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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines Day.

Hi everyone
  Happy Valentines day to all of you and i would like to say you are all my Valentines for the kind messages and sweet comments you make to my blog.
Thank you all so much and big kisses.

However as this is my blog and it is the first Valentines since i started i just want to post something very personal if i may.

A few years back i lost my first and only true boyfriend very suddenly and never had time to say bye bye. But what i did do was write lots of stuff about him. So if i may just take a moment to post this.

Let the summer sun set on our backs,
   enfold me in your arms.
Let the scent of roses fill the air
    as I rest within your arms
Let us feel the earth beneath our rest
    keep me safe within your arms
and let me feel your breath upon my cheek
    and lay forever in your arms.

They say it gets easier with time, Then why do i still miss you.
Love you forever Con

Sorry about that, but now on with the fun stuff.


  1. Oh darling, there is nothing to say sorry about, it is so beautifully romantic and we are truly honored that you could share this lovely poem and this sad but so sweet remembrance with us!
    Big hug and gentle kisses to you, ma petite chérie

  2. Thank you so must my dear friend.You are as ever so kind.
    It is funny, though i have never ever forgotten him, the feelings i had for Con have rushed back over the last few months.

  3. Memory is a strange think, often just a simple smell is enough to bring you back!
    Oh my little sissy, a first love as pure and powerful as seemed (and still seems) to be yours for your Con will never fade and it's fabulous!
    I have personally never had the chance to love someone that way and I envy you, chérie, even if your story ended like a romantic tragedy!
    Cherished your memories, I'm sure he his proud of you wherever he is now!
    Oh, I hope this was not too awkward, don't want to disrupt you, on the contrary!
    With love, Amber *kiss*

  4. Thank you sweetheart, your words are very kind and not awkward at all. I do hope you find real love, i really do and it is so worth it, even if sometimes the out-come hurts like hell.