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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Emma Watson wears Latex to Letterman show

    "That wasn't me"
A strange opening to an interview I grant you. However  when those words are spoken by the beautiful British Actress Emma Watson, to explain a certain "embarrassing" sound which all us latex wearers have experienced at one time or another, all becomes wonderfully clear.
  Hello Everybody, Amanda Keira here and once more reporting on the strange and bizarre Latexium curse affecting the you beauty and More than that I am honored to bring you our first sitdown chat with the elegant style icon.
  Miss Watson entered, free of entourage and PAs,  dressed in a classic black jacket over white silk blouse and atop polished dagger like heels which, though a health and safety hazard to most wearers,  only seemed to enhance her catwalk grace whilst highlighting the surprising length of her stunning legs and it is those legs which, as she takes her seat before us, magnetically draw the eye. For they are coated in a liquid glaze of polished Latex.
   For a few minutes we chit chat, Emma ever the perfect interviewee quick with smile and quip, eager to tell her news and equally eager to know mine.
  Then it happens, that 'embarrassing" sound and our conversation turns to that curse.
   Emma rolls her exquisitely made up eyes, she is about to appear on The Letterman Show and looks breathtaking.

 EW......Sorry that was not me
S.S.S......Never thought it was. Don't worry we have all had that moment
EW.......I tried to smooth them out, to squeeze every bubble of air out but......that is the thrird time today. So embarrassing
S.S.S.....Not at all......But you say you tried to smooth them out. Do you often have to adjust the effect of the curse to make it more bearable.
EW.....No there really is nothing I can do about the curse, It kind of does its own thing. However.....Emma smooths her perfectly manicured hands down the mirror smooth Latex sealing her legs.............these are mine.
S.S.S...Not the effect of the curse?
  Squeezed into skintight latex leggings,Emma Watson arrives outside the studios
                   prior to appearing on the David Letterman show.
EW......No, these are mine, I have had them for a long time now, prior to the curse I think, I can't remember exactly when, but I have worn them before. Someone made a thing of them on youtube, but I am not sure if they were my leather pants or not.
S.S.S....They are pretty shiny, I have seen the clip, an easy mistake to make. But these are definitely Latex.
EW.....Definitely and as if to emphasis the point Emma unfolds and recrosses her legs, filling the room with the telltale, sticky pop and creak of Latex....I kind of regret the choice now as they are getting a little warm and tight. I get the feeling I might burst out of them If I move too quick.
S.S.S.....Why the choice?
EW.....Simple, I did not want to risk the curses effects. I knew I wanted to wear the pant suit, but knew one thing or all would be affected, so took the easy option to control it.
S.S.S....Well the effect is perfect,                                        
EW......Thank you, that is sweet. I knew a latex jacket over silk pants would look odd and an entire latex suit would be totally over the top, so.......again a quick caress of her gleaming legs.. I can live with it.                                                                           Emma Watson arrives at he Letterman studios
S.S.S....What about tonight on the show?
EW......I have a different outfit, but have taken precautions
S.S.S....Like those for the Noah premiere
EW......Oh my you know everything
S.S.S....My job I am afraid.
EW.......Well yes the same as for Noah, Although those were By KIM WEST.
S.S.S.....Would you mind explaining to the readers?
EW.......Well.......an awkward shifting in her seat and another bubble of air makes is presence known.....Well. I wanted to wear that dress so much, it was possibly THE most glamorous thing I had ever worn
S.S.S.....It was a real statement dress, Emma Watson has grown up
EW.......Exactly and I did not want anything to distract from it and so.....and so I contacted Kim West and purchased a set of Latex underwear, from their bridal range.
S..S.S ...White Latex
EW.......Pale pink Latex, very transparent once on  and nothing for the world to see.
S.S.S.....Still, I believe the curse added its own detail?
EW......Oh God No...How did you know....No that was me, An act of defiance if you like. Kim West asked if they might reproduce them. So somewhere you can buy my panties...
.....there's a thought, Right here In fact                                     http://www.kimwest.co.uk/collections/valentine-girl

  It was a real head squeeze to end our all too brief chat on, but still it s an image that will dance on my dreams for many a long night.
  I had waited willing for 2 hours for my brief chat with the ever busy young Actress, but it was all worth it, for  Emma had, as ever, been the most wonderful interviewee, sweet, charming and gifted with a warm sense of humor and if I might add on a slightly unprofessional note, gifted with the most perfect bottom for Latex.

  So until next time, Take care,
Love Love
    I am Amanda Keira Louboutin in New York.


                                          Oh and see what you think. Latex or Leather?


  1. I can say nothing other than, "absolutely beautifull!!"

    1. You need say no more RL and I thank you for your sweet comments

  2. Wow! Stunning!
    Many thanks for these creations.

    1. Thank you Lex, More will follow I think, XXXX

  3. Just wanted to let you know: The Emma Watson / Latexa Garmentium series is the reason I visit this blog regularely. I'm blown away every time... Thank so much you for your efforts!

    I'm looking forward very much to seeing the next issue - end to learn more about the curious intelligence of the course! What is in store for the lovely Miss Watson? Will there be more of the signature Peter Pan collar? Will there be other mind control effects, will Miss Watson continue to wear latex "voluntarily"? Oh my... I'm sooo curious!

    1. Hi Anon,
      Thank you so much, I know these pieces are a little naughty but they are created with respect and I am so glad you like them. I too love the Peter Pan collar. We shall see if the curse feels the same.
      Thank you Anon and please let me have a name I can know you by.

  4. Totally Stunning. And what a special Christmas treat! Not just Emma but also Alexa Chung in tight leather. Wow! As ever, you've excelled.
    S (your Stallion ... but you knew that)

    1. You know me Honey, I aim to please Honey.

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    1. Muchas gracias. Me encanta el enlace y estoy tan feliz que disfrute de mi arte.