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Monday, 2 December 2013

Emma watson. Latexium update

                                   Has the curse been tamed? 
Has Emma Watson finally found the cure for the mysterious  Latexium curse?

  Hi, Once again this is Amanda Keira Louboutin reporting for SmoothSlick'n'Shiny on the Latexium curse which has been affecting British actress Emma Watson for the past year and on what looks like a possible breakthrough thanks to her old friends at fashion giants Burberry.
  Miss Watson has in the past proved to be a devotee of Burberry's stylish range of trench coats, continuing to wear them long after her modeling contract ended with them.So it was no big surprise to see the young style icon arrive at the Bafta awards dinner in London this weekend, wearing a Burberry Trench to protect her from the early winter chill. However the gathered crowds were in for a stunning surprise.
  High collared, fully belted and reaching just above the knee, the blood red trench had all of Burberry's style cues, but with one unique edge. This Trench coat (right) was made.......of Rubber! and as the flashes caught every angle and shine of the supple ultra high gloss material, we here a S.S.S wondered if this was the whispered plan intended to counter the curse. Because if it was, then it worked.
  Unable to grab a few words with Emma until her second photo call I was thrilled to she her looking more dazzling than ever in resent months, for as she posed, with sleek hair and vibrant lips that finally wiped memories of Hermione Granger away, there was not a hint of Latex to be seen. Leaving her stunning brilliant red lace dress,(seen below) to display her perfect figure.
  Once the ever huge desire for new images of the young beauty died down I was thrilled to be able to grab a quick word.

    S.S.S.....Hi Emma, May I say you look stunning and add that your smile says it all. Has the curse been defeated?
    E.W.......Thank you, that is very kind of you. I was so hoping this dress would not be affected.
   S.S.S......Was there a plan with the coat?
    E.W.......Yes very much so. My friends at Burberry asked if they could help. They had read your blog and noted that my......voluntarily wearing latex in some form seemed to placated the curse and so offered to create a Trench for me which I could wear without the uncertainty of what the curse would do to it.
  S.S.S......I must say, it is a stunning coat and quite a show stopper. May we have a few details?
   E.W.......Well there is little to say, the style is classic, I adore the collar and the only real drawback is that it is unlinned. We did  a few experiments and with a silk lining the dress beneath semi rubberised, which although a great improvement was not the cure I had hoped for and so we made this one without a lining, totally in rubber. Which, although very warm, does still leave me with the unpleasant feeling of Latex against my skin.
  S.S.S.....So you still dislike, the sensation of Latex?
  E.W......Maybe not dislike.....I would rather if I were to wear Latex it was of my own choosing. I had a pair of Latex legging before the curse came on me, so I am not LatexPhobic, if that is a word. 
  S.S.S....Well if I may say, we at SmoothSlick'n'nShiny hope you find the cure to your problems soon, but in the meantime, hope to see this stunning Trench a few more times.
 E.W.......That is very kind, thank you so much.

      Sadly that was all we had time for, but as ever, Emma did not fail to melt my heart with her genuine feminine grace and charm.

 So until the next time,
  This is Amanda Keira Louboutin, for Smooth slick 'n shiny.

Dedicated with thanks to Jennifer Wilson XXX



  1. A very sensitive and caring interview, S.S.S. really does a wonderful job of following the progress of Keira with respect to the curse. I am pleased that it appears that she is coming to terms with the curse and hopeful one day she will fall in love with the magic latex and wear it all the time. Also, congratulations to Amanda Keira Louboutin for her dedication to her profession and the way she makes the subject at ease and forthcoming with her thoughts.
    thank you for the dedication.

  2. Hi Jennifer, glad you did not mind the dedication.When I was creating this post I thought of you and your special loves. I just had to get Emma Into that Burberry coat.
    Perhaps one day I will introduce the world to Amanda Keira in person. But not today.
    My best wishes and thanks for inspiring this post.

  3. Oh no :( not yet....i hope the curse will not loose its magic

    1. Hi Benni
      Thank you for visiting and for your comment. I believe the curse has struck again.

  4. No please Mr Scientist - no cure.

  5. From what we hear Scientists are both baffled and excited in equal measure.
    Stay tuned