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Monday, 28 November 2011

is this the ultimate Vacbed?

Hi everyone,
 I am a fan of unusual films from all over the world and the other day i looked up this Title i had heard of a while back. It is  a film called Red nights, a weird Japanese  serial killer flick, that isn't going to change the world, however on good old youtube i found this and nearly fell of my chair. I had heard it featured a vacbed scene but never expected anything so fetishisticaly stunning as this.I think the sound is stunning.
  Now there are two versions, one with only the best bits, but the longer version is very  erotic except for the very last few seconds.
Don't try this at home.

Crickey i can not find it on youtube now, only the standard trailer. Thank goodness for a good downloader.
  I will try to upload the longer version if anyone would like to see it.
 Hope this works


  1. holy crap andy..yeas please ! this scene is totally mind blowing..i mean amazing ! if any one has this film please get in touch...mark and karen uk

  2. Hi Mark and Karen, That is the sort of comment to warm a bloggers heart. Thank you so much.
    I hope you like the longer version i have posted.

  3. Not everyone likes the breath play concept. If your gonna try to kill a person, jut put a bullet to there head and get it over with. Watching someone choking to death is an instant turnoff.

  4. wow absolutly outstanding. just think even thought it is a film depection a death by vac bed. there was an actress inside that had to play out the part and she had to realy in the people around her to make sure she didnt die for real. i may be a bit twisted but as long as i wasnt killed i would totally love to be in that bed. play with me bring me to the brink and save me. insert toys into me and trap me there. place me into the bed and throw a party in the room with me as a table center piece. helpless to feel your guests hand touching me where ever they liked. please use me as your decoration and toy to use.