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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Personal stuff

  Hi everyone,
  Than you somuch for reading my little blog, it is nice to know you are out there. I returned home from visiting Mum and Dad but in the old country, late monday night to find, much to my shock, my suitcase already packed. This surprised me as Gi and I are not leaving for Paris until Friday, However what really surprised me was the neat little padlock which held the zipper shut. Gi had packed my case, but what is in it i have no idea.
 The last time we went to Paris we took a bag each of our everyday clothes and one for our latex and fetish outfits,We do not go around all day in latex and stuff, that would be like shoutng out "Look at us, Look at us",  Anyway, it would appear my bag of everyday clothes is already taken care of and has nothing to do with me, so that is all a mystery.
  The next thing is my hair. As usual, although we will be driving, (Well Gi will be, i am not that crazy!) i will be travelling as myself, well as Andy, so i will wait until we get to Paris to have the full treatment, but as far as the style is concerned Gi and P are very much up for a new look But Gi wants to leave the final decision until later, which is fine by me. Especially when you think she will be paying for it.....I offered, i offered, but was told it was a treat, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU my beautiful Gi.
  Can't wait to see all the friends i made last time we were there, this week is going s slowly.
Anyway enough of my chatter.
  Thank you for bothering to read, this, XXXXX

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