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Friday, 24 May 2013

Latexium, the first interview

   Hi Everyone.
With the reports of the Latexium curse spreading we at SmoothSlick'nShiny have gained our first brief direct response from Miss Watson herself.
   As she arrived at the annual Elle Style awards, looking stunning as ever with dramatic make up and chic cropped hair, we asked about the curse.
  "It is a real pain" The well spoken actress said, with a hint of exhasperation. "Especially at such events as this. A designer kindly offers me a gown such as this and I have to explain that, by the time anyone else gets to see it it will have turned into Latex rubber"
  But does the curse continue after the outfit has been removed?
  No that is an odd thing . I have waredrobes if normal clothes but the moment i put them on everything or nearly everything turns rubbery 
   You say nearly. Do some outfits not turn?
  No, but part of every outfit turns even if it is just my underwear. Also I find leather does not change.
But what about the comfort factor? Latex is notoriously hot to wear.
   Oh God yes, i mean this isn't too bad and I try to wear skirts and dresses more as there is more freedom of  ventilation. Jeans and things are a nightmare, so tight and hot. Awfull.
  At that point Miss Watson was whisked away, leaving our reporter with the rather stunning mental vision of the elegant young beauty in tight and shiny Latex Jeans.
  Reporting from the Elle Awards, I am Andy for SmoothSlick'nShiny.


  1. YEAH more of Emma please!

    1. Don't worry honey, I think the curse will strike again very soon.

  2. Really magical! Beautifully done as always!
    Love it!
    I want to kiss her!

    1. Kiss her? Easy my sweet thing or i shall have to tell Milady of your naughtiness.

  3. Would really love to have that curse on me