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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Christeen Foursome

Hi Everyone,
  Need I say anything, No.You'll see for yourselves

Don't worry Chris, kissing is nice.

In what way?


  1. Chris just seems to get embroiled ever more deeply. At least his matron will be kind and gentle.

  2. Chris does seem to get into a variety of possibly embarrassing situations. They could be interesting and more enjoyable if he were to just roll with the flow. hey are all wonderful in their own rite, but I am partial to the third. He has a lovely do framing his Angelic face. A hint of surprise, but I am sure he expected something dressed like that. A gorgeous gown showing so much soft, clear skin. Matching his hair ribbon and choker.
    . . . and who could resist slingbacks and peep toe and a 5" heel. I imagine by now he must have enough practice to glide around on them.

  3. Once more - wow! You've done it again, Christeen. Four more great pictures! I think this is the first time we've actually seen Chris in a man's arms (but I'm sure it won't be the last time he finds himself in this position!). And I like how in the last picture Chris is, untypically, smiling, clearly happy to be with his matron, and getting more accepting of his femininity. Thank you again, Christeen (and Andy for posting)!

  4. Four absolute stunners from Christeen! Tom, Alex and Chris' matron are sure lucky and will soon be the beneficiaries of Chris' feminizing. Sexy Chris doesn't know how much trouble he's in whilst in Tom's arms (or how much he won't be able to help himself get into "trouble"), he's so sweet in thinking he'll ever be masculine enough to shave his gorgeous face (just look in the mirror beautiful boy), I'll bet once he gets into the love scene with Alex, his femininity will take over and there will be a whole lot more than kissing; and the fourth one shows it's time for Chris to reward his Matron for all her patience and guidance in his feminization process. Bravo Christeen! I hope we see more of Chris in situations where he becomes aware of the inevitability of his feminine future. Thanks, as always, sweet Andy for posting. Can't wait for your next masterpiece of Andy's progress...or should I say mistress-piece?

  5. Hi, There are fans who wish for Chris to be smiling in each pic, but then I'm reminded that he should usually appear to be reluctantly feminized. All the best, Christeen

  6. Love the 3rd picture by Christeen!

  7. I would not mind be feminized if I could break the rules with that matron! Lucy x

  8. Me too!

  9. Oh goodness. Christeen being wrapped up in the arms of a boy... and in such a warm and loving pose. He's clearly falling for her, which will lead to (no doubt) a world of difficult situations!