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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Very short story

Hi everyone,
 Here is a little very short story, i found on an old disc. I think it was just something i wrote off the top of my head one day when i had it in mind. It is short as i say and maybe a little uneventful but i think it still fits in here.


 “I don’t care. Yes it might seem a little…extreme, but there you are, all over and done with”.
   Blinking back tears, the beautiful maid looked at the figure which not 6 hour earlier had been her friend, companion and until recently she had thought, her secret lover. But nothing can be a secret from Madam, she knew everything that went on in her mansion, for it was a mansion in which everything and everyone belonged to her.
   There mistress had created them as one, She was her twin in every way from the crown of her long blonde hair to the tips of her pink glossed toe nails, they were sexy sisters created from the same mould. But now she was as helpless as could possibly be, yet , she still she presented a shockingly sexy figure . For now, in madams cruel and sensual hands, she had become little more than a statue, completely and utterly mummified from crown to toe in a film of drum tight glossy black. A film which over those long hours had shrunk tighter and tighter about her body until it had flowed into ever dimple and crease of her superb body, clinging and moulding about young full breasts, emphasising the tight erect nipples, then into her slim waist and down her long graceful legs leaving her in a seamless membrane of gloss black as perfect as if she had been dipped into liquid tar. Even her stunning face, immaculately made up moments before now was masked behind a smooth hood of polished black PVC, which turned her head into a glass smooth ball so polished it reflected the shocked face of the maid in it surface.
  As her eyes flowed over her mummified companion, the maid struggled to comprehend just how hot and wet it must be to be so utterly and impossibly enclosed. The smooth giving rubber that fashioned her own tight uniform seemed loose by comparison to that drum taut plastic film. The only hint of a living human within coming from the small hole at her lips, from where she could hear the softly plaintive, muffled whimpers and exhausted moans of someone simmering in a world of helpless fear and shocking arousal. It was a terrifying yet somehow stunningly sexy prison over which the young maid could not resist stroking her delicate fingers, an act which drew deeper moans from within..
 “Don’t be scared dear, your friend is totally fine, a little hot and wet maybe After all the sensations of total PVC mummification, the constant grip, the heat the slipperiness, can be quite overwhelming, but in a few weeks she will have seen the error of her ways”. She eyed the young maid up and down, gauging her reaction and seeing that sparkle.
  “If she is lucky”, Madam purred coolly, “Don’t you think she looks divine . The PVC feels  so smooth and looks so shiny. Don’t you think, dear?”.
  It was a loaded question. Yes, mummified and helpless, she did look unnaturally sexy in her gloss plastic cocoon, but inside, inside that sticky cocoon, it must be to horrible to imagine, to be crushed and packaged, wrapped and smothered in PVC, degraded from human to a mere ornament…..it was too shocking…. Too, too horrible to imagine. But the maid knew she could never disagree with her mistress, she had experienced the consequences of the crop before.
  “Yes madam”, she whispered, her voice soft a feminine, “I think she looks almost as beautiful as Madam. If that were possible”.
  The lady narrowed her eyes at the compliment, “Thank you dear, that was so sweet and I am glad you agree, because I just wanted you to see how beautiful and sexy the sight of a mummified girl can be”. Her eyes dug into the maids as her crop stroked her cheek, “But I wonder if in 6 hours you might feel differently”.
 The young maid looks at her mistress in absolute shock, her eyes convey all the cruel yet gorgeous mistress needs to say. The sound of heels then turns the maids eyes.
 “Ah here are my assistants, they must be ready for you now . That is right… for you”.
 The cruel woman’s cool blue eyes narrow as the maids’ lips part in a silent plea.
 “oh I know you had nothing to do with that little  upset, Amanda but as they say, it would be wrong to split up a pair and to be honest, the thought of watching you squirm as you are slowly, oh so slowly mummified is to much of a turn on to be denied………..ladies Amanda is……….ready”.

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