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Thursday, 22 June 2017

clip of the week "Awesome Vacbed"

Hi everyone
  The last time i was away I came within a whisker of ending up in a Vacbed, . If I could have stayed with my friends another day I could have accepted an invitation to a friend of a friends to spend a day, A day!!!! messing with her vacbed. I have wanted for so many years now to get my friend and lover into one of them but not yet found the way. I think if it was mine or my other friends she might relax and give it a try, but heck you don't want to hear that stuff. So I very nearly got to be immersed in Latex in the most amazing way.I love Vacbeds they are awesomely erotic, it is like no other feeling I have ever had. When you first wriggle into one it is cool and the latex loose, the aroma as the zips close is complete, you just breath it in and your heart begins to pound with excitement. Then you feel the air beginning to leave you, the latex flutters across your face and body and then it tightens. The pressure as the latex tightens is so even that you feel no discomfort what so ever just an amazing squeezing, especially across the face and then you are trapped, motionless and still, you can not move, it is a sensation like nothing else. Unforgettable.
 Anyway the other day i saw these two clips and thought i would share them with you. With the proviso that if ever you get the chance to try one of these beautiful things you take it, because the feeling will remain with you for a very long time.


  1. I just hope your dream comes true soon. Next visit maybe, if Gi allows. Perhaps she could you two together in a vacbed - so deliciously close but so far apart. xx

    1. So do I S and if by the two of us, you mean Sheila and i, I don't think even my powers of persuasion could do that. 😁

  2. I loved being in a vac bed when I was allowed to trial one for the weekend a few years back. Absolutely wonderful feeling. The only drawback was the nice of the hoover.

    In fact I remember my neighbour at the time complaining to their friend that "he always seems to be cleaning!" Haha, if only they knew what was really going on.

    Cheers, Ghost

    1. Hi Ghost, that is superb, it really is only the outside of the noise that is the drawback to long term vaccing. My friends have a special extension hose which allows the vac to be in another room, cutting down the sound. Though still not the answer is you have close neighbours 😁
      Thank you for commenting, so nice to hear from you.