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Monday, 20 March 2017

The love of Heels

Hi Everyone
  Just a quick post. 
     I was once staring at a pair of heels in a cafe and it changed my life. Now not everyone can, i admit, claim to have had such a life defining moment attributed to the magnetic attraction of a pair of high heels, but I know many or most of us will admit to sharing that attraction. But why? What is it about heels that is just so beguiling. 
  To me it is partly their shape, their lines, their curves, works of art of the highest form as elegant a piece of sculpture as one could possibly find anywhere in any gallery in the world.Then it is the shine, for me heels are at there most bewitching when polished patent leather, a deep gloss finish which would reflect the wet lips of any submissive, ordered to adorn them with their willing, or indeed unwilling kisses. Any colour, from the deepest blacks to the brightest shocking pinks, just so long as they are shiny. Finally there is what they can represent, on one hand power and dominance, the heels raising the wearer to a position of power, forcing others to literally look up to them, whilst on the other hand, they can represent submission and surrender. A heel long and slim, can be a symbol of captivity, the helpless wearer forced to control each tentative step, knowing that to falter would gain their mistresses displeasure.
  It is hard to pin point why a good, slim, polished heel is so intoxicating, but i do know that the best, the very best heels come with a flash of Red.
  What do you think?

A perfectly sensual image.

I have a pair of these, but sadly mine lack that Red sole.

A real work of art, possibly my favourite Louboutin heels ever. The shape, the curve, the finish are all perfection.
I mean these are a real and genuine work of art in every way. I could look at these for hours


"There are seven pairs" The young man said, "But you only have six girls"
The woman smiled, "Not for much longer darling.....not for much longer"


  1. Thank you, Andy, it was inspiring.

  2. Thank you honey. I'd love to try on the third pair from the left hand. Those Louboutin platforms are really highest.
    Xxx Andrew

    1. do you mean the ones with the gold heels. I love them

    2. Yes. Those golden heels. Would you like to try on me, honey???

  3. Have the addiction too. Alas i'm at the sideline these days for as the result of a light stroke i can't manage a real heel anymore without tripping and falling over. Once i could run in 5 inch heels.

  4. And after all that you come back with this glorious post. Pictures of delight. Love that final collection.
    S xx

  5. From Sweet Sissy Stevie


    Loved your piece on heels and the pictures. Interesting that you should point out that they are a symbol both of dominance and submission. It is impossible to imagine Andy (or Stevie) in his pretty maid's uniform in flats and, equally, neither Aunt Jane nor Ms Thorne would ever be seen in public in anything but their Laboutins. Loved the last picture especially; I hope the pretty boy will soon be in those delicious looking high boots

    lots of love and XXXX, looking forward to your next work when you are recovered.