Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Guiding Hand...Original version

Hi everyone.
  Thank you all for your interest and comments on my story, The Guiding Hand. However i did notice some of you may have been a little uncomfortable with the Gay elements involving Andy and Will. That's cool i totally understand, some people are not that way Inclined and that is no problem and so i thought i would post the original version, or one of them anyway as it went through many incarnations.
 This version though is told from a different angle and is more towards the forced fem genre, featuring a more fetish and latex themes , between Andy and his mistress. however as ever it is not hash or cruel or nasty. It is also unedited, has poor punctuation and hideous spelling (sounds like my school report), however the plot is still clear enough to follow, even if it dos jump about here and there.
 So you could call this the DVD extra, the work print, which in some cases turn out to be better than the final cut in many peoples eyes.
  So please read and also please let me know if you like it as there are quite a few more pages to go.

The story picks up with poor Andy having been collected from collage, has been transformed at the salon by Ana and her girls and is now sitting in the restaurant under everyones gaze.

The Guiding Hand.......................

The warm summer breeze drifts about your long naked legs, circles about your ankles, touchs your calfs, kisses the backs of your knees , caresses your creamy, milken thighs and licks the underside of your pert seatcheeks as they peak beneath the hem of your tiny tiny leather skirt. Barely dressed in your cute, chic, leather suit and balancing atop dangerously sexy heels, you feel the entire world gazing at you as, hand in hand with your ‘auntie’ you glide through the elegant restaurant. The matra de has given you, sun shine seats on the terrace, these are the seats to be seen in and every one is watching , everyone is watching this stunning woman and even more so her impossabley gorgeous companion. “Who is she?, how old was she?, what is her name?, she must be a model, perhaps a cover girl?, no with those long legs she must be a catwalk model, perhaps from Paris, Yes she is chic and sexy enough, whilst her sleek hair and perfect make up is pure Parisienne”. The questions go on. But you do not here them, maybe if you could you might be able to relax, if you knew every one who saw you thought you a stunning girl and not a shy feminised boy. you might stop trembling with embarrassment.. But Lady Vanessa will not tell you that, no she likes her pretty Andrew just the way he is..her helpless pet.
 Then later, as you sit, pushing your salad about the plate, she leans closer, “Aren’t we the centre of attention Andrew, the other diners can’t keep there eyes off you, I think, they deserve a little treat for being so attentive”, she reaches down and to your shock eases the short skirt higher up your thigh. “Now cross those legs of yours darling”. You do not want to, you know what will happen, but her eyes are on you ,you can not resist and as your lovely long legs glide over each other you feel the warm breeze  caress you all the way up to the, now exposed, first curve of your perfectly formed bottom. You blushed deeper and feel sure you can here the delighted gasps of the other diners. Lady Vanessa smiles, “good boy”.she purrs and returns to her dinner.
 You have been on ‘display’ for what seems liked hours before the time comes to leave, but as you are moving toward the door an attractive lady stops you both, she is about 30ish with long brown hair  and eyes, full lips and dressed in a smart business suit. She introduces herself as Jessica Green . “I am a scout for  the ‘ Elite model agency’ and wondered if  you have representation”.
 “Model?!”, you gasp in shock, but then feel a hand rest on your bottom
 “No, we do not Andy, has never modeled” , Lady Vanessa looks into your eyes, you feel the colour rush to your cheeks, Andy?.
 “, like the actress, with an ie, yes?” Ms Green asks , you nod dumbly, “Oh how cute, she was a model before , very nice lady, But as you have no agent, may I give you my card and say, we would love to see you Andie, you are a very beautiful young lady and I am sure could become a very successful model”.

  The very idea that some one would imagine you were a model, let alone a young lady, keeps you in  a state of shock right up until  her car pulls into the driveway to the house, but as you pull up outside those familiar oak doors, stone steps and ivy covered walls, the thought dies.
  The large reception hall of Lady Vanessa Fullerton-Silks house is just as you recalled, polished wood floors and  half panelled walls, expensively framed art works and furniture of the highest order, all coming together to create a rich and exclusive ambience, filled with the dark scent of roses. The memories of that week end wash over you and that tingle deep inside  returns.
  To your disapointment, but not surprise, she takes your case, containing all your own clothes and without saying a word, places it the stair cupboard, locking it shut with a click of the lock. That done she turns directly to you, takes your hand and begins to lead you upstairs, “Now then darling, I really can’t wait to get you back into your sexy rubber uniform, but I am going to be a good girl.,at least for this evening”, she smiles, “and let you settle in”. In no time you are on the galleryed landing and entering what, 3 months ago, had been your room. Only now there was no bed, the walls are now lined with  mirrored wardrobes  , wide clear vanity tables and one high backed chair. “This darling is your dressing room, gorgeous isn’t it, I had it done out especially for you, we will be able to come here and practice with your make up and hair, won’t that be fun”, she squeezes your hand warmly, “Now I want you to find an outfit for this evening, anything you like, you will find all sorts in the wardrobes, it s all yours so don’t be worried about putting on something of mine, not that you are not welcome to”, she adds with a naughty smile, “and I will see you down in the lounge”, she kisses your cheek and turns to leave.
 “Lady Vanessa?”, you whisper “where will I sleep?”, knowing the answer would have nothing to do with you.
 “Oh no darling, I am sorry, your bed room is through that door, it joins on to mine,  it s a much sunnier room and one  i could decorate in a more appropriate fashion”. Her look says it all, “but I’ll save that treat until bed time, now have fun”.
  It is the first time since falling into her hands that you have the choice of what to wear, however you know within those mirrored cupboards there is nothing your honestly want to, a truth born out on the opening of the first. Two rails of softly feminine pastel shade dresses, each glistening with the deep liquid gloss of rubber part  before your trembling hand. The next contains a mixture of skirts, jackets and blouses, whilst a third drips with small special items, delicately frilled lingerie, panties, corsets, bodices and stockings. The very idea that all this was for you quickly makes you realise you would be confined not only to feminine finery, for the next 2 months but also to the warm clinging embrace of glossy rubber. Suddenly you are awake, your mind returning to the boy inside, It’s a trap!! no, no this is what she wants, she wants you to dress, to choose. It a trap! If you appear before her in an outfit you have chosen then you are submitting willingly to her, you are admitting to wanting to be dressed as a sexy girl.No.. You then turn to the last wardrobe, you know what it must contain,.

  30 minutes later you are looking in the mirror, once more you are a feminised Maid, uniformed in a dress of glossy black rubber, you tell yourself you have not done so willingly, but why then, when you turn away and desend the stairs back to your mistress, dos  your body  tingle so.
   She looks up as you enter, her face unable to control a wide delighted smile. You step before her, lower your eyes, pause and gift her a deep curtsy. “Good evening madam”.
  “Good evening Andrew……I knew you would not let me down,”. Her smile is wicked, knowing and triumphant, you stare at her , stare into those cool green eyes and know , for in that moment you understand the brilliance of the trap into which you have now so willingly stepped, For if you had worn any one of the other outfits, it would have been a clear rejection of her and shown you had no desire to accept the role of maid, but instead you had imagined rejection of choice would be less submissive an expession of your unwillingness to choose how you would be feminised and declare that if you were to be, it would only be at her will and not yours…..precisely. Stupid boy!
 She takes her time drinking in the trembling fawn like beauty before her, You lower your eyes again, a feeling of helplessness invades your stomach then, “Now then Andrew or should I say Andie? .I will have tea, in the study in ten minutes”.
 As the waves of acceptance crash down on your mind, you step back  and curtsy , “Yes Madam”, you whisper and she watches with delight as her feminised Maid once again, wiggles off about his duties.

   By 8pm she has settled before the wide tv cinema, but her eyes are not always on the screen, for seated beside it is the most beautiful destraction. Ankles crossed with knees and heels pointing in opposite directions, hands demurely resting in lap and head and eyes lowered. You have been placed ,as Lady Vanessa had explained, ‘in the  correct position for a maid in her mistresses presence’. You sit in embarrassed silence,  feeling the rubber of your dress clinging with your each slow breath, Occasionaly she reminds you to sit up, with a straight back, but for the last hour her comments have been about your beauty and how happy she was to have a ‘pretty maid’ back, “You have had a long day Andrew” she purrs, stretching her long limbs out, the points of her deadly heels reaching out towards you. “So many things, happening, you must be tired”.
 “Yes, Madam a little”. You whisper your eyes still lowered
 “Oh im sorry darling, would you like to retire?”,
 “It is still early Madam”, you reply, glancing to the sunny evening beyond, whilst secretly yearning to be free of this clinging outfit.” But yes I am a little sleepy”.
  “then lets get you to bed”, she stands .You follow without prompting and gain an admiring smile as, automatically, you smooth your skirt and apron, in a perfect display of feminine decolation. “Good boy”, you blush deeply. “Now darling, you recall the way in which we care for our outfits?”. You nod, “very well you will be ready in 15 minutes”. You bob a curtsy and teeter from the room, an unseen smile on your glossy red lips….But if you had looked back you would have seen a second, wider smile.
  The door opens and you turn to face her, naked now but for a pair of pink high cut panties you curtsy politely, she smiles as she drinks in the vision and the scented air, “You have perfumed”, she says softly.
 “Yes madam”, you tone was almost to girly, the feeling of relief at being out of that tight rubber quite overjoying. “I hope you like it?”,
 She smiles “I do, thank you darling”, she takes your hand and leads you to the through door which leads to your new bed room. “And I hope you like this”.
  The door opens and the first thing that comes to you is the air, It is warm and moist and scented with the unmistakable aroma of warm rubber, for a moment  as you are led inside , you don’t get it, The room is wide and expensively decorated as befitted a sophisticated lady. Polished floors, rich cream and red drapes and walls hung with subtle art works, but then as you are led toward the wide double bed , your jaw drops, for bathed in the warm light of the lowering summer sun you see the bed , enclosed within a floor length , flowing canopy, is dressed, sheeted and pillowed entirely in the smoothest, finest deep bronze rubber imaginable, giving it the appearance of being coated in a film of  thick glistening honey. You remain transfixed untill Lady Vanessa squeezes your hand and you turn, she is holding up a long nightdress, fashioned from the same translusent bronze rubber that surrounds the bed ,
 Lady Vanessa opens the back and helps you step in. The nightdress is tight and after but a few moments ,clingy smoothy about your silken body. Instantly you feel a difference between this and your uniform dress, the rubber is thinner smoother, yet clings even tigher, Lady Vanessa notes you feelings, “This darling, is called gum rubber, it is a pure latex, very special and very expensive, I’ll let you in on a secret, This nightdress was made especially for you and cost  ….500 pounds”, she draws you close, smoothing the latex down your thighs and over your bum, before standing back to admire her efforts “and was worth every penny, now in you hop”.
 You realise, the moment you try to move that ‘hopping’ will not be an option. The full length nightdress clings all the way down to your ankles making even the slightest movement  very awkward. However all thoughts of that trouble are instantly forgotten the moment she peels opens the bed. Always attentive to your every emotion, Lady Vanessa notes your hesitation, a hand rests on your shoulder and gently eases you down, before she instructs you to swing your legs in.
 The latex of your nightdress and that of the matress instantly cling to each other and the sounds od stretching rustling rubber fills the room until she is happy you are positioned correctly in the beds centre . Then with your head nestled into the deep rubber pillows, Lady Vanessa swiftly, settles the thin latex top sheet over you. At first the latex surrounding you is cool, but by the time she has secured the sheet in place with a row of tiny poppers, effectively sealing you from chin to toe in shimmering rubber, it has begun to warm and cling..
 But as lady Vanessa sits beside you, allowing her fingertips to softly stroke over your rubber enclosed body, you do not feel worried about your new imprisonment ,you feel a new sensation deep inside, a strange sensation of warm, helpless relaxation and worse, for by the time words once more pass between Lady Vanessa glossy wet lips, you are very, very  excited indeed.
 “I have never seen anything as beautiful as you Andrew”, she purrs, her fingers sending electric tingles through your body, “I am going to have so much fun with you. You are my beautiful doll, my obedient pet, my favourite toy and I promise you, by the time our summer ends, that is all you will desire to be”. She leans over you, your eyes drink in her flawless skin, her green eyes and her full glossy red lips, Glossy wet red lips which slowly ,oh so slowly melt onto yours .The kiss is creamy and satisfying, deep and luxuriant, a sensual kiss like you have never known which forces the breath from your body in a low moan of desire. Parting slowly she languidly runs her tongue round your molten lips tasting their hot liquid surface “ delicious”, She purrs. You remain dumb struck, as with that wicked smile on her lips, she Gracefully rises from your trembling side and draws the rippling drapes about the bed, “Sweet dreams, Andrew, I look forward to seeing you in the morning” and with that she lowers the zipper which draws the drapes drum tight about your warm rubber nest and you are alone. You are alone with just the pounding of your heart, the sound of softly stretching rubber and the racing of your mind.
    Last night you had slept in cotton shorts, in a cotton sheeted bed, in a dorm of 6 other boys….then how can it be that just 24 hours later, your hair is  enstyled in a femininely sexy bob, your face painted in richly glossed tones and your soft scented body lays wrapped in a latex nightdress ,cocooned in a latex nest . How could this all have happened and why do you nestle your pretty face into those latex pillows and find sleep so easy?…..Why?.
  The warm summer sun beats through the translucent rubber curtains and spills it golden light on your enclosed latex nest. You stir as the natural rubber that surrounds you once more give off that now familiar aroma. In your sleep you breath it deeply in, holding the rich aroma in your head. Everything smells of fresh rubber and as you slowly awake you languidly stretch out in the smooth, soft bedlinen and snuggle your pretty face into the pillow coverd with fine rubber. It is a pleasant sensation to feel the cool material on your cheeks and drowzily bury your nose in the rustling folds and breath in the familiar aroma. During the night, under the warm cover,  the bronze translusent latex of your nighdress has completely stuck to your smooth body and now gleams on your body, bottom and thighs like a deep glaze. Your mind is open, sleepy, you like the way the rubber clings and embraces your body and tenderly you caress your sensitised body and stroke the smooth rubber skin with fingernails painted a deep red gloss, fingernails which slowly desend your latex cocoon until they trickle across your eager boyhood. You moan deeply through red glossed lips, you have not touched yourself like this for so long, your back arches slowly from the rubber bed as your touch become more possecive, oh it feels so good , so exciting, so thrilling that you barely notice the other soft hand on yours easing it away.
 “Not now my darling”, Lady Vanessa voice drifts into your head and with a start you realise what you were doing, and as your eyes focus on her beautiful smiling face, you feel yourself blush deeper than ever before, “I could sit here all day watching you sleep , I can think of no  more beautiful sight in the morning, than watching you enjoy your body”, she whispers, allowing her fingers to drift across your latex cocooned body. “Perhaps later?”
.An hour and a half later and you are serving Lady Vanessa her morning coffee and laying out the mail. In your smooth glossy black  latex dress and high heels, you are uniformed very much as the day before the only noticeable change being in your make up, though your eyes remain, ornately shaded and long lashed, your lips, instead of cherry red of yesterday,  are ,along with your nails, frosted with the sweetest and most feminine of champagne pinks, which leaves them looking like baby soft candy. “Now Andrew my darling, I want you to begin with the bedrooms and then the kitchen”.
Your curtsy is dainty and elegant. “Yes Madam”, you whisper and as you turn and depart you can feel her eyes running up  your long, shapely  legs.
   You have finished both rooms and are serving mid morning tea when there is a ring at the door bell, you freeze. There is a second ring , At first you do not want to answer it, but she insists.
  The caller is an attractive lady of about 60 or so, dressed in a smart  and clearly expensive silk suit “Good morning”, you curtsy, “How may I help you?”.
 Clearly by the look on the ladies  face she was not expecting to be greeted by a uniformed maid and especially one wearing a black latex rubber dress . Finally the long silent pause is broken, “Yes”, she falters, “yes please inform your mistress, Juliette Thomas is here to collect her donation”. Her words mean nothing to you, and so you welcome her in. You can feel her eyes all over you as she follows you into the house
 “Ah Ms Thomas”, Lady Vanessa, greets her guest at the door of the lounge, and instructs you to bring a second tea, you curtsy and leave.
 “Good morning Lady Fullerton-Silk, so nice to meet you”,  The two politely shake hands.
 “I am so glad you called, I have just moved the items into the through hall, please”. Lady Vanessa leads her guest on. But not before she has one last glance at you.
 “It is so nice to be in a house, which still values the employment of correct and proper servanting. Your Maid is very polite she dose you great credit and I might say, herself as well…..she is quite lovely”
 “Thank you, I shall pass on your compliment, please”, she leads Ms Thomas into the through hall.
   Glowing with embarrassment at the thought of being seen by an ‘outsider’, you take your time before returning to the hall, however just before you are about to enter you see a shocking sight. Your suitcase is open on the table! and Ms Thomas is looking through your clothes! “These are very nice, Lady Vanessa”, you hear her say, “But forgive me I thought you said you were donating your Maids old clothes”.
 “That is correct”.
 “But I  am sorry, these seam to be, how can I put it……boys clothes”.
 “That is correct, But he will not be needing them again”.
The silence hung in the room for an eternity as Ms Thomas fought for words, “Forgive me, I don’t understand, your maid, is ….”.
 “Ah Andrew”,At that moment Lady Vanessa spots you in the door and beckons you in, you place the tea on the table and curtsy, “perfect timing, Ms Thomas was just remarking on how lovely you are, isn’t that nice”, she strokes your cheek, that wicked smile on her glossy lips, “I think you should thank her for her kind words darling”.
 You feel yourself burn with shame, but knowing what she demands, step before the wide eyed guest and with eyes coyly lowered and all the grace you can find, gift her a deep curtsy, “Thank you for your kind words, Madam”, you whisper.
“Not at all….Andrew?, I speak only the truth”. There is a long pause, the lady is quite stunned. Lady Vanessa smiles.
  “will that be all?”, you ask, eager to hide away once more.
“Thank you darling”,  On wobbling legs you leave the room, but linger beyond the door.
“I am sorry Lady Vanessa, I would never have known”. Ms Thomas’s voice is still full of wonder.” But please her…sorry his uniform…. it…..looks like….?”.
 “Rubber, Latex rubber,Why yes, I think it is so much more practical and as you say, he dose look lovely”. The tone of her voice is clear, she knows you are listening, and she smiles as your heels quickly click away.

  A little later, after Ms Thomas and your clothes have gone, Lady Vanessa comes to the study, where you are dusting, she has changed from her white blouse into a short half zippered black leather jacket, which mirrored her skintight pants and high knee patent boots “There I am  sure  the charity will appreciate your old things, after all I will now provide you with all you need, It also removes any temptation you might have had to….vanish , whilst I am out this afternoon. ”, she runs a finger along the desk, idoly inspecting your work, “So you will continue your duties and have tea prepared for my return”.

  You watch her car pull away and realise she is right, although the desire to run away is as great as ever, the fact you now possessed no clothes of your own, no boys clothes any way, meant your only option was to walk out as you were and the very idea of walking down the street dressed in this glossy rubber dress, locked as it was, at the collar was beyond contemplation. No you are as traped as if you were behind bars.
 And so In resigned silence, but for the ‘clip’ of your heels and the soft rustle of rubber, you return to your work.

  At 3pm that afternoon the telephone rings, it is Lady Vanessa. “Hello darling, I trust evertyhing will be in order by my return?”, you explain you have completed every room and were in the kitchen preparing tea. “Excellent Andrew, now Tonight you will  step into a new position as my boudoir Maid, which means darling, attending to my most personal needs. So, When everything is complete you will go to my rooms and there you will take your time in selecting and laying out an outfit for my pleasure this evening. I do not mind which, I am sure you will exibit perfect taste. Also you will prepare appropriate make up, nail enamels and perfume . Is that clear?”
 “Yes Madam”, you say ,your head already beginning to race.
 “Very well ,I am entirely in your hands. Oh and one more thing. Before you enter my rooms you will change into a more suitable uniform. This you will find ready prepared for you in the dark mirrored wardrobe”.

  As you prepared the evening tea, the tone of her voice as she described the ‘suitable’ uniform, had played on your mind and now as you climb the stair and enter your dressing room to stand before the indicated wardrobe, you are a little nervous at what you will find within, however one thing is sure it would be made of rubber.
  However what greets you as you open the wide doors actually makes you gasp aloud. Yes it is a maids uniform and yes it is fashioned from smooth glossy latex rubber, however this uniform was not black, this uniform is a  hot, shocking pink! Yes entirely Pink! Pink latex dress, pink latex petticoats, pink lacey latex cap, pink latex collar, hot pink latex apron , polished,  hot pink high heels and worse, for beside, neatly arranged lay, matching pink latex panties, bodice and stockings. Your head spins, you are to become an impossibely silly frilly girly pink Maid and there is nothing you can do to prevent it.
 It is that thought, as you hang up your freshly polished ‘sensible’ day uniform, which almost relaxes you, yes there is no point in fighting it, it is her will and you have no option but to obey.
  The undies are very fine and smooth, they fit without crease or wrinkle, the panties flattening all sign of your boyness, whilst the bodice squeezes your chest and shapes your waist in to a very curvy figure. However it is the stocking which take your time, thin, stretchy and slippery, it takes you a full twenty minutes to ease them up , whilst squeezing any air bubbles out, until they mould perfectly about your long, elegant legs, transforming them into hot pink images of exquisite femininity, smooth and flawless. Sensing the stocking had taken some time you swiftly slip into the seamless dress. It is not easy on your own. The latex is tight and within moments its is warming and clinging to your body, but after a few long minutes you are once more feeling the air filled petticoats bobbing against your bottom and thighs. Apron follows, this proving difficult to correctly bow behind you, but eventually the ribbons are matching those of the dainty cap atop your head and streaming down your back. The collar is next, this clips at the rear, banding your throat in shiny pink latex, and then finally you step into the high heels and feel yourself pulled upright, for a moment you wobble, the heels seem thinner and taller than ever and you can feel the muscles in your long latexed legs straining , But to your quite shame you quickly find your naturally feminine  balance. Completely dressed now in your new unltra sissified, shocking pink uniform you turn to face the mirror. The vision of pink perfection which looks back at you is quite a sight, the almost totally consuming outfit , is an explosion of glossy pink latex which leaves only hands and face bare and transforms you into an image of impossible ultra femininity. Gazing with a fixed stare of haunted disbelief you , fluff and plump the billowing pink petticoats which cushion your frilly skirt and carfully arrange the delicate apron riding upon its smooth surface. But these are idol actions, you know they are deliberately to waist time, for the moment you saw your reflected beauty, you knew one final act of submission remained. Your new outfit is bright pink and your lips and nails are cherry red. You slowly look to the vanity table, your body shivers, both lipgloss and nail enamel are laid out awaiting you. For a moment you feel shame, but it is a meaningless emotion, for you have allowed yourself to come to far to be able to turn back now.
   As the pink gloss enamel drys quickly on your fingernails, you turn your attention to your lips and the thin twin tubes of shimmering gloss. Firstly you let the fine tipped brush of the lipstick glide smoothly across your freshly lined lips, this feels creamy smooth and instantly stains them the same shocking pink which envelopes the rest of you. This complete you open the second tube, the soft brush is lush with thick clear glosser and with nervous fingers, you apply one rich coat which settles into a mirror like glaze over your pink lips ,gifting them the same deep gloss as your shiny latex outfit.
  For a few minutes, the thought of the totally feminine actions you have just performed prevents you from looking in the mirror, but eventually your eyes fall on the vision of ultra cute femininty you have become. For a few moments the feelings of shame and humiliation are almost beyond control, but to your surprise as your eyes drift over the image in the mirror, up the superb long legs, over the slim waist and smoothy moulded bodice, to the elegant neck and delicate shoulders, you begin to slowly turn, back and forth, back and forth swaying your hips and pointing each long latexed leg in turn . You thoughtlessly fluff the mass of delicate pink petticoats on which your skirt floats and as you do your eyes loose focus on the boy within and begin to see only the beautiful and yes sexy ‘girl’ who’s blue eyes sparkle back at you and who;’s pink lips part slowly in there glossy velum to fall into a helplessly sexy smile……. OH MY!

 It is an hour later that your heart skips a beat at the sound of a car pulling up. You look out of the window just as a long leather clad leg slips from the red sports car and the dangeroulsy heeled boot  meets the gravel. Your mistress is home.You take a breath, glance one last time at the cute pink maid in the mirror and take your position at the foot of the stairs. Your heart beating faster with each passing moment, It seems to take an eternity before Lady Vanessa to enters, however the look of almost uncontrolled  delight on her beautiful face when she sees you.some how envelopes you in a warm calm tide . You allow yourself one brief peak at her, then obediently lower your gaze, take the hem of your skirt and ‘bob’ a deep curtsy.
  “Good evening madam”.
 “Good evening to you Andrew”, she replies, her tone singing with  joy, “You look lovely as ever”.You feel yourself glow with a nervous sheen as ,slowly, she circles, eyeing you up and down, drinking in the submissive beauty before her, “Yes lovely. Pink really suits you darling”.
  “Thank you madam”. Another curtsy. “Tea is served in the lounge madam”.
There is a pause, Lady Vanessa raises your chin on one fingertip until your eyes meet, once more she gazes into your eyes and slowly her lips curl into a smile of pure pride. “good boy”, she purrs. “Good boy”.

 Through out tea, as you bend and dip to serve,  you feel her eyes on you, not just admiring but almost quizically as if she were waiting for you to ‘do’ something more. Finally she calls you before her where she sits on the deep leather sofa. For a moment she just looks at you, making you shuffle nervously in your instructed posture, one heel behind the other, hands folded on apron, head and eyes lowered. Then to your surprise she tells you to turn and bend forward. This you do as gracefully as possible, allowing your skirt to rise up revealing the tops of your polished stockings and the edge of your pink panties. A moment passes before you give a little jump, her hand is slipping up under your skirt and gliding over your latex pantied bottom, it settles a moment on the cleft between and then slides down. To your surprise she giggles softly, “Oh dear Andrew”, she says, “did you not know your panties where inside out”.
 You feel yourself blush, but then remember the strangeness of the garment. The raised nobbles which linned the thin strip which slotted between your seat cheeks. “N..no madam ,I did not, I simpley thought, because of the raised…”, you pause, “.I am sorry madam, I will go and change them”. You straighten, turning back to her.
 “No darling”, her eyes narrow revelling in this moment, “you will change them here”.
       There is something trusly embarrassing about having to take down your panties in the lounge,something naughty. But as your misstress looks on, you gently peel the thin and sticky latex from about your bottom and slide them down your legs. Lady Vanessa noticing your wobble, offers you a streadying hand as you work them over each dangerous heel. Then as you fumble, turning the tiny G string panties the correct way out, you are aware of her hand once more gently sliding up under your petticaots, you tremble as one finger draws circles acorss each buttock before softly traversing the cleft between and sliding free. Then once more the thin rubber G string is easing back up your legs, you have to wriggle and work to avoid capturing the mass of petticoating, but eventually they settle in a smooth film between your seatcheeks and about your boyhood. Only now both areas were now in direct contact with the rows of rubber nipples, which lined the panties.
  You straighten, smooth your skirt and take ‘position’ , she smiles, “That’s better, no off you go and run my bath”.
 You ‘bob’ your obedience, but the moment you turn and take your first step, you let out a gasp of surprise……..Lady Vanessa smiles. ‘ yes thats better’.

  By the time the foam filled bath is full you are skipping from foot to foot, you bottom wiggling and jiggling as you desperately try to relieve the excruciatingly exciting itching being generated by the rubber nipples against your most intimate parts. With each movement, they rub and move against you sending tiny electric shocks through your entire body and making your every breath come with a low moan. By the tiem Lady Vanessa enters the steam filled room the look on your face tells her the panties are playing there tune to perfection. Your eyes are hooded, lips parted in excitement and you cant stop that sexy wiggling of your bum.
 “Is everything alright darling”, she asks, knowing damn well of your position, “you seem a little flustered”.
 “No madam, every th ……OH!!!”. You gasp aloud as one of the nipples momentarily sticks to your most intimate of openings, before poping free and sending showers of sparks through your entire body.“Everything is ready for  you”, you say, your voice barely under control, She smiles knowingly and steps closer to you, the look of a cat in her eye.
 “Do you know darling, it has been so long since I have had a beautiful Maid to pamper me and care for my every need”, She whispers, stroking one finger across your pink glossed lips, “and you will won’t you Andrew, pamper and care for me like a good Maid”, Your answer is little more than a moan, for at that instant the fingers  pressure increases momentarily to ease its way  smoothy between your lips. It is a simple yet devastatingly sensual act which completesly erases all the sensations boiling in your pantied body and when it slowly draws free leaves you close to collapse. “Of cause you will”. And with that she steps back and allows the silken robe to slip to the floor. It is as if a flash bulb has exploded in your head, your mind spins, you can’t take all these wild sensations in, you are as if in shock and ecstacy all at once.
  But when your head dose focus once more, it is on a quite stunning sight, the superbly  toned, honey tanned figure of  Lady Vanessa, She stands before you, naked, her hands resting on her curvaious hips making no attempt to cover herself up, but why should she, she is absolutely stunning, her full copper tipped breasts are firm and upturned like a 20 year olds, her waist is slim, her stomach flat and her legs longer than ever, But it is that secret junction of body and inner thigh that makes you stare, for her most intimate place is completely smooth.!.
  “Its rude to stare darling”, she purrs, her voice just high enough to ‘wake you up’, but not stern enough to break the mood, Besides she delighted in the silent compliment, it was nice for a woman her age to be stared at so wonderously by some one so young. And stare is all you are capable of right now, as gracefully she turns , giving you one last deliberate wiggle of that gorgeous bottom before  lowering herself into the foaming water. She allows you a few more moments to yourself, then in her lowest tone wakens you. “The warm rose oils ,if you please darling”. She secretly smiles as your bewildered mind struggles to clear, but soon you are standing over her and allowing the warm rich oils you stream slowly down her smooth foam shrouded body .“Oh that’s so nice, now gentley darling , gently smooth it all over and bath me”, For a long moment you hesitate, you have never dreamt of such a moment, or rather you had but never imagined it would come true, until now. Lady Vanessa  relaxes with a moan as your hands oh so softly touch her skin and begin to smooth the glistening oils across her shoulders and back, then down each long graceful arm before desending each superb leg, she prompts you to make sure you pay attention to her soft feet. This you do working the rose scented foam between each toe before then returning up her legs and as you do, as your soft hands stroke upwards along her inner thigh she is sighing and slowly opening her legs. You need no instruction ,but as your hands hover at the top of each thigh she languidly looks up at you and opens them more. You instantly see the pink slit and downey pillow between and slowly you glide your hands up and allow your fingertips too run the dark valleys length. Your mistress moans and lowers her head. But she dose not allow you much time to dwell and after a few moments of  pleasure, slowly relaxes allowing you enjoy the sight of the oily foam streaming across her stomach and breasts. Once more you begin you sensual bathing, your hands nervously hover above those creamy pillows before smoothly, slipping about each one, and beginning to massage the oils in. Down and around, up and across the gracefull slope, on and about the hard copper peak, then down once more, round and a round up and about, soft and warm, wet and glistening you have never felt anything so soft and warm or so bewitching as these beautiful pillows, and slowly your touch becomes even softer and lighter. Suddenly you become aware of her hand on yours. You freeze as you realise your touch has became a gentle loving caress, You look to her glowing face and hooded eyes . Like a rabbit in head lights you become still, but she dose not, a moment passes between you and her full wet lips part once more, but now no sound comes out, nothing but a soft moan as gently she guides your hand down her trembling body and between her parted thighs, “You are so beautiful, please don’t stop”
  With her hand guiding yours you begin to softly caress her silken purse rimming the dew wet lips before gently oh so gently smoothing within. and before long two of your long fingers are being glided in and out on river of pussy cream, there pink tips peaking mometarily into view before once more being eased  back inside, brushing that mysterious nippin  which ,each time they do causes Lady Vanessa, cool, dominant Lady Vanessa,to moan and purr like a sensual panther. Then suddenly you sense her body tense, a new warmth on your enslaved hand, you look to her beautiful rose lipped face, her eyes are closed, lips parted in a silent prayer, for a brief instant, the very idea of witnessing such a private moment, makes you shyly stop your caressing, but the near agonised look in her eyes as they stare up at you and the deep moan of need and desire she emits makes your further duty clear and without her guidence your fingers return to the sensual dance, this time spending longer and longer surrounding that hard nippin with electric caresses, until finally with her breath coming in shorter and shorter pants you roll that peak between your fingertips and this time as her eyes roll back under closing lids, her body arches from the foaming bath and she lets out a long slow agonising moan of  pleasure, a moan of pure pleasure which seems to take an age to fade from her lips and when it dose, her eyes flutter closed and her glossed lips soften into a faint, tired but contented smile.

   You do not wait for instruction, indeed you feel rather embarrassed to have been privy to such an intimate act and so after a moments to recover your sences and rightly thinking your services would no longer be needed, bob an inseen curtsy to your near sleeping mistress and retire to your room. There as a good maid should you strip and clean your uniform. The dress is hung and polished, stockings eased off and layed out, bodice loosened and removed{much to your relief}, but when you came to those panties you stop and linger your fingers over the smooth Latex, so smooth, Then for some reason you bend forward. The shock is almost to much as the rubber nipples reawaken and once more take control of your every sensation and force your surprised breath out of your body in a series of startled pants. You feel you knees wobble as you struggle for balance, but you do not strighten, instead your pants become shorter and more urgent as you bend lower, the rubber nipples now rubbing harder against your most intimate and naughty opening, harder and deeper until, barely breathing, you suddenly stiffen, half rise in panic and  release a shocked, surprised, startled, excited, desperate, sensual, sexy, low, wanten moan and with knees relieved of duty, collapse into you rubber nest.

  You awake some time later, to find yourself in a completely different room, this one is clinical white, white floor ,white walls. You are laying on a table in its centre, gazing up at yourself in the mirrored ceiling. You make to turn your head to look about but to your surprise find it impssible, you flex your arm, this to will not move to your command. Your legs respond the same and it is clear you are totally paralysed. Momentarily 4 figures enter your vision, 3 are dressed in tiny, glistening white PVC nurses uniforms, unrecognisable behind medical masks. However the 4th was clearly Lady Vanessa, dressed in a matching white PVC uniform except hers clung to her every fabulous curve from throat to ankle.
 “Lady Vanessa? What’s going on?”,
 you ask but your voice remains in your head, your lips and mouth as paralysed as the rest of you. Now you feel a twinge of fear, For in the mirror you can see them arranging about you ,a number of trollys upon which lay, what look to you like a number of rolls of shiny white bandage each about 6 inches wide and a pot of thick white fluid with a brush. Again you look to your mistress, your silent voice enclosed inside your head.
 “Lady Vanessa please”. This time you feel she has heard you, she leans over and smiles, her lips are plum red and glisten with glosser.
  “Relax now, my beautiful girl, there is nothing you can do”. She draws closer, her face all but blocking the mirror above, the mirror in which you glimpse the nurses unroll one glistening latex bandage, raise your feet and slowly begin to wrap your long feminine legs into one sleek glossy column. You look back into her eyes, her sparkling excited eyes, You have no voice yet she answers your question. “Mummification”, she breaths and seals your lips beneath hers.
  You awake with a gasp, your heart pounding, head swirling. You blink your eyes, forcing them awake, forcing them to focus. You breath deep, the familiar aroma of warm latex fills your nose, but to your shock it is all you can breath through, your mouth is tightly shut. You blink again, now forcing your eyes wide, forcing them to focus on the mirror above and on the shocking image it contains. You silently cry, nothing but your eyes and two short tubes at your nose remain, everything else is perfectly sealed within an sheath of shiny white latex , which envelopes you from crown to toe, completely mummifying you in a seamless skin of pure white rubber. Panic rushes through you like a torrent and to your surprise you feel yourself able to move, But no matter how you writhe or wriggle, the latex prison merely stretches before snapping you back, leaving you little more than a beautiful feminine insect, writhing within a shimmering cocoon. Moments later your mistress is at your head, her fingertips stroking your rubber sheathed cheek, she is smiling and happy . She bends adorns each of your wide terror filled eyes with soft moist kisses and with a whispered “sweet dreams”, you are completely enclosed.

The next morning, Lady Vanessa wakes you from your latex nest, her eyes seem greener, her skin more alive and her smile even naughtier, but what really surprises you is that you are dressed in your nightgown!. You remember the dream, oh it was only a dream, your heart slows, You look into Lady Vanessas  face, she smiles. “Its alright darling, its all right”.

  It was never mentioned again, in fact it comes as a relief to once again be a bout your duties, the embarrassment of having your face made up and being dressed in a French maids uniform fashioned from luxuriant black Rubber, is nothing compared to that you feel for  witnessing your mistresses most private of pleasures or at you own submission to the pull of your panties. No compared to those two, being a feminised boy was almost normal. It is also not metioned because she dose not need to. The look in her eyes the smile on her rose lips and the tender touch on your scented shoulders makes her feelings clear that such pleasures are now all part of your new life.

  This new life continues as ‘normal’ and for the next few days you fall into a routine, yours days are spent in service of your mistresses care, you tidy the house, serve teas, wash and clean her most intimate apparel every thing a good maid should and in return she dresses you in an almost endless collection of different coloured uniform, black, baby blue, purple even pure snow white all depending on how she felt. One day she changes your outfit 4 times, from the classic black, through ,deep burgundy, creamy white and finally into a quite stunning vivid scarlet outfit, with a skirt that billows out on a sea of black silk petticoting. Naturally each new outfit requires a change to make up and the scarlet which fashions your final dress also coats your lips and nails in the same slick gloss. But each night you wear just one outfit, each night you are returned into the fold s of that bright pink rubber ,the control of those naughty nippled panties and are transformed once more into the very image of super femininity to serve as your mistresses personal maid. But only she can see the true effect this outfit is having on you, not just in how you look but how you are,  only she can see the way you now walk, how you wiggle and mince, how you speak  and how you breath and only she can see that new look in your beautifully painted eyes.

     You feel the suspender straps tighten across your thighs as you bend to collect the silver tea tray in which you have just served Lady Vanessa her morning Coffee. Today, you are in a very sexy metallic cherry red rubber dress with black trim. The petticoating is also black latex as are the stockings and high heels, the former of which are polished to a mirror gloss to emphisise the shape of your long feminine legs. Your face as ever is a vision of sexy submission. Your eyes with there long fluttering lashes are painted in warm smokey tones, your cheeks are high and deeply rouged , whilst your lips are full and glossy coated in a suculent cherry glaze which matches that on your elegantly shaped nails. In short it is just another typical day for Lady Vanessas  ever more beautiful maid….But that will soon change.

 “Andrew darling why did you not tell me about this, it was sent here by your collage”, she is holding up a small plastic card with your face on. “this is wonderful. Why ever did you not tell me you can drive”.
  “I only passed 6 months ago”, you whisper, shifting your weight nervously from one high heel to the other, “I don’t even have a car”.
 “Oh how sweet you are, how super it is, come here ive got something to show you”, she pats the sofa beside her. It is the first time as her maid you have been allowed to sit with her and you feel nervous as you seat yourself beside her. She dose not move and you are forced to sit tightly to her side. Your latexed legs resting against her leather skirted thigh. She smiles and pats your knee like a proud Auntie, then from beside her she produces a glossy magazine, its cover showing a beautiful woman completely covered in what looks like a seamless skin of bright red latex. The title reads ‘Skin two’
 Despite clearly knowing what she was looking for she slowly turns each page, allowing you time to see the various images of beautiful girls in all sorts of glossy and kinky outfits, occasionally stopping and asking what you think of a particular outfit. Then as the page turns once more you can’t help but give a softly audible  ‘O’ of shock. The full page picture shows the figure of  a woman completely and utterly moulded beneath a film of glossy thin black rubber, so tightly fitting is it you can only imagine the latex had been litteraly melted or poured onto her, but what really shocks you is the long corigated tube which snakes from between her perfectly moulded lips. Your thighs resting against hers, Lady Vanessa senses your shocked interest and allows you time to stare.
 “Do you like that darling, strange isn’t it, lets see”, she snuggles a little closer still. “Ah yes…oh!, it says ‘VACBED. Imagine being totally enclosed beneath the sheets of one of our vacbeds and then  having all the air sucked out. Imagine the feeling as our  ultra thin, ultra stretchy, super gloss latex  melts down on to you, leaving you totally immoble and helpless.’. Well what a thing, imagine that, I mean look how tight it is, you can see every detail of her and  imagine how hot that pure girl must be, oh it doesn’t bare thinking about”, Seeing the disbelief in your face she lets the words and picture linger, then flicks the pages on.
  Finally she stops at the image of a stunning girl with long blonde hair. She is wearing a very fitted millitary syle jacket which polishe buttons, skin tight pants, boots, a waist cinching belt, long gloves and a peaked cap, all of which is fashioned from glossy black rubber. She lets you take in the picture before resting one hand on your gleamingly rubberized thigh and looking straight into your eyes..
 “I have always wanted a chauffeursess and now …..i have”. Her eyes sparkling with delight, You instantly understand the implications of her words and your eyes drift back down to the stunningly sexy image on the page.

 2 hours later you are driving slowly through the busy streets of london and as you do you feel positive the eyes that linger on the gleaming red lambogini are not looking at the car, but at its stunning passenger, A beautiful young lady with long blonde, ponytailed hair, dressed in a simpley gorgeous pure white leather minidress and matching knee high boots. The only consolation you feel out of the embarrassment of being in public again was that no one could see you desperately trying to ease the hem of the dangerously short skirt low enough to conseal the matching panties it so easily exposed the moment you sat down.
 “I must say again you look gorgeous with long hair Andy”. Lady Vanessa says patting your hand away and easing your skirt a little higher. “Just like the girl in the picture”. You blush at the thought of being compared to her.
 The whistle went up the instant you step from the car. You can’t help but glance to where the young lad stood a smile of delight on his face. Lady Vanessa smiled, she did not need to say a thing.

  You instantly recognise the shop, it is the one you had so visited before, HONOUR.. Lady Vanessa smiles, “Just like coming home darling”, she jokes as she presses the buzzer. As before the shop is filled with a aroma of warm rubber, a tingle of nerves shivers your body as you remenber your last humiliating visit.
   “Good Morning lady Fullerton- Silk, It is so nice to see you again”.Dressed in a very tight shiny bright blue latex uniform style dress the young assistant greets Lady Vanessa like an old friend and moments later the second ,older lady, dressed rather conservetively in a simple white blouse and short black leather skirt appears and offers her hand in welcome
“It is so nice to see you again”, she says, “I trust the items we sent you were appropriate?”.
 “Oh they were perfect as ever, Thank you Fiona”. she draws you closer. “as you can see”,
There is a long pause as the two admirer the outfit you are wearing. “Oh yes it fits perfectly”, the older lady says coming round to see, “It really takes a perfect figure and legs for such an outfit and you really do have that dear. And what of the outfits for your……young Maid?”.
 “we were wearing the Cherry metalic dress this very morning”, she looks deep into your eyes, “wern’t we darling”.
You blush deeply, “Yes madam”.
 There is a long sudden silence as the two shop assistants eyes widen in ashonishment. “No..surely not”. The older whispers taking your hand and turning you to the light, “Oh my goodness, It is. Amy it is!!, It’s the young man who bought the maids dress,”.
  “But she…he.. is …fucking gorgeous!!!”, the young girl bursts, instantly apologising for her language. “I would never have believed it, you’ve totally feminised him”.
 “Turn please turn”. You piroette gracefully on your heels, displaying the white leather dress for the ladies. “Wow, you simply gorgeous. I mean look at those legs and that bum, you should be a model,”,
 “Thank you, it has been remarked on”, Lady Vanessa smiles at you proudly, “Andrew has taken with absolute ease to his new roll . You must come by for tea,  and see him in that cherry dress, with his lips and nails painted to match,  he looks devine”.
 “Oh I bet he dose, We would love to thank you. Oh it is so nice to see you again. Now please how can we help you today?”
 “Well I have just discovered my beautiful Andrew has a hidden talent for driving”. lady Vanessa purrs eyeing you up and down with clear delight, “which of cause means an  appropriate uniform”. She squeezes your sweaty hand lovingly.
 The older ladies face lights up at the request, “ a chauferesse how exciting, of cause please come through.”.
 You are guided upstairs into a second showroom, this is dominated by 3 life like mannequins, one dressed in a full latex catsuit, the next in a stunning set of pale peach lingerie and the third in the very outfit in the magazine. You can feel Lady Vanessa excitement it seeing it.
 “I think this is what you are looking for, it is a very popular design and comes complete with jacket, pants, boots, belt, gloves and of cause.. cap. Made entirely of premium latex rubber its is fully bonded  with no stitching, to create a perfectly smooth line. The  jacket closes with a single zipper, whilst the pants have no real closing as such, but there is a secret zipper which runs between the buttocks should nature call. The boots have steel heels so they are very strong and you can have a hight of up to 6 inches, others are available but, well they are a little tricky to drive in”.
 “Oh that is gorgeous”, Lady Vanessa says running a hand gently down one smooth latexed thigh, “its so soft, its perfect”
 “Is n’t it”, the older lady says smiling to you. “. Now if you would like to try it, I’m sure we have one in a size for Andrew,”.
 “Thank you”, Lady Vanessa says. Her hand now idoly cupping one of the maniquins buttocks.
 “A pleasure, but first I’ll need a few measurments. If you don’t mind?”, She takes your hand and steps you onto a low pedistal, Then with the aid of the younger girl, begins to measure your waist, your leather moulded chest and finally your legs. “ Wow you are almost a perfect 10”.
 “Would you mind if I slipped your skirt up a little” the lady says easeing the soft leather out over your thighs before you can prevent her, “The legs measurement is vital for a perfect fit”.……”, her voice trails off, your feel your heart pound, shame flushing your cheeks as the heat in the room increases. Suddenly you feel a soft finger gently brushing over your pantied boyhood, You want to step back, to turn and run, but your eyes fall into Lady Vanessas and you know there is no way out,
“Is there a problem”, Lady Vanessa asks, quite naturally.
From where she kneels, the woman gazes up into your face and smiles, a sly excited knowing smile, “Not at all”, she half sighs, “not at all. In fact if I might make a suggestion, perhaps this time you would like to try something rather special?”,.
 She stands and taking your hand leads you both through into another room. As the other it is filled with stunning outfits And against the far wall stands another maniquin, dressed in a matching sexy chauferesses uniform, only this one seams even shinier and smoother, like a mirror, almost as if it were fashioned from polished jet black that appears to have been melted on to make a perfect fit. Nervously you look to her face, Lady Vanessa eyes are alight.You feel yourself shiver.
 “This is PVC plastic. Its great qualities include a permanent deep mirror gloss finish, its uniquely ultra smooth surface and its stretchy mouldablity”.
 “That is amazing”, Lady says running her hand over the smooth plastic, “It is so smooth and so tight, it looks like it is melted or painted on”.
 “You are almost right with melted on”. She smiles with a hidden pride.
 “melted on?”. You whisper to yourself.
 “That’s right…Young la….man.”, .Fionas eyes sparkle. “yes Melted on is the best description, for once the outfit is on the wearers body heat causes the PVC to warm and in consiquence shrink ,forming this very tight fit. The hotter you get the tighter it stretches. I once sold a similar outfit to a French lady for her driver back home in St tropez. She sent me a photo of the girl wearing it, she was absolutly stunning long red hair, green eyes, full red lips, but the outfit, well in that heat it really did look as if she were dipped in liquid plastic it was that tight, every detail and I do mean every detail of her body was on show”, the closing few words were directed straight to you and said with a knowing smile”.
 There is a long long pause as both Lady Vanessa and you take in the idea of literally being shrink wrapped into an outfit. The thought fills you with dread, but the smile that form on her lips says it all.
You feel yourself panting softly as the button closes the smooth cool plastic about your slim waist, it has taken five agonising minutes for both Fiona and her assistant to gently ease the thin vinyl up your shapely legs. At first it was easy, but once the black plastic found your thighs it became very clear  that these pants were truly made to measure, for as the cool material rose up your legs and enfolded your pert bum in its glossy skin, there was no way they  were going to assist you by stretching and. you would either fit into them or nothing. And fit they now do, stretching over your thighs and hips without crease or wrinkle, and mould around, under and between your buttocks, presenting them as twin globes of glazed black eboney,  mirror smooth enough to reflect the image of Fionas hand as it glides over there sensual surface, you let yourself sigh as her finger traverses the deep crease between and glide round to brush the perfectly flat junction of your thighs, you look to where you mistress now sits, enjoying the sight of her feminised pet being packaged and polished, for her delight. Next comes the millitary jacket, wide shouldered ,deeply lapelled and orgmented with navel style ensignia on shoulders and cuffs. it fits without struggle untill Fiona pulls the gleaming buttons together, drawing the stretching creaking PVC together to form another tightly perfect fit. You look in the mirror as you are slowly consumed within this clinging uniform of gloss black. The boots, which add another 5 inches to your height with there needle like heels, are slipped on and closed with a long zipper. Then come the gloves, tight and slim they mould about your hands and fingers before disapearing up to your elbows beneath the jacket sleeves. The cool PVC feels unlike anything you have ever worn before, the smooth material clings in a way which makes your rubber outfits seam loose. For where they stretch to fit your body, this Plastic film litterlay moulds your body to fit it. Once everything is in place you are instructed to move about, walk up and down, bend and stretch. You obey with a polite silent ‘bob’,
 “It is superb Fiona and I am surprised and delighted at how easy it is to put on”.
 “Oh yes, rubber is very sexy but can be a bit of  a struggle. PVC is far easier and you will be able to slip Andrew in and out of it should you need him to ‘pop’ you to the shops”.
 As silent as you are, the  clinging living  PVC is not, each breath you draw and move you make, the glossy PVC creaks and rustles, snap and sticks as it stretches about your enveloped body. Then after but a few moments you are suddenly aware of a new sensation, a tightening about your bottom and thighs, which makes you stop and bend.
 “What is it Andrew?”, Lady Vanessa asks.her eye devouring the gleaming figure before her. You run your gloved hand around your bottom, the PVC sticking and rusteling.
 “Its so tight”. You whisper, “Oh its clinging so tight”.
Lady Vanessa smiles, standing and coming to you, hand replacing yours upon your polished buttocks. “don’t be silly Andrew you look gorgeous”. She purrs, you feel  her finger tips slowly trace the now clearly moulded cleft between your seat cheeks, Her lips curl into a sensual smile. “Thank you Fiona ,We’ll take it”.
 “Thank you Lady Vanessa. An excellent choice, Shall we wrap it?”.
You look over your shoulder, Lady Vanessa is staring at you, reading you mind, your silent pleas for mercy, the humiliation of your tiny white dress, would be nothing to being seen in such a ultra kinky outfit, but you can read her to, her eyes are afire, her cheek rosey with delight.
 “No that will be fine we will wear it”, The cap slips onto your head, “I still need to visit the office. Don’t we darling”.

 You were right, the humiliation of being seen in such a kinky outfit is beyond belief and the instant you step from the ‘safety’ of the shop, you feel your cheeks glow with scarlet shame ,as  a hundred pairs of eyes turn to stare at your glossy PVC bound figure. Transfixed by the elegant sway of your hips and the slow wiggle of your shiny ,perfectly moulded buttocks ,they follow your gracefull movement up the , by now , very busy street. The walk to the car is torture and  seams to take for ever, far longer than it had in the Leather mini dress and with  each ultra feminised , hip wiggling step in these new needle heeled boots the PVC stretches and rubs smoothly between your seat cheeks at the rear, whilst gripping and squeezing your tightly packaged boyhood in front. Despite being totally covered, from toe to chin , you have never felt as exposed as you do now in this gleaming black impossibley sexy, PVC outfit..
 Finally ,after what feels like an lifetime and with your heart pounding in your chest, you are holding the cars door open for her. She smiles as she slowly slips into the passenger seat. “Well done Andrew”,
  Feeling the stretchy plastic skin, tighten even further, between your legs and bottom, you slip into the ‘Safety’ of the car and wriggle into position behind the wheel, the heels make finding the peddles difficult and you thank god it is automatic. “Madam “I have never driven anything like this”. you say,
 “Don’t worry darling, you will be fine, now get comfortable and don’t panic”. The cars engine roars into life and after a few moments getting the feel of your right foot pivetting on its dagger like heel between brake and throttle, which in turn increases the tension of the vinyl across your thighs, you pull out. “Very good darling, very good indeed, I knew you would be, now follow my directions”.
 Consentrating on both driving this amazing car and following Lady Vanessas instructions you actually forget for a brief time that you are totally feminised and sealed from toe up in PVC, that is until your left foot reaches for the missing clutch, “here, let me help, keep this foot out of the way Andrew dear”. She instructs  and much to your dismay, places a soft guiding hand on your smoothly  sheathed left thigh. “Now you can concentrate better”.
 Concentrate??, How are you supposed to concentrate with her hand , slowly stroking up and down , skating on the ultra smooth PVC sealing your thigh, whilst she softly purrs about how smooth it feels, especially when feeling beyond your control cause the plastic to stretch just that little further over its most sensitive prisoner, making you dread the slightest bounce in the road.
  Finally as if by some miracle, you pull up outside the office buildings. She smiles, “Well done Andrew” she smiles ,her hand slipping away from where it has come to rest between your thighs. “from now on your are my Maid and driver. Now please,let me out”.
 Immediately you are once more, bathed in the attention of the entire street, but after a brief moment to compose yourself atop those heels and ignore the insistent rubbing about your boyhood, you move to her side. She steps with perfect grace from the low car, as if she were a movie star. “Thank you Andrew”, she says openly patting your gleaming bottom. “Wait here, beside the car”. You are stunned, surely you could wait inside you say, but no she is insistant, saying a Cheauferess must wait beside her mistresses car when parked in the street..
 You feel your stomach knot. You have never been so on display before for that is what you are, on display, on show for the entire city to see and although you keep your eyes coyly lowered,You can feel the looks from everyone who passes, every head turns and stares at you. You hear whispered words as they pass. “Is that leather or what”, one says. “Fuck she is horney”, declares another , whilst a group of school lads loudly announce, “I would not mind a ride in that…and the car is pretty sexy too”. You feel your cheeks glow with shame. At one point you even notice a large black limo slowly pass by, the darkened window lowered slightly, for its passenger to dwell on your embarressment.
 The sight of a bright red highly polished Lamborgini, is enough to attract any eye but when it is accompanied by the stunning figure of a beautiful young lady, dressed in an even more highly polished black PVC Chauferesse uniform those eyes nearly explode with astonishment. But that is the sight that greets the eye outside, the Fullerton –Silk offices., But what they can’t see it’s the effect the warm summer evening sun is having on that skintight PVC. To those who glance or even stare it is as tight as can be, but to you, hopelessly sealed within, it is becoming tighter and tighter, with every passing second, squeezing your body, moulding it into an even more stunning beauty.
 You don’t quite know how long you have stood beside that car before she returns, But when she dose you feel a relief like you have never felt before, but it is short lived, for the instant you turn to open the door, the now drum tight PVC snaps about your crouch like a rubber band making you visibly wobble and release an audible gasp of surprise. Lady Vanessa stops and looks into your cloudy eyes. “Andrew?”, she asks with true concern, “Are you alright darling”.
 She follows your eyes down your gloss sheathed body to where much to your horror and her delight your clearly very excited boyhood is now  perfectly moulded in glossy Black PVC. .
 “Lady Vanessa”, is all you can say , barely able to breath and not daring to move.
“Oh Andrew, I am so sorry, I did not realise, of cause the sun, oh its so tight oh dear, it must feel so strange”, she says before her eyes shine with a new mischief’s sparkle. ”But, It would seem you do rather like PVC …….it certainly likes you”, her finger tip softly grazes the vinyl sheath . Instantly your eyes widen and your lips part.
 “Oh no!”, Your glorious agony  escapes your glossed lips in a startled gasp, as her  fingertip continues to softly scratch your helpless boyhood, “Please stop”.
 “ don’t you like it? ”. scratch…scratch
 ,“Every one can…can see”, you gasp, blood pounding in your ears. Scratch scratch
 “I know……exciting isn’t it”. She purrs, not breaking her touch scratch..scratch..scratch
 “please” You beg, “Madam ,Please no”. A smile curls on her glossed lips, a smile of triumph and delight at witnessing your helpless surrender.
 “Oh I’m sorry darling, that was naughty of me, It’s been a long day for you  and you really are to sweet .”. She withdraws her finger and smooths her glossy lips onto yours in a soft tender kiss which leaves your legs like jelly. “Time my beautiful Maid was back home”.

 The drive back to the house is in silence, the shame of your excitement burning on your face. Not that its seems to bother Lady Vanessa, still her hand softly rests on your thigh and still her smile and her soft voice is as warm as the setting sun and as the car pulls into the drive your embarressment has been all but forgotten.

to be continued


  1. I love this one. Even though I think this version is more exciting than the other one, it's your blog and you should write up the stories you like best. Thanks!

  2. Great story! Is it planned to create/post 2nd part of this relationship (for example, vacbed)? Andie was so impressed by it!

  3. Thank you both for your comments, i will post more of this asap. your comments are greatly appreciated.

  4. Andy, what a wonderful story, a perfect fantasy. A feminised life of latex, PVC and leather. I could feel myself in the story. Brilliant writing. Thanks. Roxy.