetrated each pretty bottom with the usual squeals from each boy! The latex continued on its inexorable, covering the pretty breasts and then the arms and hands in pink opera length gloves. Andy noticed that the gloves and boots each had rank insignia on them above the crown, his with the three pips of a Captain. Finally, each boy was suddenly raised up about 8 inches as the dagger like heels of the boots suddenly appeared and, all at once, they were standing on just the tips of pointed toes and the narrow stiletto heel.

At this point Andy noticed something rather odd. He had worn a tropical uniform before when he had rescued his friends from the sissy-eating plants, and the bikini part of the uniform, whilst tiny, had covered his shapely bottom and pretty breasts quite adequately. However, this uniform was almost indecent! The panties were nothing more than a thong almost fully exposing four very pretty bottoms (and the anal insertion seemed rather larger!). The tops barely covered their breasts and were really more of a bandeau than a bikini top; as for the breast stroking mechanism that seemed rather more active than usual and Andy felt himself aroused already!

 Seeing, Andy’s reaction Rupert said “I hope you don’t mind, sir, I had a word with one of the boffins who is an old friend of mine (we went to school together) and got him to do a few tweaks on a set of uniforms. The normal pants and bikini tops are O.K. for patrols but I thought for town something a bit more revealing might be better, what do you think?” “Well, Rupert” replied Andy, “I don’t seem to have much choice, do I? The others seem to quite like them”, he said, looking at the cheesy grins on Stevie’s and Robin’s faces.. “Come on, let’s get our spurs and capes on and we had better take our ceremonial daggers and whips, you never know what these hunky builders might try”. So saying, the four gorgeous friends went off to their waiting shuttle to see what their evening might bring, giggling excitedly, heels and toes ringing on the metal floor of the ship’s corridor, their splendid pink latex capes flowing behind them.

An Evening With Andy Latex: Chapter 3

Hi Everyone
   Here is part 3 of  Mandy's lovely tale of An Evening With Andy Latex.

Chapter three.

As the days turned into weeks Tracey became downhearted because Andy had not called and over a month had passed by and it was almost time that the beginnings of campaign proceeded.
As I had still not received a phone call from Andy I was going to start looking for another artist when the phone rang. A courteous, friendly man sounding almost contralto in tone voiced true concern and such remorselessness as he apologised about taking such a long time in calling me.
“I’m sorry, do I know you?” I inquired.
“Please forgive me, ma’am, I believed it was your unbelievably cute maid that handed me your card…..”
Once it had all clicked into place I almost squealed with delight at the man calling me. “Andy? Your the brilliant artist from Paris, aren’t you?”
In a shocked voice, he gasped. “Well, I guess, yes, ma’am.”
In excitement of hearing Andy phone me at last I slipped completely out of persona when on the phone to strangers and blurted out. “Please. Please call me Mandy. Are you interested in doing the project? I would be so grateful and I completely adore the way you use the colours to bring the characters to life.” Immediately telling me that he was and would be in London next week, I asked. “I have a small function next weekend, would you be able to escort me while you are here? We can discuss the project then and I would be happy for you to use a spare room and I am so sure Tracey would love to see you again, Andy.” Thanking me, Andy eagerly told me he would be delighted to go to the party so I quickly told him where I lived as we made arrangements for when he would be in England.
With all the assignments I had to do the days waiting really rushed by so much I had to leave Andys’ surprise souvenir for Tracey to sort out for me and when the doorbell chimed the normally ladylike Tracey let out a squeal that filled the house, not to mention her stilettos echoing off the hardwood floor as she rapped them steadily towards the door.
Entering my small office in a discomposed, well she was practically in a confused state, Tracey announced. “Please, Mistress Mandy. Andy has arrived.” Looking at them standing so close I could see how flustered my maid appeared to be in her silky soft yellow satin outfit with its bright green plait trim around the edges of small apron, even her six inch kitten shoes continued the effect of her being a shimmery yellow flower.
“Thank you, Tracey.” Unlike her accustomed manner Tracey stayed in the office with us, I glanced at her but she somehow just moved even closer to Andy almost hiding the small briefcase he was carrying; as Andy did not act as if he was uncomfortable I allowed her to stay this time. “Hello, Andy. Thank you for taking time to help me. Please be seated.” As Andy took one of the chairs to my absolute dismay he indicated to Tracey to be positioned next to him; as Tracey appeared nervous I allowed the unsatisfactory behavior without saying anything just yet and after a brief chat began showing Andy the new collection of rubber, satin, PVC and letherette clothing I would promoting in my outlets.
Even as I was bringing up the images on my desktop Andy had started sketching, within a short time he showed the outline of his first picture. “Having purchased from some of your outlets, I was thinking maybe something like this, Mandy?”
Taking a hold of the pad I began to lightly giggle. “I adore it, Andy. I really do.” The scene I was looking at was of one of my new rubber catsuits worn by a young androgynous character floating in space. “It’s so sixties, almost like that cartoon ‘The Jetsons’. Andy, it’s wonderful. Can you do a selection of the collection? I’ll need them all in three weeks.” I felt myself almost begging Andy to agree to the assignment.
Even though we had been been drinking cups of tea while Andy sketched away all afternoon it felt as if we had only been chatting for ten minutes when Tracey suddenly reminded us that she was in the room too. “Please, Mistress. I am sorry to disturb you both but I feel I should remind you that you have to be at the function at eight and it will take me almost an hour to drive there.”
Seeing the clock behind her I gasped, it was five O’ clock already, Andy was such a charming individual that six hours had disappeared. “Crap! Oh sorry, Andy. I didn’t mean to be so long over this and apart from a piece of cake I haven’t even offered you anything to eat. Please can you forgive me?” Andy just smiled graciously. “Tracey has a new outfit for you and if you like it, please wear it tonight?”
I had been hoping that I would have the opportunity of a very long relaxing fragrant bath but as time was getting late it had been a quick shower.
Fluttering around my bedroom, nails and face finished, cursing myself for not having the time to inspect the item Andy was being shown I pondered the colour and style of outfit Tracey had selected also if Andy would even wear it, maybe I was just being silly it was bound to just be a gentleman’s suit so I decided that I would adorn my body with the new full length white satin lined, black PVC dress I had my chief stemstress create for the evening, Maria was the only one I would fully trust to cut carefully enough so the dress would hug my body tightly and show my chest abundantly. Stepping into to the creation was such a lascivious pleasure for me. Playful it was taunting my erogenous zones as I glided my legs downwards into the smooth silky texture listening to it whisper seductively against my skin, the satin teased my body more as the dress drifted up my body covering my naked flesh, its lustrous luxurious softness hugged my skin. Zipping myself tightly into enchanting glossy gown, the low sun glistening off the rich sheen that was stretching intimately over my upper body, allowing the hobble skirt to carefully control the movement of legs as I had undertaken to wear my six inch white leather slingbacks with such sharp stilettos they came essentially to a point.
Pulling myself away from the full length mirrors that were reflecting my hand slithering over the slippery PVC, allowing the soft satin lining to entice my delicate skin as they were inching their way over the luxurious smooth glossy cloth layering my body, to go and meet my companion for the evening.
I had only just made myself comfortable on the chaises longue in the open hallway, sipping on a glass of tonic water, having an advantageous view of the stairs I soon glimpsed Andys’ fingers, with their lavender polished nails, very elegantly rest his hand against the rail before he descended to the hallway. Transfixed by the reality that his svelte silken smooth legs were naked leaving only his feet, with their intensely glossed lavender painted toenails, had any covering diamante jewelled rose-tinted five inch slingback sandals. As he gradually stepped delicately into view, giving no sign of apprehension as he displayed more of his enchanting transformation, the sleeveless mini dress created from slick, shiny pink pearlescent latex coated his slim body; showing how constricting the dress fitted his body there was only the fine line of  his miniscule and must have been incredibly tight latex panties spoilt any impression that his skin was not made of rubber. The reflective lighting resulting in giving the highly polished latex dress an illusion of shifting from pink to lilac with ever step, Tracey must have allowed Andy to use her obsolete, genuine appearing, pseudo breast as disproportionately his bosom varied from when I seen him last, now his feminised chest was causing the peak of the dress to become almost purple, the fine latex only ending as it reached his slim feminine neck. Finally I took account of his face, Andy appeared to match his illustrations even more than before. With his unstressed wavy blond hair, which had been tied back earlier, now it had been fluffed up into a full feminine style causing it to sway slightly as he took each delicate step, over his flawless skin sat perfectly applied foundation, with checks there had been administered blusher so tenderly to give him an excited, timid expression, his eyes appearing wary wide from the use of fuchsia eyeshadow and black liner on his thick lengthy lashes under his fabulously arched brows finally Andys’ seductive kissable highly glossed lavender pouting lips that kept sending enticing smiles towards Tracey as she followed smoothly behind Andy while still in her yellow satin maids dress.
Wow!” I gasped loudly watching them gently holding hands as they proceeded so harmoniously across the hall towards me, strangely keeping their body angled towards each other as they beautifully wafted across the highly polished wooden floor. “You girls look so incredibly dreamy together. Do you like the dress Andy?” My squeal of delight was severed short when I noticed how their hips swayed in unison causing the latex dress Andy had so closely enveloping his sensuous body to flow like a lubricate floating on water, even up close as the two smiled seamlessly together they cascaded nothing but femininity in their looks and charm while the scent of honeysuckle and jasmine oil, which was radiating from their bodies, filled the hallway.
Tracey began giggling in an unembarrassed manner as her face deeply reddened slowly allowed her hand to slither slowly around Andys’ back, Andy flirtatiously told me. “It’s just gorgeous, thank you Mandy. I just adore the feel of the such slippery, silken latex caressing my body almost as much as when this ravishing one was glossing the beautiful dress.” Then he quickly added. “I really adore your dress too, Mandy, it accommodates you beautifully, you look so majestic in it.” As he spoke Andys’ soft gaze remained on me, allowing me to discover how is eyelids had been peppered with glitter over the violet powder giving him a mythological appearance.
Traceys’ face managed to redden even further, the blush now reaching her slim neck, in concern for the way Tracey was effected around Andy, I enquired. “Would you like the evening off, Tracey? I can drive if your not feeling well.”

To be continued

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Christeen weekend selection

Hi Everyone
   Heavens above I wish I had time to play more, I do apologise to all of you for not being to chatty of late but retail, retail, RETAIL!!!!! at Christmas is insane.
 Anyway, we can still find time to settle back with some superb Christeen art.

I am not going to settle back because the powers that be have decided to rearrange the store for the final weekend in prep for sales ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!

Thursday, 6 December 2018

New Art. R.P.L

Hi Everyone
 You may recall a few weeks ago I dropped a teaser about a slightly edgy piece of Andy and Aunt Jane art, well here it is.
 I think the story tells itself, however I hope I was able to express Aunt Janes serious anger, I mean we have seen her angry before, but here she is incandescent with rage, especially punctuated by her final words and by the fact that she does not think twice about walking out onto the busy street with her helpless nephew in tow. However as angry as she is, she also reveals in a simple phrase how much she loves Andy.
  Hope you like this different angle on the story and I am sure you will all look deeper and imagine all the fun possibilities.
 Big Hugs and kisses
from a very very tired Andy
(I love Christmas, but the build up in retail is exhausting)

Monday, 3 December 2018

Start the week with Christeen

Hi Everyone
  Lets start the week at the top of the shop with four new pieces from the superb Christeen.
(Ed Note. You do know you are now sounding like a really bad DJ don't you).
    (Now don't try to put me off my stride Ed. I'm feelin' the groove)
(Feelin' the groove!.......your barely 30,  Daddio)
     (Oh Can it Granddad, these are the platters that matter)
(That's it i'm going for a lay down)
     (Far out...FAARRR OUT!)
And we are back in the room, because these are hot form the source, having landed on my desk this very day. See pull back you eyelids and get a peep and these. Take it away Christeen.....

Ps I ain't going bonkers with all that stuff at the top. It's just that I am writing other stuff for other things and when my my keys are hot, they need to stay hot.