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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Go Davina!!!!

Hi everyone,
  Just wanted to place a short tribute to the gorgeous Davina Mccall.
    Below is a pic she posted of her preparing for a new series of Skys 'Got to Dance' Show. She is wearing a super pair of pants (not sure if, as stated in the British press, that they are real leather, but heck I like them) and a stunning latex corset which I believe is from legendary fetish house 'House of Harlot'.
   I mean come on, Davina is in her 40s if I may be so bold, but can still wear outfits and latex like a woman half her age.
  Go Davina!!!!!!

and just to prove it here she is back in the 90s, when she was n MTV. I remember, despite my then youth, watching her shows with total joy.

So come on davina can we have even more Latex please.


  1. did you every see the dating show she had late night on itv?
    I remember her always wearing something hot for that but there was a lot of leather and one time she looked like she had just stepped of of a dungeon

  2. Hi honey
    She made many shows and always has an air of the fetish about her. I don't remember the name of that show on itv but if you can let me know and i will look it up. I do remember her latex catsuited promo for Got to dance. I should have added those pics to the post.
    Thank you for commenting Nicole i am most grateful for your time.

  3. Oh yes, Davina... I have fond memories of watching her in the good old days when MTV EUROPE was still a pan-European channel, so we got to see those lovely VJs over here in Germany.

    This reminds of Cat Deeley, probably the cutest of 'em all... I hear she's made quite a career on UK television? Any latex pics of her as well? :)

    1. Hello Devonique (and if I may, sweet Andy)
      not really latex but way sexy too:
      http://www.justdesktopwallpapers.com/images/celebrities/catdeeley/cat_deeley_leather_1280x1024.jpg and http://www.hollywoodtuna.com/images/bigimages/cat_deeley_arena_6_big.jpg
      Kisses all around

    2. Trust Amber to have the links!
      I'm afraid I prefer to the younger Davina to the older but both are nice and she still has what it takes.

  4. Hi all
    The show was called Gods Gift and here is a link to her in a floor length leather dress. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWF9K2hZi5E