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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wrapped up by the weather

Hi everyone,
 Since i came back to England i have be able to watch breakfast tv on the BBC and there i found a weather girl, no, a weather woman by the name of Carol Kirkwood and i have to say she is rather gorgeous. (Oh no i hear you all say another older woman), well yes she is, but she is very sweet and bubbly and beautiful.
 However i was wondering if maybe she might boost her weather forecasts by employing the French style as demonstrated my Miss Charlotte Le Bon.

What do you think?, But if not Ms Kirkwood then who?



  1. I have seen that short video somewhere before but cannot recall exactly where.
    Your edeter

  2. Surprise!
    So you have a thing for "other" older women. Well of all the nerve.
    video looks fun.
    Miss you.

    1. I'm sure, Miss that our charming little imp doesn't count you as an "old" woman at all, just a gorgeous, elegant and sexy mature one! So no comparaison in his mind! *curtsy*

  3. If not Carol then who else? Why, Judith from the Scottish Weather of course!


  4. Oh i say yes, what a wonderful addition. thank ypu