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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Emma Watson in Latex. The LateXium Files

Hi Everyone
   In our search for the truth, we sift though many many files, most are deemed fake or just conspiracy, however once and a while we uncover something so stunning, it can not be so easily dismissed.
  One such file came across our desk this week and contained a photograph so unusual it had to be investigated. The image showed British actress Emma Watson moments after the bizarre Garmentia Latexium curse has struck and, as her assistants rush to her aid, clearly shows how upsetting and unwelcome the effects of her outfits transformation into Latex are. Her elegant outfit, swiftly melting into polished and smooth Latex rubber, molding and clinging to her perfect figure. To all intense a modest outfit, but never the less unwillingly revealing in its tightness.
  With no time stamp or date mark on the Photograph we can not precisely date the event, however we have  narrowed it down to 2010, which was at the height of the curses activity.
  Another strange case, another appearance of the curse. What more lays ahead, Only time will tell.

For Smooth.Slick.n.Shiny, I am Amanda Keira Louboutin


  1. Sheesh, maybe it is just me, but it looks as if she is about to enter the Big O.
    Do the clothes really have that effect?

    1. You could be right Lee, it looks as I she os trying to resist the dresses inward squeeze, she needs to catch her breath.
      I think you may have stumbled across a new dimension to the curse
      Pleasure as always

  2. "The truth?" For some years Emma Watson has been afflicted by the Garmenta Latexium curse. Strangely this affliction only seems to arise when Andy.latex is in the vicinity. Coincidence? I think not. The Beauty only seems to get struck when Andy.latex is nearby. Struck or maybe smitten. The poor Beauty. Who knows there may be some other Beast but the curse's perpetrator never seems to be far from Andy.latex. And it's not clear though who is more smitten. Doesn't the curse also occasionally strike Andy especially when his Aunt has been with him? "You can't handle the truth!"
    S xx

    1. Heaven above what are you accusing me of, that....that i an innocent boy could be responsible. I am shocked

  3. Emma Watson and Latex and a match made in my paradise

    1. Hello Alexandra
      Thank you so much for your comment, there is something about Emma and Latex That fits perfectly.