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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Please help

Hello readers
I was wondering if anyone could help my Andrew.
Above is his favourite pic of his SECOND favourite fetish lady.
That's second favourite (I hope). However i was hoping one of you
might have other pics from this collection which you could share. Via
his or my Email.
Thank so very much
Kisses to all and hello S and Amber


  1. The model is Jean Bardot. A Google image search for Jean Bardot will pull up several pictures.
    Several more are at:

    like this one (oh my):

    1. Definitely "Oh my!" Sheila, I'm afraid you might have a rival. But I know he's very much "Your Andrew". (Mind you, in your former part of the world, wouldn't it be "Our Andrew" like? Andy did tell me I might be taking a grave risk.)
      S (Andy's friendly Stallion)

  2. So she is my second favourite is she? Well you've got a cheek and 2 will be getting a spanking next time i see you. Unless you want to prove your position as No1
    He he he

    Thank you Ralph those links are really great i do so appritiate them, you are very kind.

  3. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2jljx71ym3yj2d3/wS8Iy0dmxo

    Here you go friend. Not the same exact set will need time to find it but this should be close enough. If I find the actual set I will pass it on but it is tricky having a lot of bianca's work and never organizing it.

  4. Oh i will prove it Andy.
    Thank you both for responding to my request. It shows there is a community out there willing to share. I am most grateful.

    1. She has her own website that you can download pictures and other information from it.


  5. Red over Black Sheila. Only in that will you prove your self.
    Is this cheaper than all thoseNi Texts?
    Nutty, if may call you such, those pics are perfect really wonderful. I can't thank you enough and if you have more i would love to see them.
    Well i guess i have to give you all a reward.
    New art?
    Thanks again and thank you Sheila, you are the best and my No1.

    1. Sheila,
      You're so kind and good for Andy. A real friend and clearly sharing his same playful sense of fun. Thanks you.

  6. You use to to know me on imagefap. Pumptoy or candi is what most tend to call me these days. I do have a little more I can upload and the like just um email me or hit me up about what you like or may want.

  7. Hello Miss *curtsy*
    here are some other pics of the Lady: http://www.pbase.com/search?q=jean+bardot&begin=0 and http://soulcookie.tumblr.com/tagged/Jean-Bardot or even here http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/203995/viewall
    I hope our sweet Andrew will enjoy them even if there is not a lot of red over black here *smile*
    Have a nice evening, dear Lady *Hand-kiss*

    PS: *whispering in your ear* and please, don't let Andy tease you, naturally you are the Number One! How could it be otherwise?!

  8. There appears to be a party going on here. Hello everyone. S you have been dealt with and Amber you are most kind. You do not need to curtsy before me, though Andrew may have to soon.
    Andy introduced me to this Blog world and I must say it is fun.
    Once again many thanks and maybe I will post a follow up to this.
    Best wishes

  9. Hi Nuttyenigna or may i call you Candi. Thanks for all those pics i would love to see more especially any featuring Jean Bardot.
    I remember you from imagefap and am glad you are Ok.

  10. andy I have a lot of Jean Bardot pics that I had taken and created a cd of with music. if you would possibly like a copy please email me and maybe we can work a deal. Email is as follows Adala2@aol.com if more info is needed please let me know. Thanks