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Monday, 12 February 2018

Clip of the week. "Bianca Dragusanu in Latex"

Hi Everyone
   As you scoot around the web occasionally you stumble upon someone or something that stops you in your tracks. Well this time it was this picture.

Who the heck is that? I thought and Wow what an outfit. So off I go for a search and it turns out that the above goddess is Romanian Tv presenter, model and fashion designer Bianca Dragusanu and the pictures were stills from her tv show "Te vreau langa mine" (Which means something like "I want you beside me" ,Google translate can be vague).
 Well that just inflamed my desire to find out if this was her usual style and I was not disappointed, no latex is not an everyday style, we would not be that lucky, but it has featured in a few of her outfits.
The clip below features just two, I have found one other video clip which shows her in a patterned white latex dress. At first it does not look rubbery but the creases and cling give it away, however I was unable to copy this file.
  Anyway, I have added the show to my regular haunts and shall update if anything else this delicious returns. Hope you like this clip of the week.

As there seemes to be a copy issue going on maybe this link will help. It all happens near the end


  1. The video is blocked from my view (in Australia) on copyright grounds

    1. Sorry to see that, perhaps this link might work, It all goes on near the end.

    2. Thanks. The new link works. Pity she is seated for so much of the time as the skirt appears to be rather tight and restrictive and it would have been nice to see her moving about in it more.

  2. Replies
    1. Sorry to see that Dani, some people go mental over the slightest thing, Its not like it was being used for illegal reasons, perhaps this link might work, It all goes on near the end.