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Friday, 31 May 2019

All According to Plan; Chapter 5

Hi Everyone
Hope your weekend is going well and to make it even better here is Chapter 5 of  Mandy Sally Heart's super story.
 It follows part 4 below

All According to Plan
Mandy Sally Heart

Chapter five.
As Jane made her way home she considered differing proposals of how to raise the subject of Andy entering the competition mainly flirting with notion of merely being open with him, precisely as she has always had been with any sizable projects that may involve her nephew.
It was only after Jane let herself in that she actually came to a decision.
Careful not to make too much noise Jane closed the door and placed her packages on the Oak hallway table before she followed the cacophony coming from the main receiving room, incensed at seeing Andy resting on the white leather sofa watching some football game with the surround sound turned up so high he could not hear Jane moving around.
Encouragingly, Jane noticed, he was still wearing his entire lilac uniform.
An infuriated Jane left the room and went to check on the work he might of carried out, most of what she could first see was fine but then Jane went into the rear fully glazed indoor garden and was aghast at seeing the place was still a mess, indeed even the plants had not been watered not to mention the inside windows had failed to acquire his touch. Jane pivoted in pure anger and not caring that he was still in the prettiest maids dress she could imagine was about to instantaneously throw the boy out, then after just two steps she paused and murmured to herself. “That’s a better idea.”
Taking herself up to the bedroom Andy was using Jane began moving all his clothes into one of the spare bedrooms. It took a few trips nevertheless with the blasting volume from the television Andy could not hear her shoes tapping tunefully across the floor.
After leaving the last pile on the unused bed Jane locked the spare room door and placed the key into her small safe.
Feeling minimally calmer as she entered the lounge again, Andy was certainly so engrossed with the match he did not notice when Jane picked up the remote from the arm of the sofa next to him and switched the set off.
Confused at first Andy just blindly reach for the remote before hearing the swift tapping of Janes’ perfect long ruby red nails on the back of the controller, he turned to see his fuming aunt glaring down at him. “Well?” Janes’ insistent voice questioned.
Had Andy turned into a goldfish? The boy just gawked up at his aunt with his mouth opening and closing as he tried to explain that he thought she would be back much later but somehow the bit between his brain and tongue was not working...at last he let out a miserable squeak. “Sorry.”
Taking a deep semi calming breath while watching Andy cringe before her, it was not as pleasing to Jane might of imagined, she demanded. “You are my maid, your only saving grace is that you still adequately dressed as one, why haven't you finished all your chores, Andrew Watson?”
At last Andy stood in his teetering heels. “Please auntie Jane, I am sorry. My legs ached and I only meant to watch while I had a sandwich.”
Jane noticed the empty plate and half a cup of tea, she checked the temperature. “This is cold, you have been wasting time, Andrew.”
With his teeth almost chattering from shaking so badly Andy stood before her and bowed his twitching head. “Please auntie, I’m sorry, I will do all the chores you wish, please let me stay with you?”
Not caring that her sensitivity friend was so close to tears, Jane recalled Fionas’ words and informed Andy. “Oh, you’re going to repay my kindness, Andrew Watson, believe me. From now you better learn that you are my maid and you must obey me.” Jane gestured for Andy to remove the plate. “And clean all the windows in the sunroom, I have guest visiting tomorrow.”
With tears leaking from his eyes Andy immediately scuttled off leaving only the sound of his sharp heels clacking on the hardwood floor of the hallway, Jane gave a dirty grin; this was one senorio she had not thought of during her return journey.
Waiting until she felt more under control before she picked up the phone and searched through the recorded numbers to leave a message on the answer machine at the college Andy attended, explaining how he was ill and would be unable to partake in his lessons this coming week informing them she would keep in touch.
The second number Jane called was Fiona, hoping she was able to answer. “Hello again, Fiona.” Jane said after the second ring.
It was not the words that made Fiona ask. “Jane, is everything all right?”
Outlining what she had found upon arriving before making a request. “Could you call around for coffee tomorrow afternoon? You can see my maid too.” Baffled as servants were not what well to do ladies worried about; still Fiona agreed and told Jane that she would be free around two.
Finishing her phone calls Jane collected her purchases and made her way towards the kitchen, partly to be closer to the glassed room so allowing her to check if Andy was working and in part to allow time to finish quelling her distressed mind by having a cup of herbal tea.
Believing enough time had passed she went to verify if Andy was still carrying out her demands.
Seeing her charge outside stunned Jane at first, nonetheless she noticed the interior had all been properly cleaned and he was still working away in the sunshine, as Jane enjoyed the view Andy was giving Lady Jane wondered why she had totally lost her cool. The view was magnificent and well worth his lazing around to display himself to her, Jane decided as a course of excitement raced through her while she enjoyed the unstressed sensual movements of his girlish body, observing the way the sunlight cascaded along the fluid like glistening latex enveloping his upper body, imaging she could hear the gratifying squeaking of the warm smooth flowing latex with every graceful motion as a wavelike disturbance of radiating glints flattered his two full moons as he often bent to clean the lower glass, turning the globes into flashes of colored sunlight.
Fixing a stern look on her face Jane went and tapped on the window and waved Andy to follow her.
With his head bowed in total surrender to his predicament Andy found his aunt in the kitchen, hearing him enter Jane scowled. “You must curtsy as you are entering a room I am in.” As Andy was attempting a small curtsy Jane basked in her easy control over him but intended to reveal to her nephew how upset she still was. “Good, now sit down Andrew.”
As Andy looked into her green eyes Jane deeply glowered in his direction before continuing. “I have phoned your college to say you are too ill to attend next week, I will be training you to be my maid, one that will follow my demands fully and if you do not measure up you can leave.” Andys’ shocked blue eyes were about to grow wider. “I have removed all your clothes from your room, Andrew Watson, including your new trouser suit so all you have is that lovely sticky uniform until I say you may wear something different.” Feeling Andy appreciated just how dreadfully hurt she had been to find him lolling around Jane softened her unforgiving stare. “Andy, we have known eachother since you were born, almost half of my life, and you have never, ever disappointed me like this before.
“You know I love you as if you were my own...well, child, I have always adored the way you are such a kind, overly sensitive, exquisite if shy child and I desire to teach you to show your true beauty. So you will do as say.”
Still overwhelmed by what he heard and everything that had been happening to him the past two days, Andy looked at his aunt and whispered. “Yes, auntie Jane.”
“Perfect,” Seeing her plans being implemented an exceedingly ecstatic Jane gave Andy a loving smile as a clammy shiver prickled between her legs, “I bought you some gorgeous new nightwear while I was out and you will wear it in bed, Andy.
“You also have your own cosmetics and I insist you to learn how to apply it.” Jane handed the carries to her new maid. “We will start on a page from now, so see if you can fix your tear smudged face as you place these neatly in your room and then I think as a way of reimbursing your long lunch break you can do all the downstairs windows while you’re outside.”
Giving how clammy the sunroom was Andy found that wearing a short latex dress on an early winter afternoon was very refreshing and unquestioningly gave a polite nod to the extended chores before taking a look inside the bags and risked more punishment by slipping his fingers over one of the nightdresses. “They are very slinky, auntie. Thank you.”
Receiving a genuinely loving smile as way of a reply Andy stood and gave a short curtsy before leaving.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

It's Christeen

Hi Everyone
   Firstly if I may, an apology for my Email and comment replies being so haphazard this week, got something exciting I am trying to get done before my holiday in 2 weeks. So please bear with.
  So Mid week is here again and it is time for a new treat from one of our favourites, the always wonderful Christeen.

Friday, 24 May 2019

New Art : Return to The 25th Century

Hi Everyone
  Once more it is time to return to the 25th Century, as we at S.S.n.S are delighted to present two pages from the classic magazine story Andy and the Adventure on Luberup 5.
Sadly the rest of the Magazine has been lost in time but we have managed to restore these two pages for you pleasure and delight and I have no doubt that your naughty minds can fill in whatever parts of the story that are missing.
   So strap on that rocket-pack kids and tune in for excitement as we blast off for the stars with Commander Andy Watson and his loyal team on another thrilling adventure of discovery,  this time on the bizarre and (let's be honest) gooey world of Luperup 5.

 Hope you liked that naughty adventure, took me a long time to get the look and dialog right and took me just as long to find the Planets name. I hope everything was clear form the dialog what was going on, the fact that the planet itself was sentient and was sexually aroused by their presence. So in Stevie and Samantha's defence, perhaps their behaviour was the result of contact with the planets secretions and not just the pair being alone on........ who are we kidding, really you two?  come on, those Cameras are for scientific data gathering.
  Big Big hugs

Wednesday, 22 May 2019


Hi Everyone
 Hope you are all super well. Its is midweek and time for a little fun of a different kind.
I came across this little clip a while ago, but completely forgot about it until I was clearing out some old files off my other device and there it was Yayyyyy.
  It kind of fits in with the fun we have here, it is very kinky so that is all I need to make it viable for sharing. I wish I knew from where it came. It looks like a cheap movie or tv series, but either way I am just glad I uncovered it again.
  I have posted the same clip twice, purely for quality choice.


Sunday, 19 May 2019

All According to Plan, Chapter 4

Hi Everyone
Hope your weekend is going well and to make it even better here is Chapter 4 of  Mandy Sally Heart's super story.
 It follows part 3 below

All According to Plan
Mandy Sally Heart

Chapter Four.
Andy was finishing his petit dejeuner when he appealingly enquired. “Do I really have to clean the entire house, aunt Jane?”
Jane was starting to appreciated that just like most of yesterday, while her nephew had been in her rooms it was easy to observed how uninhibited he behaved and as Jane confirmed this to herself she became aware that no one could be not sufficiently taken in by all the complaining regarding how he felt about being her weekend housemaid his whimpering regarding having to wear the attire she had selected or even the sulky protesting about doing the chores. Jane cautiously stiffened her face. “Yes, as I have no other maid of course you do. You will….” In her fully refined cultured voice Jane went on to explain everything she wished Andy to do, including what to say if anyone should call. Jane ultimately reasoned as she gazed at him walking with such feminine grace to the sink and slip on the pink fluffy cuffed kitchen gloves how simple it was recognising that his bitching was only because Andy believed boys should whine about such situations and this was, Jane suspected, all thanks to the way his two brothers unsympathetically teased her poor Andy about how his graceful mannerisms looked wrong to them.
Feeling everything was as she wished, including the satisfaction of taking in the delightful entertainment of Andy beginning his first weekend as her maid by cheerfully swaying his tush before her, Jane reluctantly left him and went to her small office to embark on the work she put off for the more important imperative of shopping with her nephew yesterday.
Mostly from the harmonical clipping of his shoes Jane knew that Andy was carrying out her instructions. Although she had felt an unexpected mingy pang of disquiet from ordering her sensitive nephew and friend to be her maid, fortunately the way she adored seeing him attractively dressed in such a skimpy latex dress conveniently vanquished any displeasure and well, he had to learn I am in charge she decided.
Around ten O’clock and hearing Andy working away on the ground floor Jane entered her rooms and changed into something more casual for a shopping trip before cursorily reviewing his work.
Staring at her new maid quietly singing to himself whilst using the feather duster Jane lightly tapped the toe of her black seven inch patented stiletto as she was standing just inside of the smaller reception room and admiring Andys’ cute little jiggling tush before sighing and calling out. “Maid!”
The feminised boy tottered as he spun on the five inch spiked heels and absently gave a slight curtsy while enjoying the excitement from the slippery smooth moist uniform slithering sensuously over his skin. “Yes, ma’am.” Andy squealed in surprise and gawked at her suggestive vesture, a cream semi see through chiffon blouse, unbuttoned to reveal more of her cleavage than normal but his eyes lingered on the intensely tight radiant black PVC jeans that he really adored to see her in and more than once dreamed of trying on himself.
Unable to control her broad grin at his submissive pizzazz she informed him. “I’m going out to meet Fiona for lunch. As she is going to America soon I might be late back, so make yourself some lunch later.
“When I return I want see my home perfectly cleaned, including the inside windows.” Jane left him to carry on with the rest of the chores without waiting to see if Andy would perform a small curtsy.
Having left her car in her reserved central London parking place Jane proceeded down the same walkway as the day before, confident as ever as she was receiving considerably long attentive ogles.
Finding only very light weekend traffic Jane knew that she was way too early to meet her friend and entered ‘Slick Cosmetics’. As always with this wonderful retail establishment Jane was welcomed by a sales supporter. “May I help you, Mam?” The sales girl enquired.
Smiling pleasantly Jane explained her wishes. “Yes, I’m looking for a gift for my niece, I hope you can help. I’m after an entire makeup package for an eighteen year old, her skin tone is just a shade lighter than mine and she loves pink of course.”
Selecting a rosy pink nail varnish first they went on to browse there range of cosmetics and other essentials before Jane found herself helplessly adding suitably charming floral scented perfume for her young maid along with a few fragrant body washes Andy would now be needing. “Your niece is a very lucky girl to have such a charming aunt.” The girl stated to Jane.
Checking her watch, Jane thanked the assistants.
Finding that selecting all that she needed had not taken as long as she had imagined and buying gifts for her niece, Andy, had been so much fun for her that Jane decided to find new nightwear too.
Lady Jane did vaguely consider returning to Honour to see what they had in latex but opted for a several pallid silklike satiny, short chemise nightdresses, panties and robes from Harmony. As she left the intimates outlet Jane examined her watch again and discovered she had just the time to make it to meet Fiona as agreed.
Elegantly striding past the window Jane spotted Fiona had, as always the most desirable table of the eatery and went straight in her direction after entering. Only just having the time to place the bags on the chair before they hugged each other in their typical greeting.
“So lovely to see you, Jane, you look wonderful as always. Been buying yourself naughty treats again I see.”
“Oh no,” Jane chripped passing on her complements too, “These are for Andy.”
Not that impressed Fiona remarked. “You spoil that child, Jane, he’s not even your nephew. I thought you said he had already skipped on the agreement of paying you a sum to stay at your villa? Even if you are giving the money to charity he should grow up, you are much too kind.”
Having trusted Fiona for so long Jane confessed. “You should see what I have Andy doing to repay me, Fiona.” Her friend gazed at her questionably. “He’s my maid, doing all the chores and in such a cute little number too, or at least he better be. But that is not what I wanted to tell you,” Jane went on to explain to Fiona just how he was dressed also adding what he was attired in when they went shopping, “and he looks so beautiful, such gorgeous long legs,” not really needing the privacy Jane leaned closer to whisper her, “at times he fights me, however deep down I can tell Andy just loves to be groomed as a girl, all his mannerisms are so feminine. You really should have seen him yesterday, Fiona, he was totally flirting with the waiter too.”
Fiona gasped. “A sissy! Andy?”
Jane almost gasped at how her friend had phrased it but managed. “Yes.”
Fiona waved her fingers in front of her face as if she cooling herself down. “Wow, I always thought he dreamed of being with you. Like, wow! Have I got that boy wrong?”
The two stared at each other as if they were attempting to sort out Andys’ emotions before Jane suddenly asked what her friend had been doing. “As you know I have been having problems finding the right person to appear on my magazine, Cover-Girl. It’s such a drudgery, we have this problem every year or so and the chore has been taking up so much of my time this year that’s why I haven't had time for much else, Jane.
“We are holding a pageant in America, that should help though, as there is a prize of around thirty thousand pounds so we hope it might bring out the right person. I really hope it does.”
Hearing her friend let out a sigh Jane considered and then asked. “Maybe Andy could enter? He really looks so lovely, I’m almost jealous.”
Fiona could not believe her ears. “A boy! I’m not sure. If you think he could pass as a girl maybe Andy could enter the preliminary stages as a way of further punishing him, they’re not filmed so if you’re just playing or simply wrong Jane, my magazine won’t look foolish.”
Miraculously a very apologetic waitress attended them. “I am so sorry to keep you waiting ladies, it is not an excuse but a few staff haven't turned up today. All drinks are complimentary as a way of an apology. My name is Mandy, how may I help you?”
As the two ladies placed their requests Jane glanced up at the fatigued girl. “No rush we have lots to discuss.”
Jane and Fiona spent the next two hours chatting about how they could ensnare Andy to enter the contest intermingling talk about their past and enjoying the wonderful meal that deserved the large tip they left.
It was only when they were saying their goodbyes that Fiona sternly informed Jane. “I know how much you care about Andy, but if you are just using me to punish him I will never forgive you, honey.” Fiona giggled and gave Jane a last hug.

To Be continued

Thursday, 16 May 2019

A double from Christeen

Hi Everyone
  Just  popped in to deliver one of our favourite lunchtime treats. Art by the wonderful Christeen.

Monday, 13 May 2019

New Art. So Not Fair

Hi Everyone
  Time for some new art and if I do say so myself it is one of my very own favourites. 
     As before I will leave any spoiler chit chat until after the pic, but I can say this is set, right at the beginning of Andy's journey, before Will has any idea there might be something going on regarding Andy and his Aunts Jane's plans for him. After all and giving nothing away, we have a mention of Andy still playing football, so this places us way before Jane reveals her intentions of a Andy becoming a full-time Girlyboy, so before Paris and way way before the Sisterhood. 
 Anyway, as I say more detail after the pic
I do hope you like this
Biggest Hugs and a million thanks for your support.

Hello again.
My god I so love that uniform, I have been re designing it for ages, to get it just right as a French maid uniform, very frilly, very girly and delicate, all laceiness and trailing ribbons,afloat on masses
of frothy petticoats. I think it is the perfect style for a very nervous Andy, because it is so utterly feminine and therefore just so completely embarrassing to be put into.
 I really wanted to get the sulky pout right on Andys pretty face, as you have said, expressions play a big part in the story telling, so it had to be right, that teamed with a cute little scowl of disapproval carries it off to a tee.
   This was very much a product of script before image, which is the best way I work and it was all from the tiny description of the boys just "Bowling in" meaning they are so relaxed and welcome at Jane's that they would just walk in. Perfect for a classic moment.
  I also wanted to capture Jane's love for her nephew, we all know she is devoted to him, despite her joy in his embarrassment, so I just dropped the "So proud of him"  line in and I think it fits.


  Coming soon, Return to The 25th Century

Friday, 10 May 2019

All According to Plan. Chapter 3

Hi Everyone
  Here is chapter 3 of Mandy Sally Heart's super story.
I Really like this


All According to Plan.
By Mandy Sweet heart.

***To keep this tale within the ‘Lady Jane & Andy’ worlds
 I have taken a few liberties with the delightful stories
 & exciting artwork created by Sweet Andy Latex.
Thank you.

Chapter Three.
It was only five thirty and Andy was appalled by his aunt waking him up so early on a Saturday morning, the young adult was absolutely baffled by what was happening as he gently rubbed his drowsy eyes and could scarcely interpret Lady Jane informing him in her sparkly let’s go shopping voice. “Come on Andy, you should be up and doing your duties by now.”
Trying to banish the sleep from his mind while seeing Jane beaming down at him hiding under the silky satin covers Andy noticed how impressive his aunt was even this early in the day and graciously filled his waking mind with the way her blond hair perfect shaped that sweet heart shaped face that was, as always, immaculately highlighted with cosmetics to accentuate Janes’ soft seductive features filled with characteristic that could easily control any person caught by her supreme beauty. Janes’ grandeur imparted from her high cheekbones that spoke of erupting sexuality, energetic green eyes that sparkled with sexual desire, the way you could sense her luxurious rich deep ruby red lips teasing you to embrace them but somehow you knew it would only happen if she so desired.
Her full bosom appeared to be needing an escape from the confines of the waist length luxurious polished smooth black leather jacket adorned with clinching red stitching, the jacket buttoned to reveal a deep cleavage which Andy, possible unlike most boys his age, wondered if she was wearing an aflamed silk camisole underneath. As he lowered his eyes and Jane took a small step back Andy could see the black skin tight jodhpurs above her ultra glossy red patent leather riding boots, ‘no, not riding boots’ Andys’ sleepy brain considered, not with those two inch platforms and eight inch  hyperfine heels.
“You’re more than exquisite, auntie.” Andy mumbled as he felt more than a pang of devotion for his friend and confidant.
“What! This?” Jane giggled at his sweet phrase as she lowered herself to remove a stray curl of hair drifting down his forehead simultaneously binding Andy in a shroud of her musky perfume. “Quickly now, remove yourself from there and shower, then meet me in my rooms I’ll help you dress.”
Seeing he was not immediately going move Jane understood she would need to insist. “Hurry now Andrew Watson, I’m exceedingly impatient to see you in your wonderful latex dress, I’ve dreamt of it all night so move.”
Andy instantly knew it was very serious as Jane had only used his full name those very few times he had come close to upsetting her but never with the venom in her crystal clear voice he just heard. Worried at how badly he was distressing her this weekend it took less than ten minutes for her nephew to nervously arrive in her bedchamber.
As Jane examined him she noticed how Andy had tied the shimmering red thigh length satin wrap just the way she had instructed him to cross over the jacket he had worn the day before and wondered if she was awake yet, partially due to it being the wrap Jane had given Andy for his birthday two years ago and seeing it still fit him so beautifully.
“Ready.” If it was  a question he had no time to reply. “Sit down Andy.”
As Andy shuffled towards the dainty chair that sat angled away from the mirrors Jane could see how apprehensive he was behaving and decided that she must be awake. “Andy, until we reached the boutique you were so natural, carefree and confident yesterday, don’t worry I’m not going to hurt my unquestionably favourite nephew.”
Taking the stool next to him Jane began to use hair clips to hold back Andys’ shoulder length hair. “Swing your chair around so you can see yourself in the side mirror.”
Unlike yesterday Jane chatted to Andy, picking up the brushes Jane began. “You have to remember which is used for which powder. This is the one for the foundation, Andy...”
As Jane began to stroke the brush across his skin she continued. “Always use a little powder and light sweeping movements, you only add more if needed.” As Jane worked her magic Andy watched his face with its essentially gender-neutral features miraculous become fully feminine.
“I have always thought of you as such a beautiful boy, that is one of the reasons I wished to spend so much time with you.” Jane uttered as she applied strokes of blusher.
“Close your eyes for me darling.” Andy meekly obeyed and listened to Jane softly telling him how she was coloring his lids in pink before applying a pale blue. Expertly finishing quickly Jane instructed Andy to open his eyes again and placed the extended lashes to highlight his wide eyes. “Like to apply the massacra darling?”
Maybe it had just been that his aunt had been somewhat silent yesterday but Andy had felt nervous while Jane held the wand so close to his eyes and told her that he would try before he bashfully accepted the stick from her. “Just do it slowly, Andy.” It was Jane who now watched Andy so closely as he delicately let the brush darken and seamingly lengthen the lashes, leaving them looking so adorable once they were thicker. “Wonderful, now the lower ones.” Janes’ praise was so honest that Andy felt his heart crest a wave from his small accomplishment as he continued to carefully followed her directives. “Just your lips, as before I’ll shape them first.” Forming his voluptuous lips into that classic bow shape, giving them that extra sexaul appeal his full pouting lips already possessed before Andy filled in the outline with the same tinted pink lip gloss. “You should always have such glossy glowing lips Andy, here is the clear gloss and I would like you to apply three coats.” With a slightly shaky hand Andy brushed his lips until they were alive with gloss and he smiled and his aunt.
“I must have the most beautiful nephew ever, Andy. You look just like the niece I wished I had.” She returned his beaming smile and gestured for him to follow her. “You would still be my absolutely favorite relative of course and forever hold that special place in my heart, darling.” Jane quickly added comprehending what she just said.
Andy was feeling so relaxed while he having such fun with aunt appearing to be in such a contented temperament after the way he had upset her that he did not need to hear the second part whereas seeing the dress hanging on the door of the roomy walk in wardrobe caused an insecure murmuring from Andy. “Do I have to, auntie Jane?”
“I insist, Andy, unless you wish to buy it from me. You know I paid almost nine hundred pounds just for the dress yesterday, plus there is the cost of the extras.” Jane looked at the uneasiness on his face, knowing there was no way he could afford such a lovely dress she purred. “I already have the most beautiful maid to in town and I also demand that you be are an unbelievably well dressed maid, too.”
Picking up the gorgeously rich scintillating lavender latex panties she handed them to him. “Put these on before removing your robe.” Andy did not turn as he fought to squeeze the delicate, tight latex over his narrow hips and adjust his bits. “Careful now, if you damage them I will be very angry.” Andy finally had everything in place and removed his wrap, hardly a bulge could be seen.
“Just the extra shine to go.” Jane chirped.
“As they’re so clenching it’s funny how very comfortable they feel, auntie.” Andy impressively remarked as Jane removed any finger marks causing Andy to emerge fearsomely mortified knowing the protrusion inside the strict glossy latex was growing rapidly from the light slow touches her fingertips were giving him before Jane nonchalantly hissed the cool spray over the already shiny latex securing them both with amazement at seeing it turn into a luxurious, lush glistening liquid finish. “Wow!” They chorused together.
Andy gulped as Jane lifted the dress from the hanger, he knew it was very beautiful and for some strange reason he could not put into words truly felt that he wanted to wear it, Andys’ desire was not just to make his aunt happy after all if he was honest he had enjoyed wearing the ladies suit around London and relished in the memory of their visit to the restaurant.
Enthusiastically accepting the dress Andy gazed at the glistening latex in his hands, Jane was about to harshly tell him, ‘put it on’, but she could see the emotional upheaval he was having and allowed him a few seconds, then Andy looked at his aunt and ask in such dreamily chorus. “Would you help me into my lovely dress, please aunt Jane?”
Jane fluttered her eyes in bemusement and took the four steps to be closer to him, gently taking the soft fine latex dress out of his hands she held the unzipped dress out for him. “Place your hands on my shoulders, darling.”
Andy carefully stepped delicately into the rubber, allowing its coolness to exquisitely grace his skin. Before his second foot reached the floor, his body was so close to Janes’ permitting Andy, once again that morning, to closely savor that delightful pheromone like perfume she always wore, Jane effortlessly lifted the dress up up his slender body enabling Andy to casually slid his arms into sleeve. “You will have to learn to dress yourself after today, Andy.”
Chuckling Andy replied. “OK auntie, it is very kind of you to help me. May I use some of your perfume too?”
“Not today,” Jane replied with a gasp to the unexpected request, “I may consider buying you a more suitable fragrance, for now let me see you fastening your beautiful dress yourself.” Jane stood with her hands on her hips and watched Andy encase his slim body in the delicate glossy latex and thought she heard him purr with unconditional exhilaration as it hugged him so tightly.
First Jane fluffed his skirting, allowing it to stand out proudly and to permit a savoury glimpse of the darker panties whenever he was bent over, as she walked slowly around him she could see ripples left in the restrictive latex and went around him again slowly removing any blemishes, this time she was sure of the deep delightful purr flowing from his glossy lips in a retiring gasp as Jane lowered the sleeves to show the tops of his shoulders making her so ecstatic at how feminine a boy she had created.
With the dress snuggling as vigorously close as any second skin could Jane picked up the spray again lined up the outlet.
Attempting to copy her purring Andy sighed. “The dress, it’s getting very warm, aunt Jane.”
“I’m sure you are and while you’re working for me it may become  very sticky but as my very fortunate maid you will just have to endure it, Andy.”
Jane began to mist his body and as before the slick shining latex turned into a smooth liquified surface moving as if in a breeze from his shallow breathing. At last Jane had finished her layered luster, turning the dress into a pearlised milky lilac latex covering her nephew as she trembled with gratification at how lovely his appearance was while he stood so apologetically before her.
Attaching the white, lacy apron around his slim waist, Jane mentioned. “I should have purchased a latex pinny too, I’m not sure about this satin one now.” Jane took  her time so she could recount those times Andy was child, remembering how he was so eager to accommodate her wishes to dress him as her niece whenever he stayed over for a weekend, finally Jane slowly finished off the full bow with long tails to occasionally titillate his thighs.
Not that it mattered as Jane had asked for six aprons, nonetheless Andy joshed. “I will just have to be very careful, auntie Jane.”  Jane smiled mirthfully as she fixed his alice in wonderland headband, topped off with a lavender latex bow that would perfectly match his spiked heels.
Completing her final inspection, which was essentially to admire the liquid like latex intimately adorning his svelte body, Jane ecstatically grinned at Andy. “Slip your heels on and you will look as appetising as delicious dark chocolate, darling.” Andy responded to her request, effortlessly edging his feet into his Louboutines whist hearing Jane coo. “Would you like to see yourself before I allow you to have some breakfast?” Nodding Andy followed Janes’ indicated finger with slow tiny steps towards her triple full length mirrors in the next room.
As they both appreciated the view before them Jane uttered. “I will order those lavender latex aprons the girl shown me.” Andy took no notice, he was genuinely stunned at how subconsciously he idly copied Jane stance of slipping one of his long slim legs behind the other. ‘Just as I instinctively found myself walking yesterday’, he remembered.

To Be Continued.....

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

New from Westward Bound

 Hi Everyone
   Have been checking the new designs over at Westward Bound, for me one of the best fetish fashion houses, because not only do the create some super wild designs, they also have an eye for what could pass for everyday styles.
 Below are a few of these new styles, all of which have an air of the conservative about them.I mean the Jacquetta Jacket and skirt below would suit any office environment or indeed a senior school teaching assistant...yes?....no?...please yourselves, Ok what about School secretary, actually Ms Lindhome would have looked fine in that. Quick a glass of water over here. Phew!!!!
for more details and other designs

Jacquetta Jacket and matching skirt

Honey Dress

Roxanne Shirt and matching skirt

Yummy Dress (yummy Mummy yes)

Emmaline Catsuit

Friday, 3 May 2019

New Art. No Escape

Hi Everyone
       Time for some new art. Now as it seems some of you like to take a long scroll down to reveal the image slowly, which is well cool and so I will keep my more spoiler like comments for below.
       I created another version of this which got all the way to completion, but I could not find the voice to create a story and so that image got spill up and some of it's parts became other pieces, the most notable of which transformed into First Love, featuring Andy in those high impact pink PVC pants alongside his beloved William.
       This little story, though is before this and set during Andys American BOY? promotion tour, certain Californian styling influences are still in place.
        Anyway to say more would be denying the image time to reveal itself. So here is and there is, No Escape.

Hello again
     Hope you liked that, which is what Aunt Jane might be saying to Andy once they get out of that lift, though maybe not as it seems once again, no matter what happens, it is all about Jane. "Don't embarrass me" she says, like this is Andys fault. I mean it was she who did not take the remote to his little hummingbird with her.
     Poor thing, he is doing his best to stifle his moans, but two hours minimum before the lift can be fixed! my goodness I can't imagine Andys sleek sexy persona will survive such constant stimulation and by the time that lift door opens he will be a very sweaty slick little sissy.
      Mind you I get the feeling the other occupants, though at first thrilled to be so close to the show, will after a while become rather embarrassed themselves as they struggle to make small talk and try not to stare. However even if they did manage to avoid gazing at Andy, one thing they could not avoid would be the aroma of hot Latex filling the confined space, for as we know, Andys body really heats up as the stimulation grows and as it does, that Latex dress, though thin to the point of transparency is going to get very hot and very very wet indeed.
      But would we have it any other way?