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Monday, 17 October 2011

Red hair and Vacbeds

Hi everyone,
 What the hell is that title all about?. Well i don't usually tell much about private stuff, i reckon if i do i risk losing it, but i have had such a wonderful weekend i am willing (with permission from G and P) to tell you a little.
   If you recall a few weeks back i posted that i and my beautiful loves Gi and her husband P,had been invited t a party with our circle of like minded friends, but instead of going as Mademoiselle Amanda as intended,  i was  asked to attend in my usual mode as Maid.  Well last week we were invited to a party on Saturday night and this time i did go as Mademoiselle Amanda.
  All the week i had expected to wear my Latex Pants and a corset top, one of my favourite outfits, but at the las minute that got changed for a black latex pencil skirt, red latex blouse and a wide (borrowed) corset. Not a problem because it is possibly my favourite outfit, sexy and easy (very much a copy of one of the first latex outfits i ever saw on TV, worn by Dani behr)..
  Anyway i was happy with that, but surprised at the change, because P likes those pants, well he likes what happens when he opens the zip that goes down the back (so do i).But my surprise at that as totally eclipsed when Gi, my beloved and beautiful "Aunt" revealed she to would be wearing the same combination, only hers would be a red jacket, wide belt and rather shorter black skirt.Not only that but our hair and make-up would be the same. The implication that we were very much "together" very clear. After all our relationship as sort of moulded into one of naughty Aunt and Nephew/Niece, Companions when P is away, (which sadly he is for most of this week), So now dressed and made up alike we were very much from the same mould.
 However this new look was not just for our hosts and fellow guests benefit, I think C Y wore her dress for our benefit though, no shortage of offers to help unlace the back of that dress!. Phew!. neck to ankle.
  Sorry off route again. the party as ever was a very elegant Dinner party, nothing wild or naughty, just a lot of sexy fun between friends, but after most of the guests had gone out hosts invited us to view his  "playroom" and the moments we got there P took over and revealed he and Gi had some fun planned.
  I have had little Roleplay experience but Gi and P, took the lead and i just followed and the reason we had been dressed so alike was revealed as our characters became clear, An Aunt and niece lost on the road fall into the clutches of Master P (God that sounds silly, but i am sure many of you have had such fun as well). So this lead to a lot of pleading and struggling and silliness and eventually the sight of Gi's wonderful body being shrinkwrapped within a vac bed, but the great part was the vac was in a side cupboard so the noise was really low and barely heard, quiet enough to here the latex stretching about her. Not that  had much time to dwell on her, for despite my pleas, Master P wanted some fun with me too.

  So........so that was my weekend. I don't as i say reveal much but i just had to say a little and i wanted to thank our wonderful hosts V and J. You both really are wonderfully nice people and i feel privileged to be part of your world, Thank you so much.


By the way i am now a redhead.

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful Andy, a weekend I am sure you will remember for a very long time with lots of rubbery fun. I envy you for your lovely friends Gi and P, they do so think a lot of you to be so thoughtful of your interests and delights. let us all look forward to further reports of your adventures with Gi and P and especially in fictional form with Aunt Jane.