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Monday, 20 February 2012

Go west young Sheila.

Hi everyone,
  Hope you all are Ok and feeling fine. Feel a bit down today myself, just one of those things, but i wanted to post a few bits for you all to read.
  I was making my way through the wonders of Latex Fashion the other day looking for items which can be worn in the mainstream (yes i am still looking to get Sheila into something rubbery) and once more came back to Westwerd bound, who i think make some of the best fetish fashion around. But there stuff like all the best, is not just for those special events or private moments. I think these dresses could grace any event without embarrassment.
 I especially love the pearlsheen collection.

The detailing on the back of this dress is quite stunningly eye-catching.
Bordelle-L'Amour Lace Latex Rose Dress as worn by the International Fetish Supermodel Bianca Beauchamp. `The ultimate latex discipline dress~ the high neck and full len ...

This dress below could so easily be worn anywhere. It is not over the top but sleek chic and very sexy. Made from latex? so what?
Madame Fille Hobble Dress as worn by the International Super Model Ophelia Overdose. `Do you truly worship the dominant fetish lady in your life? `  `This dramatic  ...

Maid to Thrill Latex Uniform as worn by the International Fetish Supermodel Jade Vixen~ includes cap and apron. `Beautifully cheeky frilled flared dress with zip back.
Oh my golly gosh isn't this maids dress cute, especially in this shade of blue. 
Sorry i forgot i am not shopping for myself.

Our Vanitilicious Dress~ modelled by the striking Ophelia Overdose~ is a stunning garment with sleek and sultry lines of pure stylish elegance.  `This two tone masterpi ...
This is lovely and prim, very buttoned up. I like that style very much.

And i really like this, because i have one just like it. Oh sorry supposed to be looking for Sheila aren't we..

This is very nice, very simple and classy, especially with those gloves. A great and sexy look.

The ultimate latex discipline dress as worn by the International Fetish Supermodel Sister Sinister.  `The high neck and tight long sleeves just hugs the wearer whilst s ...

Sorry it may be naughty, but this little uniform is very cute, very cute indeed. But no not for Sheila.

Teacher's Latex Tease worn for us by the International Super Model Jade Vixen.Classic design with attached pinstripe tie for the extremely naughty adult school girl who likes ...

This top is nice isn't it, wonderful tailoring and classically simple for mainstream wear, we may have something here.
Capture the essence and chic style of the Victorian era in this beautiful form fitting puff sleeve~ Pleat bottom Libertine Top.Sophisticated~ sensual and luxurious~ this exqu ...

Again,this is such a simple and beautiful  blouse it just has to been warn everyday
Sophisticated~ sensual and luxurious~ this exquisite `pop front `top will turn heads and get compliments for sure. `Seductive shaped seams slide down the latex  ...

So yes i think first steps would be a simple, jacket or now i am leaning towards a blouse.But don't take these as all Westward bound has to offer click here to see it all.
Possibley the best latex retailer.

Thanks for dragging your way through this lot.
Let me know which you like.

Or how about the videos.


  1. I haven't looked at Westward bound for a while. I love what they are making these days. Thanks for sharing Andy. Your blog site is awesome! :-) R

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  3. Thank you R, your comments are very much appreciated. Do you have a favourite from the westward site.?

    1. They are all lovely. I always have a weakness for a latex maids outfit but the green dress is gorgeous. R :-) x

  4. My favorites here are in first the blue and white dress with the high collar worn by the young beauty with red hair, then the green dress (love the superb lacy effect) and the long white with the slit, so very elegant!
    The collection is fabulous!