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Friday, 31 July 2015

Superb Fiction. By Throne

Hi Everyone
  Here is a little something for the weekend from a friend of mine who writes under the name of Throne. He has many superb pieces  over at Fictionmania
however this piece, re published here with full permission, is a wonderful tale inspired by my latest piece of art. Throne really gets the feel of my sissy Latex world and places his character  Alex in the hands of the same sexy and powerful ladies..
  Hope you enjoy it and please pop over and see his other work.
 Thank you to Throne, this is the wonderful. "A Walk In The Park".


Alex couldn't believe he had been caught.  His Aunt Tabitha had put him into a lovely, pale red, latex maid's outfit. A tiny cap was perched atop the wig he wore, which was cut in bangs above his eyes.  He was used to all that, but this one featured several tiny padlocks that made it impossible for him to take off.  The slim, fine-featured young man had gone into a bit of an internal panic.  He managed not to let it show but his mind focused entirely on getting those locks undone.  He had taken a pin and, reaching around behind his neck, tried to jimmy the lock that kept his collar closed.  It was a futile effort yet he couldn't stop himself.  Being trapped in that glossy latex top and short skirt gave him a feeling of claustrophobia.  He was still fiddling with the uncooperative mechanism when his Aunt entered the room, as silent as a silver cat, and discovered what he was attempting.  He was startled.  His face, prettily made up, was a mask of shocked surprise. 

Cool and aristocratic as ever, she had nevertheless made it plain by the tightness in her voice that she was angry with him.  In a level tone she told him that this was totally unacceptable and that something would have to be done about it.  He stood there with his slender thighs, encased in smooth latex stockings, pressed together.  She snapped open her cell phone and hit a preset number.

Tabitha said, "Hello, Sybil.  I'm going out for a little stroll through the park and thought you'd like to come along.  Maybe do some shopping on The Strip.  Perhaps get lunch, or at least tea.  I could pick you up in about twenty minutes.  Yes? Perfect."

The feminized youth in the maid's outfit mentally relaxed.  She was leaving and would presumably deal with him later, after her temper had cooled down.  What a relief.  He felt the muscles in his back unknot and his narrow shoulders drop fractionally.  All was well until his aunt said one more thing into her phone.

"My nephew Alex will be accompanying us if you don't mind.  He won't need time to change because he's wearing the prettiest maid attire.  He seemed to want to get out of it but I'm sure, once he sees how people admire the way it shows him off, he will want to stay in it, maybe even for the next few days."

Alex was stunned.  Oh no!  She couldn't mean it.  But as she closed the phone with a slow and deliberate motion she locked eyes with him, even allowing herself a slight smirk of triumph.  When he didn't oppose her, she took time to check her hair and change the necklace she was wearing for a string of small pearls.  Tabitha gestured for him to follow her as she breezed through the large house, went out a side door, and reached her car.  She opened the back door and nodded for him to enter.  He beseeched her with his eyes but, after what he had done, there was no mercy for him.  He slid onto the seat, feeling how the soft rubber he wore clung to him all over.  Alex's thin fingers went to the lock that held his skirt closed at the waist and clutched it nervously.  His aunt shut his door, got into the front, and started the car. 

In less time than she had predicted she reached her friend's home.  She hit the buzzer at the gate and Sybil's pleasant voice came from a speaker set in a stone post, saying she would be waiting inside.  The gate swung open and Tabitha drove the short distance to a wide circular drive that brought her to the front door.  She stopped and spoke to Alex without glancing back at him.

"Alexis, dear.  Please go and ring for Sybil."

He hesitated, feeling like this was his last chance to try to reason with her.  But what could he say after having been so disobedient?  He sighed and let himself out.  To his dismay a gardener was working nearby.  He was young and muscular, the latter fact emphasized by him having taken off his shirt.  He eyed Alex appreciatively.  And why wouldn't he?  It appeared that he was looking at a comely young woman in revealing clothing made of some clinging shiny material.  As Alex climbed the five steps, moving carefully on his high heels, he felt his cheeks grow warm.  He rang the bell, hoping Sybil would answer immediately and get right into the car.  But the door was opened by a middle aged man in a neat jacket and slacks who was obviously a butler.  Alex cringed inwardly as he said that Miss Tabitha was here to pick up Miss Sybil, not sure if that form of identifying them was acceptable.  This was all so awkward.  The man nonchalantly looked him up and down, paused, and then turned to peer deeper into the house.

"Madam," he said formally.  "You're ride is here."

Sybil strode up to stand alongside the butler.  She was dressed elegantly yet projected casualness.  Plainly she was amused by Alex's discomfort.  In no hurry she stepped outside and turned her head this way and that, as if she might stand there all day enjoying the pleasant weather.  Alex noticed the gardener, his bronzed skin now sheened with sweat, once more observing him, this time with a hint of a smile on his tanned face.  With both hands Alex tried to tug down the hem of his brief skirt, though it was impossible to lower it.  Sybil went down the steps slowly, with him trailing behind.  He opened the passenger side front door for her, hoping to speed up their departure.  She leaned down and said something to Tabitha that provoked a merry laugh.  Finally their guest got into the car and Alex closed the door.  He looked back and saw the gardener wiping his perspiring brow with a large red handkerchief, which he then tied around his neck.  Alex was warm inside his tight-fitting garments yet felt strangely chilled by that male gaze.  At last he regained control and got into the back seat.

All too soon they arrived at the park, which was small and well maintained.  On the far side he saw The Strip, a long street lined with shops and eateries.  As they all got out of the car he wished that, if he had to be dressed in latex, at least it could be slacks and a top, rather than the colorful maid's outfit, which was guaranteed to draw stares.  He exited the car reluctantly.  His aunt and her friend strolled along one of the park's walkways, with him bringing up the rear.  On a parallel path several joggers whisked by.  The women gave him critical looks, thinking he was a girl showing off her trim figure.  Guys flashed agreeable expressions, smiling and even throwing him brief waves.  He felt so exposed that he wished he could scurry into the nearest clump of bushes and hide until it was time to depart.  But no such option was available to him.  As they moved nearer to The Strip he was upset to see how many shoppers were on the sidewalks.

They crossed the street and immediately Tabitha's interest was caught by a boutique called Fashionable But Funky.  The items in the window were all well designed and made, but each one had something extra that individualized it.  There was a jacket with several small trinkets sewn to its wide collar.  And a pair of slacks with two rows of eyelets down the side, through which a long leather strip had been laced.  But what really drew Tabitha's interest was a pillbox hat with a short veil in the front.  It was pale blue and had been given added pizzazz by the addition of half a dozen faux gemstones -- intentionally artificial looking ones -- set around its outside.  She commented to Sybil that it might be a fun piece to wear as a novelty to some very informal occasion.  Her friend agreed and then both of them stood there considering it.

Everyone who passed couldn't help seeing Alex, some of them with raised eyebrows, others with disapproval, but many with sly grins and nods of empathy.  He wondered if they knew he was really a guy.  At least if they thought he was female, not a difficult mistake to make, he would be spared the deepest shame he might have to feel.  Inside his soft rubber clothing he felt as if he was slowly being compressed, all the maleness being squeezed out of him.  He fidgeted and tugged at what he was wearing until Tabitha, in a stage whisper, told him to be still.

They entered the shop.  Alex was glad to be off the street, at least until he saw that there were numerous female shoppers in the crowded space.  They watched him appraisingly.  From the dressing room a figure emerged.  It was a short and enviably thin girl with chestnut hair that fell to her shoulders and was cut straight over her eyebrows.   She had on tight, rainbow-striped slacks and a faux-fur vest with nothing under it.  Two women were with her and one of them said something about these items being perfect for a 'retro' party they would be attending.  The other woman moved closer, took the front of the vest between finger and thumb, and pulled it away from a milky white and narrow chest.  Alex was stunned to see that there were no breasts underneath, not even a suggestion of any.  The 'girl' was in reality another young man like himself, made to dress in feminine garb.  As the two women discussed their choices their charge could only stand there and blush prettily.  He was obviously as uncomfortable as Alex about having to go out in public that way. 

Tabitha asked a salesgirl if she might see the hat in the window.  The girl brought it to her and Alex's aunt positioned it atop her head.  It looked like something she might pick, though the fake jewels were somewhat loud for her usual tastes.  Still, as she had observed, it would be perfect for certain occasions.  One of the women with the lad in the vest used the name Marcy when speaking to him.  Sybil stepped over to them and put her finger to her chin while looking at the trio.  The woman asked her what she thought of Marcy's fashions. 

"I think it's darling," Sybil complimented.  "If you get those things for your Marcy you should have her wear them home.  It makes such an interesting statement, telling everyone that she dares to be flamboyant and wants to be the center of attention."

"Isn't that a wonderful idea, Marcy?" the woman asked the one modeling the retro gear.

"I... I guess so.  But I'd really rather not wear it... out there."

Alex could sympathize.  He wished he could console the other one who was in the same situation as himself.  But by then Tabitha had decided to buy the hat and was already presenting her charge card.  Soon it had been paid for and put into a hat box, which was then placed in a handled shopping bag that was bright pink and had the store's name on it in swirling letters.  She handed the bag to Alex, who accepted it only because he had to.  His eyes went to Marcy's and they shared a silent moment of mutual sympathy before Tabitha and Sybil left, with Alex hurrying along behind them.  Back on the street he once more felt like he was on display, especially with the brightly hued bag swinging at his side.  There were leers and smirks and sneers.  The women ducked into several more shops to admire handmade jewelry, art prints, and woven goods.  From that last selection of merchandise Sybil selected a patterned throw pillow.  It was put into another shopping bag -- nearly as gaudy as the other -- and handed to Alex.  With a bag in each hand he continued on. 

Shortly afterwards, as they were approaching the end of The Strip, Tabitha decided they should stop for a bite to eat.  Instead of going indoors, the women sat at a sidewalk cafĂ©.  Before Alex could take a seat his aunt decided out loud that he would be more comfortable standing.  He wanted to disagree but was more interested in avoiding raised voices or anything that would make him even more conspicuous (if that was possible).  The women ordered light salads and white wine.  For Alex, Tabitha decided on a glass of seltzer with a slice of lemon.  He had to stand there with the bags on the seat he should have been occupying, delicately sipping as more people gawked at him.  From across the street he saw someone using their phone to take his picture.  No, no, no.

After what seemed like an hour the women were done eating.  They lingered, chatting about mutual friends who might want to come with them next time they were here.  Alex shifted his feet restlessly, again noticing how the latex seemed to be shrinking, and how warm he was inside it.  He sighed quietly and nibbled his lips.  Couldn't they PLEASE leave now?  They crossed over and began to examine the shops on the other side of the street.  Luckily for him they didn't seem to be finding anything of special interest.  Then, just as they were almost back to their starting point at the edge of the park, Tabitha came to a complete halt and was suddenly wearing a devilish smile on her usually placid features.

"My my," she said smoothly, "this wasn't here last time."

Sybil took a breath and added, "But I'm glad it is now."

Alex was unsettled to see that the new business was a... um... sex paraphernalia shop.  The window was somewhat discrete, being mostly limited to displaying lingerie, scented oils, eye masks with feathers on them, and other relatively innocent stuff.  But a pair of handcuffs here and a collar with leash attached over there suggested that much more awaited inside.  Alex shuddered as he followed the other two through the door and saw his worst fears realized.  There was leather bondage gear, gags, blindfolds, and small locking tubes whose purpose he couldn't guess.  Over in the corner there were racks of latex wear, to which his aunt was immediately drawn.  Behind them was some sort of transparent plastic item, tinted pink, that looked like a blow-up mattress, except that there was a space between two layers in which a mannequin stood.  He didn't want to even think about what it would be like to experience that. 

His aunt spoke to one of the clerks, a young woman in a tight corset, stockings, heels and little else.  Occasionally Tabitha would point toward Alex.  A sale was rung up, something was slipped into a plain brown bag, and then Alex's aunt spoke to her again.

"This is for my nephew Alex, who we were talking about.  Do you have a dressing room I could borrow for a minute to put it on him.  If 'on' is the correct word."

The clerk chuckled and indicated a spot in the back of the store.  Tabitha snapped her fingers at Alex.  Sybil took the shopping bags from him and he followed his aunt mutely.  The two of them entered a dressing room and Tabitha pulled shut the curtain.  He was disturbed that Tabitha had identified him as male to the clerk.  She made her nephew raise his skirt and lower the latex panties beneath it.  He was unhappily aware of how flimsy the barrier between him and the shoppers was.  She showed him what she had purchased and he gasped.  Then she took a tube full of something that she had also bought and used it on the first item.  There was a plug and, once its end was lubricated, she expected Alex to insert it into himself.  He whimpered softly but she was unrelenting.  He reached around behind his hips and performed the mortifying act with difficulty.  When it was in she had him raise his panties and smooth down his skirt.  He was blinking to keep himself from shedding tears.  As they left the dressing room he walked with special care.  It felt to him as if everyone was aware of his newest humiliation.  The clerk came up to them and asked if everything was all right.

"Perfect," Tabitha assured her.  Then she lied, "My nephew just adores using one of those."

"Is he into bondage as well?"

"He could be."

"Because we do some private shows, fashions first and then bondage wear after.  I think she... I mean he... would be perfect."  She held out a business card.  "If you're interested."

Tabitha accepted the proffered card and said, "Well, let's see how he behaves for the next few days.  And then I'll get back to you, no matter what I decide."

They left the shop and started across the park.  There was a play area with a sliding board and jungle gym.  Also a teeter totter, where a young man with a shadow of stubble on his strong jaw was standing and finishing a cup of coffee.  Tabitha went straight up to him, much to Alex's dismay.

She said, "Our little Alexis loves the see-saw but doesn't have anyone to ride with.  Would you mind being on the other end?"

He ate up Alex with his eyes and said, "Not at all.  I'm happy to help such a pretty girl."  When he straddled one end of the ride and lowered the other, Tabitha signaled for Alex to take up his place opposite the stranger.  Her nephew did as he was told.  The guy brought up that end of the see-saw until lit was directly under Alex's bottom.  The nephew started to sit and, as soon as his latex panties made contact, realized what effect this was going to have on the sex toy that was mostly inside him, with a short length protruding.  He moaned quietly in anticipation and set his weight down on the seat.  With the guy taking the lead, the teeter totter began to go up and down.  Each time Alex reached the top or hit bottom, he felt a sharp jab from behind.  Across from him the other rider was oblivious to his lack of comfort, instead concentrating on what he saw as a desirable young thing who wanted to be on this recreational device that usually attracted children.  Well, so be it, the guy must have decided, caring only that he could keep drinking in her beauty.

Alex was utterly shamed to be ogled like that, at the same time suffering physical abuse from the bung planted deep inside him.  He sniffled and tried to endure, though Tabitha let his discomfort go on and on and on.  At last she thanked the rider on the other end.  He lowered Alex all the way down and swung his long leg over the see-saw's end.  Then he went to 'Alexis' and offered his hand, which Alex took weakly to allow himself to helped to his feet.  His legs trembled as he crossed the park, taking small steps and short sharp breaths, hoping that no one could guess the reason for his uneasiness.  At last they reached the car, where he found that even sitting on a yielding seat was no longer comfortable.  Tabitha detoured around the city, making the drive seem interminable.  She eventually dropped off Sybil and then returned home.

Once they got there and were inside, Tabitha sat and relaxed.  Alex stood and suffered.  His aunt browsed through a catalog and left him where he was, presumably to consider his earlier act of rebellion and how much it had cost him.  After a while she looked up at the distressed young man.

"Have you learned anything?" she wanted to know.

Speaking barely above a whisper he told her, "Yes, Ma'am.  I'm very sorry that I tried to get out of my uniform.  I hope you'll forgive me."

"Well, you'll have to earn forgiveness.  And if you convince me that you are properly contrite, that will be the end of it.  Otherwise, I think that the modeling job that shop girl mentioned could be the perfect cure for you.  Especially because it would be once a week, which would provide you with helpful reminders to maintain the right attitude.  Don't you agree?"

Not willing to risk any other words, he just said, "Yes, Aunt Tabitha.  Thank you so much."

"You're welcome, dear.  And how is your 'little friend' working out for you?  Not slipping out, is it?"

"Not at all," he said, trying not to feel as displeased by that as he was.  "It's very well... in place."

"They're designed to stay where they're put.  And is it filling you nicely?"

Shameful though it was to speak about the matter, he answered, "Yes, Ma'am.  It's... quite large enough."

She dismissed him to go and do his usual chores.  They both knew that everything would be more difficult than usual with his 'little friend' in place.  He certainly wouldn't forget it was there.  And he had a worrisome foreboding that she would determine that he had NOT redeemed himself and that he would soon need to see the inside of that sex shop again, though not as a customer. 


(Please check the note at the end of my earlier story, LOVELY IN LATEX, to learn more about my inspiration.  THANKS.)

Monday, 27 July 2015

New Art. "A Sissy In Distress"

Hi Everyone
    I really must say thank you for the wonderful response to my last piece, I was overwhelmed by the comments both here and via my email. I am always so delighted when my art makes a connection with other fun, like minded people. Thank you XXXX.
   Here is my latest piece of art and poor Andy is back in Uniform and paying the price for a secret bid to escape the locks which his Aunt Jane uses to keep him obediently attired whenever she goes out to lunch with her friends and leaves him home to continue his duties.
  This is "Sissy In Distress". Hope you like it

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Kylie Minogue in Red Hot Latex

Hi everyone
  Still coming across some super videos of Kylie in her Latex dresses from last year. This one is a real gem. Filmed in HD from the crowd it really shows the shine and texture of Latex. It is a dress once more by William Wilde and is superbly stylish and sexy. At the end we can hear someone say, "Just one song?".  Well yest only one but I imagine Miss Minogue needed to get out of that dress before is got too hot and sweaty inside........to late.
  Back soon with more art and stuff, but I hope you enjoy this musical break in the meantime.
   Love and best wishes to all

I am not the greatest lover of Blue Latex, but this might just persuade me other wise.

here is the super clear HiDef version

Thursday, 16 July 2015

New Art. "Kitty Kat"

Hi Everyone
   Well that was fun. Total online meltdown.Email, blogger, twitter could not get on anywhere on any device, weird. But it looks like we are up and running again now so, lets get on with some new art.
  Wanted to create something different, but which still put our poor hero in that all too familiarly embarrassing position of having his feminisation exposed to a dumb struck onlooker. I imagined poor Andy would be a totally obedient pet, controlled by that tiny device cleverly hidden with his tail and that in the evenings he would curl up beside his Aunt, his head on her lap as she gently stroked his hair and whispered of all the things she was going to do with her beautiful nephew.
 The Kitty catsuit was inspired by both my friend Amber and by one worn by singer Katy Perry. Naturally however a sissy Kitty would have to be a pretty pink and baby blue and although you never hear how Andy was squeezed into such a tight suit, I imagined it was heat shrunk onto him, to create that puurrrfect skintight fit.
  Hope you like this slight departure and Thank you for still being there. (I Hope)
  Best wishes

Monday, 6 July 2015

Emma Watson. The SmoothSlicknShiny Interview

Emma Watson
The Latexium Interviews

The world has followed her from budding 7 year old wizard, through her teens as she blossomed into one of the worlds most recognisable and as far as we here a Smoothslicknshiny are concerned, most beautiful women in the world. But in the past few years Actress Emma Watson, has been in the public eye for a very different and bizarre reason. A curse spoken in jest by a colleague has condemned the young Brit to the fate of having some or all of many outfits she wears transforming into polished smooth and slick Latex rubber. It is a phenomena we here at Smooth Slick
N  Shiny have followed closely and now for the first time we are delighted and proud to welcome  the gorgeous Actress, Model, Style Icon and activist Emma Watson to our offices to finally lay to rest some of the mystery and rumours surrounding this very pubic embarrassment.

Amanda Keira….Hello Emma
Emma Watson……..Gosh what a welcome, thank you thank you so much, that is very kind, Wow and thank you for having me here. What a wild place.
A.K……It is a little full on round here I grant you, I hope everyone has been behaving themselves.
E.W…… Everyone has been very kind thank you. I took a quick tour and now I have my Tea and biscuit I am ready to go
A.K …. So Lets start with a straight question. As you probably are aware, we here at S.S.n.S think you never look short of amazing in Latex . But, Emma Watson, How is it for you?
E.W……(Breaking into a wide and embarrassed smile) Well in a word, Hot. Hot and very sticky and really whenever I see photos of myself in one of these Latex outfits, I can’t help but cringe. I mean it’s completely embarrassing. I just look wrong. Some people can look amazing in it. My friend and your name sake Keira Knightley did a campaign for Chanel a few years back, which featured some Latex outfits
and she looked amazing and I always think Kelly Brook looks great and recently Kylie Minogue did a tour with Latex costumes and she looked fabulous, but when I see myself…. I just look….funny. Even this outfit. It may, by the curses standard, be quite conservative but….but it is just feels so wrong. I mean this morning it was a black silk blouse and simple Blue Denim Jeans, now though it is still black over blue, it is wrong.
A.K…So the curse simply turned the outfit you put on this morning into Latex.
E.W….It Added a few ruffles here and there and pretty much shrunk the Jeans by a size, but yes more or less a straight swap.
A.K….. Might I take this opportunity to bring up a question from one of our readers. Sorry for being quick in here but, what effect does the curse have regarding Underwear.
E.W….. Oh my gosh, um. Well it is always affected. Sometimes changed and sometimes……. Lets say de-constructed.
A.K….You mean it …..
E.W……Erases it yes and regarding this outfit for example? I was wearing underwear this morning. However I think, by the rather sticky feel of it…., I am not wearing underwear anymore.
A.K…. I am sure there is a follow up question to that but right now it has slipped my mind.
E.W…... (With a wide brilliant smile) Next Question.
A.K…… You see I was going to be all cool and snappy and ask such deep questions.
E.W…. Please just ask.
A.K…… You have worn Latex to some pretty high profile events. Some people would say  there must be some willingness on your part to comply with the curse or else Why does she  not just change her outfit.
E.W…. Well I can assure you the only compliance I give to the curse is a grudging one. I would rather it created “wearable” outfits than risk its developing a more extreme choice of fetish style. But as for the point about removing it, I could and did for a few weeks just strip the Latex and put on another outfit, however  this would also become affected and usually in less conservative fashion. It also raised the risk of the event taking place whilst in a public place, a photocall, press conference, red carpet and I would again rather the curse did its thing in private, so if there ever was an outfit too outrageous to wear, I could just hide away.
A.K…. So you don’t bother removing a Latex outfit now, You just accept it.
E.W…… Oh no, not accept at all, but the simple reason is I can’t. For example, this outfit, believe me if I could I would at least open a few button, but you see where when I put my blouse and Jeans on everything was normal, the moment the curse took over the buttons all became fake, as did the belt and the Pants Zipper. I can’t remove it. It has sealed me inside and that is what happens with very much all the outfits now, it fashions some form of clasp or closing which can not be opened until it deems fit and that is why at times I may appear to some, a willing fetishist.
A.K…… But you are not affected at every moment. Again a readers question. What about at home, away from the spotlight.
E.W…. Very much the same, I am always wearing some form of Latex, be it outerwear or underwear. As you have reported before I can appease the curse by wearing self bought Latex, such as Panties, but that is not always a guarantee of protection. The only real way to halt the curse is by wearing Leather, so my Leather collection is quite large.
A.K...... What a thought.........but what about at night
E.W..... Again the curse will transform anything I wear.
A.K..... If I may. There was a myth about your bed linen being transformed. True or false?
E.W...... True in fact. Actually it was quite scary .Um...I had gone to bed, kind of naked, hoping nothing would happen and awoke with the sheets and pillows tightening down about me, until I could not really move much. 
A.K..... Like mummifying
E.W......Not really. It turned out the top sheet and the bottom one had melted into one, so I was in this kind of weird Latex envelope with my arms trapped inside and just my head poking out resting on a Latex pillow. After that I just let the curse do its thing. I can put up with a Latex nightdress better than a full Latex bed.

To Be continued

Friday, 3 July 2015

Cute captions

Hi everyone
  Just to show I have not vanished, here are a few little captioned pics I had created for you. Hope you like them.

I am currently experiencing some software issues again with my art program and Email, but hope to get it sorted over the weekend. Take care everyone
Hugs and Kisses