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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Poor Emma, the curse goes on.

Hi Everyone,
Poor, poor Emma, It seems no mater how far she travels the young actress can not escape the grip of the Garmetia Latexium curse. No one as yet has discovered who it was that cast it, but one thing is sure, it shows no sign of wearing off.

   It had been reported  that, at first and much to Miss Watsons delight, the silk jacket and skirt she had been loaned by a local Shanghai fashion house seemed not to be affected by the mysterious Latexium curse. The curse, which had affected her since the completion of the final film in the hugely successful Harry Potter franchise, having the effect of transforming part or all of any outfit she wears into Latex Rubber. 
  However, after a few minutes and before the astonished eyes of the waiting media, the burgundy materials sheen once more began to deepen and take on the tell tale  liquid shine of  Latex Rubber.
  At first the British Actresses eyes seemed to betray her disappointment and embarrassment at once more being dressed in  what to some is still a very "underground" material, however, with professional control, Miss Watson's smile never faltered and she completed her duties as ambassador for French cosmetics house Lancome with her usual grace, beauty and charm.

  Reporting from Shanghai,


  1. Andy, maybe you can put the latex curse on me - I would like that.

    1. Hold still Jennifer, where is my wond? Ah, now then Garmentia Latexium!
      Thank you Jennifer

  2. Wow! I wonder what the curse would look like with her wearing her 6th Form Gryffindor uniform? ;-)

    Maid Lexie

    1. Hi Lexie, now the very idea of that is really rather thrilling. Hmmm let me see now.

  3. Please find a way to get rid of this 'spammer' and his so-called web-site!!

    1. They are a pain in the bum. perhaps a different curse is required.
      Thank you Anon for your message.

  4. Methinks (and youthinks) Garmentia Latexerium is a blessing rather than a curse.

    1. Every coin has 2 sides S.
      Also Methinks is one step from Gadzooks and oddsbodkins and then we are all in trouble.

  5. Please more of Emma in Latex i love your pics of her!!!

    1. Hi Anon, please don't be Anon. I promise there is far more Emma in our favourite material very soon.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment.