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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A short story.

Hi everyone,
   Here is a short story, which i wrote a while ago, but only just uncovered. It needed a little tinkering to get it finished, but it also came with an old hand drawn,  Black and white illustration, which i have placed at the end.
 I hope you enjoy.

                                     The Compensation Culture.
                                                                     A short story by
  There was a commotion at the door, The elegant and beautiful woman seated in the centre of the restaurant spun round. A figure was approaching, a stunning figure. A woman in her mid 50,s with deep red hair, cool green eyes and dressed from head to toe in shimmering shiny Latex rubber. 
 The waiting woman recognised her instantly.  Charlotte Cavendish, haughty and aristocratic, with her stunning beauty and perfect figure tightly wrapped in glossy rubber she revelled in the stunned gaze of the other dinners. She was simply stunning and the arrogant pout on her lips let everyone know she knew it.
 As she neared, the seated woman stood.
    “Good afternoon”, Charlotte said extending one gloved hand in greeting. A greeting the other woman coolly ignored. “At least we can be civilised”, the arrgant beauty rebuked, her voice low and calm.
  “I have no time for that, or for you Charlotte”. The woman bit her words, “I have far more important meeting to attend than this mockery”.
   The cool green-eyed woman smiled, “Ah yes, oh cause”.
The two sat.
   “My board and I are willing to offer you the sum of £160,000.With no admission of failure on our part.”. The elegant businesswoman placed the leather bound file folder on the table between them
  Charlotte lent forward, the latex of her sleek jacket creasing and rustling. “Oh dear not real leather. Still taste can not be bought”. She sat back.
  “160,000. No more”. The businesswoman responded without rising to the bait of the woman slur
  “Jane, I hope I can still call you Jane.” The Aristocratic woman crossed her long legs, her dagger like heels brushing the low table between them. “Jane you know money means nothing to a woman such as i. what is another 160,000 to me. Life is far more interesting than the mere gathering of money”
 “By interest in I imagine you mean perverted”. Jane Fullerton snapped, her cool briefly lost. Before realising the entire restaurant had turned their ears to the pairs conversation.
   “Charlotte smiled, delighted in her success in goading her opponent. “Hush dear, do you want the entire restaurant to know your…..problems. Can we not conduct our business in a …….normal fashion”
  Again Jane bristled. “Normal, normal, you talk about normal. Is it normal. Tell me  Charlotte is it normal to conduct a business which involves the living mummification of girls in latex?”.
  If a pin had dropped at that moment everyone would have heard it.
  But the cool and calm Aristocrat remained in total control. “My dear Jane, do you know every time we meet you mention latex mummification”, she paused sensing Janes nervousness “ One would almost believe you were harbouring a secret desire to try it”. Again she paused, easing forward on her seat, the latex of her skirt stretching across the leather of the seat. “Hmmmm you know, I believe do you? Do you Jane?, do you want to be slowly wrapped from tip to toe in smooth latex rubber. To be mummified Jane… …Mummified alive, sealed in latex, encased, enveloped, entombed. Helpless and alone. So hot Jane, so wet, so……..alive”. With that she took Janes hand and placed it on her smooth latex thigh. For a moment the fingers jumped at the cool ultra smooth material, but then for an instant seamed to caress it. “You can be anything you desire in my world Jane. Did the judgement not teach you that.”
 There was a long pause and the once cool business woman could feel herself glow with embarrassment.
 “Enough”, Jane snapped snatching her hand away and rising from her seat, “Enough. You have our offer. Now I have to meet someone”.
  “Ah yes, your beloved nephew. Andrew. How is collage going for him?”.
  “Do not dare to talk about him. You have no…….How do you know he is at collage?”
At that moment the restaurant doors opened once more and again a buzz of voices circles the room.
  Entering were two more glossily feminine figures, both dressed like  Charlotte in gleaming latex. One wore what was clearly the uniform of a driver, skin-tight pants, tailored jacket and matching peaked cap emblazoned with Charlottes crest. The one place not concealed by glistening latex being her beautiful and exquisitely made up face.
 However it was the other figure, that made Jane take a step back. She was a young woman, maybe 18, maybe younger. Like the driver the only part of her body latex free apart from her sleek bobbed hair was her pretty face, which under a sheen of immaculate make up held a haughty pouty expression on her wet cherry lips. However unlike the driver the young beauty was not free to glide thorough he restaurant atop her dagger like heels. For from throat to ankle she was sheathed in a glossy latex cape, which stretched tightly about her blossoming young body like an oily cocoon. A thin liquid cocoon, which stretched and creased and rippled, reflecting the restaurants lights with each tiny step.
  The young beauty was a stunning sight, an immaculate delicate beauty, held in perfect captivity and as she approached, led by the driver, Janes eyes fell into hers. Jane gasped
 Charlotte felt a tingle of excitement flow through her body at the womans shock. An excitement only victory could bring.
  “Let me explain Jane”, Charlotte purred, running one hand up the young beauties cocooned leg. “You see during the period when your silly court case prevented my expressing myself, I was introduced to an exciting new delight”.
 The word was clearly a pre planned signal to the driver, who bent and from the beauties ankle began to draw up the zipper which held the cape so tight. 
 Instantly like the peel from some exotically bizarre fruit, the tightly stretched latex smoothly spread apart to reveal the first glimpse of the soft juicy flesh within and as it rose it presented more and more until reaching the collar at the beauties throat the cape fell away.
  Jane gasped, the other dinners gasped, the waiters gasped. Only Charlotte and her driver remained cool. For beneath the cape the young woman is not naked.
However she may as well have been. For the black latex dress she wore, though stretching from bust to ankle, was little more than two sides of a dress. Complete with long arm moulding sleeves, the two sides were connected together by a criss-cross of laces, drawn tight enough to let the latex cover her young breasts, whilst still leaving the entire front and back of the dress open, to reveal the beauties blossoming body for all to see. Only a tiny triangle of latex at her crotch was remaining to cover her total shame.
  “Turn child. Let everyone see you”. Under  Charlottes touch the trembling young woman now turned and as she did the latex rippled , glistened and  stretched, with a sensual ease. “Have you ever seen such a beautiful sight. I certainly never have and I have you to thank for it Jane. You and you little court case, because without it I would never have been introduced to a pleasure and delight beyond any I had ever experienced before… Feminisation.  Yes feminisation Jane, the teasing away of a young mans rough edges, the cleaning away of any of his hash thoughts or desires and the revelation of the silken butterfly within that nasty boyish body. Helpless and innocent”. 
     She gazed into Janes wide eyes and suddenly Jane understood and as the soft blue eyes of the young beauty gazed once more into hers she felt her stomach knot and her breath come in a startled gasp. “N….no?”.
  Charlotte smiled. “Mmmmm gorgeous isn’t he. I took him from collage a few months back. Paid the head to keep quiet. Money does matter to some people Jane. So vulgar, but so simple.  
 He did not want to come with me at first. To be honest he did not want to come with me at all. Kidnapping is such a hash word don’t you think, but……..some how it just adds to the fun and it gave me an excuse to use a rather lovely new latex hood I bought the other month. Very tight, very sexy. Bit of a struggle getting it on….no zip you see, one piece, very expensive but so worth it, all he could do was make little squeaks, very cute. ……Poor thing. He really had no idea what was to happen to him. Oh don’t get me wrong he did struggle wonderfully for a while, all wriggle and squirms and pleas and crys,  but I eventually calmed him, though I did I admit need a little …….scented help”.
  But Charlottes cool voice barely registered in Janes astonished and confused mind. She just stared in disbelief. “You…..you turned him into…..a…. a girl”.
  “I know, gorgeous isn’t he. Though I would not say he is a girl, I’m not a magician. No I would say he is more?…more sissy. At the moment. Oddly it did not take long to wash away most of the boyishness in him. He was rather feminine to begin with. But I expect you knew that already Jane. However it did take a while, to prepare him this morning. That dress needed some polishing and the heels are new and I admit a little high, but I wanted him to look his very best for this moment. For his Aunt Jane”. Charlotte stopped and taking a sip of wine lent forward to the dumbstruck Jane. “The trick is honey. You have no idea how soft and smooth skin gets after 2 days of bathing in pure honey, Oh and the scent, every centimetre of him is just divine and believe me I do mean every centimetre……..well one has to check ones own work. I do have standards Jane.” 
   Elegant and controlled, bathing in her pleasure, Charlotte rose from her seat and slipped her hand into the young beauties. “Come child. Oh and by the way Jane, I do not accept your offer. As I said dear what is money to me. So you see your company and I have agreed on another more…unique compensation package. One which benefits us both”.  With that she, turned to leave, but paused and looking back added, “You will be collected from your home tomorrow at 9am sharp……..I have a few…. loose ends… to wrap up with you. Dear Jane”............ 


  1. Once again you have triumphed, fantastic well writen story. Poor Andy, I do feel sorry for him - NOT.
    Looking forward to his next humilification.
    The artwork says it all, well done Andy

  2. I agree with Jennifer, a good story. My only complaint, nit-picking again, I think due spending my working life as a proofreader, are the errors. One that really annoys me, and you are not the only the only 'internet' author to make this mistake, is the use of the collage instead of collEge. Collage has a different meaning altogether. Unfortunately, because there is such a word as collage, spell-check will not alert the author to this error. Okay people, have a go at me, I don't mind, I have thick skin!!

  3. So delicious. What a lucky sissy to be trained by someone as hard as Charlotte. Maybe Jane will be able to apply a softer touch.

  4. I enjoy seeing your black and white art and the story was good as well. You're a talented writer, but as long as the topic has been broached, I'd have to agree with Anonymous that the misspellings are a bit distracting, especially the repeated college/collage confusion.