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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Time to Rubber up Amanda

Hi Everyone
  Just a quick post.
 It is the live shows of Britains got Talent this week and so far Amanda Holden has worn some
amazing outfits. However as time is running out I feel I need to appeal to her to Rubber up! heck I'll even beg if it will help. Please Amanda this is the time to blow the nations socks off in something we will never forget, something slick and shiny, something classy and glamorous. Something in LATEX!!!
 This series has history already, with co judge Alisha dixon wearing 2 William Wilde dresses in
promo work for the show, but to do it live on nation tv would win hands down.
  So all join hands and offer up a plea. "Come On Amanda,please, please, please.....Rubber up"

And if i might be so bold as to suggest a few.


  1. Now there's a coincidence and forutunate that I looked at your Blog first: I had been going to write to you whether you'd noticed how glamourous both Alesha and Amanda have looked this series. (Sorry, I know this may be a trifle problematic with you but especially the former.) And then I see your post and your inspired suggestion of rubbering up. How can we get you on to the show as wardrobe/style consultant?
    S xxx

    1. I am checking the show each night this week in hope.

  2. Goodness ! Those ladies sure know how to work those styles. Too bad they do not get more exposure (pun intended) on this side of the Pond.

    1. Hi Lee, Amandas dress from tuesday night had all the exposure she needed and still remained covered....just

    2. . . . and which of your three offerings best portrays your favorite look. I am hoping the middle with your comment of dark hair.

    3. Very much the middle one. Total lover of short dark styles and that dress is an absolute dream, sweet and sexy.

  3. Amanda might not have latex up on tv. The good news is miss Keke Palmer did latex up for the Billboards - check this out http://www.hawtcelebs.com/keke-palmer-2016-billboard-music-awards-las-vegas-05222016/#more-1354843

    Very cool

    1. Hi Hedx
      That is the same dress style as Fearne cotton wore the other month, but Keke rocks it, love the metallic finish to it.