Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

From a friend

Hi everyone,
 You may have heard me mention my very good friend S a few times, Hi honey. Any way, we have been talking about some things and one was our favourite pinups and one thing led to another and after a google paper-chase, i came across a lot of latex and fetishy things from before I was born. So I wondered if any of you remember these. Sorry to all you sweethearts from outside Britain, but but these may mean little to you.
That was Bucks fizz with the gorgeous Cheryl Baker in the PVC dress.
Now her are a group i had never heard of. The Nolan sisters.

PVC all round, but sadly S tells me this style of dress was not their usual look..
 However i do recall this, from Saturday nights Generation game. Rather like Dani Behr it is one of those moments that stays in a young mans head. Melanie Stace in what looks like a latex skirt.

That is just cfew of examples. I just found it fascinating going back and uncovering things i had never come across before.
  Finally S also sent me a pic the other day which I just have to share with you. It is in conection to nothing in particular but it really gets the kinky side of ones mind going.

Well thank you for taking the time to read this, i do hope you found it fun and if anyone else has memories of fetish gone by, let me know and i will share it with all.


  1. From memory I believe the Nolan Sisters were from Ireland and were fairly well known. I also understood that they were indeed sisters. To the best of my recall Bucks Fizz were formed to represent Britain in the Eurovision song contest. I seem to remember that the original group contained the daughter of comedian Bruce Forsyth.

  2. Thanks honey, for your very interesting comment. I do appreciate it.

  3. hmmm something is different about that last sink over there, I think i will use that one.

  4. Thank you so much my dear sweet Andy. I am so glad you enjoyed them and shared them with others.