Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

Friday, 24 March 2017

From Christeen

Hi Everyone
  Here are some super pieces by our dear friend Christeen. Including an example of her really clever transformation art

 Yes Christeen I do like this one XXX


  1. The last one is particularly nice. Likely a one-piece suit with only a neck entry. It's a struggle to get it on but well worth the effort when you see the results. The two main disadvantages: the suit is so terribly hit and sticky; and the collar keeps the suit on until whoever has the key decides to have mercy on the wearer.

  2. Christeen scores again! Chris in a skin-tight rubber suit (or is it leather? Not being an afficionado, I often can't tell the difference...), with matching red hair, is particularly delicious, and of course very appropriate for this site! And it's good to see some of Christeen's transformations again. I remember these used to appear regularly on Carole Jean's site; I hope we can see some more in the future. But all these pictures are good as always, Thank you so much Christeen for your art (and Andy for hosting)!

  3. Love to see more pictures of Chris face covered by veil!! Thank you Christeen!!

  4. Hi, Yes, Chris will need assistance trying to extricate himself from his latex. I have a cache of makeover transformations left over from CJ's PPA but will not likely be able to use too many of them. I love a bridal Chris, so you'll be seeing more veils.
    All the best, Christeen

  5. Christeen, Chris in any feminine form is such a treat. It's a delight to see Chris emerging as a young lady. Thank you (and Andy!)
    In curls, Kimmi

  6. Hi, Chris is certainly on his way to being a proper young lady. Thanks, Christeen

  7. Love to see Chris in baby reins again !!!

  8. So wonderful! Age and Gender are Illusions - So true! We all feel like ourselves inside. If only our insides would project to our outsides the world would be such a more interesting place...