Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The guiding Hand, original version part 3

  The guiding Hand
Original version
Part 3

Following on from...and as ever it is not properly edited.

  You follow a second corridor which after a while leads into a large, warm high vaulted room, illuminated in a low red light. As yours eyes become accustomed to the dull light of this twilight room, strange ‘contraptions’ seem emerge from the black draped walls.  You stare hard. The ‘contraptions’ which fill the chamber are made up of ‘webs’ of coiling tubes and  Taut intertwining straps and in the centre of each of these ‘webs’ you can see oily shiny bundles, like giant glistening slugs, each penetrated by quivering tubes of clear plastic and curiously inflating bladders that jerked turgedly and collapsed like landed fish.
  Timidly you approach and peer at one of these ‘hanging slugs’.and when you are within reach, you raise your hand to touch the gleaming oily black cocoon. Your fingers feel the smooth surface, its is warm ,moist and yielding. It is Rubber!. That alone did not come as to much of a surprise, after all your yourself are dressed in that rippling fabric. No what really takes you by surprise is when all of a sudden, the cocoon goes into a frenzy of movement. You start. Above , a bulbous head nodded and from a thick protruding pipe, you hear a plaintive muffled feminine groan! Oh god! There is some one inside!! You step back in shock looking about you into the gloom realising in total shock what now surrounded you. The fitful motions of the cocoon and the flutter of the bladders is caused by the frantic struggles of hapless captives, Subjects writhing in hot suffocating folds of rubber!!. Condemned and enveloped, sentenced to swelter in sticky stretchy skins of latex. Wholly enclosed in opaque rubber, impermeable and impenetrable. You turned spinning in shock and fear, your mind unable to take in the horror of this dark moist chamber, you  stumble into the web of a second cocoon. Instantly this featureless latex cocoon to begins to writhe, the same pittifull, female wimpering coming from within. You try to turn away but the fine webbing entangles you forcing you stare at the jellatinous squerming cocoon before you. Within now, you can just make out the curvature of two full breasts, flattened by the tight rubber and as the cocoon is galvanised into action once more there comes a rush of air, a protest?, a plea?. Muffled by the inflating all embracing rubber helmet. You stare in terror and pity as the rubber snaps and rustles wildly, stretched and twisted by the occupants desperate struggle. Then as the vague outline of a pair of beautiful long legs stretches out inside the enfolding rubber, a new sound joins this latex medley ,a rhythmic wet gurgling, as through the clear tubes which snake from the cocoons base a dark yellowy fluid begins to ooze. The stretching now seems to roll upwards and more of the figure becomes clear , her round buttocks, slim waist, the shape of her arms pinned to her sides and suddenly you realise the true horror of what is happening….the latex cocoon is shrinking!! Shrinking into her. Terrified now you struggle once more with the entwining web , but as the cocoon shrinks there grip seems to increase and you are helpless to escape the enfolding horror before you. The moaning and whimpering has now become a gasp, a cry, a muffled begging and sobbing. Your head spins, your mind struggles with the thought of what it must be like  to be like in that tightening latex membrane. It must be so hot, so wet inside the sealed rubber, smothered like drowning in thick black tar. The shrinking quickly spreads accross her chest, outlining each as full individual mounds whilst pervesely teasing the nipple into hard peaks. suddenly the rising and falling of the bladders becomes more frantic,as now her breath already constricted by the tight membrane sealing her chest, is even more restricted by the latex tightening grip about her slender neck. Desperately now you wriggle one arm free,  barely reaching her neck your fingers slip and slide, fumbling for some seam or crease to relieve the tension on her throat, but all you find is ultra smooth rubber. Then suddenly beyond all the stretching rustle comes a plaintive, whimper, that stops your heart.
“Is there someone there?.. oh please help me, please help me, I know you are there please .its…its so tight oh god, so hot  , please please don’t let…..it….oh …help…..Oh, help!!!”. but then as the latex shrinks back about her head and face, the sad pitiful whimpering  becomes a soft plea, a faint squeak and then….but for the soft squeaking of taut rubber,  there is silence and then, your eyes focus and a warm stream of piss seeps down your thigh.
  There beneath the shrunken latex, perfectly detailed in every way…is the face of the lady you met that night…the face of Georgina Archer..
 All you can do is stare.Terrified and still, not knowing if one false move might cause some alien creature to seal you within one of these latex cocoons. All you can do is stare, as slowly ,from one long rubber tendril connected to the high ceiling, the, tightly  cocooned woman turns, immobile all, hope and fight strangled from her body and only the slow pulse of the breathing bladder giving any idea that it not this is not some bizarre piece of sculpure, carved from polished ebony, but a cocoon of latex rubber in which is imprisoned a living breathing woman You want to scream aloud, scream like never before, but all you can do is stare at that beautiful face.
  Suddenly to awaken, you shake your head, your heart is pounding, there is sound behind you ,voices, you look to the door and run. Stumbling passed the other helpless figures you race back to the door just as three figures enter .They are all dressed in gleaming scarlet PVC nurses uniforms complete with delicate caps and aprons displaying white crosses. The tightly fitting tunic dresses,  which display there full breasts, are so short they barely cover there matching red PVC panties beneath Whilst there legs are sheathed in gleaming red rubber stocking. As you watch they move with ease atop polished red high heels, to where Ms Archer hangs, they quickly unhook the tendril and lay her mummified form on a wheel trolly. Moments later 2 more nurses, these with full masks over there faces lead in a naked woman, she moves with a slow step, almost as if she were drunk. The 2 lead her just beyond where Ms Archer lays and place her in the centre of a dark circle.  Happy with her position they step back just as the circle seams to rise, instantly you relise it is another cocoon and with even more of a shock you realise it is exactly where you were standing moments before. It takes but moments for the glistening black sheath the rise to the ceiling where it begins two rotate, creating that single tendril. Once secured the nurses connect the various tubes and insert a breathing bladder throught the sack and into the ladies mouth. Almost instantly the figure in the sack begins to struggle. “What?..What..What the hell is happening…..Oh god  no where am I?”, she crys her voice muffled, “Stop, what the hell is this its all…sticky the smell……oh god its rubber, its filling up with rubber!!!!”, You look to the tubes, the yellowish liquid is now flowing in, filling the sack, making it bulge and stretch, quickly taking on the shape of the other sacks. “Stop this…please,,of its so hot…I can’t …I can’t….”. Silence. There work done the nurses cooly  they turn to the cocooned lady and slowly wheel her out, leaving the room once more to the rustle of rubber.
  You think of helping the lady, but know you can’t and so rush back up the stair way and into Lady Vanessas room
 “Lady Vanessa, Lady Vanessa. Quick”, you cry turning on the light switch, “Lady Vanessa, theres something strange going on!. ”. But all you get back it that rubbery  rustle and a moan! …. “Its me Andrew.”. You pull the sheet, it is rubber, you pull it back and scream .”No”. She is completely enclosed beneath a shrunken sheet of translucent latex rubber . The smooth glistening material tightly moulding about every curve and dimple , highlighting every detail, down to the outline of her elegant long fingenails. “No!”, you cry and begin to fumble across the rubber film desperate for some opening, but there is none, she is perfectly smooth, her only contact with the world beyond a corrigated pipe which snakes from her mouth, a pipe down which flows the saddest moans. “Andrew..Oh Andrew”, she sighs and suddenly sensing your presence begins to struggle As if gripped by some new fear you step back in shock. It is a strange slow motion writhing as if she were immersed in thick treacle. Her limbs stretching out beneath the clinging membrane of glistening Latex. Then her back arches pressing her pointed breasts upwards, stretching the glossy film even further. Her hands slide up to the tube which penetrates her mouth and that low moan rises. You do not what to do, you don’t know right from wrong, you do not understand.  Suddenly you Turn figures are is standing in the door way to the chamber  and into the room step 4 PVC clad nurses.
“Whats going on here?”, you cry, “What have you done to Lady Vanessa?”.
 “You will come with us”, they say as one and step towards you.
You step back in shock. “No No, you can’t take me down there please no don’t”, You try to fight them off, but there smooth PVC clad hands are more than you can resist and quickly you are lead struggling and pleading from the room and back down that corridor, back towards the mummifying chamber........

to be continued...

Thank you for reading

New piece of art

Hi everyone.
 Just wanted to put up  this pic , I think the tone is quite sweet and gentle.
Hope you like it.


Monday, 27 February 2012


Hi everyone,
 I thought it about time i got up to date with a few things, so here is a little bit of what has been happening.

 My very sweet friend Skintwo.   S to me has created a very sweet little blog all for me, which is very very kind of him and i would like to direct you to it s you too can enjoy the naughtiness.
It has lots of very sexy little things pics, videos and stuff and i hope you al have some fun. Oh and pease don't forget to say hi to S when you are there. He really is a sweetheart.
Thank S

Also i have been contacted by the editor of Lustomic and asked if i would like to create a comic strip for the site. This i must say is a huge honour as the art there is some of the very best on the net. It is something i would love to try, But as with us all it would be finding the time. I am at present considering my plan. We shall see, but the thought of seeing poor Andy and is Aunt Jane in a full on, latex strip is quite a thought.

Thanks for reading.

I don't care, i love your hair Carol

 Hi everyone
 As usual Poor Carol Vorderman has come in for it in he good old British press. This time it was for daring to try a different hair style and eye make up, yes it was bold, yes it was a departure from her usual well groomed look,but hell I really, really liked it.
Be bold, be brave and stuff those who put you down. Carol you are still my No 1.

 Timidly, No hope of any latex sometime soon is there Carol.?

The return of Slick Magazine

Hi everyone.
  I have posted quite a few SlickSissies covers recently, but none of its sister publication the original Slick Magazine. So here a a couple hot off the presses, well the first is anyway, that was created for Asudem over at Dollsrealm and i hope it will inspire you sweetheart into writing a piece of your wonderful fiction.
 Whilst the second was made quite a few years ago now, but cleaned up well.
 Anyway i do hope you like them and thank you for taking the time to visit me.

This was created about 7 years ago, maybe even longer.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Short story

Hi everyone,
 Here is a short fantasy story i wrote many years ago, well not that many, but the charectars age may give you a clue. It was inspired by my time working at a hotel back home in Brighton
Hope you like it and thank you form reading.

Exotic things

  At her request. you  had been serving the countess in the hotel for about a week . She was a stunningly beautiful lady, probably in her early fifties, immaculately dressed and made up, with a tall slim body, bathed in expensive perfume and, much to you secret appreciation, blessed with stunningly enstyled silver hair. You would admit she was , with her friendly tone and kind nature, the sort of older lady any shy 17 year old would love to be seduced by.  So imagine your surprise when your employer tells you, you have been invited to dine with her in her suite that evening. Well at first you are a little shy and reluctant, but when she tells you it is very important to the hotel to keep such clients happy, you except..  There was only one problem. If you were to dine in their suite, you would require a far more formal outfit 
   “Do not worry about such details”, was your employers answer a strange smile curling her lip, “apparently she has something special she would like to see you in”. 

   Sweating and trembling, with both nerve and excitement you knock at the penthouse door. An eternity seems to pass before it is opened. And then you are face to face with a vision of beauty the like of which you had never seen before, dressed in a slinky gown of shimmering gold silk. You are lost for words.
 “Good evening young man it is so very nice to see you, do come in. My name is Katherine, Countess Von Tessas personal assistant”. Her voice was low and warm.
 “Go…good evening…Andrew…..sorry my name is Andrew”, you stammered feeling a fool.
 “Hello Andrew, please come”. To you surprise and absolute joy she placed her lips to your cheek, then took your hand and led you through into the large, where 3 other ladies awaited. “Andrew this is, Vanessa, Selina and Fiona . Ladies this is Andrew”.
  The 3 ladies, all dressed in similar gowns , came over and greeted you with a warm hellos and light kisses, “Thank you for inviting me,” you say, “Is the countess not here?”
 “She will be joining you shortly, but first, if you will please accompany us, the countess has instructed us to help you dress for dinner”. You follow them through the lounge and into a warmly lit dressing room, the scent of perfume filling the air.
 “Thank you, it is very kind of  the countess”. You say , your heart pounding nervously.
 “Not at all, We have 1 and ½ hours until dinner. So Katherine and Selina will have plenty of time to apply you make up whilst Vanessa will help you with your hair”. 
  At first the words did not register but when they did you nearly fainted, “I’m sorry”, you say, “M..make up? hair I’m sorry I don’t understand”.
 “Did your employer not inform you?. It is quite simple, the countess demands that you  join her tonight in a fully feminised fashion”, and with that ,as if to hammer the point home, Fiona turned from the mirrored wardrobe, cradling a ,long glossy red dress! .

   Everything then seemed to go into slow motion, you did not know which way to turn, there was no way you wanted to be dressed as a girl, but then you knew there was no way out without upsetting the hotels major guest and if she were upset, the consequences would be huge. Not least for you and your much needed job. No you could not resist and so trembling with embarrassment, you surrendered yourself .
   First smoothing a moist cream over your entire, freshly bathed body, the ladies moved with speed and ease to leave your skin smooth and shimmering with a satin sheen. But once seated before the wide mirror and they began your make up, this reassuring speed slowed. Each colour was painstakingly selected from a huge pallet, some were applied but then removed , replaced by a slightly lighter and darker shade.. First they reshaped your brows into perfect arches, before highlighting your eyes blueness, behind a curtain of long jet lashes and a masterpiece of blended smoky shadows, which left them with an sensual ornately oriental look.  Then they moved onto your lips, the very idea of ever wearing shiny  lipgloss had never ever entered your head before that day, but there, as you watched with embarrassment and shame, , the lip brush, rich and moist, slowly and smoothly coated your lips in a film of bright red gloss, leaving them full , pouting and very feminine.
   Then with Katherine completing the details, Selina turned her attention to your nails,adding long false ones over top of your own to give you long elegant hands  before glossing them a matching shiny red. Mean while all the time this was happening Vanessa had been weaving your hair up into a new long plum red pony tail which, held in place by a diamond clasp, tumbled about your shoulders  framing your softly feminine features to perfection. A perfection you could not take in. It had all happened in a daze , and the effect was quite startling. Yes, they were your eyes , your lips and nose ,the face in the mirror was still yours , but  highlighted by such immaculate ornate make up, your face was now not that of a boy, but that  of a very beautiful girl.
  You could not think how long you gaze at that face , but the next thing you knew  Fiona had appeared behind you, the glossy red dress in her hands.
  You stand to meet her, gazing at the rippling flowing almost liquid dress. As the bodice of the dress is peeled open to reveal an inside as glossy as the rest, Vanessa and Katherine turn you away. It was then as the bodice is wrapped about you that the dresses greatest secret was revealed, the material  was strange, sticky, stretchy, slippery but the aroma was unmistakable, rich warm and stunningly sensual., ,it was rubber!! , you were being dressed in bright shiny red rubber. The gown was tight and smooth , taking  all 4 ladies to help snap and stretch it into place, and as it enfolded you in its smooth clingy embrace it moulded your body, and shaped your figure , giving you the sexy curves of  a girl, so much so in fact that , where the tight glossy rubber had taken up all the soft puppy fat at your chest, it had left nestled in the low cut bodice two  beautifully pert tear drop breasts .
  “Oh my goodness”, you breathed, “What have you done”.
 “set you free”

  Long red rubber stockings and high heels complete your transformation and the ladies have a few minutes to spare before leading you into the dinning room. These were taken up by a last coat of gloss to your already heavy lips and a mist of scented silicone polish which left your dress glistening like wet paint. But finally you were ready, each lady kissed you hand and you are led in.
 The countess rises from her seat, a smile of delight on her glossy lips. She looks you up and down and takes your hand, “Good evening Andrew.  You look perfect. I knew you would”

   The evening passed as if nothing was odd at all. The fact that you were a boy, dressed and made up into a girl, all though a very sexy one, did not seem to matter at all. The conversation was simple and charming, you spoke about your work and she about her life and  Whether it was you or the champagne as the evening went on even you began to relax. Your tight rubber dress began to feel strangely comfortable, the long pony tail plume felt nice on your bare shoulders and even the gloss on your lips tasted now of cherries. You felt , contented in the countesses  company and anyone watching would have seen nothing but two very elegant ladies at dinner. Indeed your position did not enter the conversation until late in the evening .
 “Thank you for dinning with me tonight Andrew. You have been beautiful company”. The l countess said.  “I do hope I did not embarrass you . You see I adore beauty and when I saw you I knew underneath all that boyness there was a very beautiful young lady and you are Andrew, you are a very beautiful girl, I hope you know that”
 “I must admit it all seamed a little odd at first ,I have never worn anything like it and never had make up on before, but”, you pause, smoothing  your hands over the rubber dress, hearing it rustle and squeak “It does feel very nice”.
  “I am so glad. Because you see I have been looking for a companion for so long now, someone to look after someone to care for. You are so very beautiful Andrew….But you can be more so, if you let me take you”., she takes a box for Vanessas hand and opens it. She takes out a sparkling neckless, a choker made of diamonds. “There is no key to the lock which closes this collar, once about the wearers neck it remains there as a symbol of possession of submission”, she steps closer, holding the sparkling jewel up to you. But you do not step back. Your eyes fall into hers.
  “Take me where?”, you whisper.
 “Into femininity Andrew, total femininity and in return I will show you the world, exotic and far away places, exciting and sensual lands, teach you and show you things you have never dreamt of, never imagined”.
“Let me transform you Andrew, transform your body, create it a new, erase your boyishness and clothe you in nothing but femininity. Let me take you as my pet, as my toy, as my living doll”
 “ Join us Andrew”, the ladies all purr gathering behind you, “Join us and let us guide you”.
You look at the collar, you look at the countess, you lick you cherry lips and feel the latex dress on your body, you breath in your aroma, 
“From this night, if you surrender you will forever be a girl. Do you understand?”
 You understand, you do totally…..and Slowly you raise your chin, you feel the pony tail drawn back and moments later the collar clicks shut. 
 “Thank you countess”, you barely whisper
 “You belong to us now Andrew and you are going to be so beautiful .”.
 Suddenly you feel the ladies hands on you, your rubber gown is peeled away and in just your stockings and high heels you are drawn to the table, which is now laid with bowels of fruit and cream and honey. You look to the countess, she is smiling. "Please you would not deny your mistress desert”
 You are gently raised and laid in the tables centre. Fruits a re poured upon you, cherries, strawberries, their juice squeezed onto you . A cherry is placed between your lips, “Mine for later”, Vanessa breathes, your heart is pounding you are laid out ,covered and displayed and then, then you feel the first smooth run of honey. It would take time, agonising time but soon your entire body was glazed in thick golden honey, it had taken time ,but now you belonged to the countess time did not matter…and then the ladies dinned. 

Thank you for reading.

World of RocketDave

Hi everyone,
 Today i am proud to present a few pieces of art by the brilliant RocketDave, An artist of clear clean and simple wonder, whose art never fails to create inspiration whenever i see it. Rather like a good silent movie is story telling with pictures alone.
Thanks Dave for letting me share your work.

This is called his "Gayest commission". and no i am not offended. It is brilliant.

This has wonderful fetishistic over tones.

"Kiss Kiss" Been there done that.xxx

 I think this is his classic piece  "the feminine mystique"

And this below?, well this is part one of a brilliant series and to see the rest you will have to visit his page on deviantart by clicking  here.
But be aware once you enter RocketDaves world you may be there for a while.

Thanks again Dave.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Uniform fashion

Hi everyone,
 Just thought, following on from the visit to Westward bound in the other post, i would look at my favourite Uniforms from a number of designers. I really like a sleek uniform, not just a maids, i have plenty of those ,but military and other styles. So here are a few i like..

I like Inner sanctum designs, this military style on the right is very nice. I love the details.

At the moment this one below by Inner Sanctum is my fvourite, just love the style and colour combination
Inner sanctum

This below is for personal reasons.XXXX

MANDY Airhostess Uniform
House of harlot.


By Libidex

This is a gorgeous little uniform, love the colour.

And this is so naughty, i can see you in this. (oh i suddenly feel ill)

Both by Rubear latex

This has only been a short , bit of editorial fun, because right now i have guest editor sitting beside me.
So thank you for reading
Andy and Gi

A caption miss-adventure

Hi everyone,
 Here is another Captioned pic i made. It is amazing how many of these i have uncovered.
Hope you like it.


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Mystery art

Hi everyone,
 Just a quick post. I found this in my inbox, but could not reply to the sender. So if this was from you Joe, please contact me again, because i would love to know where the pic is from and who it is by, because it is very simple, yet tells  story.
So thanks Joe.

Now revealed by a visitor to be the work of RocketDave at deviantart
Go take a look.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Go west young Sheila.

Hi everyone,
  Hope you all are Ok and feeling fine. Feel a bit down today myself, just one of those things, but i wanted to post a few bits for you all to read.
  I was making my way through the wonders of Latex Fashion the other day looking for items which can be worn in the mainstream (yes i am still looking to get Sheila into something rubbery) and once more came back to Westwerd bound, who i think make some of the best fetish fashion around. But there stuff like all the best, is not just for those special events or private moments. I think these dresses could grace any event without embarrassment.
 I especially love the pearlsheen collection.

The detailing on the back of this dress is quite stunningly eye-catching.
Bordelle-L'Amour Lace Latex Rose Dress as worn by the International Fetish Supermodel Bianca Beauchamp. `The ultimate latex discipline dress~ the high neck and full len ...

This dress below could so easily be worn anywhere. It is not over the top but sleek chic and very sexy. Made from latex? so what?
Madame Fille Hobble Dress as worn by the International Super Model Ophelia Overdose. `Do you truly worship the dominant fetish lady in your life? `  `This dramatic  ...

Maid to Thrill Latex Uniform as worn by the International Fetish Supermodel Jade Vixen~ includes cap and apron. `Beautifully cheeky frilled flared dress with zip back.
Oh my golly gosh isn't this maids dress cute, especially in this shade of blue. 
Sorry i forgot i am not shopping for myself.

Our Vanitilicious Dress~ modelled by the striking Ophelia Overdose~ is a stunning garment with sleek and sultry lines of pure stylish elegance.  `This two tone masterpi ...
This is lovely and prim, very buttoned up. I like that style very much.

And i really like this, because i have one just like it. Oh sorry supposed to be looking for Sheila aren't we..

This is very nice, very simple and classy, especially with those gloves. A great and sexy look.

The ultimate latex discipline dress as worn by the International Fetish Supermodel Sister Sinister.  `The high neck and tight long sleeves just hugs the wearer whilst s ...

Sorry it may be naughty, but this little uniform is very cute, very cute indeed. But no not for Sheila.

Teacher's Latex Tease worn for us by the International Super Model Jade Vixen.Classic design with attached pinstripe tie for the extremely naughty adult school girl who likes ...

This top is nice isn't it, wonderful tailoring and classically simple for mainstream wear, we may have something here.
Capture the essence and chic style of the Victorian era in this beautiful form fitting puff sleeve~ Pleat bottom Libertine Top.Sophisticated~ sensual and luxurious~ this exqu ...

Again,this is such a simple and beautiful  blouse it just has to been warn everyday
Sophisticated~ sensual and luxurious~ this exquisite `pop front `top will turn heads and get compliments for sure. `Seductive shaped seams slide down the latex  ...

So yes i think first steps would be a simple, jacket or now i am leaning towards a blouse.But don't take these as all Westward bound has to offer click here to see it all.
Possibley the best latex retailer.

Thanks for dragging your way through this lot.
Let me know which you like.

Or how about the videos.

Captioned adventures of Andy

Hi everyone.
 Here are a couple of new captioned images, once more as ever telling tales of poor put upon Andy.

Hope you like them.

Told you i liked that Peter Pan dress.


Slick Sissies. Collection

Hi everyone,
 Here are a collection of my Slick Sissies covers. Wish i had time to write the stories which go with them.
  I hope you like them.

Christmas special.

I like the idea of pants made from bubblegum.


Friday, 17 February 2012

A caption for the weekend

Hi everyone,
  Here is a captioned piece, to wish you all a happy and safe weekend.

Original art

Hi everyone, and a special hello to Jason Issacs .
 Here a a couple of my original art works (art works?, all right drawings), they are quite old as you might be able to see from the style, but i cleaned them up on the computer and they came out OK. 
So i hope you like these.


Thank you for visiting.
and i hope there is some else out there who got the Jason Issacs Gag.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Original version of The Guiding Hand . Part 2

Hi everyone,
 Here is the next part of the original version of The Guiding Hand. Again i must apologise for the lack of editing or spell checking as this really was just a rough draft and as you can see Aunt Jane was Orginaly Aunt Vanessa. Still i hope you like the different angle of this story.

          Her tenderness continues as, back in the comfort of your room, she slowly peels the clinging PVC from your body, revealing beneath, flesh, as moist and pink as any succulent fruit could be. Then in the warm perfume of her bath, where her touch is soft and voice low and understanding she gentley draws the soft sponge across your body, taking great care in cleaning away the unique aroma of hot PVC from every inch of you, untill finally she enfolds you in the fluffiest, scented towels.
 Gathering the discarded PVC from the floor, she notices you starring into the full mirror.your skin shimmers in the soft light like warm satin  and you are turning slowly , allowing the towel to drop lower behind you until  the first glimpse of your dark valley is visible. She smiles and softly comes behind you. Jumping slightly as her hands shift over your shoulders her cheek touching yours.
 “You looked so beautiful for me today darling”, her voice is barley a whisper but shivers through your body like electricity, “So sexy. And beautiful sexy boy deserve a reward”. Gently she eases the towel lower still, baring your round seat cheeks to her touch. A touch so warm and tender you feel your insides quiver. A touch of one fingertip which begins circling each fleshy mound, before slowly dipping into to explore the length of that dark valley. You gasp and the towel falls away. You are naked, more naked than ever before, eyes closed helpless and unwilling to stop her glorious invasion  of your most intimate secrets. Her breath leaves your cheek, you sence her drawing away and her fingertips trail down your body to rest about your hips. Then punctuated by a sharp gasp from your dewy lips, you feel her breath once more , but this time on your quivering bottom. You force your eyes open and glance back. She is kneeling behind you, her face inches from your satin seatcheeks, gazing intently at her finger as it glides up and down its dark passage. Your mind races back to those pink panties, to the snap and ping, as they played between that same passage, But the image is instantly chaced away, for her voice trikles up to your ears, “Show me”, she purrs, her hands gentley easing you to turn to face her , “Show me”. Without further instruction you obey, openly presenting your by now violently ridged self to her, She looks up at you, into your wide excited, scared, astonished eyes, they burn deep into you and hold you as slowly she parts her richly glossed lips and guides you into her warm succulent mouth . It is a place like nothing you have ever felt, warm moist, she draws you in, running her tongue along your length, teasing that tiny hole, suckling you with warm wet lips. You feel your knees tremble, your hands without thought settle on her hair. She looks up at you, your eyes are closed lips parted breath slowl and long, she smiles amd draws you deeper an act which instantly leaves her brimming with your warm cream. She drinks it down, savouring your wonderful gift..

  “Andrew darling”, your eyes flicker open she is sitting beside to, the bath foam gone, “Seams my beautiful Boy is a little tired. Ive laid out an outfit for you come to the study in an hour”, she kisses your forehead

   It takes a few minutes for you to clear the vivid dream from your mind and when you finally enter your room you are surprised to find the outfit is not one of your Maid uniforms but her very own vermillion latex night dress, the one you had so foolishly tied on all those months back. Beside it was a new matching negligĂ©e with full sleeves trimmed with fine lace , a pair of delicate fine latex panties and much to your surprise a pair of shimmering red latex stockings!. It is the first time she has ever presented you with such an item and you knew that with the complimentary stilettoes beside your legs would look more feminine and sexier than ever before.
  It takes you some time to ease the ultra thin latex up each leg, smoothing the trapped air out as you go so as to let the material form a perfect wrinkle free glaze from thigh to toe and with the needle thin high heels on your legs do look quite stunning and impossibley feminine. The panties nightie and negligee follow with ease, settling about your smooth body like a glistening icing, before you sit down before your mirror. Applying make up is such a purely feminine act  and of all the thing you do now, this is still the most embarrassing. Yet it is a skill you are now much to you shame, very skilled . You choose a light foundation, the tinted cream smoothes easily across your,now completely flawless skin giving it a softly tanned satin sheen. This smoothed down below your shoulders and neckline, you begin to shade your eyes. A mixture of metalic greys and smoky coal on the lids and edges, highlights the colour of your eyes, whilst  a double coat of mascara to lengthen your lashes, gives them the sophisticated look Lady Vanessa likes on you . Next you turn your freshly painted eyes to those two full petals of your lips. As instructed you apply a base of collogin cream which gives them a full sensual pout, before first linning and painting them in with a matching vermillion lipstick, before its moist satin finish is turned into a syrupy glaze by twin coats of expensive glosser. Finishing touches come with the soft blush brush, which leaves your skin with a deeply warm golden/ red glow .You glance at the clock, you must be before Lady Vanessa in 5 minutes, you look at your hair, still damp! and then across to that long blonde wig of the chauferess.
  2 minutes to go and you are routed to your high heels, you are gazing at the ‘new’ girl in the full mirror, this is not the cute sexy Maid, nor the sharp, emaulately uniform chauferess, This was an entirely new vision .A rich, sophisticated and very, very sexy, girl sheathed in glistening red, a sensual, young lady, with long graceful limbs, a slim waist ,curved hips , round buttocks and swan neck. A girl with sparkling eyes and perfect painted  features framed by tumbling waves of gold. Your stomach knotted, but not, this time, with embarrassment or shame but with excitement! the image in the mirror is the most stunning girl you have ever seen and when her glossy lips, full and wet slowly part in there syrupy glaze to answer her mistresses call, you feel you must surely faint .

 The look on Lady Vanessa face says it all, delight, excitement Love and pride all in one wide smile.”You look perfect”, she says, standing and glossing her lips to yours and a creamy kiss. “Just perfect”.
  You spend the evening enfolded in her arms, her peach/cream silk night gown complimenting the sheen of your red latex. You snuggle close, happy to be with her, forgetting all she as impossed upon you, contented to bathe in her perfume ,to listen to her soft voice and when the evening ended to be led back to your room and kissed good night. .


   You bend to collect the mail, as you do you feel the latex of your Maids dress stretch and slide across your freshly perfumed body. You straighten and for a moment glance into the mirror, the cute sexy Maid, with sparkling eyes looks back at you .Time seems to have drifted by, in this week everything seems to have become so normal now. You are Lady Vanessas Maid,  her chaufferess , her companion and her plaything. Your mornings are now spent, in Shimmering Latex, every bit the perfect Maid, often in the afternoon you would squeeze into Glossy PVC, as her chaufferess, taking her to her office, or to dinner and friends. The evenings though are still a surprise. One day you will be her personal Maid, dressed in that bright pink uniform, the next you might be her doll and spend the evening being dressed and made up, turned into a model, whilst over evening you might simply be cuddled and cradled to her warm body. It all seems so normal now, so normal.. You take one long look at the maid in the mirror, then  smooth your shiny skirt with perfectly polished fingers and turn on high heels.

   “Good morning Andrew”. Lady Vanessa greets you as you enter the lounge. Your eyes widen, as ever she is immaculately presented, dressed this morning in a knee length figure hugging skirt of shiny black leather, her slim waist highlighted by a wide belt and full bust expertly displayed within a sheer white silk blouse. She looks stunning. ”Andrew?” she prompts
 “Good morning Madam”, you curtsy. “Your mail”.
 “Are thank you dear”, she takes the envelopes with perfectly enamelled fingertips. “Now at noon I will need to visit the office, So please ensure the chauferess is ready”, she smiles. You nod and curtsy. “That will be all”.

  At noon you are standing by the bright red car, your skintight uniform matching the shine of the paint work. Lady Vanessa smiles, “Good boy”. she whispers kissing your cheek as she slides out of the seat. You smile. With pride as she glides into the building.
   In time the big black limo drives by. You see it almost every time you are waiting. Bu this time  it passes again. Finally on the third pass it stops and you watch as a tall slim, elegantly feline creature slides out and approaches. She must be about 40, with long dark hair, dark eyes and full glossy plum lips. She is wearing a full length black military style leather coat, from beneath which reach patent leather boots, matching gloves in which, to your shock, she carries a crop. You lower your gaze as she comes before you, yet you can still feel her eyes on you. After a long pause you jump at the feeling of her crop sliding up the side of your PVC coated thigh and round to those gleaming buttocks. You feel yourself shiver and then to your horror says in a delighted tone, “Yes you are….You are a boy”. You instantly feel your nerve go, how could she tell and if she can then….Oh no everyone can. You shuffle nervously now as her inspection of you continues, the crop gliding across your stomach and shoulders, caressing your ,now very, flushed cheeks. “beautiful, so  beautiful”.
 “Good afternoon”, Lady Vanessas voice comes from behind, never have you felt such relief. “Can I help you”.
 The lady in black introduces herself as countessa Christiana Bellucci . “I was admiring your beautiful young man”, she says her voice richly accented.
 “Why thank you”, Lady Vanessa says proudly, “ This is Andrew and I am Lady Vanessa Fullerton- Silk”.
 “Lady Fullerton-Silk, it is my pleasure to meet you and of cause your beautiful companion ,good afternoon Andrew”.
You look to Lady Vanessa for instruction. “Andrew”.
“Good Afternoon Countessa”,you say, curtsying with out thought.
“Wonderful, wonderful”, she exclaims, “Bella, perfect, Please I adore such beauty every time I see him. Such a perfect beauty, so willing and obedient, always tall and proud, such grace. Forgive me, perhaps I an a little ….how you say envious?”
 “Not at all”, Lady Vanessa purrs, “Your kind words are very welcome”.
 “Please  I am holding a ball at my counrty estate, this weekend, tomorrow, please Lady Fullerton- Silk. Would you be my guests at such short notice”.
 “i would be delighted countessa, thank you”.
“Excellent.I will send you details and  I look forward to seeing you again”. She smiles, “Good afternoon”. And with one last glance in your direction turns away.


The drive to the estate takes well over an hour, but with the warm summer sun still high it is a perfect evening for a drive.Or rather it was for Lady Vanessa in her shimmering ball gown of cream silk, you on the other hand have been in your skintight PVC uniform for the last 3 hours, the second of which was spend being thoroughly polished from tip to toe with liquid enamal, which left your outfit, shining
like glass , reflective as a mirror and as tight as hell.
  The Estate is out beyond London and you arrive in front of the large ornate house with a few other guests. Everyone is dressed to perfection  and as you slide from the seat and open Lady Vanessas door you blush as you  feel everyones eyes turn to you.
 “Thank you Andrew”, she says,. “And look. Some how I didn’t think you will look out of place Andrew”, she says, guiding your eyes to the open door. Your breath catches, for there much to your surprise stand 4 beautiful, immaclately presented, young  Maids, each dressed in a uniform that shines with the unmistakable liquid gloss of rubber. “Don’t worry darling”, she whispers, kissing you on the cheek, “they are not as cute my Maid”.
  You watch her glide up the steps, where the 4 maids curtsy as one and then vanish into the hall. Moments later you feel a presence behind you, you turn be met by a very beautiful lady of about 50, she is tall slim with an lovely figure highlighted by a slim fitting wine red satin gown. Her immaculately enstyled red hair compliments her deep green eyes , eyes which are wide and gaze at you with astonished admiration. You smile back.
 “Oh I’m so sorry my dear”, she says smiling, “I did not mean to stare, its just that….well you are quite a stunning sight”.
 “That’s quite alright Madam”, you reply, “It happens all the time”
“Oh I’m quite sure, but”, she pauses, “Is that….plastic?”
“Its called PVC, yes like plastic”.
“Oh my, it must get very hot…PVC I have never heard of such a thing”. again an embarrassed pause,“May I?”. Her fingertips hover close to your arm. You smile and her fingertips slide over the freshly polished surface. “Oh my.That is odd…But as I say.. you do look lovely in it”.
 “Thank you”.
“ please I was hoping, do you know where I am to go, never been to one of  the Countessas Ball before, only met her last week, but she pleaded with me to attend so”. You point to the wide door. “Oh thank you …..So sorry to bother you my dear. Its been lovely to meet such a beautiful girl, Good night”.
 You watch with a smile as the charming lady walks away.

  2 hours drift by and the summer sun is setting when from behind you you hear the sond of foot steps on the gravel. “There you are Andrew”. You turn to find The countessa. Your breath leaves you body, she is more beautiful than before, her long dark hair tied up into a long ponytail, leaves her beautiful face open. Her features are a masterpiece of made up, ornate, heavy, yet completely stunning, turning her blue eyes into crystal and her lips into moist summer fruits . However it is not only her beauty which makes your eyes widen with amazement, you are also stunned to see it is not only the maids of the household who shimmer in latex. This beautiful woman is squeezed into a flowing ball gown of deep black latex, Its tight bodice both cradling and moulding her superb bosom into twin pillows of soft creamy flesh., punctuated by the deep cleft of her cleavage ,whilst each movement causes the  rippling skirts to part to revealing long lengths of her latex stockinged legs and dagger pointed heels. “Where have you been hiding?”.
 It takes an eternity for your voice to return, but when it dose it is little more than a whisper. “Lady Vanessa likes me to wait by the car…..Madam”. you add with a curtsy, your eyes lowered .
 “I invited you both”, she says reaching out to take your hand, “Now you will please come in side,I have many people I want you to meet”.
 “Please Madam, I can not disobey. I feel I should stay here”, you sigh, “beside I am not appropriately dressed”.
“No. Then I invite you and as for as appropriate dress”, she draws you closer, “I am sure I have something that will show off your beautiful body”. And before you can offer any other resistance she is leading you into the hall
 It is a superb building, all marble and velvet draping. The walls are filled with art works and finished in polished dark wood, whilst the floors boast deep deep carpets. Running down its centre and linned by a row of  perfectly detailed feminine figure, carved from what looks like polished ebony, is a wide marble stair case on which stand the 4 beautiful Maids there latex uniforms glistening in the light.
 “Now Andrew I put you in the hands of my Maids. Emily, Brigitte .Isabella and juliette, This is Andrew”.
 You look between each girl, they are all so very beautiful and to a degree very similar almost like sisters. There uniforms, though clearly those of a maid, are in a very different style to your own, Where yours are soft and very feminine these are far more ….enclosing, almost, with high necked collars, long sleeves, gloves and matching stockings,…yes restrictive ….
 “Good Evening Andrew”, they say as one, each presenting a deep curtsy.
 “Hello”,.You softly reply.
 “It is so nice to meet you , You are very beautiful”.
 You feel yourself blush at there kind words.
“Now Brigitte”. The girl lowered her eyes, “Girls please take Andrew and find him something more appropriate for my ball , I think something from the collection might be suitable.”.
 “Yes Madam”, came the almost excited reply and quickly the girls surround you and, in a murmur of ohs and ahs and ‘Its so tight’ and ‘Its so smooths’., lead you at their centre up the stairs.

  The upstairs of the hall is as superb as the rest and after passing several doorways and several mor of those stunning statues, you are ushered into a well lit dressing room, its walls linned with wardrobes and at its centre, standing in a ring of lights stand two circles of mirrors, One surrounding a high chair and make up table, the other taller one a low pedistal.. Off to one side you can se through to a second room, this bathroom is also brightly lit and from I curls a mist of scented steam.
 Its takes 4 pairs of hands no time to peel your flesh from the glistening plastic skin and before you know it the warm scented foam is bathing away any tint of PVC. As you lay there you think how bizarre it is. Once more you are to be dressed, made up and presented as a image of feminised perfection, but this time you are in the delicate hands of 4 girls of your own age. You blush deeply at the idea.
 Not that you have time to dwell on the thought, for soon you are having your long blonde hair enstyled, you notice quickly that it has the same high pony tailed look of the countessas. It is a similarity which extends to your new make up, with ornate eyes, soft highlighted cheekbones and full honey wet lips. In fact it was a quite stunning ‘look’, the sultry sensuality of your long lashed eyes is almost the complete opposite of your dewy lips shaped as they are now into the perfect, innocent bow of a child, yet some how these opposites have transformed you into a very, very sexy young woman.
  Again though, clearly under instruction not to delay your return to the ball, the maids give you no time to admire there skills. You are led from the mirror circled chair to the low pedistal where the girls have a shimmering black latex gown laid out, a latex gown which would clearly display more than in concealed for just a quick glance told you it had no back! No back at all, Indeed as they held it up it became opbvious it had no front either. ,Indeed it was merely two sides which when eased on would be joined at front and rear with a criss cross of laces. For a moment you panic, think you will be fully exposed, unable to hide your boy hood in such a dress, but to your ‘relief’ you are first eased into a very brief, G string, which whilst covering your embarrassment, left your satin smooth buttocks open to all. Then with all 4 Maids about your you watch yourself from every angle, as reflected a million times in the mirrors, you are eased into the dress. The latex ,warmed under the lights settles onto you every curve, hugging you from chest to calf where it tails into a loose train. Two Maids hold the gown a the others draw the laces tight, stretching the thin rubber into a perfect second skin, whilst leaving your front and rear very exposed. The tight lacing also had two other effects, firstly, the dress became very tight about your legs, squeezing them into a single shining column which would make walking difficult and secondly it had an unforseen effect about your chest, which makes you glossy lips part in a silnt gasp. Much to your shock the laced latex has drawn up any loose puppy flesh it could and has moulded it into a very obvious and extremely sweet little cleavage, crowned by two very hard nipples which poke out into the ultra fine rubber. Gazing in shock at the effect the dress has had on you you hardly notice the wide chocker collar being laced about your slim throat nor the very high heels being slipped onto your feet.
  Infact the sight of your new body, near naked in this dress, your buttocks open and exposed, your legs bound perfectly as one, leaves you stunned until you suddenly realise you are being sprayed with a fine aromatic oil. The effect of which is both shocking and undeniabley sexy, for now ,not only dose your dress shine with the deep liquid gloss of polished latex, but your naked skin also glistens, giving it the appearance of being coated in translusent rubber its self .
 The Maids step back, whispered words of compliment buzz in the warm air, as you turn within the mirrors, your fingers gentley running over your sleek dressed hip, you realise you  have never looked like this before, you have gone beyond being a mere feminised boy and now stood transformed into a truly beautiful young lady. A hand takes yours and the 4 Maids guide your way.

 For a long moment you stand in the door, the large room is full of beautiful women of all ages, some dressed as elegantly and classically as lady Vanessa in silk and satin gowns, whilst others also wore gowns but these glistening and gleamed with the unmistakable shine of rubber.
. Yet in a room of beautiful women you are the most stunning of visions. Sensual, ornate, elegant and impossibly beautiful. The look on Lady Vanessa face says it all. The countessa approaches, her eyes afire. “You look stunning my darling, I knew you would”, she says taking your hand and kissing you softly in the cheeks, before adding with a low purr, “perhaps I might taste those soft lips later”.
 Your movements restricted by the tightly sheathing dress and skyscraper heels, you wiggle with tiny delicate steps as you allow her to lead you through the parting crowd to the raised area where , Lady Vanessa  and a number of other ladies await . Stopping before her you remember your manners a drop a slighty unsteady curtsy to your wide eyed mistress.
 “Do forgive me lady Vanessa”, the countessa says, “Andrew did not wish to give up his duties but im afraid I insisted he join us”.
 “That is quite alright”, she replies, her hand running down the exposed curve of your buttocks, “It is a quite stunning outfit”.
 “One of your own designs”. A gorgeous blonde in a gleaming perlesant pink latex gown says smiling at her host.
 “Indeed i…”
“Excuse me”, you all look to the polite cultured voice. It is the lady you met outside, “Im sorry, but did you say….Andrew?”.
 “That is correct, Georgina this is Andrew. He is my maid , my chauferess. and my companion”, Lady Vanessa says, her hand encircling your smoothly moulded hips and drawing  you close in an almost protective way.
 “Isn’t he gorgeous”, The countessa adds catching your eyes in hers, “There truly is something spiritual about the feminisation of a young man, to peel away the decreed surface and mould the beauty within”.
 “Feminisation?, I have never heard of such a thing”, offered a gorgeous second lady, dressed in lace and satin.
 “The complete transformation of  a boy into a girl”, The blonde adds, smiling at you.
 “Well its not that far really”, Lady Vanessa says, “Andrew will always be  very much a young man, but blessed with all the beauty and femininity of a girl”
“The best of both worlds you might say”. The countess adds.
 Lady Vanessa  can see your face filling with colour and with a deft move changes the subject. “Tell us more of your designs Countess?”
  The lady smiles, “I design for my own company N-Slave. I sell over the web and produce a widely circulated magazine. My true love though is photography and film making. I  do all my own design and art works”.
“That is amazing, Andrew and I often watch films in the evenings, I have a small cinema at my home in London. What do you make”.
  “Mostly small films for a select european market”.
“That is interesting perhaps we might see you at work?”.
“I will insist upon it”. The countess smile stroking your cheek. Before excusing herself.

  As the party went on, you can feel the eyes of each and every guest pass over you, hardly surprising when you consider apart from your hostess you are the only guest wrapped in perfumed rubber with his body shimmering like glass. But even then, whether it is the champagne, something you had never had before, or just the kind and polite words of the other guests, you feel yourself relaxing and by the time a number of the guests begin to leave you are encircled by 5 very beautiful ladies, all of about 30 to 45 years of age and happily answering there questions about your life and how you came to be, in one ladies words, ‘Cute enough to spread with honey and eat for breakfast’.
 Indeed it is only sometime later when they bid you good night that  you realise she is nowhere you be seen. Excusing yourself from the last 2 ladies you wiggle over to the stair case where the countess Is saying good night to departing guests. She spots you and a smile curls on her lips.
 “Ah Andrew darling”.
 “Forgive me Countess, but do you know where I might find Lady Fullerton-Silk”.
“Do not worry darling”, she strokes your cheek, “I am sure she is about somewhere. Now you come with me Andrew. I have been dying to get you alone all night ”.
She takes your hand and leads you to sit before the fireplace. Sitting opposite her you can really see how beautiful she is, she has an almost perfect face, her lips and eyes seem to fit precisely into her round, high cheeks face and with her dark hair down you imagined she would be even lovelier.
  “You have been quite a hit tonight Andrew, everyone of my guests agrees you are one of the loveliest girls they have ever seen. Some of them even refused to believe you were not a real girl atall, claining you were a model or something”. She strokes your cheek, “I must say I find it difficult to believe it myself.”.
  You feel your colour rise in your cheeks and thank her for her words.
 “Not at all Andrew, You really are very very beautiful. Lady Vanessa is very lucky to be so close to you”.
  She sits back her eyes never leaving you and as you talk about your duties, your story and explain how you now wear nothing but latex,it is not just the countesses  physical beauty you find captivating, but her gently accented voice and caring tone. She can not say to many time how beautiful you are , how you truly suit latex and how you would fit into one of her little films. You joke you had always wanted to be a film star and when she leans closer and says you will be….she means it.
  You feel your self flush and glanceing about ask where Lady Vanessa is.The countess stops one of her maids.
 “She was in the gallery Madam, with madam Rai”.
“Oh how lovely, shall we join them darling”. The countess takes your hand and leads you through the house and into a wide gallery, linned with photograph and designs of girls in various outfits. “This is where I like to keep my favorite pictures, a private gallery”. She stops you infront of an image of a womandressed in what you could only describe as a riding outfit of black and red, whilst in her hands she held a set of reigns which led to a bridel enclosed the head of a beauty seemingly dressed as a pony, complete with swishing tail and plummed main. “This is Jessica and lucy. Lucy is the ponygirl. I think they were still at school when I took that. There mummy loved it, she said it truly showed how Jessica dominated her baby sister”. She looks at you for a reaction. You give none, How can you react to such a unearthy thing. “Very….nice”, you say. She smiles. “You are so kind, please, let me show you this”. She gentley guides you along to a free standing frame and for a moment gasp aloud. You step closer to see. It is an image of a beautiful young lady rising from a bath of glistening black liquid, The tar like fliuid clinging and rippling down her superb body.
  “Liquid Rubber”. The countess purrs, her hand resting on the small of your back as if to prevent you stepping back. “Warm liquid rubber, one of lifes most sensuous experiences. For a long time the countess lets you dwell on the picture, then with a  glance at you, her eyes glowing, her hand slips lower onto the upper curve of  your bottom. “Lets see what Lady Vanessa is so engrossed in”.
   As you approach Lady Vanessa it is clear she is totally captivated by the large photo which dominates the end wall and as you near you can see why. The image shows and tall stunningly figured woman completely sealed in a second skin of glossy vermillion red rubber. Not a millimetre of flesh remained visible apart from where two wide excited blue eyes sparkled. But it was not the rubber or the eyes that stunnned you it was the gleaming black tube which snaked from between her thighs and coiled up to contect to the mask which covered her nose and mouth. You feel a hand cup you buttocks.
 “Isn’t she beautiful, my very favourite model.. Always willing to take one more step”.
  Lady Vanessa looks round, her face is glowing and red. “It is …..astonishing”, she says her voice oddly faltering, “But it can not be real”.
 “Why ever do you say that, Lady Vanessa”. Your hosts hand slips from your bottom and she steps to her side.
“I mean it is to perfect, there is not a blemish on the figure as if it were touched up…..by computer”.
 The countess laughs, “Lady Vanessa I can assure you, there is nothing touch up about any of my images. Computers are so lifeless. No everything you see is very real”.
  “Please Countess, Such a tight fit must be impossible, and besides your model would suffocate in such a…….mask”.
  You watch as the countess rests one hand on Lady Vanessas back, running her fingers down her spine. “The Suit is ¾ size, this allows for that fabulous tension and as for the breathing. The mask regulates the wearers inflow of air, so a tubbed girl can either breath normally or if so desired by her or her mistress a mixture of air and more”, she lowers her voice to a honey trickle, “natural gases”.
. “Forgive me it was rude to doubt your host, “Lady Vanessa says her eyes returning for one last glance. “But It is truly unbelievable, to think that within that rubber skin is a living breathing girl, I mean it must be so hot, so stiffelingly sweaty and tight”
“But these thoughts Lady Vanessa are the  true sensations ,the true beauty of my world, as anyone who has touched it would know”.
  Lady Vanessa steps back, you see her face clearly flushed, like a school girls. “No I understand, what you strive for is the reprisantation of pure sensation”. Her words and tone struggle to conseal a tremble. “But where as I do not claim to understand  the passion behind them , they do…”, she pauses her voice trailing into nothing, silence hangs in the air as she gazes at the image which had captivated her the evening before and fueled her sleeping dreams. “Talk to me”.
   The countess breaths in the moment, again her hand rests on your mistresses back. She look back at you, her eyes narrow and gleaming, her lips part in there glossy velum, she smiles. “I would love to take you into my world so you might understand”.
  You can here your mistresses breathing deepen. “In…in  what way?”.
 The countess smiles. “To immerse yourself in art is truly to understand it”, she says And points to the base of the picture, to a small printed plaque .It simpley reads
                                                                 LADY VANESSA.
  Your mistress looks to your host her breath catching in her throat. “You were quite right Lady Vanessa. It is just a cold computer image. I admit the night I met you at my Party in Solingen I could not sleep until I had created this”. She looks up at the image, with pride, “You truly inspired me, your beauty, your inteligence and elegance but you are correct, the image you see is  cold and false, it dose not touch me…….that is whey I invited you to stay. The moment I saw you again I hoped you might help me bring it to life and become my work of art”.
 Lady Vanessa stepped back, laughing nervously ,the realisation of what she was being asked instantly clear. “You mean to….to be like that”. She points to her stunning reprisentation on the wall.
  “Yes Lady Vanessa, yes, to be my model”.
  “Oh no”, she shakes her head, “no thank you, countess, but I could not…not like that it would be too much”.
 “But Lady Vanessa, you already understand the sensuality of the fetish ideal”, the countess says stepping forward once more, eager not to loose her chance, “In Andrew, you have, tome, created the most stunning of fetish ideals. As a Latex maid Andrew is the perfect blend of submission, bondage, beauty and sexuallity. The image of a boy transformed into such a fetishistic ideal as a latex maid  can only be done by one with a true feeling”. You blush deeply at her admiring glance, “Just as the recreation of the image you so admired here can only be realised by one who truly feels”.
  The rhythm of the words flow through lady Vanessa like a well, making her dizy. “But..but it would be to much, I could not imagine being so….so helpless. No please forgive me countess but I could not”, she pauses, choosing her words, “The idea……scares me”.
 “Please forgive me, Lady Vanessa, I asked to much”, the countess steps back, “I understand entierly, such an image can only be cunjoured in the mind”.
 “Please fogive me countess, I do not mean to insult you”.
 “Not at all. Lady Vanessa. You have luxuriated in the possibilities of this image much as  have been luxuriating in Andrews company and that is all”. She turns and  takes your hand “Now please it is late, I must offer you both a bed”.
  “No please that would be an imposition”, Lady Vanessa says. But your host will have no argument.
“Not at all, please I insist, My maids will take you”,
“Thank you Countessa”, you present her with a deep curtsy. “It has been a wonderful evening”.
 “You are welcome my sweet boy”. She smiles and caressing your cheek with delicate fingers draws you closer until you can feel her breath on your face. “and Perhaps now Lady Vanessa if I may,  might take my taste of Andrews lips”.
  “It is the least I can offer countess”. She replys.
 As her glossy lips slowly part in there syrup glaze, you feel you must swoon, your eyes close as your lips part and your hands without begging settle on her latexed hips. Bu the kiss dose not come, her lips hover above yours, teasing them with her breath, until slowly her tongue glides from between and smoothes across your lips in one lavasious, slow lick, before slowly drawing the taste of your lips back into her mouth, “Mmm, perrrrfect”, she purrs, before slowly stepping back and leaving you hovering in mid air, “Thank you Andrew, They taste like nectar. Now sweet dreams”.
 The imprint of The countessas beautiful face and the scent of her breath leave you  stunned and light headed, and  as the Maids lead you and your mistess up the stairs you can barly walk, Not from the tight latex gown but from the effect her touch has had on your enclosed boyhood, which with every tiny step now rubs aching against the inside of that smoothing Gstring.
“ I had my Maids lay out 2 nightdresses  for you”.the countess says, showing Lady Vanessa into her bedroom,
 “Thank you so much Countess, you have been so generous”.
 “Not at all it is a delight to have you both here, please sleep well”. She says, before much to lady Vanessas surprise placing her lips to hers. The kiss I soft and quick, but as she closes the door behind her departing host, she feels her knees wobble.
   Lady Vanessa looks about. The room is warm and fresh, superbly decorated as the rest of the house, Polished floors, rich cream and red drapes and walls hung with subtle art works, but then as moves toward the wide double bed , her jaw drops, for bathed in the warm light she can see the bed , enclosed within a floor length , flowing canopy,  it is dressed, sheeted and pillowed entirely in the smoothest, finest deep bronze rubber imaginable, giving it the appearance of being coated in a film of  thick glistening honey.
  After a moment to take in the scene, her eyes fall on the two nightdresses …One is silk the other is gleaming fiery red rubber!. Heart pounding,  she slips from her silken gown, her eyes dart between the two. Then naked, softly runs her fingers over the gleaming rubber, it is so cool so smooth, like liquid. She trembles. Then turning picks up the shimmering silk. The familiar soft sheen trickles through her fingers . So soft so natural . She looks back her heart flutters and to her shock and the next moment  is descarding the silk and is allowing herself for the first time to be engulfed in slippery latex.

 Mean while the bedroom into which the attentive Maids lead you is just as stunning, blessed to with a wide conopied rubber bed. This nest o golden latex transfixes you until one of the Maids squeezes your hand and you turn, she is holding up a long nightdress, fashioned from the same translucent bronze rubber that surrounds the bed ,
 You allow the Maids to ease the gown from your body and replace it with the shimmering nightdress. One maids opens the back to you  and 3 other pairs of eager hands help you step in. It is complimented by the addition of a pair of matching panties and a pair of high heeled bed slippers The nightdress is tight and after but a few moments ,clingy smoothy about your silken body  and now as your fingers smooth over your latex smooth body you immediately feel a difference between this and the rubber of your uniform.   For a moment  you feel alone lost in your dreams the rubber is thinner smoother, yet clings even tigher, the maids notes you feelings, “This darling, is called gum rubber” one says in a soft accented voice “it is a pure latex, very special and very expensive, I’ll let you in on a secret, This nightdress cost  ….500 pounds”, she draws you close, smoothing the latex down your thighs and over your bum, before standing back to admire her efforts “and was worth every penny, now in you hop”.
 You realise, the moment you try to move that ‘hopping’ will not be an option. The full length nightdress clings all the way down to your ankles making even the slightest movement  very awkward. However all thoughts of that trouble are instantly forgotten the moment the maids peel open the bed. Always attentive to your every emotion, the maid once more notes your hesitation, a hand rests on your shoulder and gently eases you down, before she instructs you to swing your legs in.
 The latex of your nightdress and that of the mattress instantly cling to each other and the sounds od stretching rustling rubber fills the room until she is happy you are positioned correctly in the beds centre . Then with your head nestled into the deep rubber pillows, they swiftly, settle the thin latex top sheet over you. At first the latex surrounding you is cool, but by the time it has been secured in place with a row of tiny poppers, effectively sealing you from chin to toe in shimmering rubber, it has begun to warm and cling. But the maids are not finished with you yet. You feel a finger trace a line down your body, to where your rubber sheathed boyhood throbs. It  smooths about its tip, sending tingles of delight and shame through your enclosed body Your breath deepens, you feel a new wave of embarressment as your hips slowly begin to girate to the touch and with soft sensual tone each beautiful maid whispers there good nights. Each leaning close so as to breath her words onto your glossy lips, before gifting you a soft kiss. “Good night Andrew…..we will have such fun with you”.
  You open your hazy eyes as the four stunning girls in glistening rubber uniforms step back and draw the zipper of the drapes down, forming a drum tight membrane about the bed and sealing you within its hot liquid centre.
   Sleep would come eventually.

   You are a wake to the soft cooing of 2 beautiful maids. They are resplendent in there glistening black rubber uniforms, there dresses tiny and dainty show off there fabulous figures, ther slim waists, long legs and full high breasts. You allow these visions of some kinky dream to eases you from your warm rubber nest, helping you from your now sweat streamed latex nightdress, peeling your from it as if you were some luxurious fruit until you stand naked glistening in a sheen of your own natural juice. You are showered, perfumed and powdered, before under the girls delighted gaze you sit and apply your make up. You emphisise your eyes and line then with long jet lashes, before rouging your cheeks and glossing your full lips. It is a complicated art yet now after time you find it easy and quickly you are once more gazing at the face of a very beautuful young lady.
  “Wonderful”, you turn to find the countess entering the room, your jaw drops and you gasp. She is wearing a slim fitting black knee length skirt, black stockings, white blouse and high high heels all fashioned from slick, glistening rubber, She looks stunning more beautiful than you ever remember her . Her face a vision of immaculate make up and her hair perfect and glossy.. You stand before her naked but for your panties and ever present high heels. In her hand she carries a glistening dress
  “Good morning madam”. You say, ‘bobbing’.
  “Good morning darling”, she purrs, “I trust you slept well”.
  “Yes madam, thank you”.
“Good”, she draws closer her eyes darting over your near naked body, a finger light and sensuous strokes a line across your shoulders and down one arm, “Hmmmm”, she purrs, lost in thoght, “Your are so feminine. I can’t wait to see you in the outfit I have selected for you”. She holds up the glossy black rubber dress. Your eyes widen. Oh my it will be short!
Your blush. “Th..thank you madam”.
  “The pleasure will be mine”, She turns to her maids and instructs them in French. “My Maids will bring you to me when you are prepared……I have a surprise for you”
 “But what of lady Vanessa?”, you ask
 She steps closer and brushes your cheek with her lips. “She has already had her surprise”.

  “And here we are back in the main Gallery”, The countess says leading you back into the wide well lit room. She glances round at you and catches you staring once more. She smiles and wiggles her bum. You blush, “Don’t worry darling”, she whispers, “I like you looking at me”, Your blush deeply and without thought once more tug at the hem of your dresses tiny skirt, but still it hovers just covering your pantied bottom. The military style dress in shiny black rubber , which closed down the front in a row of gold poppers, had long tight sleeves and a low scooped neck line , in which now to your shock seems to nestle a cute little cleavage. The outfit is completed by white latex gloves and a pair of thigh high black boots, These too boast military style detailing and emphasise the superb shape of your long feminine legs.
  You tug at the skirt once more. The countess smiles and takes your hand away. “I dose not need to be any longer darling, It is meant to show you off”. You blush. It dose that alright. “Now I think it is time to show you your surprise. Come with me Andrew”. She takes your hand and leads to behind a parted curtain and down a flight of steps.
   “Wait in here”, she says opening the smooth sliding door, “I shall not be long”.
  “and Lady Vanessa?”.
She smiles her lips glossy and wet, “Don’t worry Andrew, lady Vanessa will be joining us soon”.
     You enter the warm and wide, well lit room. Its walls are linned with rows of movable lighting and reflectors, and as you move in you notice  dotted about, are wheeled cabinets in which sit cameras and other equipment . In the rooms centre is a raised platform, like a stage, surrounded by lights and draped curtains. The air is thick with the aroma of rubber and just to the platforms right is a low cabinet, its open dorr revealingobjects, the perpose of which your young mind could not begin to imagine. Tubes funnels, strips, straps, locks bottles even balls with pipes snaking from them and on its own on a lower shelf, a long shint tube, with a mask at one end and a cupped bell at the other, you recognise it instantly. You gaze at it, lips parted, breath deep. You tingle all over, you tingle with….with…oh my with excitement!. Catching yourself, you step back and as you do s you catch a glimpse of someone. Your heart jumps but calms as you realise it is just a mirror you have glanced into. For a moment you try to look away but unable to resist looking at yourself . Slowly you turn, unable to avoid admireing the stunning beauty the mirror reflects back, the long legs, slim waist, rounded hips and …. “Oh no!”, you gasp  for reflected in the opposite mirror is a perfect view of your back or rather of your bottom. For ,for the first time you realise just how tiny your skirt really is, Riding up at the rear to reveal not only the lower curve of your cute bottom cheeks, but also the beginning of the secret valley between. You turn away tugging hopelessly at the skirts hem, your cheeks flushed with fresh embarrassment.
   A few moments later, an invisible door slides open at the far end of the room and the countess enters. You can barely contain your ‘WOW’  of admiration. She is now dressed in a pair of the tightest shiny black vinyl pants imaginable, a matching halter neck top which desplays her full breast and erect nipples beneath its clinging surface and a pair of black patent leather high heeled boots. She looks stunning and she can see the  approval in your eyes. She beckons you through the door, the next room It is very warm, steamy and  thick with the smell of hot rubber. Instantly you feel the prickle of sweat beneath your tight rubber dress.
 “Now stand here”, the countess says, running her hand round your near naked bottom. “It is time for your surprise”. For  moment you remain still, just the sound of your heart pounding and the soft sexy crackle of rubber breaks the silence, then comes a low muffled moan, a sensual sihn drawn on the peak of arousal. You glance at your host, her eyes gleam with excitement.
 The lights suddenly glow brighter and as if by magic the steam seams to part and before you is revealed a vision that ,If your voice would have come you would have made you scream.
. A clearly female figure, Sealed from crown to high heeled toe in a film of glossy vermilion red rubber writhes against the white tiled wall, her weight taken by her wrists which are clamped to the wall above her swaying head. A head which is featureless but for half closed  eyes and a shockingly familiar black mask from which springs a black corrugated tube which snakes down to vanish into the crutch of the rubber suit. Your voice comes in a gasp of shock, It is the image in the gallery made life!.
  But no mere image or picture could capture the true sensual terror before you now, no image could reproduce the plaintive muffled, yet oh so aroused moans and gasps of the captive beauty as she writhes within her creaking and stretching latex prison, nor could it  capture the every detail of her body, every crease and dimple in the same way this glossy new skin can. Nor could a picture reveal the delirium and terror, or the arousal and shock behind those gleaming green eyes, green eyes, the only element of the captives femininity left un-submerged in latex, green eyes, that fluttered and opened then rolled back with each deeply draw breath green eyes that pleaed and begged for mercy, shining green eyes……..GREEN EYES!!!.  You step back a shocked gasp escaping your glossed lips, as from behid that mask comes a muffled desperately lost plea.
 “Andrew, please help me”, she moansher eyes rolling, “…oh god please”
You awake with a start, your body slick with sweat, heart pounding. You gasp and breath, tremble and calm, The image of Lady Vanessa is burned into your head, you can not shake nor the sound of her muffled pleas,
Indeed it is an image which prevents sleep from coming again and so a hour or so later, with the house in silence you are tip toeing down the hallstairs in your glossy nighdress to where the image still hangs in the now darkened gallery. Some how just seeing it clears your head, it was only a dream, the image just a picture, .
  As you are about to step out you see a light flicker under a door in the far of the room. Not knowing if it should be on you silently make you way passed the picture and opening the door peak inside. To your surprise it is not a room but a corridor at the end of which is a stair case. Not knowing what to make of it your curiosity draws you in.
  Not wanting to draw attention to your movements you tip toe on your high heels along the corridor and down the winding stairs. At the bottom is a smooth white door ……………

Don’t you hate cliff hangers………..