Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Please help

Hello readers
I was wondering if anyone could help my Andrew.
Above is his favourite pic of his SECOND favourite fetish lady.
That's second favourite (I hope). However i was hoping one of you
might have other pics from this collection which you could share. Via
his or my Email.
Thank so very much
Kisses to all and hello S and Amber

Monday, 27 August 2012

Knightley Manor Part 4

The strange world
Knightley Manor
Part 4

 Andrew awoke from his deep sleep, the warm milk had done its job and he awoke fresh and relaxed, well as relaxed as a Boy dressed as a girl who had just spent the night snuggled under latex sheets, his head resting on scented rubber pillows.
  A few minutes after waking Emily entered dressed in her maids uniform. She explained Ms Richmond had been summoned to the Mistress and that she would help him dress This made him a little nervous, not that he disliked Emily she was very nice, it was the knowledge that deep down this beautiful girl with flowing blonde hair, slim waist, long legs and a full bust, was really a boy like he.
  Still her touch as soft and kind and in no time Andrew was showered and Emily was putting the final coat of gloss on his lips. Just then Ms Richmond entered, the maid stood to position as did he despite wearing only rubber panties and stockings.
 “Emily, lay out the punishment uniform”, she instructed  in her cool tone,
 The maid curtsied “All of it?”
 “Yes Emily, all”.
Andrew began to shiver, “Punishment? What has Emily done?”
“Not Emily”, she sighed “you”, Ms Richmond sat on the bed, bidding him to come beside her, a rubber sleeved arm wrapping about his waist. “The Mistress, took an early inspection, foot prints in the hall”, Andrews stomach knotted, “Do you remember what I told you last night, the mistress dose not know you”
 “ You don’t mean”, Andrew gasped his mind racing with the images she had planted the night before , she felt him tremble.
 “Don’t worry, I have taken the blame”, her eyes lowered , “I explained I took you away from the duty and did not inspect your work, so the Mistress will punish me”.
 Andrew slumped, “What will she do..”.
 “What she dose to me is no concern of yours darling, what you need to know is that now I must punish you,”
  So saying she took the now trembling boy/girl through to the dressing room,Emily stood to position “all I s ready Ms Richmond, may I stay and help”, she asked
“No Emily dear, run along and begin your duties” Samantha replied, leading Andrew in, “I don’t want to loose you like I have Rebecca”, she added with a loving smile. The Maid gifted her a smile and deep curtsy in return and left them alone the room.

   “It is not surposed to be comfortable, after all it is a punishment out fit”
 Andrews last breath left his body as Ms Richmond drew the clasp one more stop, “I ..I cant b..breath”, he whispered, “It s too tight”.
 “Tight?”, she touched the back of the corset, running one finger down its length from shoulder blades to just above his buttocks, “I can assure you Andrew this is quite slack, another 2 or 3 clasps would begin to be tight, still its not bad for an untrained waist”, she smiled, slowly turning the now fully uniformed boy/girl towards her, "Mmmm, you do look cute all parcelled up , can you walk?”
 He stumbled into her arms, ”Of cause not”, he stammered still trying to adjust his breathing, “It s all to tight”.
  The reason for his restriction was due to the gleaming black rubber maxi skirted maid s dress that sheathed him tightly from throat to ankle, its all consuming embrace squeezing his rubber stockinged legs into one shapely feminine column, that, added to the ridiculously high heeled court shoes strapped to his feet, made standing an adventure let alone movement. But move he would have to and after 30 minutes of instruction in how to swing his hips and take girly mincing steps Andrew found himself able to move with quite a bit of elegance. It had taken almost an hour to get him dressed this far, stockings and panties were already in place, but the dress, with its high neck, long sleeves and skin tight skirt took a great deal of work to stretch it  on, indeed after 15 minutes both Andrew and his dresser streamed with sweat, Ms Richmond regretting her choice of shiny white latex blouse, emerald green latex knee length skirt, matching 4 buttoned jacket, black stockings and high heels, wishing she were still in her whispy transparent nightdress. Finally the skirt had snapped into place about his ankles. This was complimented by long matching gloves with overlapped up to the elbow, and of cause that corset, fashioned from black moulded rubber its seams and panels highlighted by white, it was a classic corset, deep and strong hooking up the front and lacing down the back it shaped him into a perfect hourglass of femininity.
 Adding the frilled apron to the look Andrew was now clearly a maid once more. “Perfect” she said admiring her work  “now one last thing”, Andrew sighed and opened his mouth. “No not the gag, you won’t be needing that”. From the side table she took up what appeared to be a soft bag, made as ever from shiny latex Andrew froze.. a hood !. his mind raced back to his abduction, to his Aunt.
 “No please Ms Richmond”, he begged
But his words were no use even on her soft tender heart, “No Andrew it is part of your punishment”. She held it up for him to place his head inside, he did not, “Do not disobey me Maid”, her tone darkened, “You are so lucky the Mistress is kind, that my punishment will be gentle, your punishment would not have been”. She held the rubber taut, he could see nothing but darkness within its glistening mouth, the look in her eye made it clear. Quickly his pretty face and head were swallowed within the hood, the rubber, slippery and smooth, stretching and moulding tightly to every contour of his feminine features whilst forcing his lips together in a clearly defined pout, effectively gagging him.
 Andrew could see  through small pin holes and breath by the same at his nostrils, but  these details were so small it appeared his head was one seamless film, the head of a rubber doll.
   “Now I’m a little worried that after a while you might panic and try to remove the hood”, he felt her playing with the neck of the hood, stretching it, smoothing, “So I have run a bead of rubber cement about its neck and that of the dress”. Her words were heard through muffled latex drummed ears, but stunned him none the less, she was gluing the hood on!!, her hands were about his throat, smoothing the join until it vanishing into one, “there its not permanent, but you won’t be able to remove it yourself”, she completed her work with a deep posture collar which raised his chin, holding his head still.
  Sweat, terror filled sweat streamed down his body, or it would have had there been any space between rubber and skin for it to run, the feeling of total enclosure was almost to horrific, it was only the movement in his arms and that hip wriggling walk that let him feel human still, whilst beyond the latex film, outside the world that was filled with nothing but the smell and sound of  squeaking stretching rubber, Ms Richmond began  gently polishing, misting the enveloping  film in silicone before buffing it into the gloss only rubber could produce. She stood back and smiled. Punishment could be such fun.
  It would be a long day for the new rubber maid, a long hot day. Ms  Richmond having had to report to the mistress had placed him into the care of Emily, who took the opportunity to boss him about with relish and kindness, never forgetting that light duties such as polishing and dusting became quite hard, sealed inside a sticky hot latex outfit..
It was late in  the  afternoon, the rest of the chateaus ladies had taken much enjoyment from witnessing Andrews rubber packaged punishment. So many times he had stumbled into one or other of them and each time they gently eased him upright and whispered to him how sweet he was and  what they would love to do with his beautiful young body.
 “Not long now Andrew,You are doing really well”, Emily whispered her lips close to his rubber muffled ears, “ all the other girls have been looking at you all day”, suddenly she broke off, touching his arm she whispered , “the mistress”.
  Andrew glanced up, she was accompanied by Ms Richmond, her beautiful face flushed and rose cheeked , her long black rubber skirt brushed Emily softly as she passed.
 “Andrew”, Ms Richmond said in an authoritative tone. “come”,
The feminised boy nervously rose and with his needle like heels slipping on the floor which he had spent the last hour polishing and the skin tight, full length skirt gripping round his  ankles, followed both women down the ornate corridor and though into a large gallery . He took up position.
 As best he could with his head lowered, he raised his eyes  and through the collection of pin holes in the hood studied the mistress. Dressed this time in skin tight red PVC, the well fitted jacket perfectly complimenting the skin tight pants and matching knee high boots, in both colour and depth of shine,. Her lips glossed to match, hung in a pout of pure disdain as ,even through the film of rubber, her eyes found his. she demanded respect. He looked down.
 “You will not need that”,
 A moment later and much to his relief Ms Richmond wiped a clear fluid about the neck of the hood and in one movement peeled it away, revealing the still immaculately made up young beauty within, he revelled in the air of the air on his cheeks.
 “You have been very naughty”, the young Mistress said, “However it seams you  have taken your punishment to Ms Richonds satisfaction” ,her voice was low and smooth like warm treacle, it flowed into his ears making his brain swim in her accent , “but before I dismiss you and you  Ms  Richmond”, she glanced at the flushed woman at her side, “you will perform one last service”.
 “Y…yes Mistress”, his nervous voice barely a whisper
“ I have a new piece in my collection and it needs a special polishing”, she said stroking one finger along his shining wet lips, “and you my sweet sticky Maid will provide it”.
 “Yes mistress”,
 She smiled triumphantly “Come”.
  With supreme grace she led them through the gallery, the walls lined with paintings and plinths supporting delicately carved statues could not distracted his eyes from, what to him, was the most stunning sight in the room, her red glazed buttocks and long legs. These exquisite works of nature out shone anything man could produce, but the work they came before was even more stunning than they.
 Andrews shiny wet lips parted in a silent gasp, “Aunty Penny!” he cried out without a thought. “Oh no!! no”, he instinctively reached out one hand, his fingers squeaked across the plastic surface of his Aunts coating, making her struggle against her bonds. But the Plastic, smooth and tight, would not allow her such freedom and instantly snapped her back into place, vibrating in the frame like a drum.
 Ms Richmond knowing her own duties snapped him a silencing glare and ordered him back into  position. For a moment he silently pleaded with her ,but with a dismissive shake of her head, he obeyed.
  To the beautiful boy the mistress did not even register his dismay, she remained cool  and totally dismissive of his words, but inside, she  allowed herself a triumphant smile, revelling in his shock, letting his emotions fuel her with a deeper passion for cruelty. “This piece will, I amsure, become one of my favourites”, she purred, stroking her hand down the plastic filmed beauty,  “it really is Quite lovely, but there is a total lack of  depth to the gloss”. She turned to Ms Richmond, who continued the instruction.
 “You will begin at the base Andrew, working  up, polishing every surface until you can see your pretty face in them is that clear?”. The boy paused for a moment then nodded, “Is that clear?”. She repeated  demanding a reply.
 “Yes Ms Richmond”, he sighed and with his Aunts plastic lensed eyes following him, tentatively stepped close and knelt. He took up the bottle of polish and soft cloth he had brought with him.
 At that moment he felt the mistresses crop tap on his shoulder. “Tongue and lips”. Poor Andrew did not know what to say or do, what did she mean. He felt the crop on the back of his head easing him down until his face rested on the plastic filmed top of her right foot, She stared down at him her eyes hooded and hot, “tongue and lips…special polish”. He felt his stomach turn, now he knew.
  For a long moment he could not move, he just stared first at his aunts shiny foot, then glanced across to the mistresses polished red boots and back, he could see every detail of the high heels, there open toes revealing her pink painted toe nails, he trembled it was his colour, the one she had got him to apply to her toes when they were in the hotel. The crop tapped his head and ,embarrassed and ashamed of what he was about to do ,closed his eyes .slowly parted his glossy red lips and began to lick. The cool smoothness of the plastic beneath his tongue made him shiver, not only with the sensations  he was feeling but with the idea of being sealed within such an unforgiving membrane, to be so helpless. He fought to stay calm.
 “Lips”, the mistress prompted with a tap, “Not just tongue”. The kneeling maid boy took a deep breath and began to adorn the plastic sealed feet in soft baby kisses in between long saliva wet licks of his tongue, coating the surface with a deep liquid gloss. “Good”, the mistress said stroking the tip of her crop through his hair as his head bobbed up and down, “Good you will continue until the piece is totally shiny, miss nothing because I assure you ,any imperfections will result in a punishment”, her tone lowered “and my nurses are so eager to meet you.”. With that she turned and the sound of her heels disappeared into the distance.
 No crease curve or dimple was left untouched. As under the instruction of  Ms Richmond, he became more intimate with her body than anyone before. He felt the muscles of her body tighten within there vinyl prison as he gently and sensually adorned her entire body with the gloss of his lips and the juice of his tongue. No detail was left, from the pillowy hills of her perfect breasts, their copper peaks stiffening and stretching the smooth film to its limit under it tongues touch, to the dark secret jewel hidden between her soft smooth buttocks ,the tight vinyl moulding and opening that warm moist cave, he felt the muscles pout as his tongue rimmed its inner lip, nothing was left unadorned, even the soft wet, vinyl sealed lips of her sex.
  Moist and liquid beneath the vinyl film, Andrews Aunts flower bubbled and brimmed with nectar, its rich thick cream flowing and oozing between skin and plastic, turning her sex into a beautiful and bizarre work of art. Andrew could feel the tender lips and flesh quiver under his delicate touch and when, under instruction, he enclosed the perfectly plastic moulded nib of her clit in his lips, he felt her tremble and heralded by a deep tremulous moan from her life giving tube, her sex became liquid.  Strictly contained within the all enveloping skin tight vinyl skin, the tension of her release coursed back through her every nerve, causing a perpetual reaction which made her entire body vibrate beneath his lips as he kissed and licked it into a deep gloss .
 Then moving up, standing trembling on his heels he Traversed the slim hollow of his aunts throat and Finally reached her face, licking and kissing her cheeks, ears chin and nose, he applied  that deep gloss of his lips to her beautiful features, smooth and doll like now beneath the shiny skin the only emotion was visible in her eyes and in those half closed heavy lidded eyes Andrew saw just one thing, his heart pounded.. he saw excitement!.
  The whole duty had taken an age, it had gotten dark outside before Ms Richmond had become satisfied  that no deeper shine could be extracted from his Aunts plastic skinned body. And with his task complete she led him back through the now quiet house, she said nothing to him until they were in there r quarters .
 “Oh I was so worried about you”, Emily said skipping over to them, her beautiful full body exquisitely adorned in a transparent latex nightdress, that highlighted her very feminine contours, “I feared the mistress was taking you to the cli…”.
 Ms Richmond silenced the girl with a look, “Now now Emily”, she said, “Andrews had a hard evenings work, “I think you should greet him nicely”.
 Emily smiled, “oh yes”. She beamed
 “just relax Andrew”.
 With a gleam in her beautiful brown eyes  the young maid stepped nearer to him, she took his hand in hers and to his surprise drew him close, they were the same height in there heels and Emily’s glossy cherry lips found his with ease. For a moment Andrew could not catch his breath, Emily’s kiss was soft and tender,  her lips wet and cherry flavoured  lingering on his, fuelling his body  with a strange warmth  and his head with confusion…for it knew   this beautiful girl, with lips so soft wet and creamy, was a boy … then why did he tingle at there touch? why didn’t he pull away? .

  In a daze ,the taste of Emilys lips on his ,Andrews tight uniform was pealed wettly layer by layer from his body. Washed and powdered as if he were a baby, he was  slipped into an identical nightdress and prepared for bed.
 At her request Emily gave Andrew his warm sweet milk, its creamy texture felt so comforting as it filled his body with a sense of security. “All gone”, the beautiful girl  said dabbing the corner of his pink mouth, “That’s better, makes you all sleepy and relaxed”, her words were softly spoken like a nanny or aunt as gently she eased him back into the embrace of the latex bed. “Sleep tight she whispered placing her lips once more to his, her fingers stroking his cheek, “You really are very beautiful Andrew”.
  Sleep did not come easily that night , the look in his aunts eyes and the taste of Emilys lips filled his head with mixed emotions, was he shocked at his Aunts excitement, or at his acceptance of Emilys kiss, was he happy, why did he feel so safe. He licked his lips, cherry, Emilys taste, he licked them again.

To be continued

Friday, 24 August 2012

Treats for my friends

Hi everyone
Treats for my friends and that means all of you, followers, commentors
and those just peaking in.
Thanks for keeping my blog alive, i appritiate all your comments and visits.
Hope you like these.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Very short story

Hi everyone,
 Here is a little very short story, i found on an old disc. I think it was just something i wrote off the top of my head one day when i had it in mind. It is short as i say and maybe a little uneventful but i think it still fits in here.


 “I don’t care. Yes it might seem a little…extreme, but there you are, all over and done with”.
   Blinking back tears, the beautiful maid looked at the figure which not 6 hour earlier had been her friend, companion and until recently she had thought, her secret lover. But nothing can be a secret from Madam, she knew everything that went on in her mansion, for it was a mansion in which everything and everyone belonged to her.
   There mistress had created them as one, She was her twin in every way from the crown of her long blonde hair to the tips of her pink glossed toe nails, they were sexy sisters created from the same mould. But now she was as helpless as could possibly be, yet , she still she presented a shockingly sexy figure . For now, in madams cruel and sensual hands, she had become little more than a statue, completely and utterly mummified from crown to toe in a film of drum tight glossy black. A film which over those long hours had shrunk tighter and tighter about her body until it had flowed into ever dimple and crease of her superb body, clinging and moulding about young full breasts, emphasising the tight erect nipples, then into her slim waist and down her long graceful legs leaving her in a seamless membrane of gloss black as perfect as if she had been dipped into liquid tar. Even her stunning face, immaculately made up moments before now was masked behind a smooth hood of polished black PVC, which turned her head into a glass smooth ball so polished it reflected the shocked face of the maid in it surface.
  As her eyes flowed over her mummified companion, the maid struggled to comprehend just how hot and wet it must be to be so utterly and impossibly enclosed. The smooth giving rubber that fashioned her own tight uniform seemed loose by comparison to that drum taut plastic film. The only hint of a living human within coming from the small hole at her lips, from where she could hear the softly plaintive, muffled whimpers and exhausted moans of someone simmering in a world of helpless fear and shocking arousal. It was a terrifying yet somehow stunningly sexy prison over which the young maid could not resist stroking her delicate fingers, an act which drew deeper moans from within..
 “Don’t be scared dear, your friend is totally fine, a little hot and wet maybe After all the sensations of total PVC mummification, the constant grip, the heat the slipperiness, can be quite overwhelming, but in a few weeks she will have seen the error of her ways”. She eyed the young maid up and down, gauging her reaction and seeing that sparkle.
  “If she is lucky”, Madam purred coolly, “Don’t you think she looks divine . The PVC feels  so smooth and looks so shiny. Don’t you think, dear?”.
  It was a loaded question. Yes, mummified and helpless, she did look unnaturally sexy in her gloss plastic cocoon, but inside, inside that sticky cocoon, it must be to horrible to imagine, to be crushed and packaged, wrapped and smothered in PVC, degraded from human to a mere ornament…..it was too shocking…. Too, too horrible to imagine. But the maid knew she could never disagree with her mistress, she had experienced the consequences of the crop before.
  “Yes madam”, she whispered, her voice soft a feminine, “I think she looks almost as beautiful as Madam. If that were possible”.
  The lady narrowed her eyes at the compliment, “Thank you dear, that was so sweet and I am glad you agree, because I just wanted you to see how beautiful and sexy the sight of a mummified girl can be”. Her eyes dug into the maids as her crop stroked her cheek, “But I wonder if in 6 hours you might feel differently”.
 The young maid looks at her mistress in absolute shock, her eyes convey all the cruel yet gorgeous mistress needs to say. The sound of heels then turns the maids eyes.
 “Ah here are my assistants, they must be ready for you now . That is right… for you”.
 The cruel woman’s cool blue eyes narrow as the maids’ lips part in a silent plea.
 “oh I know you had nothing to do with that little  upset, Amanda but as they say, it would be wrong to split up a pair and to be honest, the thought of watching you squirm as you are slowly, oh so slowly mummified is to much of a turn on to be denied………..ladies Amanda is……….ready”.

New art. "Mirror of me".

Hi everyone,
  Here is a new piece of art and i do mean new, less than 24 hours old this one, still hot and still sticky.
Hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wrapped up by the weather

Hi everyone,
 Since i came back to England i have be able to watch breakfast tv on the BBC and there i found a weather girl, no, a weather woman by the name of Carol Kirkwood and i have to say she is rather gorgeous. (Oh no i hear you all say another older woman), well yes she is, but she is very sweet and bubbly and beautiful.
 However i was wondering if maybe she might boost her weather forecasts by employing the French style as demonstrated my Miss Charlotte Le Bon.

What do you think?, But if not Ms Kirkwood then who?


Captioned fantasy

Hi everyone,
 Here are but a couple of my Captioned fantasies. I do hope you like them. The second features the gorgeous Jean Bardot. Now there is a real fantasy women.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

The SmoothSlick'n'Shiny interview: Keira Knightley

 With the imminent release of her new movie adaptation of Tolstoy’s classic Anna Karenina, we took the chance to have a cup of coffee with it’s stunning star, British Actress Keira Knightly. However this being SmoothSlicknShiny it was not her stellar movie success which intrigued us most, but her blossoming modelling career as the face of legendary perfume house Chanel’s Mademoiselle and of cause those photos featuring the first glimpses of a very different Keira Knightley from the English rose we all grew up with.

SmoothSlicknShiny:  How did this epic leap from English rose to fetish queen come about?
Keira Knighley:  Fetish Queen! Oh f**k no. no I have a long way to go before I can claim that crown.
S.S.S:  So this is an on going thing?
K.K : Now don’t start.
S.S.S: Just testing, please do go on.
K.K :  Well when Chanel asked me to do the third series of commercials for Mademoiselle I was delighted. The first two had been such fun to do, they are very creative team and so I said yes almost there and then.
S.S.S: Was the theme clear from the outset?
K.K: The first meeting in terms of theme made it clear to me this was not going to be like the others in tone and they explained the title of the campaign was to be “Unexpected”. Which when you know the perfume, as I do, you understand. Mademoiselle is not what you expect, it is unlike the other classic Chanel perfumes, so it was this they wanted to bring over. To take the brand into a new area. I thought fine, that’s great, no problem. Then they mentioned the idea of fetish and I thought, “OK, well why not”, after all people have a fetish for many thing, shoes, underwear, anything really so why not perfumes.The word Latex though did come as a bit of a surprise and I admit I had an “Oh F**k?” moment.
S.S.S: Bit of a shock then.
K.K: Well it was not a shock as such, I mean Latex is not a underground as it once was, it’s just we have never crossed paths before and latex and rubber clothing was very much alien to me. I had worn leather before and I have a PVC Mac in the closet, but Latex? “F**K.” and for a few days I did think about backing out. However I realised I was in very safe hands, with a team I knew and trusted and after a while and a few more meetings and seeing the designs they had in mind, I felt a lot more confident and then realised there was a character there I had never worked with before. That’s what I do, as an actress. It is fun to find the character and i thought this would be a challenge. So that was it.
S.S.S: How did you prepare, did you do homework as you might for a film role?

K.K:. Yes very much so. As I said I had no experience of Latex before as an actress or model and so I made a secret visit to one of the designers I would be wearing in the shoot in London. I say secret because I did not really want photos of me going to a fetish designer suddenly appearing in the press. Not that I would have been ashamed, but you know. I can imagine the phone calls from the family now. Anyway I had seen House of Harlots work modelled by British model Kelly Brook a few months earlier and thought there would be a good place to start and after two or three hours of talc and wriggling in and out of some very beautiful dresses and outfits i came to two conclusions. Firstly unlike me, Kelly has they perfect figure for latex and secondly and more importantly I quite liked it.
S.S.S: The words all fetish fans have been longing to hear.
K.K: Well maybe not liked, sorry folks, more, well, the feeling of Latex was not what I had imagined. I thought F**k this will be sticky and itchy and hot and well not much fun. So I was wrong there and that is why we do our homework. Yes it was tightly constrictive, yet I was surprised it allowed total freedom of movement, even in such things a good knee length skirt, yes you can feel the material fighting you, but it never impeded your movements. The other thing I never imagined and I do admit found rather sexy was  the sound, that popping, rustle, like nothing else.
S.S.S: It speaks to you.
K.K: Yes that’s right and nothing else is quite like it I that respect.
S.S.S: So a far more pleasurable experience than you had expected.
K.K.K:  PAUSE…..Yes, I would say it was, but what was more important and delightful was somewhere in all that heat and talc I found the character, fully formed. Elegant, cool, strong and dark, an independent minded woman who was happy to go her own way and show it And what did my friends at Chanel say?….. “You have described the perfect Chanel Mademoiselle ”. So F**k it, I was in.
S.S.S: How was the shoot?
K.K: In a word hot, In two words F**king hot. The trial run with House of Harlot was nothing to getting under the studio lights in those outfits. I mean F**k me I was sweating like a horse. The outfit we shot in the white tiled room was so hot I could feel the sweat tricking into some very naughty. I think I was under the lights for 2 hours and in the outfit for maybe a hour before with dressing and polishing. Polishing there is the weirdest part of all, you wriggle your way in to these outfits, get them all lined up and comfy and then someone takes another 20minutes or so spraying you with polish and buffing you  up and can I ask you a question. Why can’t they just polish the parts the camera sees?
S.S.S: It is the way of it, any unpolished Latex would almost be a sin.
K.K: I get that and don’t get me wrong the effect was amazing, but f**k me do we have to polish every Millimetre. I mean my T*TS are small so do we really need to take so long.
S.S.S: Not fun then
K.K: Oh don’t get me wrong I had no problem with it from the hands on element. I have worked with Carla before so there was no problem with her getting up close, but f**K me I was just getting hotter and hotter. “How’s it going Keira?”    “Oh no worries Adam, Just having my A**s polished….again”.
S.S.S: Now I think for our readers I should say you are saying this with a very wide smile.
K.K: Oh yes, don’t get me wrong the shoot was a total laugh, especially when the room is still, you are ready to go, game face on and then with the faintest of movements your dress “Farts”. No it was a very nice experience.
S.S.S: You shot one image on the streets of London. Do tell us how that worked.
K.K: Oh that was in the House of Harlot business suit. We could have done it in the studio and matted the image over the background but Adam wanted it “live”. So it was a few weeks after the Paris shoot we met back at HARLOT, but the problem is, Adam wanted a distinct London look, everyday, normal London, rain, bus, all that. So we got the rain no problem, a basic London street no problem, a London Bus…..Oh F**k. The bus route did not run past the shop so we could not just nip out into the street and shoot and nip back in. We had to go to the end of the road. So we got the bus timetable, right one very 5 minutes no worries. Got everything ready, which means me and when we got a call from Louise on the corner we would rush out to the end of the road, “snap snap” back in. Call comes “Go Go”, we all come out of the shop, me freshly polished, with a Mac covering the dress and run to the end of the road, just as a bus passes. S**T!. Do we go back?, do we stay?. You can’t trust the London timetable so we just waited……and waited….and waited. Then when one finally came we slipped the Mac off here we go…… and the Bus stops just short of us.
S.S.S: So there is Oscar nominated actress Keira Knightley standing on a damp street, wearing House of Harlot Latex, with a bus full of passengers looking down at you.
K.K: Not entirely, thanks to the umbrella I was able to hide a little. I mean with cameras everywhere these days that would have come out for sure. But it was fine in the end and I think it is one of my favourites.
S.S.S: Favourites. Which outfit?
K.K: Um, I liked the Harlot Business suit and the blue dress. Really classic and stylish.
S.S.S: Disliked?
K.K:  Oh that F**king red catsuit, to hot, to tight to F**king everything. Never ever again, there were pools of sweat dripping off me. I think I wore that for almost 5 hours because there was a problem with the lights. No not a favourite
S.S.S: Finally I believe you took something home?
K.K: Don’t get carried away now. Yes I did I have the heels from the white room shoot and the red latex Jacket from Polymorphe. Which I think will get a lot of wear.
S.S.S: And the skirt?
K.K: That would be telling.

But the smile on her face tells you all you need to know.

So with her Oscar tipped performance in Anna Karenina and a very provocative campaign for Chanel coming up I think we will be seeing much more of the gorgeous, if potty mouthed, Keira Knightley for years to come.
 Now where is my bus timetable?


Sunday, 5 August 2012

Knightley Manor, Part 3

Hi everyone
  Here is the next part of Knightley Manor. Sorry  if it took a little time but i am slowly unravelling the mixed up files.
 Anyway here it is and i hope you enjoy it.
Andy and  Sheila.

The strange world
Knightley Manor

Part 3
A New World

   The rest of that first strange day Andy spent in a daze of sadness and fear, the image of his beloved Aunt seared into his befuddled mind. On occasion, as he went about his new duties, he noticed Ms Richmond looking over him from a distance. Looking over him or just watching to ensure his obedience ,he did not know, but as day drifted into evening, he found himself, by luck or design before a doorway which with its smooth polished door looked mysteriously out of place.
  His heart raced to his throat as he realised this was the direction his Aunt had been led. He looked at the door, at the small handle, then with a glance over his shoulder, pushed. The door swung back to reveal a long pure white tiled corridor at the end of which is a stair case. Not knowing what to make of it and gripped with sudden fear the young man was about to close it again when he heard a strange whooshing sound followed by a stifled gasp and then silence. He listened, again the sound came. Strange. Andy looked back over his shoulder once more and without a noise closed the door behind him.
  With the Click Click of his heels the feminised boy passed along the corridor and down the winding stairs. At the bottom was a smooth white door on I were the words, SILENCE FILMING. Tense now, yet even more intrigued Andy paused, before with the softest of touches the door swung open.
    Trembling now and dripping with sweat Andy followed a second corridor which after a while led into a large, warm high vaulted room, illuminated in a low red light. As his eyes became accustomed to the dull light of this twilight room, strange ‘contraptions’ seemed to emerge from the black draped walls.  Andy stared hard.
  The ‘contraptions’ which filled the chamber were made up of ‘webs’ of coiling tubes and  taut intertwining straps and in the centre of each of these ‘webs’ Andy could see oily shiny bundles, like giant glistening slugs, each penetrated by quivering tubes of clear plastic and curiously inflating bladders that jerked turgidly and collapsed like landed fish.
  Timidly he approached and peered at one of these ‘hanging slugs’ and when he was within reach, raised his hand to touch the gleaming oily black cocoon. His fingers felt the smooth surface, its was warm ,moist and yielding. It was Rubber!. That alone did not come as to much of a surprise, after all he himself was dressed in that rippling fabric. No what really took him by surprise was when all of a sudden, the cocoon went into a frenzy of movement. Andy started. Above a bulbous head nodded and from a thick protruding pipe, he heard a plaintive muffled feminine groan! Oh god! He gasp, There is some one inside!! Andy stepped back in shock looking about into the gloom realising in total shock that which now surrounded him. The fitful motions of the cocoon and the flutter of the bladders is caused by the frantic struggles of hapless captives, Subjects writhing in hot suffocating folds of rubber! Condemned and enveloped, sentenced to swelter in sticky stretchy skins of latex. Wholly enclosed in opaque rubber, impermeable and impenetrable. The trembling boy now turned spinning in shock and fear, his mind unable to take in the horror of this dark moist chamber, stumbling into the web of a second cocoon. Instantly this featureless latex cocoon also begins to writhe, the same pitiful, female whimpering coming from within. Shocked and terrified Andy wobbled on his heels and falls back into the slippery entanglement of one of the webs. The smooth rubber entwining him, holding him, forcing him to stare at the gelatinous squirming cocoon before him. Where ,with sweat streaked eyes, he could just make out the curvature of two full breasts, flattened by the tight rubber and as the cocoon was galvanised into action once more there came a rush of air. A protest? A plea? Muffled by the inflating all embracing rubber helmet.
 Helplesssly Andy stared in terror and pity as the rubber snapped and rustled wildly, stretched and twisting by the occupants desperate struggle. Then as the vague outline of a pair of beautiful long legs stretched out inside the enfolding rubber, a new sound joined this latex medley ,a rhythmic wet gurgling, as through the clear tubes which snaked from the cocoons base a dark translucent fluid began to ooze.
 As he watched, the stretching rolled upwards and more of the figure becames clear to him, her round buttocks, slim waist, the shape of her arms pinned to her sides and suddenly he realised the true horror of what was happening….the latex cocoon was shrinking!! Shrinking into her. Terrified now Andy struggled once more with the entwining web , but as the cocoon shrank their grip seemed to increase and he was helpless to escape the enfolding horror before him.
  The moaning and whimpering swiftly became a gasp, a cry, a muffled begging and sobbing. Poor Andys head spun, his mind struggled with the thought of what it must be like in that tightening latex membrane. It must be so hot, so wet inside the sealed rubber, smothered, like drowning in thick black tar. The shrinking quickly spread across the captives chest, outlining each as full individual mounds whilst perversely teasing the nipples into hard peaks.
 Then suddenly the rising and falling of the bladders became more frantic, as now her breath already constricted by the tight membrane sealing her chest, became even more restricted by the cocoons tightening grip about her slender neck.
  Desperately now Andy wriggled one arm free and reached out. His fingers barely reaching her neck his fingers slipped and slid, as they fumbled for some seam or crease to relieve the tension on the womans throat, but all he found was ultra smooth rubber.
   Then suddenly beyond all the stretching rustle came a plaintive, whimper, that stopped his heart.
“Is there someone there?.. oh please help me, please help me, I know you are there please .its…its so tight oh god, so hot, I’m….I’m melting  , please please don’t let…..it….oh …help…..Oh, help!!!”.
  Then as the latex shrank back about her head and face, the sad pitiful whimpering  became a soft plea, a faint squeak and then….but for the soft squeaking of taut rubber,  there was silence and then, his eyes focus and a warm stream of piss seeped down his thigh.
  There beneath the shrunken latex, perfectly detailed in every way…was the face of the young woman from the boutique, Caroline.
 All the fear shocked boy could do was stare. Terrified and still, not knowing if one false move might have caused some alien creature to seal him within one of those latex cocoons. All he could do was stare, as slowly ,from one long rubber tendril connected to the high ceiling, the, tightly  cocooned woman turned, immobile all, hope and fight strangled from her body and only the slow pulse of the breathing bladder giving any idea that it was not some bizarre piece of sculpture, carved from polished ebony, but a cocoon of latex rubber in which was imprisoned a living breathing woman. Andy wanted  to scream aloud, scream like never before, but all he could do was stare at that beautiful face.
  Suddenly he awoke and shook his head, heart pounding, there was sound behind him ,voices, he turned and looked to the door and ran. Stumbling past the other helpless figures he raced back to the door just as three figures entered .
  They were all dressed in gleaming scarlet PVC nurses uniforms complete with delicate caps and aprons displaying white crosses. The tightly fitting tunic dresses,  which display there full breasts, were so short they barely cover there matching red PVC panties beneath. Whilst their legs were sheathed in gleaming red rubber stockings. As Andy watched they moved with ease atop polished red high heels, to where Caroline hung, quickly unhooking the tendril and laying her mummified form on a wheeled trolley.
 Then moments later 2 more nurses, with full masks over their faces led in a naked woman. Andy held his breath. It was Rebecca, one of the maids who had dressed him that day, she moved with a slow step, almost as if she were drunk. The 2 led her just beyond where Caroline lay and placed her in the centre of a dark circle.  Happy with her position they stepped back just as the circle seamed to rise. Andy bit his lip as he realised instantly it was another cocoon and with even more of a shock he saw it was exactly where he had been standing moments before. It took but moments for the glistening black sheath the rise to the ceiling where it began two rotate, creating that single tendril. Once secured the nurses connected the various tubes and inserted a breathing bladder through the sack and into Rebeccas mouth. Almost instantly the girl in the sack began to struggle.
 “What?..Oh fuck no!!!”, the girl screamed. “What? No No please let me go, not no this. Oh Fuck no not this Please!” she cried her voice muffled, Then suddenly stiffled with terror.  “What?…..what the fuck?…. No…No please latex, Latex please not this….fuck no not Plastic , Not Plastic ,Latex Not Plastic!”.
  Andy looked to the tubes, the clear liquid plastic was now flowing in, filling the sack, making it bulge and stretch, quickly taking on the shape of the other sacks.
“Stop this”, Caroline pleaded “please Oh its so hot…I can’t …I can’t….”. Suddenly there was a bubbling blurble as the liquid reached the captive girls lips. Then for a brief moment there seamed a desperate fumbling for the air giving tube, before, with almost poisonous sadness, the breathing bladder began to flutter its turgid dance.
 Once more and silence fell and inside Andy, poor helplessly feminised Andy, screamed in both fear for himself and for fear that one of these helpless captives was his beloved Aunt.
   Their work done the nurses coolly turned to the cocooned Caroline and slowly wheeled her out, leaving the room once more to the rustle of rubber and mournful breathing .

  Sick to his stomach, half wanting to tear down those slippery cocoon and half wanting to collapse in tears Andy stumbled back up the corridor, his heels offering him little help on his way until finally the door closed behind him.
 Hanging onto the wall, head spinning, he took a breath, drawing it back into his nostrils, his gagged lips slick with saliva. Then with his heart racing he stepped back into the now quiet entrance hall of Knightley Manor.
 Instantly his heart leapt into his throat when he saw the tall slim figure awaiting him in the darkened hall way,
 “What on earth are you doing”, Ms Richmond approached a look of anger and relief on her beautiful face.  “ Do you know what would happen if…”, she broke off calming herself, looking about. “Have you gone crazy, look at you”.
  There was a pause, Andrews head lowered, shaking, sweat glistening on his beautiful face and for a moment Ms Richmond seemed uncertain of what to do. She looked about the hall, the house was silent, no one should be about now.
 “Come along”, tip toeing to lessen the click of his heels Andrew followed her through the house.

   She left the gag in place, it gave her the opportunity to chastise Andrew without him interrupting. Her voice, though not load, carried a stern edge that he had never heard before cutting him down.
 “Still you do not understand your position here Andrew”, she said circling him “The Mistress dose not know you yet, if it took her pleasure you could suffer a quite shocking fate, imagine perhaps being bound in rubber and transformed from a sweet beautiful thing into little more than an object,  a piece of furniture, a chair back, a stool, standard lamp, imagine and then just given away as a gift to some other household”, she gazed into his teary eyes, “you would be lost, no more Andrew, just  an it…believe me darling I have seen it..i really have…..do you understand?..your world is new. Please listen Andrew”, her voice suddenly regained its soft tenderness “you are the sweetest young Maid I have ever met and in time the mistress will adore to punish you, but until she knows you…..you must behave…say you will”.
  The boy nodded, Ms Richmond smiled and gently undid the straps at the back of his head, easing the saliva slicked ball free. Oh the relief Andrew felt, he worked his jaw back and forth loosening it after 8 hours. “It did not hurt you did it darling”, she whispered stroking his lips with the tip of one finger.
  “No Ms Richmond, its just stiff”
  “I’m glad”, she then to his surprise she softly kissed the shiny pink ball, and  whispered “Mistress” Andrew looked stunned and was more stunned when she  instructed him to do the same. “It is our way to remember our Mistress, we adore our mistress , we serve our mistress and she loves us”,  she placed the ball before him, “Please Andrew”
 He placed his kiss, “Mistress”.
  “Good girl, now”, her tone lightened, beckoning him to sit beside her “ Tell me what you were up to”
  Andrews head lowered,  “I was looking for my Auntie” Andy sighed softly, whilst inside he desperately wanted to say what he had seen, but even as the questions filled his head he knew one wrong word, one hint he had seen something he should not have, could condemn him to such a fate.
 The tears  flowed now . As he began to sob, Ms Richmond drew his shaking body close, cradling him to her smooth latex breast , her fingers gently stroking his thigh.
 “Don’t worry darling , everything will be alright, you must become a good girl”, she whispered, her voice soft and loving, “, It has been a long day, so many new things, but this is your world now Andrew you must understand that, this is your world”
 Ms Richmond held him close until his tears stopped, “That’s it, all better now”, she said sitting him up, there latex dresses peeling stickily apart with the heat of there bodies.
 “Time young Maids were in bed”, she smiled.
 And so saying began to help him out of his clinging Maids dress. It was a precise job each item was peeled away , layed out ,cleaned and as with the gag, each received a kiss before being and hung up.
 “Do we kiss everything for the mistress”, Andrew asked, his lips having just left the hem of his skirt.
 “No we remember our mistress though items of control for she controls us, but we are not kissing our outfits, we kiss the rubber, for it is that which binds us all as one”, Ms Richmond smiled at his astonishment, “You will learn in time, now shower”
  The cubicle was large and ornate, the room quickly filled with warm steam, oh the water was warm and calming, the soap washed away the sweat and smell of the latex, “is it nice?” the figure of his gardian passed the frosted glass,
 “Yes thank you”.
 “Come along then dear”. Ms Richmond was waiting for him outside the cubicle, to his delight she had removed her severe skin tight dress and now wore a pale blue rubber nightie and matching stockings, her body visible through the transparent film. She quickly wrapped the naked boy in a big soft towel and dryed him off, “Oh you are so soft, all girly” she said, much to Andrews embarrassment, her hands stroking over his skin seeking out any dampness. None found she dusted him with feminine, rose scented powder and helped him slip into his own nightdress, a shorter, younger style in bright vibrant pink, with panties and stocking to match .
  “Here we are,” she said giving the young feminised boy a cup, “Hot milk to help you sleep”, she sat on the side of the bed as he slowly drained the cup, it was sweet and comforting. He felt his body relax and Ms Richmond took the cup and placed it aside before easing him down into the warm rubber sheeted bed, his face nestling into the aromatic latex pillows. “Sleep tight dear”, she whispered placing an almost maternal kiss on his forehead. “Tomorrow it will be all different”.
    And it was,

Hope you enjoyed it. More to come soon.