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Monday, 13 February 2012

The Brilliant CapriciousAmber

Hi everyone, 
  I had a message from CapriciousAmber over at deviantart, telling me she had created another piece for me. This in itself was very exciting as i think all her art is stunning. however what i found when i got there took my breath away. An image based on my story The Guiding Hand
 Now as you may be aware that is a very personal story and involves lots of pieces based on real life, mainly the meeting of Andy and Will and is something i would not wish anyone else to play with as it has the ending my beautiful sweet 'Will' and i sadly never had. 
 However CapriciousAmber has created a piece which totally embraces the story and quite frankly made me gasp. This is brilliant and i can not thank her enough for it and for the care spent in creating it.
Thank you Honey, Thank you.

Sissy Andys, first Valentine. By CapriciousAmber

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