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Monday, 6 July 2015

Emma Watson. The SmoothSlicknShiny Interview

Emma Watson
The Latexium Interviews

The world has followed her from budding 7 year old wizard, through her teens as she blossomed into one of the worlds most recognisable and as far as we here a Smoothslicknshiny are concerned, most beautiful women in the world. But in the past few years Actress Emma Watson, has been in the public eye for a very different and bizarre reason. A curse spoken in jest by a colleague has condemned the young Brit to the fate of having some or all of many outfits she wears transforming into polished smooth and slick Latex rubber. It is a phenomena we here at Smooth Slick
N  Shiny have followed closely and now for the first time we are delighted and proud to welcome  the gorgeous Actress, Model, Style Icon and activist Emma Watson to our offices to finally lay to rest some of the mystery and rumours surrounding this very pubic embarrassment.

Amanda Keira….Hello Emma
Emma Watson……..Gosh what a welcome, thank you thank you so much, that is very kind, Wow and thank you for having me here. What a wild place.
A.K……It is a little full on round here I grant you, I hope everyone has been behaving themselves.
E.W…… Everyone has been very kind thank you. I took a quick tour and now I have my Tea and biscuit I am ready to go
A.K …. So Lets start with a straight question. As you probably are aware, we here at S.S.n.S think you never look short of amazing in Latex . But, Emma Watson, How is it for you?
E.W……(Breaking into a wide and embarrassed smile) Well in a word, Hot. Hot and very sticky and really whenever I see photos of myself in one of these Latex outfits, I can’t help but cringe. I mean it’s completely embarrassing. I just look wrong. Some people can look amazing in it. My friend and your name sake Keira Knightley did a campaign for Chanel a few years back, which featured some Latex outfits
and she looked amazing and I always think Kelly Brook looks great and recently Kylie Minogue did a tour with Latex costumes and she looked fabulous, but when I see myself…. I just look….funny. Even this outfit. It may, by the curses standard, be quite conservative but….but it is just feels so wrong. I mean this morning it was a black silk blouse and simple Blue Denim Jeans, now though it is still black over blue, it is wrong.
A.K…So the curse simply turned the outfit you put on this morning into Latex.
E.W….It Added a few ruffles here and there and pretty much shrunk the Jeans by a size, but yes more or less a straight swap.
A.K….. Might I take this opportunity to bring up a question from one of our readers. Sorry for being quick in here but, what effect does the curse have regarding Underwear.
E.W….. Oh my gosh, um. Well it is always affected. Sometimes changed and sometimes……. Lets say de-constructed.
A.K….You mean it …..
E.W……Erases it yes and regarding this outfit for example? I was wearing underwear this morning. However I think, by the rather sticky feel of it…., I am not wearing underwear anymore.
A.K…. I am sure there is a follow up question to that but right now it has slipped my mind.
E.W…... (With a wide brilliant smile) Next Question.
A.K…… You see I was going to be all cool and snappy and ask such deep questions.
E.W…. Please just ask.
A.K…… You have worn Latex to some pretty high profile events. Some people would say  there must be some willingness on your part to comply with the curse or else Why does she  not just change her outfit.
E.W…. Well I can assure you the only compliance I give to the curse is a grudging one. I would rather it created “wearable” outfits than risk its developing a more extreme choice of fetish style. But as for the point about removing it, I could and did for a few weeks just strip the Latex and put on another outfit, however  this would also become affected and usually in less conservative fashion. It also raised the risk of the event taking place whilst in a public place, a photocall, press conference, red carpet and I would again rather the curse did its thing in private, so if there ever was an outfit too outrageous to wear, I could just hide away.
A.K…. So you don’t bother removing a Latex outfit now, You just accept it.
E.W…… Oh no, not accept at all, but the simple reason is I can’t. For example, this outfit, believe me if I could I would at least open a few button, but you see where when I put my blouse and Jeans on everything was normal, the moment the curse took over the buttons all became fake, as did the belt and the Pants Zipper. I can’t remove it. It has sealed me inside and that is what happens with very much all the outfits now, it fashions some form of clasp or closing which can not be opened until it deems fit and that is why at times I may appear to some, a willing fetishist.
A.K…… But you are not affected at every moment. Again a readers question. What about at home, away from the spotlight.
E.W…. Very much the same, I am always wearing some form of Latex, be it outerwear or underwear. As you have reported before I can appease the curse by wearing self bought Latex, such as Panties, but that is not always a guarantee of protection. The only real way to halt the curse is by wearing Leather, so my Leather collection is quite large.
A.K...... What a thought.........but what about at night
E.W..... Again the curse will transform anything I wear.
A.K..... If I may. There was a myth about your bed linen being transformed. True or false?
E.W...... True in fact. Actually it was quite scary .Um...I had gone to bed, kind of naked, hoping nothing would happen and awoke with the sheets and pillows tightening down about me, until I could not really move much. 
A.K..... Like mummifying
E.W......Not really. It turned out the top sheet and the bottom one had melted into one, so I was in this kind of weird Latex envelope with my arms trapped inside and just my head poking out resting on a Latex pillow. After that I just let the curse do its thing. I can put up with a Latex nightdress better than a full Latex bed.

To Be continued


  1. Where do I start?! The dazzling Ms. Watson being consigned to no underwear under tight latex; the titbit of information that she actually chooses to wear latex panties at times; or the sheer notion of Ms Watson lying there in a latex nightdress.
    One thing I do not agree with Ms. Watson on is she most definately does not look 'funny' in latex; that second picture of her is simply stunning.
    Superb interview, revealing more than I expected and well worth the wait! I applaud you.
    Mr L.

    1. Hi Mr L
      Thank you so much for your super comment, I shall pass it on the Amanda K and all the staff of Smoothslicknshiny. It was clear Emma was rather uncomfortablely sweaty in that outfit, especially as it was one of the hottest days of the summer to date, but she really took it in her stride and was more than happy to talk about the curse and its affects on her.
      Much more to come.
      Thanks again

  2. Oh what can I say but wow it was truly a interesting first part of an interview ps yall are such a tease splitting up the interview


    1. Teasing is half the fun T.J.and don't worry there is much more to come.

  3. Very nice inverview. Ms. Keira has done another coup with her work. A relaxed and inciteful work of art. She is as talented in her chosen field as you are in yours. It must be quite an adventure when you both get together.
    Nice to know Ms. Watson has accepted her curse (?) and figured a way arount it at times.
    Several beautiful photos.
    Looking forward to more works from your intrepid girl about town.

    I hope all is well with you.
    A gentle breeze off the Channel?


    1. Hi Lee and thank you so much, I shall pass on all comments and best wishes when Amanda K and I meet once more in Lyon.
      From what I gather Emma has not really accepted her fate yet and is very much on the other side of our fetish fence, However more is revealed in the rest of the interview which will be posted some.
      All is very well here Less thank you and I hope the same for you. Yes the cool breeze of the sea is quite welcome and I am guessing from your hopes of a new Ski season the mountain air is fresh with you.
      Take care

  4. Oh - my -gosh! Have been aways for vacation, and upon returning I find the first part of the long awaited interview posted... including the questions I submitted! Well, my only problem is, Andy: I'd be running out of superlatives to praise your work in about... 10 seconds if I started complimenting you on your stunning work (again!). So I won't even try - as Ms Amandy Kiera I'm simply out of breath with the amazing revelations we get here out of Ms Watson. I can only thank you again and again and again for your patience... and your efforts... all all your time you put in to create this amazing works! And, last but not least, I'm very glad to hear that Ms Watson has neither taken a liking on latex not has she stopped rejecting the curse. So indeed the is still coerced into compliance - I love the thought that she still feels trapped and humiliated! I she'll continue her hopeless fight for quite some time - and that we will be winessing a lot more humiliating outfits... I can't wait to here more details!
    So, again and again: Thank you, dear Andy, for your work!

  5. Hi Peter, hope you had a super holiday.
    So glad you like the interview, took some arranging, but Amanda K is pretty persuasive. She was armed with your Questions and i hope found the answers you were looking for. The curse is a complex beast and it was hard to ever imagine Emma would be a willing victim. I am currently editing the rest of the interview and sorting through some new photos and hope to have part 2 up very soon.
    thanks again
    Very best wishes
    Andy and Amanda K

  6. So good also the second part. The idea of her in a vacuum bed was so appealing, and well, the curse is so funny and wicked. Maybe is she is not so willing the curse can go on the "dark side" with gags or blindfolds when at home in privat. The possibilities are endless, as your imagination.
    thank you again for the post.

    1. Hello Alessandro
      Thank you for your lovely comment. It is all done in fun and whatever goes on behind closed doors we might never know. That is for Emma and the curse to know. We can only imagine.

    2. Unfortunately (or thanks god to) we can only imagine. I love the idea the curse has a mind, a will. Who will be the winner? emma or the curse? We have only to wait and see.