Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

Thursday, 22 December 2016

New Art. "Betrayed By A Tear"

Hi Everyone
  Here is a new piece of art in time for Christmas, though not really what you would call festive.
    If you recall a few years ago i posted a picture showing our poor Hero/Heroine being entered into the institute by his Aunt Jane and taken down into the service of the Sisterhood of Latexia. Well finally we return to this hot,steamy chambers and find out what fate had put in place for poor Andy.
  I don't really think I need to add much more to  this, as I have no doubt your wonderfully over active imaginations will fill in any  of the naughtier blanks.
  Hope you like this slight departure.
  Merry Christmas
Love from 
Andy and Amanda Keira

Fantastic Foursome from Christeen

Hi Everyone
  A pre Christmas visit to the wonderfully Feminised world of poor Chris and the works of the amazing Christeen.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Emma Watson in Latex. The LateXium Files

Hi Everyone
   In our search for the truth, we sift though many many files, most are deemed fake or just conspiracy, however once and a while we uncover something so stunning, it can not be so easily dismissed.
  One such file came across our desk this week and contained a photograph so unusual it had to be investigated. The image showed British actress Emma Watson moments after the bizarre Garmentia Latexium curse has struck and, as her assistants rush to her aid, clearly shows how upsetting and unwelcome the effects of her outfits transformation into Latex are. Her elegant outfit, swiftly melting into polished and smooth Latex rubber, molding and clinging to her perfect figure. To all intense a modest outfit, but never the less unwillingly revealing in its tightness.
  With no time stamp or date mark on the Photograph we can not precisely date the event, however we have  narrowed it down to 2010, which was at the height of the curses activity.
  Another strange case, another appearance of the curse. What more lays ahead, Only time will tell.

For Smooth.Slick.n.Shiny, I am Amanda Keira Louboutin

Sunday, 11 December 2016

New Art. "The get well gift"

Hi Everyone
   Time for new art and a change for our little hero/Heroine Andy, stepping out of his Maid uniform and duties and into a tight, junior nurses uniform. 
  A sick friend always needs cheering up and Jane could think of no better way than to have her much loved Nephew pay that friend a surprise visit. 
 Jane understood there were  many different uniforms a sexy little nurse might wear, so of cause a shopping trip to find just the right one was called for and after many stops and many embarrassing explanations in to whom the uniform was for "That is correct, my nephew", she knew only one style would do and that Andy would look his very sweetest in a classic and modest British uniform.    However it would have to be that of a junior nurse, which meant it would be pink and of cause it would have to be very shiny and rubbery.
  Hope you agree

Friday, 9 December 2016

A weekend with Christeen

Hi everyone
  Sorry for delays, terrible Internet issues. Anyway here we are, striving never to disappoint, with 4 new Gems from Christeen

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sally Nugent in Star Trek uniform

Hi Everyone
  Something out of the norm today. A few weeks ago, BBC Breakfasts, gorgeous sports presenter Sally Nugent wore an outfit which caused great Twittering on Twitter. It was as if she were wearing a  uniform in tribute to Star Trek. A blue and black dress, detailed with a little golden zipper, which drew one follower to tweet, " never before have I had such a desire to unzip a zipper". One clever soul even saw the opportunity to add the starfleet badge to her chest. However we here as S.S.n.S are never slow to spot a story and so we contacted her and inquired into her outfit.
 SPACE EXPLORERS Latex costume test.
Sally Nugent as Ensign Kristen Wildheart
  The stunning sports presenter, 45,blessed with the best legs on TV explained it was a hint to her future and that she was moving into acting and had just secured a role in the upcoming Star Trek spin-off tv series SPACE EXPLORERS to be made at the start of 2017 and broadcast at the end of the year. She explained her role was pivotal to the entire first series, but as yet did not know in which way. However it was a thrill to  be stepping into a role, with such exposure  and that the   creator of the series had a wonderfully detailed imagination.
   Our further studio inquires gained us the above early press photo of Ms Nugents costume test and that her characters name was Ensign Kristen Wildheart and that the show was being produced by J.RubberMatt productions. 
  Ensign Kristen Wildheart?....Space Explorers? ...J.RubberMatt productions. 
 Perhaps Sallys first venture into TV will give her even more exposure than she imagined.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Emma Watson.The LateXium files re-opened

Hi Everyone
  Hot from Washington,a whistle blower has uncovered further incidents of the Latexium curse and Its effects on  British Style Icon Emma Watson. Suppressed until now this image clearly shows the Harry Potter actress in what our fetish fashion contact describes as a Skin tight Latex Bondage inspired dress, with buckle and strap detailing.
   Though the image is dated at about 2010, during Miss Watson's spell a spokesperson for house of Lancome Paris, the photos have been kept under wraps in a file marked secret. 
  However we here at S.S.n.S as no strangers to busting a story wide open and fearlessly publish it here for the very first time.

Since going to press further files have landed on our desk. 
Please stay tuned to this channel for further updates

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

New Art "An embarrassing moment"

Hi everyone
  Time for new art and this is quite a simple one. All I wanted from it was to get poor Andy back into a sleek and tight uniform as opposed to the frilliness of his other dresses.
  It is just an normal day in Aunt Jane's household, She is relaxing over coffee with one of her friends whilst or poor red faced Hero/Heroine dutifully goes about his everyday chores, washing and cleaning and of cause the laundry. However today, Jane's exquisitely feminised Nephew has other, even more embarrassing things to distract him for his work.
  Need I say more, I am sure you can fill in the rest.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Christeen Foursome

Hi Everyone,
  Need I say anything, No.You'll see for yourselves

Don't worry Chris, kissing is nice.

In what way?

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Keira Knightley in Latex

Hi Everyone
  In a nod to the brilliant Douglas Adams, here is the fouth part in the Keira Knightley Latex trilogy
I still think she is the most beautiful woman, in or out of Latex.

Spotted out in New York in Sleek Latex blouse and Jacket

In torture Garden Latex Jacket
Arriving at Heathrow in an awesome yellow Latex
biker jacket

In stunning green Latex military styled uniform dress at
movie premiere

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Clip of the week, "Time for me to polish you"

Hi Everyone
  Her is one of my favourite clips featuring the awesome Jean Bardot. I love this not just because of her but because it is about something I find really hot and that is being polished in a Latex outfit or even better polishing someone else. When my friend Sheila wears Latex, which is not that often because she isn't really a Latex fetishist like myself or my other friend Gi, I am a real perfectionist when it comes to polishing her, no lets get is straight, I just love doing it, perfection or not, it is just the sexiest thing ever to slide my hands over her and make every curve of her body glisten and shine. Which is why this clip is so perfect. Jean Bardot just takes her time and you can see the disbelief and excitement her young slave feels as she slowly  polishes her to perfection.
  I have the rest of this scene including the dressing, but it was so long and I imagine many of you have seen it before, but I just wanted to share.

Part 1 Jean Bardot and her new slave

Part 2 Head to toe in Latex

Part three, time for me to polish you

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

New art, "The face on the Poster"

Hi Everyone
  Time for some new art and you will notice I am still obsessed with my friends amazing Red Latex Catsuit.
   As ever we find our poor little hero/Heroine struggling to avoid his secret being revealed to all the world and it seems even an innocent walk through his home towns shopping centre (Note the destination on the bus stop) has it's terrors. For dressed and presented as himself, Jane's pretty little Nephew, pet and plaything Andrew, is shocked to come face to face with his own ultra feminine alter ego.
  I'll say no more, but hope this picture will tickle  your imaginative minds.


Sunday, 13 November 2016

Christeen bonaza

Hi Everyone
  Been feeling little guilty about not posting enough of Christeen's amazing art, so here is a special Sunday Christeen bonanza

Yes I love that dress too

Did he Gasp, ever so sweetly?

                                        On a leash and in my tight pants too.Wonderful

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

New Art, "The Mystery Blonde"

Hi Everyone
  Time for new art, this one was not inspired by my last visit to my friends, but by a photo I crcall seeing a few months ago, I come not remember who the lady in question was, but it was at some red carpet event and the lady in question clearly looked rather nervous or embarrassed about her choice of dress. No hang on stop press, i got it, it was of Khloe Kardashian and she was wearing this pink Latex dress and was looking out from behind a door or something and to me she looked rather nervous, not that a Kardashian would know the meaning of that and besides we all know that if you want to be photographed without fail at one of these events, get yourself into something rubbery, but any way, that was where this came from. 
  So I imagined our poor Andy  in a similar situation, Aunt Jane and he at a glamorous event, a premiere or awards ceremony, but despite his best efforts to shy away from the cameras and things, Jane choice of skintight Latex for her sexily feminised nephew was bound to catch the eager eye of the gather press. The question of the Mystery Blonde was about to be answered.

  Hope you like it.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

A very brief story, a very special fantasy

H Everyone
  I was sitting at my keyboard earlier and started writing. This is no connected to anything, but sits in both Andys world and in my own life. 
  Would like to thank my wonderful and sexy Sheila for her permission and for my Skinnie Stallion and sweet Kitty Capricious Amber for inspiration 


  To anyone else, the figure looked as if she had been dipped in honey, so wet did the smooth coating look, so tight and seamless the effect  that nothing else could have created such a sensually perfect second skin. But the coating was only honey in colour, for the figure, tall and slim, with delicate blossoming curves, yet nervous in posture was sealed within something even more sensual, it was a body sealed in Latex.
  Andy took a deep breath, but only a small amount of air reached his lungs, he shook his head. Eyes moist with tears gazing out at her from behind the honey tint of Latex.
“No Andrew, relax”, His Aunt said placing  her hand on  his smooth Latex encased stomach “Relax and take a smaller breath, that way the hood will not become so tight about your pretty face”.
 Andy obeyed and the ultra fine, breath hood, obeyed too, gifting him more precious life giving air.
  Jane too took a breath, calming the flutter of excitement that tingled her mature but still perfect body. She smiled. It would be perfect.
  She had laid her feminised nephew out naked in the stables before, coated in some sticky treat for her beloved Stallion and his pretty filly Amber, to lick and nuzzle. Retuning later to find even the deepest most intimate areas of his young body, cleaned and glistening.
  However today, was different, Today she watched as the pair nuzzled the beautiful rubber sheathed treat which lay before them, Nuzzled and licked, licked deep and strong, turning the feminised boy this way and that, rolling him back and forth, to reveal his buttocks then stomach in their Latex skin, nuzzled his thighs until they finally, but oh so willingly, parted to allow them access to his deepest warmest areas slowly coating him with their lust, a thin spreading sheen of rich saliva coating and sealing him, But within that thin film of latex his new body, crafted and created to feminine perfection remained safe and clean, yet it was this clean, skin which drove the pair to greater desire, for they knew how sweet it tasted and as they nuzzled and licked they could see the sweat building beneath, running in glistening streams beneath the transparent latex, leading them to lick deeper in a desperate attempt to gain a taste of those nectars, so cruelly denied to them today.
  From where she sat Jane watched and in return Andrew watched her back, his eyes never leaving hers as he was loved and consumed by innocent un knowing tongues, his back rising from the warm slick wet hay as the pairs eager tongues caressed and devoured the copper nipples of his fresh as yet untouched breast.
 Jane watched and listened for an hour and then another as her nephew flowed on a stream of desire his body heated and consumed by her sleek and beloved pets. However in time, she drew the pair away and gazed down at her nephew, his perfect latexed body slick with lust, whilst beneath that fine veneer she could see his body, pink,slick, wet and preserved, coated in a film of his own hot, scented honey and oil. A sensual treat and indeed sensual dessert which would  be peeled and served to her most honoured guests that very night.
  However, come the morning, come the first rays of the warming summer sun,Andy would skip from the big house and step across the court yard, his heels high and slim, clicking on the flagstones, until he reached the stable door. He held his breath, steadied his heart beat, then a quite as he could slipped the door bolt back , before momentarily glancing behind, he stepping inside.
  Up in her room, invisible to her nephews glance, Jane turned away from the window from which she had observed Andys movements. She paused and smiled,her heart warmed, both by the thought of the pleasures her sweetly blossoming nephew would be receiving and by the vision which now lay before her. The stranger who had come to her door the evening before, soaked by the evenings summer shower, a woman perhaps her age and in need of help.
  Janes mind drifted as her eyes flowed over the naked body before her, long limbed, tanned, flawless but for the almost sensually curved scare which sat just above her left buttock. Sleepy now, exhausted by the sensual attentions of her guests, the womans long blonde hair, ponytailed on her arrival, fell across her beautiful face in sensual disarray.
 Jane smiled her hands smoothing over her own naked skin, recalling her unexpected visitors oh so sweet, half gasped, half sighed protests as her 6 elegant, beautiful friends had first slowly stripped away her wet cloths, before gently warming her beneath a fragrant shower and finally being taken in hand and led into that very same wide, warm bedroom.  Oh the look on her face, her face, still stunning despite her maturity, with eyes wide and lips parted in disbelief ,the revelation of what was to happen to her becoming clear as she was laid naked and clean upon her bed.
 They had taken their time, there was no hurry,6 women, elegant and sensual, gently melting onto her like warm honey, spreading their fingers across her trembling body, exploring, caressing, touching, loving. Jane sighed at the memory, her own fingers so light on her own moist flesh. However it was not the sight that made her heart race, but the memory of the sounds. The delicate erotic sounds of glossy, soft ,wet  lips kissing and suckling, tasting and teasing, her neck, her nipples, her pussy and thighs. Her toes, her fingers, her stomach and eyes, coating the flesh in glistening wet kisses, until her nameless guest, lost in passion, began to sigh and pant, moan and gasp in an uncontrollable melody of confused and unexpected pleasure.
 Jane, her moistened finger to her lips, moved to the bedside, the womans personal belongings, respectfully laid out on the table beside. Her purse, deep red leather, expensive and luxuriant and with in a driving license and a photo.
 Sheila Williams. Jane smiled at the name. Such a ordinary name, for one who would, over the coming hours, experience such extraordinary things.



Friday, 28 October 2016

New Art, "Aunties Horny Little Devil"

Hi Everyone
  As promised I have a new piece of art for you, a special piece for Halloween weekend and inspired by my Friend Gi and her awesome new, brilliant red latex catsuit. With all due respect to her she is a lady of mature years (compared to me anyway) but my goodness she can fill out a Latex outfit. 
  Anyway inspired by that, I imagined why Andy might find himself packed into such a tight and unforgivingly exposing outfit and came up with this little scenario. 
  Once more our poor sissy hero/Heroine is at the mercy of his "Aunts" and true to form they are planning a party for their friends, which as ever will be a wonderfully embarrassing evening for Andy. However this is Halloween weekend and so with the addition of a couple of Hi-Tech silicone enhancements,  it is off with the Latex Uniform and into something far more appropriate and thanks to his silly Aunts it promises be an evening filled with even greater terrors for poor Andy.

  Hope you like

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Christeen triple treat

Hi Everyone
  Back from holiday, with a head full of inspiration for new art,(especially Halloween) however that may take a day or two to create so in the meantime I present three elegant new works from the wonderful world of Christeen.

Friday, 14 October 2016


Hi Everyone
  A quick thank you for all your support over the last few weeks, XXXX
     It is time, at last, for a holiday. So I will be away all next week visiting my naughty, loving friends back In France.
  I was hoping to get one last piece of art finished, but thanks to a Rail strike, in the UK i have been staying 90 miles from my files and things, so the opportunity, slipped away.
   When I return, inspired to the brim, I hope to create more and more art and even write a story or two.
  Untill then, I wish you all well, play nicely and be safe.
Love and kisses

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Wonderful Fiction.

Hi Everyone,

    Here is the first part of a full short story writen by by lovely friend Skinnie Stallion. It is a wonderfully writen story capturing the fun and love between Characters whilst giving their positions a new twist.
  At the end there is a link to Stallions Blog where you can read the next chapters, Please feel free to comment, it is always nice to hear from our friends and readers.

Come in Young Man - Part 1

This is the first part of a story inspired by SweetAndyLatex 'Come in Young Man' where Andy left it to the viewer/reader to provide their own narrative.


 PART 1 - Friday afternoon
Jane had regretted it as soon as she’d said it.  But her boss had irritated her and it was a way of trying to get her own back through some one-upmanship.  It had been intended as a throw away remark, nothing more.  It clearly struck a chord with her boss  though.  She’d kept it lodged in her memory.  Something to use with Jane at a later date.
Rebecca had called Jane into her office after lunch on Friday.   The working relationship between the two of them had been frosty for a while.   Rebecca might be older but most of the office, Jane included, felt that Jane should have had the promotion.   However, Rebecca now had the big office and was the boss.  It had clearly helped that Rebecca was a close friend of the CEO.   Some of the office thought a ‘friend with benefits’.   
Jane knocked at the door to the corner office.   “Come in.  Hello, Jane. Thank you for dropping by.”   Since her preferment Rebecca had become quite brusque.  “How’s the work on the Verity account going?”
“Oh, quite well.   We’ve almost finished the new model and should be able to get the proposal done by the end of next week.”
“That’s good.”   Rebecca stopped and gave Jane a hard look.  “I’m having a party tomorrow evening.  Just a few guests.  Close friends and one or two customers.”
“That’ll be nice.”  Jane wondered why Rebecca was telling her this.  It was unusual for Rebecca to stray from the work agenda.  Then she reflected that if there were going to be customers at the party, Rebecca would want her there too:  Rebecca might be the boss and good at schmoozing but she would need someone who knew what they  talking about.
“I’m going to use outside caterers,” preened Rebecca.
“Really.  That sounds quite grand.”   Jane now realised that Rebecca was going to use this as a bragging opportunity.
“Yes.   They’re meant to be very good.  They’ll even provide some waiters,” Rebecca purred.  “Are you doing anything tomorrow evening?”
“No, I’ve nothing planned.”   If she went to the party on Saturday, Jane would have to let Andy down gently. She’d promised him an afternoon’s shopping and a quiet evening together watching a boxed set of ‘Orange is the New Black’.  She knew how much Andrew loved the episodes with Ruby Rose.  An early night had also seemed in order.
“Good.”  Rebecca’s next statement stopped Jane dead in her tracks.  “You said you have a maid?”
“Well, I …” Jane stumbled.
“What’s her name?”
“Andy,” Jane replied instinctively.
“Andie. I guess she must have been born around the time of ‘Four Weddings’.  Andie was quite a popular name back in the 90s.   Is she polite?"
"Yes, she," Rebecca retorted, "Andie.  Is she polite?"
"Yes, Andy's very well spoken."
"And pretty? "
"Yes, Andy’s attractive."  What else could Jane say?
"She sounds eminently suitable," Rebecca purred.  “I’d like to borrow her for tomorrow evening, please.”
“What?!” Jane exclaimed.
 “Waiters can be so clumsy.  And a feminine touch will be perfect with the guests.”
“Well, it’s not quite as simple …”  Jane stumbled.
“It’s surely quite simple.  Is Andie working tomorrow?”
“Is she going to be out with her boyfriend?’
“No.”  Jane realising too late that she might have made a grave error.
“Well then, I don’t see the problem.  
"So you are going to get Andie to help, aren't you? You'll only be without her for one evening after all.  It's so important to show willing, especially at this time of year."
The barbed comment wasn't lost on Jane.  Bonus time was approaching and she needed Rebecca's recommendation.  "Oh, I'm sure Andy will be very happy to help at your party," said Jane forcing a smile on to her face.
"That's good.  We wouldn't want to let our customers down, would we?"
"No, Rebecca," Jane said, still expecting to be invited herself.
"Can you drop Andy off at my apartment tomorrow evening?  Say 6pm, before the guests arrive?"
"Yes, Rebecca.  Will Andy be paid for the evening?"
“I don't think that will be necessary, do you.  I’m sure you’ll want this to be ‘pro bono’, won’t you?”
“Er, yes,” Jane hesitantly agreed.
"Thank you, Jane. Oh, and since you're not doing anything tomorrow evening, can you  go a bit faster on updating the proposal document for the Verity account?    Mr.Verity will be at the party tomorrow and it will be good if I can say the new proposal will be on his desk on Monday morning."
"Yes, Rebecca," said Jane through gritted teeth.
"Well, I think that'll be all.  See you tomorrow at six.  Don't work too late, it should only take a few hours to re-run the models."
"Yes, Rebecca." Jane retreated quickly out of the office before she could be given more work.  Back at her own office, she slammed the door and leant back against it.  It was going to take ages to build a new data set based on the revised assumptions Verity had provided that morning.   It would normally take a week to put together a new proposal and she was going to have to do it over the weekend with no team to help.  At four o'clock on a Friday it was unreasonable to ask anyone else to wreck their weekend plans. So much for doing anything with Andy either to tonight or Sunday. 
The first problem though was how to tell Andy.  Tentatively she picked up the phone.

Parts 2 to 4 to follow. 

link below

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Now everyone can go Wilde

Hi Everyone
  Wow, now we can all wear William Wilde. The brilliant designer was responsible for clothing Kylie Minogue's perfect bottom in Latex for her last tour and promotion, has released a range of classic and affordable designs aimed clearly at the mainstream. His new "Basically Wilde" collection offers everyone the chance to be the centre of attention at this years Christmas party. Peeling away the frills and bows of his signature couture designs William Wilde leaves us with sleek and stylish Latex wear, in a range of colours, designed to be worn by the red carpet diva inside us all. visit his site to see more and other designs from the Basically collection and his classic celebrity styling couture and with prices the high street would proud of this is the time to go Wilde.

Thursday, 6 October 2016


Hi Everyone
  Here are a couple more wonderful pieces from Christeen featuring the adventures our beloved Chris.

  I always love the little posters and pictures that adorn the walls, in Christeens work.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Space Explorers

 Hi Everyone
  Thought I would take the opportunity to take a slight detour into one of my other favourite subjects, the strange worlds of sexy Sci-fi. Some of you may have read a story I posted here a while ago by the superb Stacy called Wrapped in Time, If not follow this link back to it, it is totally brilliant. http://smoothslicknshiny.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/brilliant-story.html. The concept of alien abduction and explorers on bizarre fetishistic worlds has always thrilled me, because it allows the imagination to run wild, no rules, anything is possible.
  Anyway, one of my favourite artists in this realm is the superb Rubbermatt, from Deviantart and it is a small selection from his SPACE EXPLORERS series that I post today.
Explorer on Alien world does not see what is behind her.
  The series tells of a Star Trek type mission, exploring the universe which comes across a bizarre entity which cocoons its victims and transforms them into Latex Aliens. It is a marvelous series and everytime I look at it I can't help but imagine it remade as a movie with the power of modern visual effects brought to bare and starring my favourite sexy superstars in the lead rolls.
  So here we have but a small selection leading into the story, follow the link to read the wonderful text Rubbermatt writes to really understand the sheer kinky delights of the story.

She does not react quickly enough to the strange liquid 
slithering sounds from behind her and is attacked by
smooth slick tentacles!

She is swiftly wrapped in the bizarre  plantlike tentacles, 
enveloped and encased in their smooth Alien embrace

A rescue mission arrives too late and they find her sealed within a smooth skintight Latex cocoon, writhing and helplessly
pleading for release as the Alien penetrates her every opening

They take her back onboard their ship, but the cocoon is totally seamless and impossible to remove, trapping the helpless girl inside a world of slick hot smothering Latex, writhing and terrified 

Whilst alone something begins to happen, the cocoon changes and the girl within begins to transform

A new life form is created

But it now must spread and feed

Cocooning and sealing new victims alive in Latex, before moving on into the ship.

Now read on, click the link to read the rest of the story.

Personally there is really only one space explorer I would love to see battling such a sexy and sensual Alien and that is the forever Lipglossed and Shiny suited, Colonal Wilma Deering, from the 70s Tv show Buck Rogers, played by Erin Grey . Whom I fell in love with whilst watching my Dads DVD boxset one rainy day.

Anyone else have any Favourites they might like to see battling such sexy Aliens?