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Thursday, 26 January 2012

101 not out. Thank God

Hi everyone,
 Now i know it is rude to mention a ladies age, but when it comes to these two i don't imagine they would be anything but proud to tell you they are both 50, or in Carol Vorderman's case 51, 51! oh come on you are kidding, I mean look at her. No don't stare i said just look. No not there..
   Oh yes if you add both Carol and Nancys ages together you get 101, then take my age away and you get a very very healthy profit and one very very happy Andy.
 God bless older woman, god bless Carol and Nancy and god bless and thank you for my Gigi and Sheila.

Carol Vorderman at British TV awards.

Nancy Dell'oilo, well, just being Nancy Dell'oilo.
What more do you need.

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  1. Dear Stable Girl,
    They are both extremely lovely. I regret though that I think Nancy is moving slightly ahead of Carol in the Gorgeousness Stakes. (She's certainly 'a bit of a girl' in these pictures, to borrow from Tony - or rather Galton and Simpson.) However, I think you probably have even stronger representatives in the shape of your darling Gigi and the lovely (high-heeled and varnished) Sheila. Your Stallion S xxxx