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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Sally Nugent:Mystery Latexium event?

Hi Everyone,
   Strange images have emerged from the BBC over night, which appear to show a possible Latexium crossover incident which occurred last year. It centres around BBC Sports presenter Sally Nugent, some of you may know her from breakfast TV and some from a peculiar, now discredited, news release a few months back connecting her to a new TV series being filmed in the US.
  However, over night two images have been leaked to us here at S.S.n.S that clearly show Ms Nugent dressed, either by design of buy Latexium, wearing a quite stunning eastern inspired Latex dress at an event late last year. The event was the BBC Sports Personality Of The Year Awards,  or SPOTY for short, at which she conducted red carpet interviews. The first of our exclusive images was taken during the Pre-show run through, for lights and sound, in which she can be seen in a simple pair black pants and matching top.  However the second took us all by surprise and shows Ms Nugent in a quite stunningly sexy, curve clinging, Red Latex dress , complete with daring thigh high slit skirt , contrasting black piping and details inspired by Far Eastern
designs. Our contact reported Ms Nugent, appeared happy and confident in the highly polished dress and showed no signs of the shock and confusion often associated with an unexpected Latexium event. This and the knowledge that she has not be in contact with the British Actress Emma Watson in resent months , leads our experts to believe this was not a Latexium event, but rather Ms Nugent embracing the new fashion, for the fetish inspired. A fashion we at S.S..S hope she embraces for a long time to come. Early morning TV might never be the same again.



  1. Now that is a beautiful dress. Simple, yet elegant. Few woman could do justice to is as well as she. I hope it comes in your size, Andy.

    1. Hi Lee
      I'd love a dress like that, so simple yet to sexy and sleek. Do not think I could do it the justice Ms Nugent could.

  2. i'm going to have to do an entry on your entire latex curse series... xx

    1. Please do Asudem, I will be happy to send you anything you need

    2. oh its up already now. just search blog with tag Latexium brings it up