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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bollywood and fetish

Hi everyone.
  Something slightly unusual now. (unusual?, have you seen some of the stuff on here?)
 Anyway Something i have never mentioned in all my ramblings is my love of Bollywood. It has been my pleasure on a number of occasions to have been to parties in full Bollywood style including a wonderfully deep tan, which required a little explanation at work. My love of Bollywood dose not come completely from the music, some of it can be very dull, sorry but it is true. However some, like my all time favourite which is below, is very very catchy.
 The other reason for loving it is the sheer glamour of it, the girls are so very beautiful, elegant and sexy. Their make up often highly ornate and intricate, mixed with some very sexy and quite often fetishy outfits. 
 So here are a few sign posts to the world of Bollywood.

The queen of Bollywood the stunning Aishwarya Rai. (see what i mean about the stunning make up)

Malainka, in tight leather pants.

Aishwarya Rai again this time i think fro the movie Robot.

The stunning Priyanka Chopra

The pretty Priety Zinta

So that is just a few of the beautiful delights of my bollywood delights.
 Thanks for reading, Kisses to all.


  1. These young Ladies are so gorgeous and exotic looking! Indeed, sweet Amanda, their make-up and outfits (especially saris, jewelry and like) are often superb work of art!
    Just the other day I was looking again with pleasure at "Bride and Prejudice" ("Coup de foudre à Bollywood" in French), with the fabulous Aishwarya Rai!
    What a pure delight for the eyes!

  2. Love Jee Le Luck especially since you introduced me to it all those months ago when we discussed your Bollywood tan. I also really like Malainka - now there's a surprise.
    I wonder when you were in England whether you ever saw this clip from Hustle - not sexy (apart from the ever delectable Jaime Murray( but quite funny.

  3. Hi S Jamie Murry has the exotic look to carry it off wonderfully and yes i did show you this a while ago didn't i. Bride and Prejudice is one of my favourites too Capricious, a great introduction to Bollywood and oddly enough Pride and prejudice is my favourite Keira Knightley film, The perfect cross over Keira in Bollywood style.Mmmmm sound wonderful.
    Thank you both for your comments.XXX