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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Some brilliant art from another artist.

Hi everyone,
  As i am going to be away for a week i thought i would take the oppotunity to post some brilliant art by an unknown artist i came across on my travels (if anyone knows who did these please let me know),Anyway i am posting these now so that hopefully by the time i get back you will have forgotten just how amazing these are and be willing to look at my lesser works instead.
  It appears many people have taken the drawings and re-captioned them to their own desires. I hope you like them and i have many more if you would like to see them.


Just in case i do not get back on before i leave i would like to thank you allvfor your lovely comments and best wishes. I have enjoyed this blog and will be back very soon.
Kisses to you all,

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  1. I know nothing about this artist except that he or she is supposedly German. Their work would appear to be relatively popular as I've seen it around quite a bit, and it's not difficult to see the appeal, even though I've never had a great desire to experience an enema. I can't say I'm crazy about most of the captions inserted into these, though. As an artist, I wouldn't appreciate someone altering my work, especially if they wanted to twist it into something that didn't reflect my original intentions. Although this art deals with kinky sexual practices and characters that seem to be underage, it still somehow manages to remain relatively tasteful, in my opinion. I don't think these captions are in keeping with the spirit of the artwork. This art didn't need captions in the first place, and the ones here I mostly find to be unnecessarily crude.