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Monday, 23 May 2016

Clip Of The Week. Sian Williams....In Leather? Wow!

Hi Everyone
  I came across this a few months back, I can not remember how i was alerted to it. I think I saw a glimpse of something that looked amazing and had to search through the BBC Iplayer to solve the mystery. And that mystery had a wonderfully surprising solution. Yes Sian Williams really was wearing Leather pants! Wow!
  For those of you who do not know, Sian Williams was once a breakfast TV presenter on the BBC but now is news anchor on Channel 5. Between those jobs she presented a Sunday morning discussion programme covering some pretty heavy religious and social issues and it is from that programme this clip was taken.
  Now I have no doubt Ms Williams (Hey S, Ms Williams wink wink) has a naughty side, she is blessed with a cute and fun twinkle in her eye, but this heavy topic show was not the place one would have expected to come across something so wonderfully sexy. 
  Ms Williams does a great job, but i had the watch the show twice, because first time I was just so distracted by her trim figure packed tight into those shiny leather pants that the issues got overlooked.

And now she is at it on Channel 5


  1. Yes, indeed, she is looking quite fine in those pants. Now that is how they should be shown off. I am sorry I could not get a better look at the shoes she is wearing. She moves quite smoothly.
    Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to clear up your mystery.
    Always a pleasure to find something new on your pages.

    1. Bless you Lee and it is always a pleasure to here from you.

  2. I think we did correspond at the time of the broadcast. I wonder whether this Ms Williams has problems with her top button too?
    And yes, I did notice the "wink, wink".

    1. Oh that is so cheeky. wink wink